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okay so this has probably been said to you before, but like...WHAT IF. The king pushes Coran into the cyro-pod after he placed Allura away and the last thing Coran see's is the King dying while the computer's static is like "Cyro instigated in 3...2...1..." and Coran is just pounding on the glass screaming empty "NO,NO,NO." before slumping against the glass in a deep slumber. WHAT DO YOU THINK FRIEND? feelings be real.

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Christmas Photoshoots with David Tennant and Kylie Minogue

You and Me [lucaya]

“Happy New Year, everybody!” Cory proposes a toast (with ginger ale, of course; there are children around). “To another year even better than the last one!” Everybody cheers.

“Not bad, Matthews,” Maya raises her eyebrows at him. “Definitely an improvement from last year.” Cory visibly cringes. Last year was bad. Last year is the reason he’s drinking ginger ale.

The five best friends and Uncle Josh sit in a row by the windows. Maya has one arm is hooked through Riley’s and the other around Farkle’s shoulders. Lucas and Zay sit next to him, and Josh sits next to Riley.

Farkle wonders what Riley’s thinking. She said she loves him. But how?

Zay’s wondering if Lucas is going to grow up and kiss Maya. If he’s had any experience observing Lucas’s love life, he’s going to guess no.

Lucas has no idea what’s going on. When does he ever?

But Riley wonders what Lucas is thinking anyway. She stopped trying to convince herself she loves him like a brother a long time ago… But she has no proof it isn’t true.

Next to her, Maya’s oblivious to what Josh is thinking, and if she knew she wouldn’t be as calm as she is. The brown eyed boy is wondering if he’ll even get up the courage to kiss her at midnight. If I were there, I’d tell him to hurry up because he has three minutes and sixteen seconds.

What a mess they are, this group.

Josh sees Cory and Topanga standing next to each other; Shawn pulls Katy closer by the waist; even his parents are looking at each other lovingly and that’s the moment he decides that yes, he’s gonna do it.

Everyone stands up as the clock turns 11:59. Josh turns toward Maya slowly, people count down from 10, and his lips are on hers.

Maya’s in shock at first, but quickly realizes what’s happening. They pull away at the same time. It might have been twenty seconds long, and she’s staring at him.

“That was…” Josh starts.

“Weird,” Maya finishes for him. “Like kissing my uncle,” she says at the same time Josh frowns, “like kissing my niece.” They both laugh.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry,” Maya groans. “I never even thought it could be like that.”

“Me either,” Josh admits. But he smiles at her and she’s smiling back, then he hugs her and says “Lucas went upstairs” and then he’s gone. She wonders briefly why he thought she should know that before ignoring it completely and spinning around to face her friends. She maybe doesn’t need that right now.

“Happy New Year, honey,” she smiles happily at Riley, squeezing her tightly. Riley smiles back.

“Lucas and I kissed,” she blurts. Maya’s smile fades. “It was, like, three seconds long. And… It was just like kissing Auggie,” she cringes. Maya almost laughs. “And then we saw you! What was that?” Riley questions excitedly. “He kissed you!”

“He’s like my uncle, Riles,” Maya’s laughing and shaking her head and Riley’s eyes widen.

“What is it with us, peaches?” She sighs and lays her head on Maya’s shoulder.

“Happy New Year, baby girl.” Katy’s smiling and Maya thinks this is the happiest she’s ever seen her and she doesn’t want it to stop. She stands up to hug her mother.

“Happy New Year, mom,” she whispers. She’s always thought the phrase was dull, but now it fills her with hope.


“Happy New Year, Farkle,” Riley and Maya say in unison, and Maya senses there’s something more behind Riley’s smile.

“Lucas went upstairs,” Farkle informs Maya, and for the second time in five minutes Maya’s wondering why they think she needs this right now.

“Okay?” Maya says. “Why are you telling me this? Sundance probably just got homesick for Texas or something.”

“Well, he left right after you and Beanie… You know,” Zay chimes in, rather unhelpfully. Maya glares at him.

“Bay window,” Riley suggests to Maya, pushing her lightly toward the stairs. “Work it out, peaches.”

“But do I have to work it out now?” Maya’s reluctant, but Riley points and Farkle nods and Zay just gives her a look and then she’s traveling up the stairs.

“Lucas? Where’d you go?” She pokes her head into Riley’s room and Ranger Rick himself sits at the bay window. “Oh, there you are.” She sits next to him. “What’s up?”

He doesn’t answer right away. He doesn’t say anything at all. But when he does speak, it’s “so, you and Josh, then” and it’s so bitter and so unlike Lucas that Maya bursts out laughing and shakes her head at him. “But you kissed,” he noted casually.

“He’s like my uncle,” she smiles contentedly. “I guess I’m even more a part of the family than I thought.”

“Oh. So, not you and Josh, then?” He tries (and fails) to hide his smile. If I were there, I would tell him to stop looking so hopeful.

“No,” she says carefully. “Why?” She’s curious as to where he’s going with this and hates that she hopes she knows. He glances at her from the corner of his eye.

“How about you and me?”


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Here’s texts with Namjoon, Taehyung, Yoongi and Jin based on actual nonsense conversation i had with my friends. Will make more with the three remanent boys soon. :)

I’m running super late (i should be at uni), but i really wanted to post this given the huge amount of notes there was on the last one! Thanks everybody!
I will try and post a one shot before the end of the week, but no promises! 
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Friendly reminder to everybody in the owasera fandom.

I’ve been in the tags a lot, and I end up seing a lot of re-posts of fanart without source or permission. 

Just to get something clear:

- We heart it does not count as a source, neither does instagram unless the one posting the art is the original artist.

- Re-posting art is NOT cool. I have seen my art being re-posted, as well as many of my artist friends. 

- Artists use lots of time and effort on their art, while you use a few minutes to simply re-post the picture, taking credit while you do so. That’s disrespectful and rude. The least you can do is source it, it won’t kill you to ask for permission either.

- Please take your time to find the original work and reblog it from there, if you wonder how to find the original artist, google got a nice feature called search with pictures. 

I suppose you like the fanart you re-post, so please give the original artist some credit. After all, they not only use a lot of effort to make the art, but there’s years of practice behind it too. 

Last but not least, if you want the artist to keep drawing fanart, supporting is a big help. We all love our fans, and seeing that people like our art is honestly the best feeling in the world. But it sucks when somebody else takes the credit away from you.

That moment when you can sense death approaching...

And you try everything in your power to delay the inevitable…

But eventually you must resign yourself to your fate…


Arrow Fic: Blinded by Love and Daring Epilogue

Blinded by Love and Daring Epilogue
Author: dettiot
Rating: E
Summary: Five years have passed since Oliver Queen or Felicity Smoak published anything.  The world thinks it knows why–a shipwreck and an attack.  But the truth is much more intense than anyone realizes … not unlike the connection that exists between Oliver and Felicity.  Publishing/writer!AU slow burn Olicity.  Third in the ink in my pen ran dry series.       
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note:  Surprise!  Who wants a rated-E epilogue about Oliver and Felicity’s first time?  [waits for the reaction]  Yeah, I was really hoping it would be something like that.  :-)  

This is my first time writing something this explicit for Oliver and Felicity, so I hope you enjoy it!  Many thanks to mersayseh for reading this over.


It had been so long since Oliver Queen had been really happy that he wasn’t prepared for just how good it felt.  He thought he had been happy in the year and a half since he returned from the island, but … he hadn’t.  Not like this.  

Not with Felicity in his arms, kissing him hungrily as he pressed her against the door of her apartment.  He rocked against her, his hands moving down, wanting to lift her legs up around his waist, wanting her closer.  

“Oliver–Oliver, gotta unlock the door … ohhh …”  

Groaning, Oliver lifted his head.  “Keys?”  

Felicity shoved her keys into his hand and then attacked his neck, kissing and licking the skin exposed over the collar of his t-shirt.  

He was going to fall apart if she kept doing that.  Oliver shifted enough to put the barest amount of distance between them, enough to clear his mind and let him get the right key into the lock.  

“Come in, Oliver,” Felicity said, reaching behind her to open the door with one hand while the other pulled him down for another kiss.  

“Yes,” he muttered against her lips as he kissed her, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her up against him. 

Read the rest at AO3 or

Everybody taught it was weird, well, most taught he himself was weird, that someone born at the beach, surrounded by heat and sun would fall in love with something like snow. But it happened. The very second Taehyung managed to walk around in the snow by himself, he decided he really liked it.

His family would always go over to his uncle in the winter, with mountains as tall as the sky, snow in every corner of the garden and cool ice sculptures in the middle of town. His aunt was the one who took him to the peak, the one who attaches his little twelve year old legs to a plank and taught him how to slide all the way down. It became tradition, almost, for Taehyung to try and be faster every year.

Until he saw people fly. He saw them rush down and jump over slopes, slide on broken trees, flip around and spin like nobody’s business. Obviously, he wanted in on the fun. He broke a bone every now and then, but he loved it too much to quit.