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If you're still taking headcanon requests, OTAYURI COFFEESHOP AU? Please murder me with cuteness.


  • Stoic barrista Otabek who who can never bring himself to say a word to Yuri, but does the cutest latte art on Yuri’s drinks just to watch him smile at it.
  • The first time Otabek draws a cat for Yuri, Yuri makes the cutest noise, and immediately whips out his phone to snap a photo of his coffee, and Otabek basically falls a little in love right there and then.
  • No, but like seriously, Otabek spends so much time learning how to make cute latte art for Yuri, it’s low-key embarrassing. Leo totally laughs at him when he goes online to order marshmallow cats for Yuri. He pays a shit ton of money for them, but it’s all worth it when Yuri legitimately goes (๑♡⌓♡๑) at him. 
  • Leo tries to talk Otabek into writing his number on Yuri’s takeaway cup one day because it’s getting ridiculous watching Otabek pine, and ofc, Otabek is 300% against it. They bicker a little behind the counter, and Otabek doesn’t even really realise that they’re getting a little loud, until he hisses two octaves too loudly “there’s no rule that says that I have to talk to him just because I like him” at Leo, and all Leo does is to give him a shit-eating grin.
  • Yuri has heard him, because ofc Yuri is behind him. 
  • + God Tier Blushing™ from Otabek + Yuri low-key rambling about coming to get extra marshmallows + Leo still grinning and maybe wiggling his eyebrows a little
  • And then, when Otabek absolutely cannot take it (it being 30% Leo being a shit, and 70% being Yuri’s face) anymore, “So are you going to go on a date with me or not?” 


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Could you do the dai companions reacting to the 15-18 year old Inquisitor giving them an unexpected hug after they almost die in a battle or something? 💕 Ty


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Iron Bull:

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sf9 on after school club 2
  • “it’s me. i’m chani’s bro, dawon“
  • “i’m the brain“ - inseong
  • “we are happy” - jaeyoon
  • rowoon doing hwiyoung’s rap
  • “i love pasta” - inseong @ an Italian fan
  • hwiyoung prepared a rap for jae & held his hand (”what just happened?” - jae)
  • jaeyoon morning call “good morning, good morning, WAKE UP!”
  • hey boomy boomy like that sexy version
  • good looking team VS swag team
  • sexy dance while holding hands
  • dancing roar choreo to fanfare (THEY NAILED IT)
  • aegyo version of roar
  • jaeyoon begging for forgiveness (inseong “its okay its okay”)
  • rowoon stealing youngbin’s seat & being rly soft
  • sf9 crying over a baby in hangout
  • dawon offering a kiss and inseong rejecting him
  • “who likes being called oppa the most?” “jaeyoon” - jaeyoon
  • “who’s the mom and dad?” “youngbin, inseong, rowoon”
  • got pizza in the end bc they deserve it
  • over all they were just as extra as the first time

Imagine Eleven going to a petting zoo for the first time and feeding apple slices to a baby goat and hugging an alpaca while Mike looks on nervously because a llama once spit on him when he was younger and he’s terrified of it happening again. Eventually El convinces him to get closer—she has a way with animals—and Mike ends up hugging the alpaca too.