last one i need to sleep lol


I mean you already got that one promotion that was supposed to be for me, you don’t need the last slice of pizza.

based on a one-sided conversation i had with my cat while heating some left over pizza

[ How to P A R E N T ]

Because everybody needs a book titled 101 Parenting for Dummies. Nuff said.
IDK why but today I’m so lazy to go outside and spent a whole day practicing my right hand. I hope I do improve bit by bit. Anyway, I have a thing w/ pregnant!Robin. I’m sorry. And I swear this is the last, LOL, let’s have some sleep.
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Hey! 20, 24, and 28?

  • 24. What do you want right this second?

 Pizza and brownie with ice cream

  • 20. Are you starting to realize anything?

Yes, that I need to turn my sleep routine upside down, lol 😅

  • 28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

A few minutes ago my sister and I were mimicking how our brother mimics one of our aunts and that made me laugh hard, lol 😂😂😂

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you're precious wtf??? sorry for my language but i awed at your last post with the nsfw-hetalia blog sending you a compliment, and the reaction and art you drew and gave was cute??? i should be sleeping, but no instead i'm awing over this?????????

Lol um, hi, my name’s Katie and I’m pretty sure u have the wrong blog lol???

I’m none of that so um??????????? YOU are the cute one here and uhhh??

You must have the wrong blog ??


There was a thunderstorm last night and I couldn’t sleep, so I finished one of Akashi’s birthday presents.

Rules: so you gotta copy and fall down, then maybe paste it and tag people. 


  • age: twenty-three and old af
  • biggest fear: not knowing my purpose in life lol
  • current time: 8:43PM !
  • drink you last had: mango smoothie
  • Everyday starts with: turning off my alarm and going back to sleep lol 
  • Favorite song: ‘need you’ by ember island bc of au ideas 
  • Ghosts, are they real: i believe in them to a certain extent
  • Hometown: somewhere in australia :^)
  • In love with: @el-filibusterismo my wife; ok seriously, lots of things
  • Jealous of: this is a long list but i’m trying my best to not be jealous
  • Killed someone: in video games and writing? yes
  • Last time you cried: last week, it was a tough week
  • Middle name: ysabelle
  • Number of siblings: three sisters
  • One wish: to accomplish one of my goals this year
  • Person I last called/texted: my friend, about catch up plans rip
  • Question you’re always asked: “y u do dis”
  • Reason to smile: my friends, my sister’s silly jokes, the things i’ve invested myself within, aph spain, silly videos i watch and dogs. i really love dogs. and aph spain? and then there’s aph spain too. wow. 
  • Song last sang: ‘stay’ by ember island
  • Time you woke up: 5:30AM !
  • Umbrella color: it was originally underwear color but no thanks; purple !
  • Vacation destination: i really want to go to valència, spain
  • Worst habit: nail biting? though i’ve cut back on it a lot
  • X-rays you’ve had: i don’t think i’ve ever really had one?
  • Your favorite food:  i love teriyaki chicken springrolls lately ; v ;
  • Zodiac: capricorn

(; ̄▽ ̄) heck. here i go; i’m gonna tag: @aph-lithuania / @el-filibusterismo / @of-pasta-and-potatoes / @boganprincess / @pasta-lover-ve / @sharthur / @betanadie / @aphxianggang / @vargas-lovino / @writing-in-the-rain / @melonatics / @zerograviga / @charshine / & whoever the hell else.

i can’t think rn.

Does anyone else think that the middle Era games were the best? Maybe it’s because I remember how excited I was for TRN to come out but scarlet hand to last train held the best games in my oponion. Lots of the bugs were gone from the first few games, and the puzzles held more meaning than the later ones did. Now I feel like none of the puzzles actually advance the game. They are all to random to be useful in my oponion….. late night thoughts with Bree lol

@softrobertsugden replied to your posti….. need….. fic….. about…. them…. sleeping…. in…….

did someone say pillow talk

YOU KNOW I DID FIONA, YOU KNOW I DID i feel like from the way rob reacted to charity making those innuendos it was actually the one morning they really didn’t do any hanky panky? And it just makes me emotional to picture them spending their last day’s morning together in bed, all sleepy and warm, catching up with each other and softly laughing, cuddling up, being in love, kissing gently and lingering, holding each other and thinking this could be the last time I’m holding him for a long time but neither one of them saying it, neither one of them wanting to break the beautiful intimate positive happy calm of the morning

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Questions from the ask me some stuff post. #4, #13, #21, #31, #46, #59. I love doing these!

#4: Currently looking forward to my ‘weekend’. i don’t have work Wednesdays and Thursdays which I like so can’t wait to sleep in and get my life together a bit.
#13: How do I feel like right: Surprisingly, not tired. Just woke up and like always I feel anxious, idk why 🙃
#21: Age:18 And Birthday: August 7
#31: 3 random facts about me is that I played literally every sport I could growing up. I never went to university this year like all my friends did, I instead chose to take a year off. And I don’t like bacon lol
#46: Last text: My dad sent me one saying I needed to walk home
#59: Why I joined Tumblr: Easy one, Chicago P.D. Never been so invested in a TV show where I made a blog dedicated to it and where I write/read fanfiction.
That was fun, thanks 😊😊

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😁 There's a happy face! Hope you are still doing it, you wonderful person! Can I have one love letter from James B. Barnes please? Thank you 😚. Have a great day!

hey, how’d you know im in the avengers fandom? lol. Last one, y’all

Dear my love, 

Rogers and I are on a mission to stop the nazis from creating some sort of supersoldier? I am not sure how this serum came to be, but I hope we can stop it. They do not need anymore power and weapons then they already have. You asked me in the last letter how I was. 

I’m not okay. I’m not okay not sleeping next to you anymore. I’m not okay not seeing you every day, not hearing your “jokes”. (we both know that they’re not funny). I’m not okay eating this horrible things they call food. But I am okay with getting to go home next weekend. I cannot wait to see you. 

Send me a letter back soon,

James “Bucky” Barnes


Guys we need to talk! lol. So in the last like two weeks I’ve seen people repost my gifs at least 5 times, and that’s a lot. I don’t mean to be an ass, but I work hard on those and all the other wonderful people in this fandom do too, and it kindda sucks to see a gif that I made (for this specific one I stayed up till ten in the morning with zero sleep to make, due to the time difference after the Hamildoc aired) reposted without credit… 

So all I ask is if you like my post, just reblog don’t repost. And if you like a certain gif from a gifset and wanna use it for your post just give credit… Writing “I didn’t make any of this gifs” is not the same as linking the creators…

Sorry to be doing this, it was just really bothering me… 

August 11th, 2015 // 8:26pm // My desk

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately! Been busy with last minute revisions & shopping! Including buying this planner, my first one! As you can tell from my planner, I didn’t do much yesterday! So I’m cracking down on my work for the next few days to make up for it. School is soon!!!

I like the layout of my planner so far, but I’m tweaking it! I’m tracking my sleep & water too so I put that in the top right corner. (Excuse my cruddy handwriting wow) Also I hand painted the pencil holder so it says “Hard Work”, I still need to finish it tho lol.

Late Night

Daniel was roaming through the halls to try and get to the kitchens. After a long day of school, Quidditch practice, and avoiding certain people, he needed a drink, since sleep did nothing to help. And perhaps a sandwich or two. The Hufflepuff captain was always hungry. In his pajamas, if one could call having on only a pair of pants pajamas, Daniel made his way over. He had just gotten inside and taken a bite of the last piece of pie when someone came in. “Sorry. Apple pie’s all gone.”

Mash-Up customs! Maleficent and Aurora

Naming these mash-ups isn’t quite as easy as naming an Iron Man/Batman mash-up. Princess Malora? Princess Auroficent? Maybe I should just call them AU customs. XD Anyway, here are two mash-ups I finished last night - Maleficent and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I love the way they look together! Although… I’m thinking Maleficent Aurora THE ONE ON THE RIGHT might need her hair lightened up; I promise it doesn’t blend into her skin like that in person! LOL!

I used Aurora and mini Maleficent for the bases. I did full repaints on both of them, but I also decided to switch their ~props around so they fit the new paint jobs better. ;)

I gotta admit, now I want to do this with all of the princess/villain Pop duos. ;P