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Nicknames: Nickan, nixan, dicky (literally got called that the whole 8th grade), nircki, I used to get called Minaj too
Star Sign: Aries Height: 155 cm (5'1) hhahaa yeah… Time right now: 21:45 Last thing I Googled: “when is one direction coming back" Last movie I watched: Annie TV show I watched: Shameless When I created this blog: I created THIS blog a year ago Why did choose my URL: No idea Gender: female Hogwarts house: idk Pokemon GO team: idk Favorite color: black and pastel pink babeeh Lucky number: 21 and 3 Favorite character: there’s too many Number of blankets l sleep with: 1

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not fifteen but oh well

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I've switched from black colors to light ones. I have a lot of blue and pink and white in my closet now. My hair is also pink now

i have a few light colored shirts but im also a lazy pile of garbage and during the week days i usually wear a big crew neck and yoga pants or leggings lol i also tried to die my hair purple like last week and it somehow came out red!! lol oh well, i like red too XD


Because Vixx deserves to be loved

Bonus: because this is too precious → happy Hyogi enjoying N’s shenanigans 

“I could keep you safe,” he rasped. “They’re all afraid of me. No one would hurt you again, or I’d kill them.”

I choose a gradient of yellow, green and dark blue (that looks like purple, oh well).

yellow- for Sandor’s house

green- for that last time they saw each other

blue- for Sansa’s Stark and Tully heritage. Blue is a cold color so it makes me think of winter. The purplish tone works too because of her hairnet.

I own the books in English, but a couple of years ago I was curious about the Romanian translation of ‘little bird’ because I had a gut feeling the translator  screwed up. I was right.

The translation of ‘little bird’ in my native tongue would be ‘mica(little) pasare (bird)’ or ‘pasare mica’ or even ‘micuta (diminutive of ‘mica’) pasare’. Other variants work as well. However, the translator who worked with the ASOIAF books decided to use the diminutive of bird (’pasarica’). The funny thing is ‘pasarica’ is slang for vagina, kinda like our version of ‘pussy’. So if in the original language ‘little bird’ had a poetic tone to it, the idiot who translated the books gave it a dirty meaning. He screwed up with a lot of stuff, not to mention that the books are full of grammar mistakes. So glad I bought the books in English.