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everyone wants this walnut to bring back the red flannel and I’m still shook over blue


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Cr: “未完” MV Making of from 「Untitled」 album

anonymous asked:

Can you do a TFLN where Harry is being cheeky while texting Y/N but he accidentally messaged Mitch or something like that. love your work xx

TFLN #12

Harry, Y/N, Mitch

Missing you tonight Hun, can’t wait to see you in that little lacy set I sent you

I’ve been wearing it all day, wish you were here to help me take it off

I’ve been thinking about taking it off you all day, it’s a shame you’re so far away

So I don’t mean to burst your bubble here my dudes, but this is the group chat

Feel free to keep going though, this is comedic gold

Fuck, Sorry man, but now you know what it’s like

Sorry Mitchy, I miss you too though

Just please don’t help me take my underwear off

Wouldn’t dream of it Y/N, H would kill me

Fuck yeah I would

You can stop picturing it now too please

Who said I was picturing it

You’re only human

Settle down boys

Yeah H, settle down, I’m right next to you, don’t get too excited about your girlfriend who’s on the other side of the world

Ok this is getting weird, I’m going to leave you two to it, message me when you want to finish our conversation H 😉

I’ll message you too Y/N 😉

Don’t you dare

This was hard to write because I’ve only ever heard Mitch say about 3 words and it’s hard to tell how he would text, but I hope you enjoy it anyway anon! xxx 


Send in more requests xx 

A Radmond Concept 2.0: Plazalympics Edition

So, the Plazalympic’s teams are being picked, and there is a girl there that no one recognizes (or rather, Raymond in a badly done girl costume that everyone but Enid falls for.)

Rad immediately falls in love with “her”.

Near the end, Enid kicks off the costume revealing Raymond, but Rad’s little heart eyes stay.

In the end, Rad realizes how much of a raging bisexual he is.