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Back to School Bash (Pregaming) By: Preciousluv & Y. Black

Aye P. @preciousluv35 I think they vibin, what you think?


“Yo, Bro!!!” I assumed D was back in the dorm after the walk I had. “Yooooooo!!!” the further I trekked in I could hear rumblings. Oh shit my boy had company. I wonder if it was the same broad sucking him off in the alley. That boy was wasting no time getting it in, but shit I guess he could say the same for me. I had no chill the way I ate that pussy in the bathroom. I went in my room and figured I’d rest my eyes, since I was supposed to go to this Back to School Bash.  I wasn’t the party type so I knew I needed to power up before I stepped back out. I stripped down, grabbed my towel and made my way to the shower. On the way, I passed my boy’s room his door was cracked. There was a brown thing perched on his twin bed. Lil’ mama was racked up. Big ass titties, looked like she was sitting on a donk too. “Aight I see ya boy” I said in my head. After the graduation shit that boy took a fuck it attitude and approach. I was on the same shit. If they could do it to him they’d do it to me just as easy. Motto for the next 3 years was, “Fuck hoes, and Ball the fuck out”. Simple, do what we were born and cultivated to do while smashing bitches along the way. We had to be careful though, We weren’t trying to get trapped so we made a promise to stay strapped. I was a perv long enough to see the monster tittes be uncaged. I was also able to validate that 71’ Impala she was toting. I knew my nigga was bout to have fun with that. I got in the shower and it didn’t cross my mind again. Holly became the shower head as she rained down on my head, with thoughts of how she tasted. How she vibed with a nigga. Like, she felt like a smooth move this far. But I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basket. I got out feeling refreshed and poised to hit that bed butt ass naked. That cool air on the sac was the best. Passing back by bro room, there was no denying he was in them guts. Her hair was fucked up, the sheets were pulled off the bed and all. I’m talking the fitted sheet. I smiled as I walked further past the door and he was walking that dick back into her jaws. My nigga was a savage. I wasn’t in the bed five minutes before my body shut down. That 6 a.m. workout had taken its toll.


I know y’all probably think I’m loose as fuck. I ain’t even gonna sugar coat it. Nigga trying to get my stats up on and off the field. See, I missed out on bookoo amounts of pussy in high school, trying to preserve my career and dreams. Did that only to still be fucked in the game. They just made me a savage. So much for being humble. To be honest this broad that’s in my room right now I don’t even remember her name. But the pussy solid as fuck. I just want to see how far this broad will go. She damn near broke a heel chasing me down, and she had on flats. Cute girl, I’ll admit, but I wasn’t tryna find love, then again; she probably wasn’t either. Damn shame I should value myself a little more, but the media will make you feel like a piece of meat. The bathroom was still fogged up after Rome had showered. I knew he’d seen that lil thing on my bed as he walked by. I left the door cracked for that very purpose. Nigga swore he could pull more hoes than me. I knew my bro well, I knew his ass couldn’t hang so he was probably asleep, trying to recharge. Letting the suds cascade down my chiseled frame, I got the idea to fuck with him. He better hope lil shawty aint still in my room. I smiled under the water as the plan was already playing out in my head. It was crazy, I felt like in a sea of niggas Rome and I stood out like the pink and red Starburst. He was dark I was light, both had promising futures, handsome, smart. I mean a girl couldn’t go wrong with either one of us. I came out in just my towel. Lil mama was still naked in my bed. I didn’t like that shit, What the fuck she thought this was. Oh no that ain’t what this is lil mama. I approached her, grabbing her bra and shit on the way. Just as I was about to speak my phone rang. It was mom Dukes. “Hello.” I motioned to her ass to get dressed.

“Hey baby how’s everything coming along?” I missed my mom. She really got me through when all the shit was heavy, kept me focused and pushed me to shoot for SU.

“Hey mom, Its coming along. It’s not UF but we here on a mission. You know?” I muted the phone as Bianca, that was her damn name. She was half way dressed when I told her she should go top my bro off while he was sleep. She gave me a quick look, then I could see the inner thot in her come out. She grinned and headed to the door.

“Yeah baby, I know. I was just thinking about you. Hell, you and Jerome. Sitting here sipping wine with Sandra now.”

“Tell my other Mom I said hello, Jerome good though, he is sleeping. When he gets up I will tell him yall called. I’m about to relax myself. There’s this back to school thing going down tonight, you know how he is always falling asleep.”

“Yeah baby we know, Well I’m not going to hold you up.” Before I could respond Bianca was at the door winking at me.

“Ok mom, love yall so much.”

“Love you too.” “Love yoooouuuuuu” Ma Sandra was screaming in the backround.


    Walking up the steps I was in a melancholic mood. Darryl put me on his roster but I wasn’t confident I was #1. He was going to take more work. Though I had some dough, I needed a way to make more, to douse him with some pleasure trips and gifts. I was too temperamental to strip, however, I was certain there were some freaky professors that would put aside their academic morals and pay handsomely for it! If Holly had a few in her back pocket and I the same, we wouldn’t even have to touch the money we brought along with us! Granted her parents were still supplementing her funds but who would turn down some extra cash and a surefire A?! “Heeeeyyy… guuurrrll.” I wasn’t fallen for that act. I saw Jerome’s ass skipping down the steps. “You sure fall easy.” I brush past her as Ms. Jamison holds the door open, never breaking stride as I walk into the building. “Sam… you know you got your way of hookin’ and I’ve got mine. Let me do my thang.” I keep walking, resenting her choice of words. As I press the elevator button Ms. Jamison chimes in, “Ya’ll need to watch it these bruthas smarter than ya’ll think! These not no country backwoods boys they’ve been through some shit and a lot of hurt.” I turn around to face her. “A man’s weakness will always be free pussy… no matter what. The key is to get what you need from him without expecting to be his main chick.  No hurt no loss and no damn feelings. This chick think she’s ready for that but you got that nigga walkin’ yo’ ass home like it’s chemistry or some shit. Now he thinks he the shit and the next freaky bitch will knock you down if not off his roster. You makin’ stupid mistakes Holly! I’m not a babysitter. Do what the fuck you want but I don’t clean up messes either.” With that I step onto the elevator and Holly solemnly stands in next me. Ms. Jamison just stands shaking her head. “Sam… you are one scorned woman. Just be careful.” The door closes and Holly and I ride up to the 4th floor in silence. My cell chimes and I look to see Trevor calling. Nope not doing it. I text  him instead, ‘Not feeling well plans 2nite?’. I wait and he hits me back quick, ‘Just going to a poetry slam wanted 2 c if you wanted 2 come’. I don’t text back but he hits me again, ‘Monday lets meet 2pm go buy books’. I shrug my shoulders, alright… that gives me the whole weekend to prey on Darryl. ‘Cool English at noon then physics’ I watch the three dots on the screen and then ‘K I got both wit u just bring urself I’ll do the notetaking’. I smile…. Yes honey you do that. It wasn’t that I needed the help I just didn’t want to do the work when I had a man to do it for me! I wasn’t too sure how good he was in writing thought provoking papers but I knew I had physics aced with him in my court! Now that I knew he’d be busy tonight, I was in the clear to go all out for the party! The bell dings and the doors open as Holly and I step off, the silence continues as we enter the dorm. I start to strip to hit the shower but I gotta deal one last blow; “Don’t get all fucking defeated you can still fix this shit tonight. Just snatch your heart off Cupids bow and lock it back up.” She looks at me like she wants to defend herself but remains silent as I pick up my robe and wrap it loosely around me before going to shower. I had a sexy number ready for tonight that was sure to keep Darryl by my side all night and definitely in my bed!


    Goddamn did Sam read me! Fuck! I had to admit I had butterflies talking to Jerome and shit I did let him eat my pussy. I never let a nigga get it that quick but something about him was different… but Sam wasn’t hearing that. Maybe I was too prematurely sprung. As she disappeared into the shower I walked out to get a soda from the vending machine down the hall. It was in a little nook at the end of the hall with some chips and a tampon machine. I stopped abruptly when I got there from all the noise coming from the nook. “O… hey miss… I’m almost done.”  A Coca-Cola guy was filling up the machine. He was husky and cute with his cornrows neatly braided; he exposed a deep dimple in his right cheek when he caught me gazin’. “Freshman?” He said and I nodded. “Is it that obvious or you just use that line as an opener?” He smiled again and I walked closer to him as the wall hid my shadow I was determined to prove Sam wrong! I asked him minimal questions about his job just to ease his nerves as I waited for him to finish loading the machine. I caught his lips mid-sentence as he loaded the Dr. Pepper in the machine. Eagerly he kissed me back as I pushed him up against the machine. “Some…someone might …. Cccome down here..” he stuttered as I unbuckled his belt. I made it a point now to carry a magnum with me; and as his 5 inch dick greeted me I smiled knowing that medium condom would be the perfect fit! The door to the machine was still ajar so I knew he was making excuses but as long as he didn’t stop me, I was going for it. Anyone down below outside that looked up, would see my naked ass on the glass as I secured the condom around his dick, he surprisingly lifted me up pinning me against the window! I moaned loudly as his dick entered me roughly! Right away he began thrusting merrily as he kissed my neck I held on tight trying not to laugh at his enjoyment! How long had it been since this nigga got some? “Oooo baby… yes… damn you ain’t got nobody handlin’ this for you?” He shook his head “no” as sweat began to form around his hairline. He grunted and groaned as he dug deeper. He had me pinned so tight against the window I got scared for a second and said, “You gonna break the glass! Put me against the snack machine…” He did a 180 and began thrusting even faster as the machine rocked it banged against the wall behind it violently! “Nigga chill goddamn!” but he was in the zone as sweat trickled down his face I could tell he was about to cum! “Aaah… aaaah… aaaah….. AAAAAAAHHH!” he yelled out with one final thump against the floor the machine settled back into place. I wasn’t expecting such a fast session so I was a little upset I hadn’t caught a wave. He fixed his pants as I adjusted my skirt remembering now Jerome must have made off with my damn panties! I smile to himself imagining him sniffing Bvlgari off them.

    “My name’s Carter.” I looked up and smiled wider. “Cherise” I said giving him my middle name. I didn’t expect to see him again and definitely not on campus but taking a page out of Sam’s book, anyone not a student got a different name from me! He leaned back and looked around the vending door before hoisting me up. “Nigga now someone will see me!” I looked down the hall over the door frame and was relieved nobody was there as I felt Carter’s warm tongue on my pussy lips I moaned closing my eyes. “Mmmmm…” I stretched my arms out across the top of the snack machine as he licked and slurped. “Damn Carter… yes…. O that feels gooood.” I couldn’t help but imganing it was Jerome instead as his tongue slid in deep I moaned excitedly swinging my legs as he pressed his head against me his hands made sure to keep in me in place! “Ooooooo! That feels good! O yes! Yes! Yes!” I grinded on his face as he fought to breathe, I was so damn close to cumming when I heard a group of girls getting off the elevator. “Shit!”  I said opening my eyes as Carter continued on his quest. “Carter….shit….fuck….aaaaahh…. aaaahhh….” He didn’t stop only slipping down till his knees were on the floor but his tongue still danced inside me! “O my God!” I moaned quietly as the girls’ voice grew louder then one by one they faded. They must have went inside one of the dorms as I placed my hands on Carter’s greased rows I grinded hard on his lips! “Fuck! Fuck!” I said hastily and he rose his lips and encased my clit tightly sucking on it! “OOOOOOO!” I yelled out before he stuffed my mouth with his bandana. I bit down hard on it as his tongue dipped in and out of my pussy before he thrusted it so deep I pushed back against the machine tilting it against this wall! He stroked me hard and deep with his tongue and my legs bucked wildly until finally, “AAAAAAAAHHH!” my muffled scream seemed to intice him as he continued my clit rubbed against upper moustache and I came again! “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” This time I squirted all over his lips and he finally released me! I fell to my knees in front of him as he smiled wiping his chin with his hand before pulling his bandana out my mouth and wiping his face. “You taste good momma… I fill these machines every other week. You be here every week same day same time and be my fix?” I nodded drunkenly as I got to my feet. What the hell happened to the nose wide open brutha a few minutes ago? He turns me around pressing my face hard against the large M&M smiling on the snack machine. “Wait…” I say as he fumbles with his pants and then I relax when I hear him rip open a condom and spit. I wait as he one handedly puts it on before thrusting his dick deep inside my wet pussy. “Oooooo… Carter….” I moan throwing my ass back on him as he holds onto my waist. The machine thumps against the floor as it rises and falls with each thrusts. “Shit you just made my job so fucking lit!” I smile as I pump my pussy on his dick meeting his thrusts. He picks up speed and I moan as his balls slap against my clit. “O fuck Carter! Anytime… any fucking time…”  I feel myself about to cum as my pussy grips him tight I fight against it but I he pulls me back towards him grabbing my tight by my breasts as he thrusts his dick… “Come on this dick! Fuck!” He bites into my neck as we cum together I grip the sides of the machine tightly as our bodies vibrate, pussy juice slides down my leg. “Fuck…. Please tell me you got a cell…” I moan as he slips out. As we get ourselves together he steps back and looks past the vending door. “Some chick comin’” he says and I hurriedly adjust my clothes and he hands me a Dr. Pepper. I open it putting it to my lips just as Sam comes around the door. “Figured. Cop me one you got $2?” I smile as Carter reaches over, retrieves another Dr. Pepper and hands her one. “She already paid for it.” He says looking me up and down before closing and locking the vending door. I take the pen out of his front shirt pocket and write my number in the palm of his hand. He smiles retrieving his dolly before putting his hat back on, bandana tucked in his pants pocket. “Have a good night ladies.” I smile walking off smartly behind him back to our dorm.

    I start stripping as soon as we’re inside. “Alright Ms. Goody Goody…” Sam’s says as I keep up my front. “That seems to be the consensus.” I say sassily as I brush past her naked to the bathroom.  Minutes later as I run the black soap across my skin I start to think about Jerome and his ambitions. Why couldn’t I be both? The perfect little girl my parents raised with a perfect guy like Jerome and have my fill of dick with bruthas that could only bring me momentary things? I had to be like Sam. I already know how the road ends when you pour yourself into a nigga. I couldn’t get played again. Ever. As I rinsed off and stepped out I kept thinking about what she said. I wiped the mirror and looked at myself. I need to shed the old Holly. Make Jerome think I was a good catch, the marrying type but not ever give my heart to him. I had to commit to this shit. He wasn’t the only nigga that knew how to eat pussy! I had to keep my head on straight and keep my heart out of it!

    I walk back into the bedroom and look at the dresses Sam has laid out on the bed. “Daaaammmmnn… these bitches gonna kill us….” I smile and Sam laughs. “Shit you think Ms. Jamison will let us out?” I laugh, “Shit I don’t know Sam goddamn! These niggas might think we professional escorts or some shit with these dresses! These other hoes might as well stay the fuck home!” I reach over and touch the fabric and shake my head. I can’t believe Sam shelled out this much money! This shit was expensive! I only wore fabric like this on my birthday! “C’mon girl let’s do our hair and makeup, the sun already setting.” I follow her to the other side of the room as we sit on the floor in front of our mirror and begin sharing stories about Jerome and Darryl. Maybe Sam was more of a friend to me than I thought. I needed to look at her more as a coach than an enemy… afterall…. We were in this shit together!

[I just read the Hot Topic Takeover tweets and I’m still screaming??? So I’ve compiled some notes for myself and misc. commentary under the cut! Feel free to ignore if you’ve already seen this done ^^ However, if you want to see me yell and/or cry about all this new-potentially-non-canon-Sammy-info, read on!]

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For @museaway because con drop is a thing and because I’m too shy to talk and because traveling. <3 (This prompted by that adorable phone call from Mama Mia and Dean’s tendency to confide in the angel)

It’s not that Dean means to talk to Cas. He doesn’t even know when it started. It’s just…something that happens. He gets caught up in his head, and then Cas is there, and it just comes out.

The attraction to Amara. His worry for Sam. The bundle of confusion that wears his mother’s face.

It’s shit that Dean is used to carrying on his own. He’s done it for years, shouldered the hard shit because that’s his job. To protect Sam, he takes the hard shit. It doesn’t even bother him. It’s just the way things are. And so what, if he wants to talk, if he hates carrying it. Laying all the bad shit, the fear and stress and worry, the consuming, what if we fail–laying that on Sammy is selfish and wrong and it’s so anathema to who he is Dean never really considers it.

But Castiel is different.

Castiel is a soldier, God’s soldier, and he takes care of Dean. Sure, it’s symbiotic. They help each other. But he’s never needed Dean’s care, not the way Sam does.

And he talks to Dean. Tells him shit that Dean knows he doesn’t tell anyone else. He’s been doing that, trusting Dean, since they met.

Maybe that’s why it’s easy to talk to him. Because Cas trusts him. Because when Cas watches him with those fucking big blue eyes, it’s without judgment.

The angel dragged him from hell and knows every single darkest part of him, shit that even Sam doesn’t, and he still watches Dean with something like awe in his eyes.

And that.

That makes him talk.

Makes it easier for Dean fucking Winchester, the man who doesn’t talk about feelings, whose bottled them up for thirty three years, spill them out. Scatter them like pennies in a well, trusting that Cas will hold them and keep them safe.

Sometimes it’s stupid shit.

I want to watch that, of a romantic comedy they see advertised. Or, when Cas finds Dean picking through the leftovers of Sam’s salad after lunch, a wide eyed stare and Don’t you tell him.

But sometimes, sometimes it’s serious. It’s late, and dark and Dean should be sleeping but he can’t and he reaches for the angel through a phone call. I’m scared.


How do I keep them both safe.

Castiel doesn’t have answers. But he isn’t meant to. He’s just meant to listen.

But there is one secret. One thing that presses against Dean’s teeth, begging to be spilled, the one thing he sees reflected in Cas’s eyes when the angel speaks and when Dean grows quiet and serious. It aches in his gut, lingers on his tongue, begging to be said, begging to be shared.

Some days, he’s afraid he’ll say it without meaning to, that it’ll be out there, and Cas will be gone.

So. It lingers, unspoken, until it’s this thing. Large and almost unavoidable, and every time Dean opens his mouth, every time Castiel looks up at him, expectant and waiting and so fucking patient, it’s there.

Until Dean stops talking.

And Cas’s smile, which had been so present, dims.

And Sam scowls, all kicked puppy angry and hurt.

Mary just watches them all with this bemused confusion.

Dean knows he fucked up. Knows what it’ll take to fix. He’s just terrified to go there. Because how do you come back?

Castiel finds him, in his room. Dean is relieved, and worried, and braced for the worst. They’ve been headed here, for weeks. Sometimes, Dean thinks they’ve been headed here since that damn barn.

I’m going in the morning, is all Castiel says. The words fall into the dark room like stones, shattering against him, and there’s nothing Dean can do to stop it.

Nothing he can do to keep Cas here.


Don’t leave me.

Castiel is staring at him. That makes it easier. Because Castiel has been staring at him, watching and waiting, for years. And it was supposed to be hard, and terrifying but now that he’s talking, it’s so fucking easy.

Dean stands, crosses the room to take Cas by the shoulder, gripping too tight.

Don’t go. Stay with me.

Blue eyes shine in the darkness, gentle and waiting, and Dean knows he knows. And it changes nothing and everything and Cas smiles when Dean says it, wild and bright, so fucking bright it’s blinding.

C’mon man. You gotta stay.

I love you.


He’s babbling, and Cas laughs, this one deep noise that soothes away the last of his fear, tugging Dean closer before he kisses him.

Later, much later, in the dark, Castiel smiles at him, draped across his chest, and Dean talks.

He doesn’t really mean to.

Its just something that happens.

Okay soo the last day in Lolirock Multishipping Week is for explaining why you chose the ships you did, so here are my explanations

Polyrock / Iris x Talia x Auriana

This ship works really well. Iris, Talia, and Auriana do everything together (they’re in a band together, they fight crime together, they live together, etc). Overall it’s really just a really good, pure ship.

Missy x Iris

I did this one because it’s unique. It’s not my favorite ship, but I do like it. The way they are currently, it wouldn’t work, but I could see the enemies to friends to lovers trope applying here.

Taliana / Talia x Auriana

My Lolirock OTP. My very first impression of these two was Space Girlfriends on a Mission, which totally stuck. They’re really cute together, and with Nathiris being canon it would work so well for these two to get together too. (side note, maybe I’ll draw a double date pic sometime in the future?)

Talia x Carissa x Lyna

This is one I thought was interesting. I don’t reeeaally ship it but I like the idea of it. Not much else to say there.

Lynissa / Carissa x Lyna

I really like this ship a lot. I got the same vibes from Lynissa that I got from Taliana when they first showed up. That said, I was a little disappointed when they started fighting because at first they seemed like such a good team. But I do feel like despite the fighting they really do care about each other, and with both if them on earth but not living with Lolirock, they’re in this together.

Nathaniel x Doug

And lastly, Nathaniel and Doug. All I can say is, good ship. They’d totally love and support each other. 

So I guess that’s it, it’s been fun!

Flat World - Μελπομένη

While writing Flat Dreams, there were a lot of scenes and snippes I had in mind that never made it into the fic. A few did as interludes, but most were scrapped. I figured it might be fun to post some as I write them anyway, so here you go. Click here to read all those written so far.
I’ll use Flat World as a title for bits set before Bill got his powers and took over his dimension; Flat Minds for anything set after that.

(Also, I am open to prompts and stuff because why the hell not. So, if you’ve got any, just drop me an ask!) 

Μελπομένη/Melpomene: the Muse of Tragedy.


Mr. Cipher died on a Monday.

It was unexpected, but not overly surprising. He was getting old - the fact he had been past the ideal breeding age when he had married had been considered the prime reason why his only biological child had come out as he had, a hopeless Irregular who had been terminated before the age of sixteen - and a his sides had grown frail; a nasty fall was all it took.

It had been quick, neighbours had reassured the grieving widow. She had seemed to take a little comfort in that; Cipher’s surviving son, Bill, clearly hadn’t needed any to begin with. He had acknowledged the condolences, arranged the funeral, and returned to the shop rather than attending.

“My old man wouldn’t want me to ignore the business anyway,” was all he had said. Such practical sense, had been the general consensus, was to be praised.

If his mother thought otherwise, as she stood alone throughout the funeral, she said nothing of it. She thanked those present, accepted the condolences, and returned home in silence.

She had raised two sons, but neither walked with her. One she had lost. The other was… busy.

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My Mistake

“J please! I haven’t left the house in nearly a month! Please, please, please let me come with you.” Her eyes bore into me causing the bits of emotions I still had to twinge and bend.

With a frustrated growl. “Oh alright Alana, for cryin’ out loud you can come.” Grabbing her cheeks and staring into her eyes as I continued. “-But you better stay out of my way Dollface. Wouldn’t want you gettin’ in the way in your current…. Condition, now would we?”

Her eyes lit up causing my face to soften. ‘How do I tell that face no when it looks at me like that?’ I lean down to give her a passionate kiss before giving her a lite tap on the ass. “Now hurry and get ready I ain’t got all night.


She was 3 months pregnant and only now beginning to show. She insisted on still accompanying me to my clubs which as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t say no to. I couldn’t force her to stay cooped up in the Penthouse for the next 6 months by herself unless I was planning on locking her in our room and throwing away the key. He chuckled to himself driving uncharacteristically slow to his club obeying most of the traffic laws as he went. ‘Well that would never work.’

My clubs are well guarded and known as mine throughout all of Gotham. Tonight I was headed to the Grin and Bare It one of my most popular and protected clubs to meet with a low level associate of mine. Nothing to fancy and relatively safe for my Queen and our little prince/princess to be hanging around. Not even God himself would be able to help the fucker who’d believe he could lay their hands on my Queen.

The meeting was going relatively well, deals were being made and plans being laid out. My Queen Alana’s stomach was bothering her so she politely excused herself to get a tonic from the bar, and to bring Daddy back a nice glass of whisky. The club floor had been busy as always, men and women grinding and churning on the floor, the feeling of sex and lust wafting threw the air. Looking upon my club as I watched the object of my obsession I couldn’t help but grin to myself at how the sheep all flocked in, even knowing a wolf sits among them. I let out a small chuckle as I turned back to my associate.

“Alright there Bill. Last thing we gotta get worked out, Yer boys are no longer to cross Central Street in downtown Gotham. That’s my Personal territory, my…. playground so to say-” Walking around the obviously anxious man I couldn’t help but be tickled by the aura of fear I elicited. Placing my hands firmly on Bill’s shoulders I continue. A small growl escaping as his fear rises. “- and I have never been one who shares his things well.” One last hard squeeze to the mans shoulders as he begins nodding profusely.

“Yes sir, of course sir. I will recall my men right now sir.” I watched as he quickly pulled out a small burner and made a series of calls retracting his men out of my personal back yard. I was about to relax back in my chair when I heard a muffled voice and what sounded like someone falling down the stairs to my private VIP room.

Fear struck as I realized my Kitten still hadn’t returned, leaping to my feet I rushed to the door only to see my Queen crumpled on the ground, unconscious at the bottom of the staircase. I quickly rush to her side trying to see if any damage had been done. As I reached the bottom a man running through the club with what looked like Alana’s custom Lui Viton bag caught my attention. ‘Did this piece of shit just drag my queen down a flight of stairs, in MY club for a damn bag!’ Alana groans and I am forced to turn my attention back to her while yelling at Frost.

“FROST! STOP THAT PIECE OF SHIT!” Out of the corner of my eye I see Frost nod as he raises his gun, one shot ringing from its barrel which stops the fuckhead dead in his tracks. Well hopefully not fully dead. I wanted my fun with this arrogant mother fucker.

Pulling Alana into my arms I quickly got her to the car as Frost calms the startled sheep and cleans up the mess. Rushing back home, and yes with her my penthouse has now become a home, I called up the personal physician we kept around and blew every sign, light, and speed limit there was. I look over as we speed down the streets.

“Almost home my dear.” Brushing a piece of hair that dislodged during the fall I find a rather large welt on her head, a tinge of worry shaking through me as I pick up speed. Growls ripped my throat as I skid into the drive. The doctor had already arrived. [Good.] Taking her to our bed he starts to examine her. Twenty minutes pass as I pace the floor. I do Not appreciate not having control of a situation and there was absolutely nothing I could possibly do in this situation but pace the floor and try my hardest not to shoot the doctor who was taking an excruciatingly long time to examine my Queen.

“Mister Joker sir-” The doctor clears his throat catching my attention as he continues. “She’ll be out for at least the rest of the night but her and your child should be fine.” A small growl slips out at the thought of my Queen loosing an entire night. “We were lucky though sir. If she had landed any harder on her abdomen there is a high chance she would have lost the pregnancy.”

‘Lost the pregnancy, lost the pregnancy.’ The words played a destructive loop in my mind.

“We will need to monitor her closely for the next few days but they should be fine sir,”

Three shots ring into the wall causing the doctor to quickly scurry out of the room thankful he was still alive. Kicking myself for bringing her, for caving into her begging and not being there to protect her, I take my place by my Queens side. Not moving again until she was back on her feet.    Three days later.

I’ll get to more questions tomorrow, gotta go to sleep now so I can wake up and work at 7am while also exploring Rome for my last day! Should be a… weird day.

As a good night gift, enjoy this sweaty, irresistible photo of a man I only support due to the beads of sweat dripping down his softly chiseled chest and vein-popping arms because he is so good looking and pretty and that’s the only reason I love and support him HE IS PRETTY OK