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Stuttering Hands

Summary: You go through college pretty much unnoticed, keeping to yourself and getting on with classes, until you bump into the object of your daydreams and your college experience is changed for the better
Words: 4.1k
Sam x Deaf!Reader (Stanford!Era)
Warnings: none

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You sighed as you watched him, a few seats away from you, take notes and listen intently to the lecturer.

He was in your Art History class, and Psychology, and American Literature.

It seemed that everywhere you went you were faced with this handsome stranger, as if the world was pushing you together.


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Here’s a preview of a thing I’m working on. If you haven’t listened to Last of the Real Ones by Fallout Boy yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do. I swear it was written for Sheith.

There will be MORE. I’m planning on doing the whole song, as time allows. Which is why I’m posting it here instead of my art blog. I’ll post it there when it’s done.

Love Can’t Stand Alone

A/N: Again, not really a request but, (I attempted to combine pieces of a request in). Angsty, smuttyness ensues. Enjoy 💙

Musical inspiration: Love Can’t Stand Alone (By British beardy band Bear’s Den. Check them out. You will not regret it).

There is a version of you in another life, be it past or future. She is patient and selfless and compassionate and so good. She possesses everything in her that you lack at your current state and you have found yourself thinking of her often. She would never, ever purposely begin an affair with someone she knew was in a committed, loving relationship. You don’t think that wondrous, effervescent version of yourself would ever knowingly break someone’s heart. You wished with every fibre of your being that you knew that version of yourself as well as you thought you did. But you simply don’t and you reckon you’ll spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to be her.

It’s the imminent stillness of his bedroom that brings the memories back in roiling waves. One after the other, an aggressive barrage of bad times and even better beautiful times. He reaches out to you between the folds of his sheets, pressing a fingertip to the middle of your spine. Every single time, you promise yourself it’s the last time. You remind yourself that there is someone waiting for him in Sweden; that there has always been someone waiting for him in Sweden.

But that didn’t stop you. How could it? The chemistry between you was there. It was raw and real and palpable; it had been from the moment you met him. Almost as if someone had tied an invisible string from his finger to yours, and somewhere down the line, fate wiggled it’s fickle fingers and here you are. Hopelessly in love with someone who, at the moment, could not love you the way you needed to be loved. Or rather, could not offer up his heart in a way that only you could have it. He was splitting the very organ that kept him breathing between two different continents, two completely different women.

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yugioh character aesthetics
  • yugi: gentle punk rock. looks intimidating but is actually really chill. it's more than just a style as well, he's involved w/ the punk rock lifestyle as well, and tries his best to keep punk rock accessible to people with disabilities and tries to make protests safe and accessible.
  • atem: high style goth. all solid black, gold, and purple are the main colors. it borders on gaudy but never crosses the line. classy. when he's home alone this aesthetic turns into 'just woke up and still in an oversized t-shirt, dorky glasses, and smudged make-up from last night'.
  • joey: plays streetfighter. the the one kid who carries around a portable gaming console everywhere, and spends his time after school in one of his favorite teachers classrooms playing smash bro's and other fighting games with tristan and some other semi-regular visitors. they call the group the gaming club, but it's not really known if it's a real club or not.
  • tea: work out. she's the girl who wears her work out clothes casually because she's probably going to the gym after you hang out, or she's in her dance rehearsal clothes because she just got out of class. she always carries a few changes of clothes in her big ass work out bag, along with snacks and a huge water bottle. she doesn't really wear much make-up since she knows it'll all come off when she starts working, but she still keeps some for special occasions.
  • tristan: dad friend. he's really irresponsible and silly, especially with joey, and people usually look at him as the clown of the group, but he's secretly the dad friend. he helps out the others when they overextend themselves. stands up to anyone who's mean to his friends and is very protective. wears shirts the gang buys him that reference him being a dad. drinks out of a worlds best dad mug.
  • kaiba: too rich. all of his clothes are perfect, they're the kind you see photo sets of and really like, then you click on the buy link and learn it's $473 for just the jacket. his outfits are all in sets. he has a specific top, bottom, and pair of shoes for every jacket, and a specific set of clothes to go with every pair of shoes he owns. his closet is huge and he orders everything online.
  • ryou: pastel goth. this style developed as he gets older. when he was younger his style was solidly 'my mom dressed me' but as he spends more time on his own he changes. the goth elements are subtle, and often people don't recognize his style as pastel goth, but it definitely is.
  • bakura: trash man. doesn't like ryou's style but won't buy new clothes so he just puts on a ratty jacket over it. doesn't know how to dress like a person or really take care of himself as a person since he usually let's ryou take care of all the mortal shit.
  • marik: night club. always dresses like he's about to walk into a night club. crop tops and jewelry for days. make up always done, no matter where he is. no one wants to ask him to go on little runs to fast food joints unless he's still dressed because he'll take at least half an hour getting himself done up to go through the mcdonalds drive thru.

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Where do you think Craig's reserved personality comes from? I've read many headcanons and metsa, but I'd like to know yours.

Hmm… where it comes from? I think a big part of it is his upbringing. His parent’s marriage issues aside… they love and care about him, but they aren’t really affectionate with him. I mean, there’s a huge difference between knowing that you’re cared about, and feeling like you’re cared about. And while Craig knows that his parents do love him… they don’t really go out of their way to show him. It’s just expected that he knows. I think this is apart of the reason why he’s so affectionate with his guinea pig(s). He wants Stripe to know how much he cares, and he expresses his feelings in a way that he wishes his parents did (is he aware of this? probably not, but that’s okay). 

I think another aspect would come from all of his guinea pigs dying. He does love them deeply, really… but it’s apparent that he’s not taking care of them properly. But even if he was… they’re still dying. Whether or not he’s aware of how he’s killing them (which he is, he’s their soul caretaker, thus responsible for their deaths), he continues to get more. Is that because he’s trying to fill the gap in his heart? Is he trying to make up for the last one? There’s so many different reasons why…. but one thing’s for sure. Pet deaths can be traumatic. I had a couple of pet’s die during my childhood and it was my first time handling with death- especially of something close to me that I loved. So the fact that we’re assuming Craig has had to go through the death of three guinea pigs? That’s some real loss right there. That, combined on top of his upbringing that lacks overall affection… being reserved just makes sense

Why be emotional about people? Why express that emotion? Why get close to anyone? Because in the end, don’t they all go away anyways? 

Anti-awareness Month/Inktober
Day 11 - All Monsters Are Human

This is REALLY late, but I had been real busy with putting together my portfolio for one of my classes last week, plus I was working on Glitched so I didn’t have any time to draw.

I went with an angsty scene from Glitched for this one, given how the prompt only made me think of this part. Anyone who’s read the fic, you know what part this is. Anyone who hasn’t read Glitched, this is a scene from both Parts 9 and 10 when Anti is looking through all of the posts and comments we’ve made about him that he considers to be mean and hurtful, especially the ones involving the nickname he hates so much. It’s basically like cyber-bullying to him.

It can be viewed two different ways: that Anti is a monster with a human side, or that we, as the community, are the real monsters even though we’re human.

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I also believe that G and D were a couple for some time in the last years. But I can't find any reason why the broke up. Do u have a theory?

Yes, I do. The one that comes to my mind most of the time is that one of them wanted to give it real go, go public, move on the same country, live like a regular couple and the other freaked out. I’m still mixed on which one of them wanted it and which one didn’t, but most of the time, i think Gillian freaked out and backtracked. Sometimes, I think David did.
But all in all, I think they’ll try again.

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28 bughead? :)

28. knocking on the wrong door au. (Dang this is a real good one. Hope you like it!)

Jughead, somehow feeling more patient today than he would on any other Friday afternoon, reached out and knocked one last time on dorm number 125. It had taken nearly an hour but he had managed to slip past the ever-present RA with the two Bud Lites Archie had left at his place last night and a bag full of Call of Duty snacks. After four knocks you’d think one of the three people living in the room would have answered by now, but no such luck.

“Arch I swear to God if you’re naked and tangled up with Veronica I am never coming over for COD Fridays again. Do you know how many times I’ve seen her without a shirt on? Way too many.”

Just as he was about to call it quits, turn around and resume the essay for his poetry class that still needed editing, he heard the familiar clink of the door open. But his best friend since childhood, Archibald Andrews, did not answer. Instead, it was an unfamiliar girl wearing a silk set of pajamas. Her golden hair hung around her shoulders, still, damp from the shower that she had undoubtedly been taking before he rudely interrupted.

Jughead’s eyes flipped up to the room numbers again. It didn’t make any sense that-

“This is room 124. Right. And now I look like an ass standing outside a strangers dorm room screaming about naked girls. Classic Jug.”

The girl smiled gently and shook her head, “It’s okay. Funny enough Veronica’s my roommate. She didn’t come home last night but I guess I know where she is now. Your name’s Jughead right? She’s mentioned you. I’m Betty Cooper.” Politely, she extended her hand. It was the least he could do to shake it in return.

He raddled his brain, trying to think if he had ever seen her around before. Brief flashes, a ponytail sitting in front of her during his Graphic Novels course. Those nine am’s really got to him though and he rarely spoke.

“I think we have a class together,” was the oh so eloquent response he managed to string together.

She thought for a minute before smiling, “Oh yeah we do. Have you started your final project for that yet? I’ve got my story planned out but I…I can’t draw. At all.”

“He doesn’t strike me as a Picasso either. I’m sure he’s more content over colors on this one. But if you need any help I live a floor above you: 214.”

Betty bit her lip and opened the door a little further, “I think both our friends are a little distracted at the moment. You want to come in? I don’t have Call of Duty but I’ve been waiting for someone to finally knock me off my Mortal Combat winning streak.”

He looked briefly back at the closed door of 125 before smiling. “You are so on Cooper.”

Is there anyone else that doesn’t talk about Reylo out of the Internet not for the fear of backlash but…because no one around you really cares about Star Wars that much?

Star Wars doesn’t have a huge following in my country and I’ve never met a Star Wars fan in real life.

I’m actually having a hard time convincing my friends to go watch TLJ together because they don’t want to binge watch the last seven movies 😂


the oblivion continues

(and it starts here)

Eight reasons to visit Colorado

Colorado is the home of the Rocky Mountains, the gateway to the West, filled with pioneer history, real life cowboys, hip towns, hot springs and some of the best hiking, biking, camping and climbing you’re ever likely to find – all only one direct flight away, with British Airways flying to Denver seven times per week.

Winter here is rightly famous, but the adventure lasts all year. In summer, wildflowers carpet the mountain slopes; in autumn, golden hues race through the forests. There are 300 days of sunshine a year, more 14ers (mountain summits over 14,000-feet) than any other state and a festival scene that doesn’t quit - from the spectacular Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival where hundreds of balloons fill the sky with colour, to the slightly mad Iron Horse Bicycle Classic (fancy chasing a steam train up a mountain anyone?), Colorado’s got you covered.

Powder dreams

Photo by Dolly1224 on Pixabay

European ski resorts might get all the airtime, but for true winter junkies a Rocky Mountain trip is a must. Powder here is drier, lighter and perfect for carving, plus the runs are empty and enormous. The amount of choice is superb too, from the wide-open bowls of Vail and Breckenridge to the fast lines of Aspen and Snowmass, as well as more than a dozen other world-class winter resorts within a short drive of each other.

Elevated adventure

Photo by Unknown on Pixabay

Colorado is home to 12 national parks and monuments, offering everything from backpacking and horseback riding to rafting, rock climbing and even, in Great Sand Dunes National Park, sand boarding among North America’s highest dunes. Most ski resorts stay open year-round, switching from pistes to downhill mountain biking trails and keeping the lifts running for high-elevation hiking and easy-to-reach panoramic views. The town of Grand Junction makes an excellent adventure base-camp, with some of the best outdoor activities in the state right in its back yard.

Some like it hot

Photo by on kahern Pixabay

Combining the spectacular scenery of the Rockies with five of the hippest hot spring towns in the country, the 720-mile Historic Hot Springs Loop is the best way to soak up Colorado’s healing waters. With 30 natural thermal pools open year-round, highlights include the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world at Glenwood Springs, the soothing natural vapour caves of Ouray and the bubbling delights of Steamboat.

National Parks

Photo by Niagara66 on Wiki Commons 

Rocky Mountain National Park is legendary: a 415-square-mile wilderness of jagged peaks and high alpine lakes home to coyote, black bear and moose. The fun mountain town of Estes Park, a great base from which to explore it, is just 1.5 hours from Denver. There are lesser known national parks too such as Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a spectacular 2,000-foot gorge that rivals the Grand Canyon but draws a fraction of the crowds, and the cliff-dwellings of Mesa Verde, one of the best preserved examples of Native American culture in the country.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre


If you’re after something a little less strenuous, try Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre – by day it’s a free city park just 30 minutes west of Denver with hiking trials and giant rock formations, by night, an outdoor music venue that has hosted everyone from The Beatles to local jazz, rock and bluegrass artists.

The Wild West


From ghost towns and vintage trains to working cowboy ranches and the largest rodeo in the world, Denver’s annual National Western Stock Show and Rodeo (as well as the first: the Deer Trail Rodeo which started in 1869) – the Wild West is alive and kicking in Colorado. 

Saddle up or join a cattle drive, and you’ll feel the spirit of that old frontier still; footprints of dinosaurs embedded in stone, petroglyphs carved into cliffs, rivers where you can pan for gold. 

Want to look the part? Head to Rockmount Ranch Wear in downtown Denver, where Western icon, Jack A. Weil, invented the first cowboy shirt with poppers instead of buttons and popularised Western wear into popular culture.

Hop Heaven 


With more craft breweries per capita than any other state, Colorado is heaven for hop heads. Denver’s Great American Beer Festival is the largest craft beer event in the country while the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival is set in a spectacular valley. But, it’s the little-known gems that really catch the eye: The Grimm Brothers, serving fable-inspired brews in Loveland, and the mountain views from Avery’s enormous outdoor patio in Boulder, are two local favourites. 

Get the true lowdown on a self-guided tour along the Denver Beer Trail and sample everything from stouts to lagers.

Sports Mad

Photo by colour line on Wiki Commons 

Denver is Bronco’s country. When Colorado’s American Football team plays, the whole city dresses in orange to support. Catch games live at the Blake Street Tavern in the heart of downtown. But with seven premier sports teams in all, don’t stop there. On a warm summer night, hot dog in one hand, cold beer in the other, there’s no better place to be than Coors Field, home of The Rockies baseball team.

On the Rails

Photo by Carol M. Highsmith on Wiki Commons 

The steam-powered Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway, built in 1882, cuts spectacularly through the canyons and remote mountains of the San Juan National Forest – a journey taken by Colorado’s first pioneers more than a century ago.  While vintage train lovers will adore Pikes Peak Cog Railway, near Colorado Springs. The highest cog railway on the planet, it climbs to the 14,114-foot summit of Pike’s Peak, the view from here inspired the song America the Beautiful

Plan your Colorado holiday with British Airways

Words by Aaron Millar

Header Photo by VISIT DENVER

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Okey but i am a sucker for angst and well i was thinking what do you think would happen if lotor wouldn't "save" keith and keith actually killed himself to save the mission... What do you think shiro would do and feel? Cause i have no idea... Well i can imagine him screaming at keith not to do it to find another way but what would he do after ?

You know the really awful thing about this? At first, Shiro would be congratulating him, saying good job. Because Team Voltron had no idea what was happening on the other end, they just knew Keith was going to try and stop the ship. And it stopped. So, mission success, right? Shiro commends him for his efforts, but the cruel irony there is that, if it was actually Keith who stopped the ship, he’d be dead. Shiro would be there smiling and telling Keith how proud he was and hearing–nothing. Dead silence. 

Keith’s comms are completely down. It could be nothing, just some interference, the others reason. But Shiro tenses, and his stomach drops. Something’s not right here, he can feel it in his gut. The few seconds between when Coran’s call is received and they open up comms are the longest of his life. It’s childish and cowardly, but he doesn’t want to answer. Doesn’t want to hear the words. And even as Coran speaks, relays Keith’s world shattering decision–Shiro hardly listens. The words are there, punctuated by sharp breaths and wretched sobs, but Shiro doesn’t need to hear. He already knows what happened, can feel it in his bones.

Keith always gave back more than the universe deserved. 

The flight back to the castle is a streak of stars and warbled static. Shiro doesn’t know how long it takes. Shiro isn’t sure when they made it back. Shiro hardly remembers sitting down until Hunk is already offering him a blanket and Allura insists he eat some food. He’s glassy-eyed and numb when everyone offers their condolences, hands reflexively clenching every now and again. The light that shoots up his galra tech arm is sheer impulse, but the flare is still enough to startle. Lance walks him back to his room and tells him he should rest. 

For the longest time, Shiro wonders why he did it. How did he do it? Was he calm and composed right up until the very end? Did he scream? Did he cry? Did he break down and steel himself with some sacred oath of duty before he blasted himself to pieces? Did he ever think about how the others would feel? How he would feel? Did he ever believe his life was worth anything at all?

And you know what else is cruel? Keith didn’t even get to say his goodbyes. Not even so much as another, “It was an honor flying with you.” He was going to die without telling his team one last time how much they mean to him, without telling Shiro. He couldn’t bare to say his goodbyes, there wasn’t time, they would’ve tried to stop him–there are a number of reasons not to, so he didn’t. It’s for the best, he must’ve told himself. If he doesn’t acknowledge it, doesn’t speak the words aloud, then this can’t be real. Just close your eyes and it’ll all be over soon. It’s a thought Shiro can’t cut loose, and he lets it close around his throat with every shaky breath. 

And it isn’t until the horrible sinking sensation creeps up on him in the midst of another sleepless night, slicing right through him like a knife–that he realizes, choking back a sob that devolves into a mindless scream. “It was always meant to be yours.”

Had Keith kept piloting Black instead, he would’ve been saved. 

Just know that we’re here for you whenever you need us.” “I know you are. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

He can’t bare to set foot in Black for a long time after that.


*insert joke about Orochimaru looking like Michael Jackson here*

Yall know the drill. 5 miles, BNHA episode recap

  • Every single one of my Group Project With Terrible Group Members anxieties was on fire within 30 seconds of this episode
  • Me, quietly, under my breath: Clearly Deku is trying to do the work it’s his partner who’s not helping tell the teacher Deku deserves an A its not his fault hes in a shitty group.
  • For real this is almost a tongue-in-cheek commentary on schools handling bullying. Turns to the person clearly only being victimized who’s done nothing wrong. “Now I think you BOTH need to work on your get-along skills hmmm?”
  • They sure like to name episodes as “[Character name]: Origin”
  • I really like how Shonen Logic:tm: works where characters can be smashed through buildings and be fine, but Bakugou whapping Deku in the nose with his stupid gauntlet leaves Deku wincing on the ground.
  • and by “really like” i mean “im really fucking hurt. Deku looked so hurt he didnt deserve that”
  • Look at him. Look at him he didnt deserve that. Someone please kick Bakugou’s ass.
  • Status update: the rest of the episode is All Might kicking Bakugou’s ass. Nice. Prick.
  • Bakugou: [yells]
    Deku: [yelling] stop yelling!
  • All Might proceeds to shut Bakugou up. Nice All Might good job listening.
  • I’m so happy for All Might. He’s having the best time being a villain. You know he’s giggling like a five year old on the inside you know it. He gets to just break shit and be evil. I love it.
  • [Obligatory Sans Undertale joke]
  • That’s not even hyperbole Bakugou got his breakfast beaten right out of him RIP Bakugou yikes
  • NGL the changing angle made it look for a moment like All Might impaled Deku with that fence and like….little dark, All Might.
  • “You will be my successor Midoriya when I pass the torch on oh shit fuck right you needed those internal organs. Ive lived without mine so long I forgot they were there. My bad. ……Should I move the fence?”
  • Bakugou: “I’m going to beat All Might with my own two fists!”
    All Might:
    -punches Bakugou’s breakfast right out of him-
    Bakugou: “Never mind!!!! Turns out I suck!!! Test canceled!!! I quit!!!”
  • Deku: -slugs Bakugou- listen u shit I’m not throwing away my A for this.
  • “We still have to fight All Might!!” Okay Vomit-Mouth.
  • Poor Deku, for the whole alley scene. Bakugou’s just fucking screaming at him 2.5 inches away and Bakugou won’t wipe his damn mouth like damn at least pop a breath mint or something if youre gonna harrass Deku point-blank like that it’s gross.
  • Deku: “Finally, with Bakugou’s gauntlet I can use a quirk without breaking my own arm.”
    Deku: -breaks his arm from the recoil-
    Deku: “Oh fucking come on”
  • I love Bakugou just blast-zooming through the air while he and Deku talk it’s like those long-ass Naruto scenes where they hop 2945 feet between branches. Except poor Deku’s gotta like, actually run. Offer him a ride Bakugou you animal.
  • Deku: “That gate’s fucking kawaii and I’m kinda insulted considering how I’ve been nearly killed to death like four times in this thing but okay whatever.”
  • DORK


  • Bakugou: -uses his quirk to fucking launch Deku toward the goal like a sack of potatoes-
    me, thinking back to the physical tests of season 1: Haha call back.
  • this is physically painful to watch im like upset
  • theyre kids theyre just kids leave them a l o n e
  • also Bakugou trying to bite All Might’s hand as a last ditch effort is just….real sad? It hurts? This all hurts?
  • Im glad Deku punched All Might he was being a real jackass today.
  • Recovery Girl, for the 19375th time: “The absolute fucking shit I put up with because of you people”