last one lol i think

She’s the betta half of the two

O-Of course I know who the members of AZALEA are!

They’re…*looks at smudged writing on hand*

and who could forget our beloved first-year,


└ Sakumoto love-hate relationship with rollercoasters.

Jun loves them; Sho hates them.

Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D




marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)

it’s fine tho really


Ichinose Guren Mobile Wallpapers [540x960] for my lovely @kkeijis

[Feel free to save and use but do not repost or claim as yours]

Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned (Jacob Frye X Reader)

Hi Followers,
here is another one I finished. I don’t know what else I can say other than I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, yeah, it seems my stories are always the same with Kisses and such. Lol. I’m sorry for the boring fanfictions.

Title: Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned
Summary: Reader and Jacob are trying to eavesdrop on a group of Blighters.
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 2.293

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