last one for tonight! :)

one last bit of seriousness, Don’t be afraid to tell me if i reblog something fucked up? i don’t want fucked up shit on my blog but i don’t research everybody because frankly this is the place where i try to be fun and positive because im 

an extra large depresso with extra cream

and i like to assume the best of people if i can afford it

100% true facts about the signs
  • Aries: has way too many cups/water bottles in their room
  • Taurus: is always a slut for Doritos
  • Gemini: sucks at math
  • Cancer: daydreams about living with their crush every night
  • Leo: spends all their money on food
  • Virgo: is quiet but secretly a kinky freak
  • Libra: has an amazing ass
  • Scorpio: really wants to adopt 5 dogs
  • Sagittarius: is stressed 24/7 but pretends to be chill to maintain their aesthetic
  • Capricorn: has the worst memory ever
  • Aquarius: believes in aliens
  • Pisces: likes to preform dramatic music videos to songs whilst alone or drunk
  • King George III: It's not easy being British
  • King George III: The reason being it is impossible for me, as a British person, to walk into any museum, in any nation on the planet earth, without, within five minutes, start to feel guilty.
  • King George III: You have no idea what that feels like!
  • King George III: (to americans) You will, OH, you will!
  • King George III: One day all this shame will be yours my American friends

anonymous asked:

Hello there- I'm one of your active followers, and I don't have as much confidence as I'd like to about coming to ask you forwardly, but I'm working on a few new au's and I was wondering how you feel about voltron sports au's? At the moment I'm working on a parkour AU, as well as Volleyball. Opinions? Do you think they should be langst centered?

I LOVE SPORTS AUS! Parkour au sounds hella awesome. And I think it should be exactly what you want it to be. Do YOU want it to be langst centered? Its your au so make sure you’re having as much fun as you can!!