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The Start of Something Crazy - Chapter 2


A/N: Good job, Julie. Putting up another super late chapter 🙄I promise one of these days I’m going to post a chapter at a normal time guys! Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter. For this chapter, I wanted to show some of what Negan was going through and where his mind was when he first met Katherine. There’s only a small interaction between our favorite couple in this chapter but I promise next chapter there will be more! I really hope you guys like it.

Negan ran a hand over his face as he tiredly walked towards the entrance of the hospital. It had been a long day for him. He had been up at the ass crack of dawn to go work a few hours at the used car dealership before he had to head to his second and main job, being a high school gym coach. Lucky for him though, he had taken a half day so it wasn’t to bad.

He hated having two jobs but did what he had to to pay off Lucille’s medical bills. His thoughts traveled to his wife as he made his way through the automatic hospital doors. He had decided to go and visit her while on his lunch break. He knew how hard she was fighting but he could also tell how worn down she was. The cancer had struck so sudden and quickly took over her body before they could even think of what to do.

Negan would be lying if he said he didn’t blame himself. He knew he didn’t give her cancer but he couldn’t help but think that had he been around more and not off screwing random women, he would have noticed how sick she was getting and gotten her to a doctor sooner. Maybe then they would have more options than they did now.

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So cruel -Tony x Reader

Hey, ummm this got real angsty so.. yeah. I wasn’t trying to get this heavy with it but it just kind of happened…

Warnings: cheating, drinking and mentions of alcoholism (I wrote this as if the reader were at least 21)

Request: from my Bucky @tatortot2701 37, 57, 67, 97 with Tony. All the angst please???

37. Don’t you dare touch me!

57. Have you ever wanted to hate someone?

67. How could anyone be that cruel?

97. I didn’t want to have a baby.


You crossed your arms and clenched your jaw as the tears welled into your eyes. He moved towards you and you coiled back.

 “Dont you dare touch me!” You screamed. “Don’t you ever touch me again! I trusted you and you- you cheated on me!” Your arms had uncrossed and you were clenching your hands into fists.

  “Come on, babe.” Your newly ex-boyfriend tried again. “I swear I won’t do it again. Just give me a chance.”

  “Get out.” You whispered. He took another step towards you and you jumped back further from him. “I said get out!” You screamed so loud that you could feel your vocal chords ripping.

  “I believe she’s made herself very clear.” Tony stood in your door way glaring at the idiot between the two of you. If he’d had lasers for eyes your ex would have a hole through his skull from Tony’s committed stare.

  “This doesn’t concern you, man.”

  "Get. Out.“ You were so numb that you hardly registered the hate in Tony’s eyes. With out another word, your ex backed up and finally left your room, leaving you and Tony behind.

 “FRIDAY, see that he never sets foot in this building again.” Tony instructed the AI.

  You collapsed and sat hunched against the large windows of your living room. Your arms wrapped around your waist in an attempt to ease the pain that was tearing through you. How could one person make you hurt so bad with out laying a hand on you?

  “Hey, Come on, (Y/N).” Tony cooed as he sat beside you. he pulled you into his chest and you wailed into his shirt. “He’s not worth this. He doesn’t deserve to be cried over.”

  It didn’t matter how right he was. You two had been together for three years and were planning on getting married. You had opened yourself up to him and he stomped on your heart like it was nothing.


 It took Tony two hours to calm you down and the only thing that ended up working was whiskey and ice cream. You sat beside Tony on your couch looking through the enormous glass panes at the city below you. Your eyes were red and your cheeks were tear stained and on occasion you would put your small carton of rocky road up against your eyes to try and reduce the swelling that the crying had caused.

  You sniffed and Tony rubbed your knee. “So, can I ask what happened?” He pried cautiously.

  “He cheated on me.” You said flatly, never meeting Tony’s concerned eyes.

  “Yeah, I got that… actually I think the whole tower heard that part. I meant, do you know why?”

 Your face contorted as you tried to fight back more tears. “He slept with another girl because of me.”

  “That doesn’t make any sense.” Tony shook his head.

  “I don’t want to have a baby.” You finally looked up at Tony. “He want’s to have one now but I wanted to wait until after we got married. So, he went off and I guess found a girl who was more willing.” Your voice broke on that last word and the tears broke over your bottom eye lids. “How could anyone be that cruel?”

  “I’m so sorry, kiddo.” Tony took the ice cream from your hands and pulled you into another hug. You sat there for another second before pushing away from him. You sat forward and rubbed your face before downing a huge gulp of your liquor.

 “I loved him, Tony.” You said after the sting of the alcohol burned your already sore throat. “I didn’t want to hate him.”

“Have you ever wanted to hate someone? It’s not exactly an emotion we plan on feeling.” Tony’s gut sank as he watched you finish your drink. he worried about what this was doing to you.

 You got up with your small glass and walked over to the bar cart. Tony quickly followed you and grabbed the decanter before you could fill your glass.

  “Drinking the hurt away doesn’t work. I’ve got first hand experience on this one. Trust me.” He looked down at you with a mixture of panic and pity.

  You jerked the decanter away from him and removed the top. gulping the amber liquid anyways. “Well, it will at least help tonight.” You grabbed your glass and sank back down onto the couch.

  Tony sighed as he watched you try and quench your emotional thirst.

 “Tonight turns into tomorrow and tomorrow turns into the next year of your life fighting alcoholism, which you won’t admit you have and everyone who actually cares about you has to sit back and watch you slowly fade into a hollow shell and I refuse you let you take a single step in that direction.” Tony held out his hand for the decanter and you had half a mind you spit in his face.

  But, he was right and you knew it.

  You gave him the liquor and melted into the couch. Tony returned it to the portable table and squatted in front of you.

  “You’ve been dealt a terrible hand, there’s no denying that, but you can’t take the easy way out. That’s what he did and he lost the best thing that ever happened to him.” Tony smoothed out your hair and kissed your temple. “You’ll get through this, I promise. Try and get some sleep. I’ll send Nat to check on you in the morning.”

  You looked out at the city lights and silently cried yourself to sleep. Your life had changed forever, tonight, but you had friends who were going to help you through this.

 And most of all, you had Tony.

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Sweeter Than Sweet (JungKook)

Sweeter Than Sweet: “Ride me, Noona”



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“Shh,” Sammie said sneaking around with Michelle in the darkness of Tiffany’s room.

“It’s not my fault she has all her gear layed out for tomorrow. Who brings this much shit to meet a boy band for all of thirty seconds?” Michelle whispered.

“Apparently all of them,” Sammie responded.

Previously that night, while they were all wide awake and not sneaking through their way into their besties room, Tiffany showed them all of her post-it note questions for the members of the members of her favorite band BTS. She had spent countless man hours ordering albums for group orders, creating fan projects, just to be in the top seed for the opportunity to meet the Bangtan Boys.

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neighbors!au part. 2

Min Yoongi | BTS | M

part one

After Yoongi spilled his emotions to you that night, someone gave him your number, that someone being Jeongguk. When you asked him what the hell he thought he was doing by giving your number like a ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon, Jeongguk just shrugged and nonchalantly aired, “oh, yeah. Hyung is sick, and I already knew, so what better way to make an ill man happy by giving him a pretty girl’s number.”

Sure enough your phone was being blown up like fireworks on the Fourth of July,

“____-ah, hey you know I’m sick, make me better. Ah, I know! Go on a date with me, I’ll be cured in no time.”

“Jeongguk is ass at cooking, please make that seafood soup for me; it really is amazing, just like you. ;)”

“I’m dying and there’s a huge ass badger in here; he keeps trying to sell me a house. SOS, come quick. I can’t finance that, I’m poor.”

“You know _____-ah, you are very cute. I may be on some strong antibiotics, but nothing can make me get rid of you.”

You couldn’t lie though— Yoongi was persistent. Even as he suffered through his cold, he held his ground, and you couldn’t help but feel for him. It was truly something.

“Come on ____, give him a chance. It’s not every day that Yoongi hyung brings a girl home, hell it’s a miracle for him to even talk about a girl, and now all he does is blather on about you.”

“Hey! Jeongguk, I swear I will murder you if you bring him up again. Leave it be, and stop saying his name. You’re lucky I’m not kicking your ass right now for giving him my number―without my permission might I add.” You huffed in annoyance, going to grab another slice of pizza from the box, and pick up the remote to begrudgingly turn down the tv’s volume since Jeongguk was so invested in the probable fate of you and Min Yoongi. The movie night that you two had almost every week could wait this one time, I mean seriously―if I watch Batman vs. Superman one more time, I’m going to scream. We have got to buy more movies.

“Ha, I’d love to see you try and beat me; I’m great at everything, remember?” He arrogantly voiced and then went back to the main topic on hand, “And bring up who? Oh, you mean your boyfriend,” Jeongguk teased, earning an eye roll from you, “you know, what kind of girlfriend refuses to see her sweetheart, especially when they’re sick off their ass and nearly dying? It’s kinda rude don’t you think?” He finished, mouth garbling the rest of his statement as he went to take a quick swig from the beer that sat on the small coffee table in your living room.

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Winchester’s Garage and Salvage Epilogue

So I said no more parts to this, but the response I got was outrageously positive… so I made a short little epilogue to cap the series for you guys who want closure <3 Now as far as this story goes, this is not the last you’ll be seeing of it, I promise. I have oodles in store BUT that will be in the future. I’m going back to requests now. I leave for Japan shorty and I’d rather get out some other fics before I go! That being said, here’s the epilogue!

Epilogue to Winchester’s Garage and Salvage - Winchester’s Garage and Salvage - Part 2. Reader confronts Dean about what she discovered and is a little suspicious of him. Just light and cute. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider leaving then and there. I had plenty of food, fifty dollars, and a car. It was more than I had to my name in months. My finger nails drove divots in the worn steering wheel cover as I sped down the highway. Dean was good to me. Some would say too good. Offering a job and bed to a pretty girl wasn’t the most innocent gesture, and I had seen enough dateline television to know the danger of kind strangers. I looked around the vehicle I was driving, desperate for any signs that the man I was living with wasn’t who I thought he was. There were no ropes or duct tape in the back seat. There were no hunting knives left curiously close to cleaning supplies or abandoned, lone shoes. 

I sighed and tried to keep my imagination at bay. If he intended to hurt me, surely he would have done it by now. I could see his dirt-dusted face smiling in my mind and suddenly felt ashamed of my suspicion. There was no malicious intent in those eyes, or the hesitant smile he got when I insisted upon my way. Only hours ago he proved his trust by giving me the keys to his car, the same car I was actually considering stealing. I took a few deep breaths and slowed in front of the windy dirt road that led to the garage. Never before had it seemed quite as long and ominous, but Dean deserved the benefit of the doubt. I owed him that at least. 

 The house was empty when I got back, and even as I unloaded the groceries I was consciously battling fear and uncertainty. Bones followed close behind my every step in the kitchen. The gentle pidder-padder of his paws served as a background noise to my much louder thoughts. I was just finishing up stocking the fridge when a voice from behind made my blood run cold. 

 "Well if it isn’t little miss home maker.“ I was centimeters away from hitting my head on top shelf when I spun around. Dean was standing there, a bottle of beer in one hand and a red rag in the other. He used the greasy cloth to rip off the cap and drank greedily. He seemed larger than life, his already bulging arms dwarfing my smaller frame. 

 "Oh, hi.” I forced a smile, one that he might of questioned had he not been busy quenching his thirst. The glossy sheen on his brow suggested he had been working hard in my absence. 

 "How was Angie? She didn’t give you too much of a hard time did she?“ He passed me the last two items from the grocery bag and I accepted them with fumbling fingers. "She’s a real sweet heart but she can get herself in trouble with that running mouth of hers.” He gave a light hearted chuckle that I couldn’t reciprocate. I was too busy taking him apart with my glances, looking at each feature through a lens of discernment. My scrutiny didn’t go unnoticed. “What is it?” Dean narrowed his eyes and wiped his damp lips over the back of his hand. I muttered that it was nothing, but he wasn’t convinced. He was the one staring now, leaning from his position over me to better see my hiding face. “… Hey, is something wrong?” I sighed heavily and leaned my back against he fridge door. It was cold, some relief from the sweat that dampened my nervous skin. 

 "I know about the help wanted sign, Dean. Angie told me you didn’t put it up.“ The man in front of me didn’t even flinch. He just took another sip from his beer and shrugged. 


So, you gave me, a homeless stranger, a job that didn’t exist, and then my own room in your house?“ Dean stared blankly, betraying a bit of annoyance with my vague speech. His shoulders rolled again to reiterate his previous statement. When I was sure he wasn’t going to comment I continued, my voice low and unsteady. 

”…That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.“ He suddenly appeared extremely uncomfortable with our conversation, his jaw grinding under reddening cheeks. He averted his gaze and scrubbed a hand through his hair shyly. At this point I realized Dean was definitely not a psycho, or any threat to me for that matter. He was just a good man, maybe the best I had ever met. 

 "It’s not a big deal, I mean… I know what it’s like to be on your own.” If anyone understood solitude, it was Dean. I wondered if what he did for me was a reflection of what he wished someone would have done for him. This lonely little home seemed to agree, filled only with ragged photographs picturing better days. I didn’t know his past, but I could feel the reopening of scars in the way he spoke. “Everybody needs somebody sometimes.” I nodded, feeling sorry that I ever doubted him. 

 "… says the town loner, who lives by himself at the end of a mile long dirt road?“ He rolled his eyes and smirked, which was all I really wanted. 

 "Oh, shut up. I swear, you ruin everything.” His familiar abrasive tone dispelled the uncomfortable tension that had settled between us. In that moment I knew that I could spend a hundred days this same way. It was a strange feeling, to finally have somewhere to call home and truly feel it. 

 "Thank you, Dean.“ I stepped towards him and gave a genuine smile, one that could never completely express my gratitude. "You won’t regret it.” He swallowed hard, his head shaking slowly.

I am already...” I couldn’t help but grin at his hot cheeks and frustrated expression. He spoke gruffly and without pause. "Don’t get all mushy. I hired you to work, not to kiss up to your boss.” His shifty gaze widened when I walked up to his chest and used his collar to pull him down to my level. He watched me in disbelief and confusion. My mouth was an inch from his ear, the smells of aftershave and motor oil reminding me of the clothes I borrowed. 

“I’m not the one you should be worried about… boss.” He used a fist on the back of my tshirt, well his tshirt, to draw me away, eyes shaded under an accusing brow. There was conflict in the way he looked me over, the impulse to push me off losing to curiosity and desire. We stayed like that, a strange sense push and pull keeping us suspended in each other’s stare. Just when I thought he might crash his mouth against mine, I turned his jaw with my hand and pressed my lips to his stubbled cheek. 

“I’m not the one getting soft, Winchester.” With that I was out the door, his beer bottle and rag in hand. Antagonizing him like this was dangerous, but I had a feeling boldness was the only way he would accept my gratitude. I shouted back over my shoulder, “I see why you need help around here.”

“You have no idea…” He crossed his arms over his chest and watched me leave, his head shaking in both bewilderment and admiration. I was too far away to hear his next words, which were just loud enough to be spoken thoughts. 

“And I never knew much I needed her before she came along…" 

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Ramen shop au soma

Another 5am fic for hugtheboyinthebluehoodie~


Soul is the son of a Ramen shop owner and he always serves the beautiful girl who comes in every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Tasteful lies”~ Enjoy

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