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So. Jemma Redgrave. THE Jemma Redgrave. This one, right here:

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She was in my dream last night. And we were flirting. Really flirting. At her house. Or it could have been heaven. They may be the same thing. No offence, but I basically spent much of the dream on a promise.

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And I think we kissed at the end but it’s doing that dream thing where the more I think about it the hazier it gets. I was happy just to spend the night being hopelessly in love with her, in her presence, to be honest.

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Just another reminder out of my love for this sport and most of the players, don’t share private conversations, please. I understand maybe small things like “they made this joke and it was funny” and I hope that if you do have a relationship with a player or athlete, you have a friend you can talk to it about and trust. But a lot of places aren’t secure and it’s terrifying.

If you have the honor of being trusted with this public figures trust and inside thoughts, I promise the respect and relationship with them is worth more than vague blogging, posting screenshots or sharing online for notes. It might be difficult because of the exposure they have, but it’s probably better to keep it to one or two people and your families, all of who you trust almost uncondionally.

Because if you trust those people, then they’ll keep the information put of respect for you and your relationship with a person. (This last paragraph is a good general reminder for life tbh)

Yuuri's Favorite Russian
  • Yuuri, Victor, Yurio, Yakov, Mila, Minami, and Chris hanging at a competition they all happened to be assigned, and somehow they get on the topic of how Yuuri is doing in Russia.
  • Chris: So, Yuuri, who is your favorite Russian?
  • Victor: Pfft, me obviously
  • Yuuri: Well...
  • Every one looks at Yuuri in shock.
  • Yuuri: Obviously, I love him most, but he can hardly be called Russian if he didn't have the accent.
  • Yakov & Mila are all sorts of amused, Victor is half heartedly offended.
  • Chris: Then who?
  • Yuuri: *thinks for a few moments* It's between Yurio and Mila.
  • Yurio and Mila: *Victorious screaming* *jumps up to high five each other* *drags Yuuri up and literally lifts him on their shoulders chanting 'WE'RE YUURI'S FAVES'*
  • Every other Russian: *Pouting*
  • Yuuri: *trying not to fall and die as he's carried away*
  • Chris: *is so happy*

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I honestly hate how much of a cope out you are. You get others to write requests for you, even tho we send them for YOU to write! 👏👏 and the excuse of "I'm busy writing my own shit". Nice.

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^This is all I see when people send messages like this to me! I promise to continue deleting *hate* messages, but I needed this to be said.

I have over 5 series ongoing, and I’m planning two Bucky series, one already written and waiting to go up! I’m sorry that I don’t have the time to write *everyones* request myself. I do work on requests, mostly the smuts, I just need a little help sometimes. And I’ll admit, it’s shitty of me to do that. But it’s also a way for me to be able to get parts to the series *YOU* enjoy out quicker.

I’m not gonna apologise for asking for help. I needed it, people got in contact and helped, and are willing to carry on working with me. If that makes me a cop out, then I guess that’s what I am! I sincerely hope you continue following, otherwise you’re gonna miss a really good Bucky series I’m planning!!-Ro

“Have you ever thought about seriously being with one of the men you had to have a child with?”

“Thought about, actually been with, yes. It never went well. Especially not the last one.”

“I promise I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“You’d have to prove that.”

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Another for worst-case scenarios, although I'm afraid this might actually happen: that little girl in the finale is Hook and Tiger Lily's daughter? What's one more shitty soap opera trope after last episode, right?

I'ma direct you to @lizacstuff’s brilliant answer here but also tell you–back in the day concern trolls put in a lot more effort.

Where are the overly effusive adjectives? The exclamation points? The tales of real life emotional turmoil? Perhaps a failed test caused by your inability to concentrate while studying. The way all your non-fandom friends are laughing at your real life tears.

At the very least you could have included the promise of a dramatic flounce. How you’ll never watch again. How you’re tossing your DVDs and your CS merchandise in the ocean.

Bonus points for a conspiracy theory about the storyline being changed midstream because the showrunners are bowing to the Twitter morons.

What I’m saying is–a little effort would be appreciated. 

100% true facts about the signs
  • Aries: has way too many cups/water bottles in their room
  • Taurus: is always a slut for Doritos
  • Gemini: sucks at math
  • Cancer: daydreams about living with their crush every night
  • Leo: spends all their money on food
  • Virgo: is quiet but secretly a kinky freak
  • Libra: has an amazing ass
  • Scorpio: really wants to adopt 5 dogs
  • Sagittarius: is stressed 24/7 but pretends to be chill to maintain their aesthetic
  • Capricorn: has the worst memory ever
  • Aquarius: believes in aliens
  • Pisces: likes to preform dramatic music videos to songs whilst alone or drunk