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Written spells are awesome. On paper or on a screen.

Last night i absently drew a pentacle in google keep on my phone while I was trying to sleep, and then I added some word-concepts to it, and sealed them with other symbols, and left it there like a charm or a sigil.

It lives in my phone now, and this morning, it made good on one of its promises. 

I’m so glad, tbh I haven’t done actual magick in quite a while for reasons. But…fuck yeah written spells!

I’ve had this blog for a few years now, and over time I’ve either hinted at my family history or outright told some of you. It’s a little bitter and mostly terrible. I don’t have family, really. Kate, Elijah, no one who I was born to. My mama died last year, and both my da’s and sister before then. So I’ve been alone quite a while.

When I met Sam I never imagined I’d fit into something so easily? I love him, endlessly. But I also love his family as well. And it’s. It’s terrifying sometimes. The flutter I get in my chest when his little sister hugs me. Or last night. I cried for hours because his da said he loved me for the first time. It was. He’s defended us and spoken to us and taken time to show he genuinely cares and it is not something I’m used to. Having a family, after what feels like a lifetime of being just me, it hurts in the best of ways.

I haven’t said it back to anyone but the four year old yet, but I’m trying. I’m learning. It’s an ongoing process and my bravery and want is more than any fear I feel.


Monthly development video up!

We’re sorry the video is a bit late this month however it’s up now! This month Jayden worked on one of the last major systems we promised for Beta. The player can now buy, upgrade, move around and paint their house. We want all parts of the house (minus the glass windows) be paintable. It will take some test playing to make sure the system in intuitive and fun.

We also worked a bit on the player profile, to include titles which the player can have under their name, as well as a bio where they can write what they want for other players to view. 

Thanks again for the support guys!

Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer, farming dating sim, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.

Itchy Wings Make for Happy Angels

I just needed this happy moment because damn it my next post is going to be depressing as fuck, enjoy it while it lasts guys.
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I’m sure most of you know this, but: when a bird has new feathers coming in, they are itchy as HELL. And from my own experience I know that they love it when you dig your fingers down through their feathers to massage and itch at where their new ones are coming in.
So I have been thinking for a while now:
Would this apply to Warren?
(I bet you ten bucks it would)
So lets say Warren is pulled from that God awful crash site, taken to the mansion unconscious, and put in the medical branch of the school to heal.
And let’s also say that his metal wings perhaps did not survive, and were completely stripped from his back; leaving two giant lacerations for Hank to patch up and heal.
So now, a few days later after poor Warren wakes up and realizes his beloved God is gone and he is alone once more, let’s say that his wings start to poke through and grow. Hank is surprised, the team is shocked and happy, and Warren just rolls his eyes. ‘Yeah, nothing new guys.  Been there done that.’
But what Warren forgot is that itchy, dry, needy, almost whiny feeling his wings get and torment him with when any new feathers come back in.
One or two or three feathers is no big deal; they come in fast and have minimal itching and no irritated skin.
But when he’s growing a whole new wing?
God, it takes everything in poor Warren not to claw his own skin off. While the team giggles and laughs at the sight of Warren’s weird, chicken like wings, he just glares and ignores them. Locked up in the hospital room in isolation until he is ready to enter society again.
But now Warren’s feathers are coming in, and all hell breaks lose for him.
He wakes up in the middle of the night to cringe worthy itches that make his muscles tighten up when he relieves them. Now every few seconds he’s twitching at the feelings ruining up his wings, digging his nails into the pink new skin.
The X Men visit Warren about every other day, making sure he hasn’t murdered Hank. And after just a few days, Warren has gotten it under control enough to hide it from them. He always has been able to keep it a secret in the cage fights and on the streets.
But eventually, it gets so bad he can’t help but dig into a few itches while someone is around. And while everyone knows feathers that are growing in, just look flat out UGLY, it’s even more embarrassing.
He starts off hiding hiding his wings completely, keeping those ugly quills that look like strange needles sticking out of his skin totally hidden. Tucked behind his back and away from unwanted visitors. And then the small vane grow in, making it more recognizable and slightly less weird. The primaries grow a little faster, while the secondaries take the longest.
Which leaves Warren, just a week later, with long, half full primaries that hang low and awkwardly, and little coverts that are white fluffy specks among the hideous quills. Right now they are almost wings. Big and folded, but still semi-bare.
In simple term:
They’re still ugly.
No one’s allowed to see them.
Which makes the fact that this is the time when they are so damn ITCHY and needy a little bit difficult to deal with.
It’s a night when the team has invited Warren along for movie night since he was released from bed rest and officially a member of the school. He agrees, feeling rather lonely and tired of himself, and joins them that night in the living room for a movie marathon.
He made sure to itch his stupid growing wings all day, hoping to satisfy them enough and rub his skin so raw he wouldn’t have to think twice about them tonight. There is no hiding them now, they are too big and everyone will just have to put up with the temporary uglyness.
So as Warren is sitting on the couch, plastered between Ororo and Kurt, and the itching starts up TWICE as bad, he panics.
God, it burns and makes him want to jump up and run his body all over the gross rug on the floor. But he sits still, holding his ground and flexing the muscles to try to dull it.
But it doesn’t go away, and the itching of feathers pushing through skin becomes too much for Warren.
'Fuck it,’ he thinks, and sits forward a little to dig his nails into where his radius is and the feathers are growing slow. He digs away, itching hard and frowning at himself when he’s done.
So it’s fine now. Good.  No one noticed, it’s fine. Only- it’s back again. As soon as Warren’s hand leaves his wing.
He now begins to realize his plan today of 'itch itch away and be fine tonight’ has utterly failed; only succeeding in firing his wings up even more.
They NEED fingers digging at them. They NEED that relief. Right now, they say.
'Move the quills,’ they cry to Warren. 'Dig through the feathers, itch the skin, coax these stupid quills into moving along faster, sooth your stupid irritated skin and help them grow Warren. Rub each one, pull on them, make them stop hurting,’ They practically scream to him.
“Dude, are you ok?”
It’s Scott who breaks Warrens thoughts and conversation with his dumb wings, and he looks up to see everyone’s eyes on him.
“Uh, yeah. Why?” He furrows his eyebrows. Don’t let them see it.
'Show them Warren,’ his wings cry to him again before Scott answers. 'Show them so they can pity us and run their hands through the quills and itch them and relieve them, all those hands, all on us at once. Help us Warren, tell them, let them massage and coax those feathers into growing quicker,’
Warren nearly pisses himself at the thought.
“You’re bouncing your foot faster than Peter and gripping your wings…” He’s brought back once again by Scott’s worried voice.
“Oh,” he turns to see each of his hands have a death grip on his wings where the quills are short, and he snorts as he let’s them go. “I’m fine, don’t worry.”
But the team wouldn’t believe it that easily, and it’s Kurt who speaks up.
“I vonce read zat birds like it ven you itch and massage their new feazers coming in!” He smiled those pointed fangs at him.
Of fucking course.
“Does that apply to you?” Ororo sits back to ask him and smiles.
“No!” Warren scowls and shifts in his seat. “Of course not, I’m not a damn bird!” But tonight is not his night, and he must really be desperate if they can read him this well.
“Come on! Do they itch? We won’t judge-” Ororo sticks her hand out and before Warren knows it she’s itching at that tight skin between the many quills and small vane.
And Warren just fucking moans out.
He stiffens and bends towards her, his bigger feathers standing on edge and he closes his eyes tight, opening his mouth a bit.
He’s not sure who said it, because he’s too lost on the feeling of multiple hands itching their own spots on his giant, desperate wings. They giggle and joke to themselves, asking Warren, 'Where’s it the worst?’ And 'Does it feel good?’ To which he would all reply with a quiet moan and push his wing into the hand, earing a laugh from whoever it is.
“This is so cool-’ Ororo would laugh at the sight of her team mate now sprawled out across their laps, drooling away on her pants.
They would forget the movie and massage and itch and just dig away at Warren’s beginner feathers until each one has had its fair amount of being pulled and played with. And Warren would scream inside for them to stop it, he’s not this weak, he can itch his wings himself damn it! But oh, this just feels so GOOD, and why hadn’t he just let this happen sooner!?
And let’s just say, that about a good two hours into this Disabling Warren Marathon, they look down to see Warren still biting his lip and arching his back into their now nearly numb fingers.
"It was that bad?” Peter would ask and smirk, working on the primary bases which Warren is so thankful for, and the Angel nods.
“Damn. Warren, you could have just told us,” Jean smiles as she says down to him.
Warren would just simply hum, too content and overly stimulated into relaxation and pleasure to even consider forming words.
“This is definitely a thing now,” Peter would say to his team mates,and as much as Warren wants to growl and say 'Don’t even think about it punk,’ he knows his wings have taken over and his body is theirs as they lean into the rough touches of his new friends.

So, this happened a few days ago.  I meant to post about it but I’ve been really busy and it slipped my mind.  Last night I got an influx of followers, however (I’m at 220 now! Wow!!), and I’m so astounded that I needed to post!!  I’m extremely sorry that I don’t have time to do a celebration or anything, I have FOUR midterms this week and am attempting to finish just one fic at the moment, so unfortunately its not going to happen - but it will at my next milestone, promise!

Thank you guys, SO MUCH.  I’m honestly flabbergasted that so many people want to read my stuff and it makes me incredibly happy and touched to know.  Thank you all, SO much <3

A Farewell

Hello everyone! Mod Ryu. I apologize for the inactivity. Our last serious event was summer of last year and not much since. I can promise you the network will be up and active again though perhaps in a different light.

However, I have come to tell you that I have decided to step down as being head of this network. No one is to blame for this, this is for my own self. I have not been into the Hetalia fandom for almost a year now and at this point I can’t see myself getting back into it at all. I had still been managing the network despite not being interested, but once that passion is gone, so is your motivation.

Despite this network’s ups and downs, I can say it was very fun. I don’t regret starting this network as I have made many many memories here. I’ll be sure to treasure those for a long time. Thank you all for being a part of that.

Even with me leaving, the other mods will still be handling the network and I am 100% positive they will do an awesome job at it. I have faith in them

Well that’s it! I’ll still be around on the internet of course you can catch on my my blog @ryukoko or catch me on twitter @kagurazaka_runa.

So signing off for the last time!

- Mod Ryu

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When I created this blog: that’s a good question…a few months ago i think? i decided to separate my fandom stuff into this blog
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Lucky number: 13 (i came up with that on the spot)
Favourite characters: why does this ask such hard questions… Elizabeth Bennet, Claire Fraser, Anne Shirley, Edmond Dantes, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, Cat Grant, Lorelai Gilmore, Emily Gilmore, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing… I feel like I am missing many but here are some
Dream job: Singer/Musician (I’m pretty sure I’m tone deaf and I have zero musical talent)
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ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || Readiness Is All (9x23)

No, you grow up! Not everyone’s like you, Alex. People are horrible. And the last time someone grabbed me like Jason did, I–I promised no one would ever do that again. So I’m sorry, but not everyone is like you. Not everyone’s good…And now you think I’m horrible, too.

No, no, I–if you hadn’t gotten to him first, I probably would have killed the guy. 

Why? Why would you do that for me?

Shut up, why wouldn’t I?

I won’t ever hurt you again (You Are Perfect for Each Other Part 3)

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Requested by anonymous: Are you going to do a part three for “you are perfect for each other” or was part two the last?? ):

Requested by anonymous: can you please make a Part three for “You are perfect for each other”?😍

Requested by 5quad-imagines :Can you do a part 3 of you deserve each other? BTW your imagines are amazing!!


WORDS: 981


A/N: I’m so happy that you guys liked this imagines :)

Y/N’ P.O.V.

It’s been one month, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Stiles, or about that damn video. He promised me that he wanted to do it with me. But he lied. And now, I feel this pain in my chest, every time, everywhere I go. Lydia’s been helping me and keeping me busy, but it wasn’t helping me. And I told Theo to give me some time.

“Y/N, where are you? Your mom told me you were… Y/N?”

I looked at Lydia, my eyes were red and my head was hurting.

“Y/N… what happened?” Lydia sat next to me.

“I can’t stop thinking about him. I love him so much, Lydia. I don’t know what to do. It hurts so much.”

“Have you talked with him about it?”

“No. H-He stopped calling and texting me a couple of weeks ago. He gave up.”

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know what to say. I just can’t see you and him like this anymore.”


“Stiles is devastated, Y/N, I think you should talk to him.”

“I can’t. I miss him but I think I’ll get angry if I see him.”

“Give me your phone.”


“I want to see something.”

I gave my phone to her and she looked at me.

“You seriously still have the video on your phone? What the hell, Y/N?”

I closed my eyes and started crying again.

“He never touched me like this.”

“I’ll delete this right now.”

My head was hurting so much right now, but I wanted to cry more.

“I’ll call Scott, he needs to help me.”

“Help you?”

“Yes. Listen, there’s a party tonight, ok. I’ll take a shower right now and I’ll pick the most beautiful dress you have, and you’ll go with me.”

“I look ugly, I don’t want to.”

“Go right now or I’ll tell your mom you’re pregnant. And you know she will believe me.”

I rolled me eyes and got in the bathroom.

Stiles’ P.O.V.

“Dad, leave me alone, I’m ok.”

“No you’re not. You look like the Nogitsune possessed you again.”

I rolled my eyes and Scott laughed.

“Lydia just called me; we’re going to a party tonight, Stiles.”

“Take a shower first.” My dad said. “You need it.”

“I hate you guys so much.”

“C’mon, Stiles, let’s just get out a little bit.”

“I’m not in the mood.”

“I don’t care, c’mon. Just one hour and you can leave.”

“Fine. One hour.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

The music was so loud to me, I wasn’t feeling great, Lydia wanted to put a lot of makeup on me, but I didn’t want to. So she just did something really basic, I don’t look like a freaking zombie anymore.

“Have you seen Scott?” Lydia asked.


She grabbed her phone and called someone, but I didn’t want to hear her conversation, so I just drank some water. Kira walked at our direction and smiled.

“Hi! I missed you.”

“I miss you too. “I smiled.

She looked at Lydia and they nodded. What?

“Uh, Y/n can you go to the bathroom with me? I really want your help; I need to talk to you, uh c’mon.” Kira grabbed my arm and we climbed the stairs.

Scott was there and they opened the door and shoved me inside the room, Scott locked the door and I tried to open it.

“What the hell? Why are you doing this? Lydia, open the door.”

“They’re not going to open it.” I heard.

It was him. Stiles.

I turned and I saw him, he was with his hands on his pockets, looking at me.



There are dark circles under his eyes, just like mines, but he still looks so handsome.

“How are you?” He asked.

“What do you think?”

I sat on the floor and he did the same, but in front of me.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yeah. They won’t let us go if we don’t talk.”

He was nervous, just like me.

“I’m really sorry. I just, don’t know why I did that. I hate myself for doing this. I swear to God that I love you more than anything. I-I don’t know, I was in a bad moment, I don’t know, I can’t explain to you but, I regret it.”

“Can you imagine how I felt when I saw the video?” He closed his eyes and I started crying. “H-how I felt when I saw you touching her in a way that you never did with me?”

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered.

“Didn’t you think about me? Didn’t you think about me when you were kissing her?” He looked at me with his eyes watering. “I was doing anything to save you, Stiles, to save your life and you were having sex with her. And you don’t even thought about me!”

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Y/N.”

Stiles was closer to me now, he was right beside me. I closed my eyes, trying to stop crying, his hands hold mines.

“I love you so much. I’m so sorry for everything. I didn’t want to hurt you, you mean so much to me. I can’t be without you. I can’t. This is killing me. Please, forgive me, Y/N. I can’t live without you. I know I disappointed you, I broke your heart, but I want to fix it. I want to make you happy.”

“I don’t know if I can. Every time I close my eyes I see you touching her.”

He holds my face, caressing my cheek.

“Let me erase this from your mind, let me fix my mistakes. I won’t ever hurt you again. I promise.” 

“It was so bad, being without you.”

“I know, baby.” He hugged me.

I hugged him tight.

“I love you so much, Stiles.” I cried.

“You are everything I want, Y/N. I won’t ever hurt you again. I love you.”

Love isn´t easy. Never was and never will be.

Guys, I can´t believe that I reached 500 Followers this week. 

This actually came a lot faster than I expected it and I feel bad for posting so seldom in the last week, but I promise I´m back now and today I celebrate with a short Cas x Reader story that includes some smut (again, I know I should probably stop writing smut all the time but nah…)

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Warnings: smut (but cute smut)
Length: 979 Words

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Love wasn´t easy. Never was and never would be, at least not for you.

Not as long as you were in love with an Angel.
Being with a celestial being was very complicated and you had to learn that every day.
Cas was always in danger, and you always feared for his life, feared the day he may be wouldn´t come back to you.
Today he was going to go on such a mission, a mission that would most likely get him killed.
Of course this had happened a lot of times before and there were always different ways in which you dealt with those situations.
Sometimes you just sat outside the bunker, watching the sun go up, cuddling and talking about life and it´s meaning.
Sometimes you played silly games with Sam and Dean all night long, until you laughed so hard, your stomach hurt.
And sometimes, like right now, you were fighting, fightin about the fact that he had to leave and that you were afraid.
“I just don´t understand why it always has to be you”, you just said angrily, your arms on your hips.
He looked angry too, but also a little frustrated: “(Y/N), after all this time, you know very well that there some things I have to do. And you knew that even before we got involved.”
You huffed: “How do you make it sound so romantic?”, you asked sarcastically, not caring that you usually loved his awkward personality simply for the fact that it represented him.
He took a step towards you, but you took one back so he dropped the arms he had hold up to touch you: “You simply have to understand that there are things that are more important than…”
He stopped, probably realizing how he sounded.
You felt tears burning in your eyes: “Things that are more important than me? I know. I don´t think I´m the most important thing in the world. All I wish for is that you understand what it means to me when you go out there, ready to die to save the world.
I already have Sam and Dean for that.”
Cas never liked when you cried and you usually didn´t do it, but today just was too much for you and you wiped away a single tear.
This time he rushed over to you without giving you time to reject him and wrapped you into a big hug: “You know I didn´t mean it to sound like that. Of course you are the most important thing in the world for me.
But that´s exactly it, there has to be a world for you to be in. And I´m only ensuring that.”
It sounded so cheesy and only the fact that it was true, made it so sad.
Suddenly you felt bad for pressuring him over something so noble and you lifted your head from his shoulder to look up at him: “I´m sorry, I really am.”
He smiled and his blue eyes seemed so fresh and relieved when he leaned down to kiss you.
And then suddenly you started the fourth scenario that sometimes happened when he was about to take off, by removing his trench coat.
It dropped to the floor as he picked you up bridal style and carried you over to the bed before taking off his jacket and his shirt.
He looked so hot and as always, you felt an immediate need for him and reached out to pull him on you.
It had taken a long time for you and Cas to get to this level of your relationship, simply because it had never been about physical but about emotional love.
One day it had happened though and even though it was never something adventurous but rather sweet and innocent, it was still the most amazing sex you had ever had.
He started by kissing your lips, then your forehead, then your collarbone, before he carefully removed your blouse with that kind of care that could only be provided by someone as beautiful as Cas.
You let him undress you without doing much, because you knew he liked it when he could take his time with it, savoring every simply part of you for later.
You smiled and absently played with his hair when he finally removed the last piece of clothing you wore, leaving you naked but not at all exposed.
He was to sweet for that.
His fingers slowly found your breasts, caressing them and making you moan and squirm under his touch.
A second hand reached down to the other important parts and started working their magic their while you were slowly loosing your mind.
Somehow it felt like the time to take over some control so you switched positions with him, now straddling his lap, starting to unbutton his pants, a little faster than he had done it with you and in no time you were sinking down on him, not needing any further preparation.
It was the first time he made a noise and it sounded like music in your ear and motivated you to move faster so that he grabbed your hips, digging his fingers into your flesh while you moved in perfect synch.
“I love you so much”, you said and he smiled, his eyes closed: “I love you too (Y/N).”
And as silly as it sounded, you just came undone from this simple statement of devotion.
It only took him seconds to follow and then you were lying beneath him, breathing a little heavily and smiling brightly.
He squeezed you tight: “All I ever think off when I´m out there, is that I have something like this to come back too. So I basically can´t die, because then I wouldn´t be able to be with you again.”
Tears filled your eyes again, but for a different reason this time.
One Last Time

         Summary: Marcus Kane never thought he’d get to see Abby Griffin before his execution. Very slightly canon-divergent retelling of the “I can’t do this again” scene in 3x09 from Marcus’ perspective. There may or may not be an angsty kiss.

          The hallway was the ocean, the ties on his wrists and feet were anchors, and Marcus Kane was drowning.

          Being pulled from the cell alone, instead of in tandem with Lincoln and Sinclair, had that effect. Despite all his iron strength, his insistence on remaining strong, Marcus felt his heartbeat speeding up and his stomach crawling its way toward his throat.

         As he walked down the metallic corridors of his home, his every step choked by the restraints around his ankles, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the last time he’d see it all. The last time his feet would step on the tile in this corridor. The last time he’d squint from the glare of these lights, the last time he’d breathe this air. His moments on Earth were trickling away, and he knew what was left of his life was a laundry list of lasts.

         But the truth of the matter was that if it led his people to understanding what Pike had become, the road he was leading them down, he’d kneel on that solid ground in front of the gun’s barrel. It wasn’t the rebellion he had imagined or an ending he desired, but it was the undeniable hand fate had dealt him.

         And in the end, if God truly was a forgiving man, Marcus couldn’t help but hope that he’d see his mother again.

        When the door to the conference room opened with a faint hiss, Marcus Kane didn’t know what to expect. A gun pointed straight at him? A firing squad? Just Pike? He had prepared himself for the worst, for the most horrible, deplorable scenarios, and it never occurred to him that what lay waiting behind those metallic barriers might not have been grotesque at all.

       It never occurred to him that he was being taken straight to Abby Griffin.

       “You can thank Chancellor Pike for this,” the guard barked, shoving him into the room. “You have five minutes.”

       The door hissed shut again, but Marcus was far past the point of being able to hear it. She was there in front of him, so vivid and damningly, hauntingly beautiful, and for a moment he had to convince himself that this wasn’t a dream. In what reality, he wondered, would a man like himself be allowed to see her one last time?

        But her presence presented a new problem, one for which he had no solution. How could he go about telling her everything he wanted to say, everything he needed her to hear, without shattering into a thousand pieces? There were too many things he had to apologize for, things she had to know before he said his final goodbye, but his tongue had turned to lead in his mouth.

       Abby blinked, shutting her eyes a little too quickly and for a little too long, and he realized that she’d been crying.

       “Are you all right?” he asked as he approached her, his head running a film reel of all the awful things Pike could have done to her in the time he’d been in lockup. If he’s hurt her, so help me, I’ll find a way to make him pay. Even if I only have hours left.

        She nodded, and he felt the knot of worry in his chest come untied. The faint smile that flickered across her trembling mouth chipped away at the edges of his heart. There’s nothing I can say that won’t hurt her, he thought despairingly.

       “I won’t let this happen to you,” she said firmly, taking a step toward him. She was close enough now that he could hear her uneven breathing, he could see her shoulders shaking. Another chunk of his heart, gone.

       He had to make himself say something, had to force some words out of his heavy lips even though it felt like every syllable was being forced out of him.

       “Abby, listen to me,” he said, his voice wavering. “Anyone caught helping us will be condemned to death, too.”

       Her brown eyes found their way to his, and he prayed with every ounce of strength he had left that she wouldn’t get involved. His own death, he could handle. He could even justify it. He could make sense of it. After all, after everything he’d done, the suffering and pain he’d caused, perhaps this was nothing more than the powers of the universe giving him what he deserved.

       But her? If he had his way, Abby Griffin would die peacefully years and years from now, surrounded by her family and every single person on Earth that she loved. She wouldn’t die at an execution, not from a treason sentence. Not because she tried to help him, the man who sentenced the man she loved to death. The man who shocklashed her.

       “Then I won’t get caught,” she responded, her lower lip trembling slightly. Despite the pain that burned him with every breath he took, Marcus had to laugh. Even here, under these Earthen skies, after everything they’d been through and all the challenges they’d faced, she was still Councilor Abigail Griffin. She was still that wonderfully infuriating woman who didn’t take no for an answer, the only one who had the ability to drive him mad with both longing and anger. And, he finally let himself admit, love.

        If he tried to pinpoint a single moment when he realized he was in love with her, it would have been like trying to find a single star on Earth and then attempting to find it again in space. There were too many brilliant moments, times when he looked at her in awe and wonder and felt something electrifying stirring inside of him. She was his light when everything inside of him was dark. That brightness had slowly multiplied and expanded to fill an entire galaxy within his soul, and she was the sun it orbited around.

       Even if she didn’t feel the same, he wouldn’t let that light be extinguished.

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i just remembered how to log on

and i’d like to formally apologise to everyone who’s sent me a “we miss you” type of message in the last while

truth is it isn’t likely that i’ll be returning to this blog in a very long time, there is just too much to do and my interests are very fleeting

i’ve already gone through OFF phases twice now so it’s possible i might return one day but i don’t want to make any promises. this blog’s been idle for 4  months now and i’m still getting new follwoers, i’m really sorry guys heheh

also i don’t want to stir any trouble but i’ve never been involved in a fandom’s community as much as i have with OFF and i’m kind of uncomfortable with the conflicts that i’ve seen and people i’ve met here. i’m used to mostly being unaware of that side of things and the people that intend to argue, and i don’t want to start getting involved. better to step away from it.

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Was not Toyotaro involved in Dragon Ball AF? Personally never big fan of that. I being reading the most recent chapter of the Future Trunks arc and honestly I like it, but it feels too fast. They where in the future, then they spend a day in the past, back to the future again, Gowasu is introduced and then dies and all humans are death. I hope it was not the complet chapter because is the first time I read it randomly from the internet to see if it worth reading, but it was too fast..

Yeah, he was one of the original AF guys. Worked under the pseudonym Toyble back then.

And tbh, he’s rushing right now because he kinda lost track of the fact that this is a series adaptation and dwelled way too long on the details here. Now he has to rush to finish this arc and get started on the new one, as he’d promised the anime wouldn’t be getting ahead of him anymore. (I mean, the last time he was current was when he breezed through the Universe 6 arc.) So he’s in a bit of a time pinch at the moment (heck, he had how many weeks of episodes outside the arc to catch up? Nine? That’s two chapters.) and having directly contradicted things in the anime may not help too much either, especially if callbacks to past arcs and events become important and he… well, skipped a lot of that before. lol

Sirin Cove, Chapter One, v.two

i posted the first chapter of my novel here about two weeks ago, and i can’t even begin to express how grateful i am for all of the feedback you guys gave me!! the response was totally unexpected, overwhelming and heart warming, thank you so much. i took some of your advice on board and did some tweaking, so i now present to you - chapter one, version two.

| synopsis | chapter one version one | character bios | character aesthetics | character art |

It’s kind of hard to text when you’re being pushed out a fire escape, but Jenna Patterson was giving it her best shot. Despite the mob of panicked people rushing around her, she managed to type the beginnings of a coherent message to her dad:

Club caught fire am fine dont worry will text when know more

It probably wasn’t quite as reassuring as she’d hoped, and that opening was definitely going to terrify him, but she thought it was important for her dad to hear the news from her first. She didn’t want him reading about the fire online before she’d had a chance to contact him, so time was of the essence, grammatical errors be damned.

Jenna was just about to press send when she was pushed roughly forward into the frame of the fire escape door. Thankfully, her hand took the initial brunt of the impact rather than her head. Not so thankfully, it was the hand holding her phone. 

That little device with her entire life on it was knocked from her grasp, and her clumsy attempts to save it were made even more futile by the crowd surging behind her. She’d stumbled back a step when she hit the door, but the mass of people quickly pushed her forward again, and in the confusion she just had time to watch her phone land screen down on the hard floor before she was swept through the door and out onto the street.

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Sorry to bother, but what happened to the new VA translations? I know it's not dead and abandoned, but even with how important it is to a lot of people, it doesn't seem like a priority.

I don’t know. NearZero said that he would have new chapters out last week. But he didn’t. 

He breaks every single promise he ever makes about schedules. It kinda fucking sucks to work with. Natsas and Daxing Dan are totally dependable though. I know NearZero can be busy with school and work, but lying about schedules is something that we’ve been trying to make him stop for years now.

It’s a huge priority, and one guy keeps holding it up. At least I can work on the colored stuff, because if NearZero had kept it to himself like he wanted, it would take another five years to get done.


No matter how many times you told him that he didn’t have to look out for you, he always did. He knew that you could handle yourself and your own affairs but he always just liked to check in on you, making sure you were okay and being treated well. If he didn’t check in on you, he would never be able to live with himself.

“You sure you’re okay?” Bucky asked you, helping you carry some shopping back to your apartment.

“Buck, I promise,” you smiled, “I’m absolutely okay. The guy that was bothering me last week isn’t anymore, you took care of him so now no one’s bothering me.”

Bucky smiled, “Well, I’m always here if you need me.”

Yes hello, this is a star trek 3 positive blog, although we are 100% open to criticism we will not condem the entire franchise to death because of a single 1 minute 30 second trailer that a lot of people actually like. We will continue to be optimistic until we have absorbed said film into our eye sockets, and then will commence to pick it completely apart and complain about it and then get hyped for the next one :)

Sakamaki: study. Requested by anon.

They glared as the boy wrote his number on your arm while you gleamed with joy.
This wasn’t something he could stand for.

He just glared over your shoulder at the male who gulped then changed his mind as he bolted off in fear as Shuu smirked.
“Ever get another male’s phone number again and I’ll kill them just like the last. I love you too much to let you go, no one other than me can have you.”

“Your help is not needed when you have me to study with. Now I do believe you should get moving wouldn’t want any accidents now would we.” You had never seen Reiji so enraged and jealous before as he warned the guy off from you.

“Ha, she doesn’t need you no one touches or so much as looks at my girl.” Ayato growled as he took the male by the shirt and slammed them into the locker. “Or your dead that I promise.” He growled possessively almost going into his yandere mode.

       hi guys, welcome back!!  i know you only had me
half of last year due to mrs. jones’ maternity leave and
then her.. uh, ‘quitting’, but i’m here now full time for
culinary one through four!!  if you keep taking it, you keep
getting to see my cute face. kidding. anyways, but i’m super
excited to get this year started, it’s gonna be great this year,
i promise. and if it’s not, at the end of the year, you all get a
free pass to kick my ass,  the twenty-four year old rambles
out, excitedly leaning against his main desk. yoshi is anxious
for his first year being an actual teacher, the nerves getting to
him a bit but he finds some familiar faces.  and if you’ve got
any questions or suggestions, hit me with ‘em.