last one im uploading i swear

I am so tired right now and I just want this out.

The relationship between Troye and Connor is really amazing. Like, have you seen a couple do their best not to talk about their love life, despite what is shown to the public’s eyes? Have you seen a couple stay strong when they are apart for a long period of time? (Distance makes the heart grow fonder) 

It’s, like, Troye and Connor are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their relationship intact and strong. It seems like the distance between them, the rumours that are thrown around, the differences between them, the similarities of their own individual selves, and their support for each other make their love for each other stronger each day. 

The distance between them makes their connection stronger when they are reunited again. Those breakup rumours are proven false every single time they’re brought up (which is fucking amazing). The similarities and differences between Troye and Connor are what makes their relationship so unique. Hell, they both will openly promote each other’s work because they care and love each other THAT much. They are so happy together. They would do anything to make each other happy. Their commitment to each other is what makes their relationship so strong and solid. 

It’s amazing…