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  • “ I’ll admit, I’ve tortured other people; I’ve been doing it ever since I’ve been free to roam and do as I please.  
  • I guess… Something made to do the opposite of love, can never learn to do so…
  • But what’s the use of humanity and morals? They only hold you back in the long run, along with emotions like ‘love’. Those will get you killed while people like me pull ahead and end up on top of the world.
  • I wouldn’t want to risk you getting hurt because I was frightened and upset…
  • “ I never understood why some people like to call a man that they’re in a sexual relationship with ‘Daddy’… It just seems really… Weird… ” 
  • “ I ‘preciate the stuff yer tryin’ ta give here, but ‘m fine. Trust me, lotta  the things I build are… Spur of the moment kinda things, ya know?  
  • “ That’s ‘cause I had a r-r-really shitty day taday… My usual buffer, Killer, wasn’t here t-t-t-taday ta keep the asshats ‘n idiots away from me…  
  •  I fear bein’ helpless again… Unable to do anythin’ ta stop the torture and horrors I have ta suffer through… Ta start fearin’ little things that couldn’t hurt me any other time… 
  • “ I hate ya and yer fuckin’ sass. 
  • “ Motherfucker! 
  • “ I would rather die.  
  • “ Oh Jack-ya~ You couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. I was just getting bored. Would you like to play a game with me? Oh, why am I asking? You still owe me a favor, so you don’t have a choice in the matter~ 
  • This is a development…
  • “ You won’t die from eating wax, dumbass. Depending on how much you ate, it’ll either pass through your digestive system just fine, or you might have an intestinal blockage that I’ll have the pleasure of removing if it’s too big… Now, how much did you eat? 
  • It’s either that, or you actually, I don’t know, clean up your fucking mess.

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