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NDRV3 Concept Designs: My Thoughts And Opinions Part 2

Since my last one seemed to do really well, I decided to do another one! These are really super fun to do, so I thought why not do more? With that being said, I hope ya’ll enjoy this one! We’ve got some interesting ones, today.  

5. Kiibo: Concept design B. 

Let me just say, that I absolutely adore this design! I think this one is possibly my favourite concept design. One like at this guy, and you could tell that Kiibo was gonna be a lot more robotic. His eyes seem detached, and have a stark outline. They give me this ‘emotionless’ feel, like they’re frozen in one place, or that he never blinks. His body, while made out pure metal, is anatomically correct, and gives off an uncanny look. The bolts in his neck seem a little jarring, and stick out like a sore thumb. However, they could have been planned to act like his ahoge (being able to hear a voice), or another possible significant feature, to Kiibo. While I do love the design, it’s a little too lacking and unfitting for the DR style. This guy looks like he belongs in a sci-fi film, rather than DR. He’s appearance also doesn’t match Kiibo’s character. This design gives off an alarming, and 'inhuman'vibe, all things Kiibo isn’t. When I think of a robot that acts like a human, I imagine them to be human looking, but with little robotic details, like our current Kiibo. This design is just very robotic, but that still doesn’t stop me from loving the design…Make me love it even more, actually. I adore the sci-fi vibe, and freaky anatomy! It’s certainly a unique design! Nevertheless, it doesn’t work well for the character of Kiibo, so it’s very understandable as to why this wasn’t used.

4. Shuichi Saihara: Concept design A.

The design is very flamboyant in the face and body area, which I think works well for Shuichi’s character. His eyes are very soft and sharp, giving off a calm look. While I do like the hair, I think it’s too unkempt, and messy for Shuichi. The hair clashes with the rest of his design, in my opinion…It’s a bit too much. However, I would love to see it used for another character. His attire is very astute and tidy, giving off a approachable, and affable vibe. I think his getup works well for his character, and defiantly gives off a detective feel. I feel like this outfit would have lighter colours than his current, which I think would work nicely, and compliment his timid side. All in all, I believe this is a very good design! Would liked to see it used for another character.

3. Kirumi Tojo: Concept design B.

This is by far, my favourite Kirumi concept. The design gives off a strong sense of power, and dominance, which is amazing. Her eyes are keen, sharp, and her frowned brows give her an intense look. I really like her hair! The way it points and curves up at the sides, is very satisfying and makes her look quite posh. Her hair makes makes me believe that she comes from the 50s…There’s just something very old fashioned about it. Her clothing gives me a dark 'Alice In Wonderland’ feel. It’s also very dim in colour, which makes her more frightening. I really prefer her  arm sleeves, over the final design’s gloves. Something about the sleeves gives her more of a mysterious, and untrustworthy appearance. However, this design is still very fashionable and eye catching! Definitely stands out. Like I’ve said, she does look very deceitful, and as a maid…That’s not a good thing. So, going for a more approachable design is understandable. I adore this concept, however! One of my favourites~

2. Ryoma Hoshi: Concept design B.

This design is very boring and bland. There’s not whole lot to this guy, besides his face. The stripes on his sweatshirt are still reminiscent to those on prison jumpsuits, but the shorts really don’t match, along with shoes and socks. He looks more like a child than anything. The chain on his wrist is more like a handcuff, but it doesn’t make sense for it to be on one wrist, if that was the case. The bobble hat doesn’t really go well with the outfit. Bobble hats are worn in winter, but this guy isn’t wearing anything else to indicate that. So, it makes the hat look outta place, and unneeded. Now, there’s something a little…Suspicious about his face. The whistling makes him look carefree, and chill…And that’s odd for a death row inmate. Makes him come across as very untrustworthy, but also childish in a way. Besides that, not a lot is different in the face area, so I can’t say too much. I’m not a big fan of this design, and I’m glad it was changed.  

1. Tenko Chabashira: Concept design B. 

This design feels like a throw back/tribute to Akane. The hair, eyes and face shape is very similar, and I think that it’s sweet. But, I don’t think the rough hair would fit with Tenko’s personality. The cat ears and her little fang, while cute, are unnecessary and I can’t seem to think of why they would be there, unless early Tenko planned to be more cat like. I really like the idea of her wearing gi instead of a school uniform. It brings more character, and also gives Tenko a little more of a oomph, as well as making her more powerful in appearance. But, just like a regular gi, there’s not much colouration or detail to them, leaving much to be desired. Her not wearing shoes makes her appear 'ready’, you could say. Ready in case of a fight. I do really like the design, though. I would’ve loved to see Tenko look more energetic, and strong. Simple but effective. 

(Please keep in mine that these are my personal opinions. Do not be rude if you happen to disagree with me, thank you.) 


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