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A single-line drawing of Michael Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery.


Samurai Jack (2017)  || Ep. 10 (Series Finale): The Samurai     
“Long ago, in a distant land, I, Aku, The Shapeshifting Master of Darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil! But a foolish samurai warrior, wielding a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I throw open a portal in time, and plunged him into the future, where my evil is law! Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is…. Aku.”


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poltergrease  asked:

How about a threeway Chuck/Julie/Mike fusion? A fusion of all five burners?? Or is it even possible in your fusion verse for more that two people to fuse?

AH YES.  Burnerx5 fusion!  

Desperately tricky to pull off but devastatingly effective. >:D They spend most of their time arguing with themself, but when they have a single focused goal they’re marvelously effective!

Plus they’re really big.  Like, really big.  A giant enby!

Also loud.  They have pieces of Mike’s enthusiasm, Dutch’s passion, Chuck’s hysteria and Texas’s…Texas.  They get pretty noisy sometimes.

But they’re cool!  And everybody involved has a lot of fun, while it lasts.  It’s just so tricky to stay balanced it’s way easier to fight seperately or fuse in smaller combinations, haha. 

anonymous asked:

I’m a suicidal trans minor used a gay rights song to feel ok about being a liberal when tumblr is very leftist. I feel alienated and that song made me feel ok for not having the same politics. I’m afraid that other LGBT people will be angry at me for appropriating the song.

I suspect that you would find yourself way, way, happier if you were to take an extended break from the online communities you are currently part of.

I spent a while trying to explain why I feel this way, because I think giving the reasoning for advice is usually a lot more helpful than giving the advice and yet the reasoning here is a little tricky to articulate. 

But. Okay. You like a song and it speaks to you. You’re worried that you’re doing something wrong. You are not doing anything wrong; liking songs and talking on your blog about how you relate to them is the sort of thing that is universally and categorically okay, that cannot be made Wrong by any facts about you or the song. Enjoying and relating to music, and saying so, is just entirely fine no matter what.

But by the time you are in a position of needing to be reassured of that, a couple other things are definitely wrong:

  • you’re in an environment where people can be severely socially punished for enjoying music in the wrong way, and this happens often enough that you’re scared of it
  • you’re in an environment where it is a partial defense against being evil for enjoying music in the wrong way if you are suffering enough and the music is a coping mechanism (if you were just a person who liked music, that wouldn’t be okay, but if you are a suicidal trans minor using music to cope, that might be okay - or it still might not! who knows! it’s up to whoever decides to take offense at your music taste!)
  • you have internalized that it is suspect and maybe “appropriation” to derive value from things that are dear to people with different values from you, and are trying to figure out if you should choke yourself off from anything that most of your social environment cares about lest they resent you for stealing it

These are kind of a big deal. They’re going to get in the way of figuring out what makes you feel affirmed and happy, and that’s important. They’re going to get in the way of figuring out what you believe yourself, through thought and discussion and exploratory idea-sharing, and figuring out your values for yourself is so profoundly essential to your well-being. 

And - this last one isn’t true for everybody but it’s true for enough people that I want to mention it - lots of people find that the framing ‘if you’re suffering enough it’s okay to use media to cope, but it’s terrible to just enjoy it because it makes you happy’ made it harder for them to combat the ways in which they were suffering, since they felt like that was the only thing that gave them the right to exist in public. 

I think you know this community is bad; you don’t sound very positive about it. But I think it is more bad than you realize, and it is hurting you more than you should put up with. I think that you should ask yourself, for every person you follow on tumblr, “am I scared they’ll hate me for appropriating gay music from leftists?’ and if the answer is yes, then say to yourself “well, that’s super unhealthy, I don’t need that in my life right now”. And unfollow. (Or blacklist their url, if unfollowing people stresses you.)

Earlier I linked an old post of Sarah’s about values affirmation. From that post:

There is a kind of personal quality that has to do with believing you are fit to make value judgments. Believing that you are free to decide your own priorities in life; believing that you are generally competent to pursue your goals; believing that you are allowed to create a model of the world based on your own experiences and thoughts.

If you lack this quality, you will look to others to judge how worthy you are, and look to others to interpret the world for you, and you will generally be more anxious and more likely to unconsciously self-sabotage.

You need this. You need this and you are currently immersed in a Discourse and a community and an ideology that cannot give it to you. My advice is to enjoy the fucking song as much as you want, and my deeper advice is to believe that you are fit to make choices and fit to believe things no one has granted you permission to believe and fit to enjoy things no one has granted you permission to enjoy. And when people are trying to tell you otherwise, you are fit and worthy and justified in walking the hell away.

Scotman’s Cavalry Arrives

In a mighty nice fashion too

I love how they come in on reindeer and not horses.On a Celtic magic trail. I can only imagine Jack wondering who are all these powerful red-headed women coming to help him because he sure don’t remember saving this many.

Mission gone wrong - s. r.

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pairing: steve x reader (she/her)

summary: theoretically, it was supposed to be easy mission - get in the base, take off the HYDRA soldiers guarding it, take the date and get out. theoretically. but the thing is: the team was overcome with tension, a ticking bomb ready to explode at any minute now. and all because the only couple on the avengers team had had a big fallout that morning and were not on speaking terms, meaning: barked orders and a disaster bound to happen.

warnings: swearing, anger, blood loss, a bit of asshole! steve, fluff and i gues that’s it?

word count: 2.9k

n/a: so this is my first writing for the mcu characters. tough i’m not a new writer per se, i’m new to the fandom (i mean, that’s the easiest way to explain/go about it) so pls be gentle w me beans. i didn’t properly proofread it, so if there’s any mistakes, please do tell. i hope y’all enjoy it . ♥

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Are you ready, kid?” Clint asked, his voice soft, yet fearful.

Y/N sighed, knowing she and Steve had caused a big strain on the group after their morning fight.

I’m fine, Clint.” She answered, knowing his question had a deeper meaning. “Steve and I know how separate our professional from personal life.

“I know, kid, it’s just… we need you both with your minds on the field. Even if it’s not a heavily guarded base, it’s still dangerous not to be focused.”

The girl sighed, knowing the archer was just trying to make sure she was fine, but still annoyed nonetheless.  

We know. He’s Captain America, Clint. That man is like a hundred years old, he knows what’s up and so do I. We won’t let our argument get in the way, I promise.”

Looking in her eyes for a moment, he nodded, leaving the room. Muttering encouraging words to herself, she finished suiting up, her head high on her way to the Quinjet.

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