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Translating/typesetting problems:

It’s a growing list ^^;

  • translating “suki” as “like” or “love”
  • whether to translate “baka” as “idiot” or “dummy”
  • onomatopoeia’s….there’s so many
  • yoroshiku onegaishimasu
  • when you can’t read the kanji cus of the artist’s handwriting
  • when you can’t read the kanji cus the image is blurry
  • should i slant this text more?
  • sometimes speech bubbles are too skinny cus japanese text sometimes runs up and down
  • wanting to translate a line/phrase more freely that diverges from a more literal translation in order to convey something or you think there’s an equivalent english expression, but you don’t wan’t to translate it so freely that people question your credibility as a translator

What a great episode I watched it nearly nine hours ago and I’m still yelling g o o d

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She’s the betta half of the two

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For the asky thing, Yuuri or Victor with 1a😢 Thank you for your beautiful works of art!

snz meme


O-Of course I know who the members of AZALEA are!

They’re…*looks at smudged writing on hand*

and who could forget our beloved first-year,

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Mori, I'm dying of thirst! Could you do some Holy Water when you have the time, please? No rush! Feel better soon!

Im not sick dont’ worry hun!! Im just insanely busy with work. I dont get to work on things and post them as much as Id like to. Ive actually been trying to see if im capable of doing a sketch dump with all my sloppy doodles I do for myself when i have a little bit of free time.

As it is, I’ll throw you a Holy Water because Ive been itching for some of it myself too haha!!!

It’s not even summer yet and I’m already missing Winter

Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned (Jacob Frye X Reader)

Hi Followers,
here is another one I finished. I don’t know what else I can say other than I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, yeah, it seems my stories are always the same with Kisses and such. Lol. I’m sorry for the boring fanfictions.

Title: Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned
Summary: Reader and Jacob are trying to eavesdrop on a group of Blighters.
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 2.293

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#jensen in nashville #chanelling his inner indiana jones #our harrison ford #i'm so down for that #sexy bastard #but damn jensen #DAMN #indiana jones feelings are strong here KAYTE! I am so down for this. That is my dream casting for the remake. It needs to happen!

Holy crap girl! YES, this is a mighty need! Now more than ever after I googled when I saw your ask, and I’m SO with you 100%! Where do we sign up to try and make this happen?? Sure Chris Pratt is a sexy mother.. but Jensen.. come on! Jensen! He’d be too god damn perfect, I mean Jones is just Dean adjacent right??…

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Is it too bold to say Supernaturals primed him for this…? Raiders for gods sake with the Nazi’s and the ark of covenant, old artifacts, being an archaeologist, the desert scene with hello! ghosts! (If anyone else is reading this, please watch these if you haven’t, they are all so SO good. Harrison Ford is a babe too so… you’re welcome!) 

OMFG, MIMI, and Professor Jones!! The closest thing we’d get to a real Professor Winchester! 

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Ok, and JENSEN’S THE EXACT AGE HARRISON FORD WAS WHEN HE DID THIS MOVIE. Right the second, yeah, but it’s not far off… and 2019 is seriously do-able! Right?

Aaannnnddd now I can’t stop thinking about this LOL Last one because damn this is getting long, and I could keep going

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WAIT, holy shit the whip!… ugh mother father… never forget those skills *this is too good* 

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Yah, NEED girl. Where do we start here?

like honestly I find white people jokes funny as shit lmao and I can’t even argue about them

white people don’t season their food? I can’t even eat stuff that has too much black pepper on it let alone real spice like if I bit into a jalapeno I would probably die

white people can’t dance? I look like a beached fish, tbqh

white people are obsessed with pumpkin flavored stuff? catch me in the fall shoving pumpkin muffins directly into my asshole

So uhhhh how would you guys feel about me posting the recording I made of myself singing the song I wrote for Michael in chapter two of 24-Hour Life Tickets?


Ichinose Guren Mobile Wallpapers [540x960] for my lovely @kkeijis

[Feel free to save and use but do not repost or claim as yours]