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names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

Damsel | Jack Avery

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Warnings? Stalker? Maybe a swear word? Idk I haven’t checked 

Summary: One night you stay too late at the coffee shop and have to walk home alone. Thankfully you meet your knight in shining armor that will keep you safe. 

Word Count: 1,348 

You step into the warm coffee shop and a smile creeps up onto your face. The smell of coffee fills your nose and relaxes you instantly. You head towards the back of the shop and find a small booth.

You place your book bag on the seat next to you and pull your legs into a criss cross fashion. You take your laptop out of your bag and set it in front of you. You spread your notes out all around you and start on your homework.

People come and go but you’re stuck in the little world. Your headphones plugged in and you were in cramming mode. You’re suddenly snapped out of your own little world when you feel a tap on your shoulder. You pull your headphones out and turn to see the old woman who was working the cash register standing next to you.

“Love, it’s closing time.” She says smiling down at you.

You look up at the sweet old woman who had been working at the small coffee shop the entire time you were there. You smile up at the woman and shut your laptop.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how late it’s gotten.” You slip your laptop in your book bag and start to gather your notes. Once everything is in your bag you stand up and walk out.

You head out of the small shop and look around at the darkness. Suddenly you become very aware of what time it is and a slight nervousness takes over you. Why didn’t you drive to the coffee shop today? Why did you have to walk?

You spend almost everyday at the small coffee shop near your apartment. It was quiet and comforting, which helped you focus when you had to study. However you never stayed until closing before but today you were caught up in studying for a midterm for tomorrow and lost track of time.

As you start to walk away you realize how quiet it is causing your paranoia to spike. You keep your head on a swivel and feel your breath catch in your throat when you see a figure standing in the corner of an alley way.

You picked up your pace a slight bit and quickly turned your head to see the figure had emerged from the alley way. They were probably 30 feet away from you but had started to walk in your direction.

You pick up your pace once again and try to walk as fast as your feet could carry you. You tried to believe that the person was just walking the same way as you but when you took a weird route to get to your apartment you found that wasn’t the case.

The person continued to get closer and closer and by this point you were almost sprinting. Suddenly you spot five boys who seemed around your age and approached them.

“Hi I know this is super weird but I think that guy back there is following me and I was wondering if you guys could act like my friends really quickly so I don’t get murdered.” You speak quickly and the boys all had concerned looks on their faces.

The boy with extremely curly hair walks over to you and slips his hand into yours just as the stranger rounds the corner. He spots you and stops in his tracks when he sees you with the other boys. The curly haired boy sees him and pulls you closer, while kissing the side of your head.

“What took you so long babe?” He asks loud enough for the stranger to here.

“Sorry I got caught up in studying.” You explain, going along with the conversation.

The rest of the boys make a slight barricade around you and continued their conversation. Out of the corner of your eye you see the man pass by and the curly haired boy slips his hand from your hand to your waist.

The stranger stops not too far away from you and the group of boys and listens to your conversations for a bit. You could feel the curly haired boy staring the man down. Eventually he leaves and you let out the breathe you were holding.

“You’re trembling.” The boy with curly hair points out before you could speak. You lift your right hand and hold it out to see you’re shaking badly.

“Yeah I’m sorry I just have really bad anxiety and I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t mean to interrupt you guys I’m sorry.” You speak quickly once again but a boy with bright blue eyes stops you.

“Hey it’s okay. Nothing’s gonna happen to you if we’re around.” He says and smiles reassuringly at you.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t know what I was gonna do if I didn’t find you guys.”

“Just call us your knights in shining armor.” The boy with blonde hair says standing up straighter and saluting you causing you to laugh.

“I’m (Y/N) by the way.” You say finally remembering to introduce yourself.

The boys introduce themselves as Jonah who was the tallest, Zach who was the youngest, Corbyn who was the blonde, Daniel who had the bright blue eyes, and Jack who had the curly hair.

Jack had definitely intrigued you. He was the most protective of you in the group and refused to leave your side even though you were now safe.  

“Thank you so much.” You say once again. You check the time and realize it’s nearing three o’clock. “Shit, I have to go.” You say while starting to walk away.

“Wait!” You hear Jack’s voice causing you to stop in your tracks. “You can’t walk home alone. What if he comes back?”

Before you can argue against Jack or any of the other boys they’ve decided that they’ll walk you home. Jonah and Zach walk ahead of you and Jack, and Daniel and Corbyn follow behind.

“What were you doing out so late?” Jack asks.

“I was at this coffee shop not far from here and I didn’t realize how late it was when I left.” You answer sheepishly.

Jack nods his head understandingly and you two continue to talk the whole way home. You talk about where you go to school and how long you’ve lived in LA and Jack tells you about the boys and his band.

You even listen to a bit of their music on the way home and find it’s really good. When you finally get to your apartment the boys walk you to your door.

“Thank you guys again. You really are my knights in shining armor.” You say smiling at the boys.

“Anything for a pretty girl like you.” Jack says causing you to blush.

“Well-“ you start but you’re interrupted by your roommate.

“(Y/N)? It’s three in the morning keep it down.” She snaps before closing the door and most likely heading back to bed.

You erupt into laughter and your face somehow turns even more red. When you all quiet down you apologize on behalf of your roommate but the boys assure you that it’s okay.

“Thank you again.” You say before turning away to walk into your apartment.

You hear the boys moving around behind you and speak in hushed whispers. Just as you open your door Jack calls out to you for the second time that night.

“Wait!” He says and you turn around. “Can I get your phone number?” He asks nervously. “In case you need someone to walk you home again.”

You take his phone and quickly type in your number. When you hand it back he looks down and smiles at your contact name. Damsel in distress.

You bid one last goodbye before entering your apartment and shutting the door behind you. You hear the boys congratulate Jack on getting your number causing you to giggle quietly.

As you’re heading to bed you hear your phone ring and pull it out of your back pocket to see who texted you.

Sleep tight my princess. -Jack

Little late to the freak out party, but my gosh was this chapter amazing and moving and badass and sad and *rambles on for a good half hour* all at the same time!! I mean, we don’t even have a full translation, yet:

  • Xing group cover ;__;
  • Lots of Voldo screen time, yes!
  • Where the frick is Yotaka??
  • Mizali… being Mizali. I ain’t complainin’
  • Yona being all, “Move bench, get in da way!”
  • “I saw a man so beautiful I started crying” Jae-Ha edition #589
  • Honestly, where the flying frick is Yotaka?!?
  • Shin-Ah power explosion. I was honestly scared, the art was so expressive for his entire scene. Terrifying!!
  • On-screen decapitation… #3? I think we’re at 3 now, right?
  • Beautiful Shin-Ah, for contrast, of course~
  • Okay, I’m betting now that Yotaka is somewhere putting on his makeup and will waltz in after the battle all, “’Kay, I’m ready… where’s the threat?”
  • ONE MONTH WAIT!? *dies*

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Holy fucking fuck. I just read Perdition and that is probably one of the most well written fics ever. It turned me on (ehh. A girl is hormonal) but it also felt like a punch to the gut. The thing is, I always specifically search for fics that are complete. I don't think I have the patience to sit around and wait for updates. If you have any suggestions of fics that are complete, please let me know. Hi, btw. I've never messaged you before. :)

Haha, I gotcha, anon! Yeah, I don’t really like waiting for updates, cause when I start reading a fic, finishing it becomes a priority, and sleep is for suckers! 

One Year by @aliciameade - if you want to cry, you’re welcome

Don’t Stop by @pipgoeswild - If you’re still hormonal ;) 

The Perks of Having a Gal Pal by cheeky_geek_m0nkey - If you want bechloe celebrity AU

oh the habits of my heart by shitqueen - If you miss sexually confused!Beca

Le Chien Mal Fet by thrace - If you need awkward!Beca and cute dog

That’s all I read for the last two weeks, cause finals are kicking my butt :\ But let me know if you want anything! :) 

Day 5 (February 16th): Tired/Rested

(Peridot studies instead of sleeping.


“Peridot, if you don’t sleep, you’ll see hallucinations.”

“That doesn’t happen until the 4th night without sleep.” Peridot turned a page of her textbook.

Lapis rolled her eyes “How many nights have you gone without sleep?”

“Technically zero. I slept last night.”

“And how many hours was that?”


Lapis sat up quickly “One hour of sleep! Peri, that can’t be much better.”

“What should I do, Laz? I can’t not study.”

“Yeah. But what you can do is realize being 5 chapters ahead is probably good enough.”

“Last semester I was 10 chapters ahead by the 4th week.”

“Well, last semester you didn’t have a roommate who legitimately cares about you and wants you to be well rested.”

A faint pink grew on Peridot’s cheeks “That’s cause I didn’t have a roommate.”

“You know what I mean. Please. You need sleep.”

Peridot sighed, “Can I finish the part I’m on? There’s only a few more paragraphs.”


“And then read all of my English book, and then do a few chapters of Calc, and then-“

“No. That is the last thing you are doing.”

Peridot groaned “Look, I’m not gonna sleep anyway. Might as well be productive instead of looking at the ceiling.”

One of Lapis’s eyebrows went up “Why?”

Peridot pretended to not hear her and kept reading.

“Per? Is this because of the horror night I dragged you to last weekend? I’m sorry, I really didn’t think you would get that scared.”

Peridot scoffed and finally tore her eyes away from her book to look at Lapis “I was not ‘scared’! All of the effects were horrible and cheesy. It was so obviously fake. Why would I be scared of cloddy effects?”

Lapis shrugged “With the music and context and everything, you can still get sucked into a movie, even if it’s bad.”

Peridot rolled her eyes back to her textbook “Well even if that was the case, which it isn’t, it would be ridiculous to be scared because the undead aren’t real.”

“It’s still a scary concept.”

“More like an overused concept.”


“I’m not scared, okay?”

“Do you wanna sleep in my bed tonight?”

Peridot went bright red “W-well…  I-I uh… Yes. But not because I’m scared. I just like cuddling and… you-r sheets tend to smell nice. I’ve been meaning to ask, what detergent do you use?”

“The exact same as yours since you’re the one who does laundry.” Lapis chuckled.

Peridot cleared her throat “Well, you must do something different.”

“All I did was have you fall in love with me.”

Peridot’s blush grew bigger and redder “Honestly Lazuli. First you think I was scared of a dumb movie, and then you think I’m in love with you. Where do you get these ridiculous concepts? You must have a very good imagination.”

“Yeeeah. We could go with that. Or we could go with the fact that I’m very very right.”

Peridot shoved her textbook into her backpack and turned off her lamp “Shut up and shove over, you clod.”

Lapis lifted up the blankets for Peridot to climb into, giggling “I love you too.”

“Wait. What?!”

“G’night!” Lapis wrapped her arms around Peridot and closed her eyes with a huge grin on her face.

Peridot groaned and hugged Lapis “Night, clod.”

Perfect Imperfections

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Word Count: 1174

Prompt: All of Me - John Legend

Tags: Married Destiel, Canon Divergence, Human Cas, Insecure Cas, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Summary: Cas is human and notices changes to his body that he doesn’t really like. Dean makes him change his mind.

A/N: Written for @srj1990‘s 300 Follower Challenge; congrats my dear! Thank you to my dearest @mrsgabrieltrickster for betaing!
I’m sure these lyrics were meant in a more metaphorical sense, but I decided to use them in a physical one since we need more body positivity ^_^

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I Don’t Dance (Song Fic)

I Don’t Dance (Song Fic)
Song: I Don’t Dance- Lee Brice
Pairing: Dayton White x Reader (Sequel to That Don’t Sound Like You)


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I’ll never settle down,

That’s what I always thought

Yeah, I was that kind of man,

Just ask anyone

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See u look at me and for the first time I have nothing to say,
Isn’t this surprising?
You were there to listen me talking hours with an excitement
About everything and nothing..

Now that it’s over,
There are some things I should let you know about,
It will take some time for me to recover,
But I’m lucky cause I still believe in love and taking a try.

From all these things you should have heard,
Is this one that makes me lose my sleep at night,
And I need you to know,
I really want you to know why
I couldn’t make you my priority
- it’s because you couldn’t make me your one of a kind.
So it’s true,
I gave up on you.

I hate to be the one that always have to take a stand,
And decide about the end,
I thought our story will last untill the end of time,
But we both failed..

Now that it’s over,
There are some things I should let you know about,
It will take some time for me to recover,
But I’m lucky cause I still believe in love and taking a try.

From all these things you should have heard,
Is this one that makes me lose my sleep at night,
And I need you to know,
I really want you to know why
I couldn’t make you my priority
- it’s because you couldn’t make me your one of a kind.
So it’s true,
I gave up on you.

The Worst Surprise (Pt. 3)

A/N Thank you all for reading my work and all the love you’ve been giving me! This part ended up being really long, but I hope ya’ll will like it. Part 4 will be coming soon. 

Y/E/C- your eye color

Y/H/C- your hair color

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 

   Their faces haunted every moment of my life, looming over me and stealing away my sleep. During the day every fiber of my being longed for J. At night, the memory of his betrayal plagued me with nightmares. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get any respite from the torture.

  Since becoming his, I hadn’t spent a single day away from J. We both got antsy when we didn’t see each other, so J made sure that he never had to be away for a full twenty four hours. No matter what, he would always come home to me. However, now I had spent a full two weeks away, and my body was not having it. When I laid down for bed, I couldn’t get comfortable. I found myself craving the feeling of his strong arms around me and the relaxing smell of his scent. On the rare occasion that I did manage to fall asleep, Harley’s ridiculously perfect face crept into my mind. The exact details of the nightmares were different, but the endings were always the same. They ended with J harshly rejecting me, choosing to be with her instead, and me jolting awake, tears in my eyes.

   Despite how much I hated the nightmares, the time I spent awake was worse. I missed J with every piece of my heart, and I hated it. The asshole had cheated on me, but I still loved him and wanted to be with him. In an attempt to get away from the pain and self hate, I got a job, anything to get me out of the small apartment I was renting. The job was at Barnes & Noble, a place that would have normally brought me comfort, but now did nothing to numb the pain. Still, it gave me something to do and money to live off of. I still had plenty from my Jeep stash, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever. Nothing ever did, apparently not even love.

   This morning my alarm woke me up from another nightmare. My head was pounding and my cheeks were stained with tears, but by now I was used to it. Sighing, I rolled over and turned off my alarm. My body protested when I tried to sit up, still exhausted from my fitful sleep. With a large yawn, I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. The tile floor was cold against my bare feet, causing me to shiver. Blindly reaching into the shower, I turned the nob all the way to the left, making the water as hot as it could be. While I was waiting for the water to warm up, I scrutinized my appearance in the mirror.

   I had changed since I left J, and I didn’t like it. My once bright Y/E/C eyes had lost some of their color, and now appeared dull. My long Y/H/C hair fell around me in a tangled mess caused by tossing and turning all night long. I had lost weight because I had a hard time forcing myself to eat. Up until this moment, I had forgotten how self destructive I tended to be. It had been a long time since I didn’t have J making sure that I was taking care of myself.  

   Absentmindedly wondering how I had survived before him, I bent down to pull a towel out from under the sink. After placing it on a hook next to the shower, I stripped off my clothes and checked the temperature of the water. The water burned my hand, but I didn’t care because that was how I liked it. Stepping into the shower, I positioned myself under the stream of water. I allowed my muscles to relax as the water ran over them.

   I stayed in the shower until the water got cold, then stepped out and wrapped the towel around me. Walking out of the bathroom, I headed for my closet. Shifting through my meager amount of clothes, I pulled out one of my work shirts and a pair of dark skinny jeans. Humming softly to myself, I set the clothes on my bed and stepped over to my dresser. I pulled out a black lacy bra and a matching pair of panties. After drying myself off, I slipped my clothes on.

   Once I was dressed, I made my way back into the bathroom where I started to apply my makeup. I applied only a light layer of foundation and mascara, wanting to keep it mostly natural as not to draw attention to myself. I then brushed through my hair, which took at least ten minutes. Making a mental note to braid it before I tried to go to sleep tonight, I began pinning my hair up as well as I could. When I had got it to lay as flat as possible, I turned to the wig sitting on the edge of the counter. Sighing, I picked it up and slipped it over my hair. The wig was short and black, the opposite of my natural hair. I had needed to change it, knowing that J would easily recognize me if he ever got close enough and I didn’t, but I hadn’t been able to make myself dye and cut it. So I bought a wig instead and forced myself to go through the long process of securing it every morning.  

   It was interesting to see how changing something as simple as a person’s hair changed their entire appearance. When I was done securing the wig in place, I was unrecognizable. Nobody who had known me before would be able to tell that it was me if they saw me. I was no longer Y/N. Now I was Evangeline Montgomery, a young woman who moved here looking for an escape from her overbearing family.

   When I was done getting ready, I checked my phone for the time. I found that I had just enough time to eat breakfast before I had to leave. Walking to the kitchen, I made a bowl of cereal and sat down on a bar stool at the counter to eat it. The cereal was bland, but I forced myself to finish it, knowing that I needed to eat something. As soon as I was done, I rinsed out my bowl and placed it in the sink. Grabbing my purse and making sure to lock the door on my way out, I left my apartment.

   Barnes & Noble was only about a twenty minute walk from my apartment. On the way there, I let the noise of the bustling city distract me from my thoughts. Although I didn’t really like large crowds, I had chosen a big city because they were easier to disappear in. If I had chosen a small town in the middle of nowhere like I would’ve preferred, it would have been easier for J to find me. Plus people tended to like to meddle in each other’s business in small towns which was something I didn’t need.  

   Arriving at work, I found Kara, one of my coworkers and my only friend in this city, opening up the store.

   “Hey Kara,” I said, causing the girl to jump and drop the keys. I laughed lightly as she turned around and stuck her tongue out at me.

   “Thanks for the scare, Eva, I’ll remember that the next time you’re wondering around the shelves,” she said, smiling at me and bending down to pick up the keys. She then preceded to unlock the doors and make her way inside.

   Kara was the only bright spot in my days. She was a kind but sarcastic girl, and the only one of my coworkers who bothered to try to get to know me. We had become friends after our first conversation, bonding over our mutual love of Eddie Redmayne. She was the only person, besides my boss of course, who I had given my number to, and I was honestly grateful to have met her.

   “So, did you get anymore sleep last night?” she asked, beginning to prep the store for customers.

   I slid my hands into my pockets as I followed her, “No, I had another nightmare.”

   She looked up at me and frowned, “Honey, that’s every night this week.”

   I just shrugged. Kara had managed to pull some of the truth about my situation out of me when we were at lunch one day. I had reluctantly spilled that I missed an ex boyfriend who cheated on me and that it was causing me to loose sleep. Since then, she had fretted over me like a concerned mom.

   “I know what you need,” she said suddenly, looking up from the cash register that she had been in the process of turning on.

   I raised an eyebrow, “And what’s that?”

   “You need a night out at the club with me and some of my friends,’ she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

   I immediately shook my head, “No, Kara, I don’t have the energy to go out.”
Kara just rolled her eyes, “Mark my words, Evangeline, I will convince you to come, and you will enjoy yourself.”

   Smiling at my friend, I shook my head again and made my way to the back of the store. After placing my purse in the break room, I began pulling new books out of their boxes and putting them on the shelves. Before too long, I had lost myself in the mindless labor of stocking shelves.

   I spent the rest of the day organizing books and helping customers. Every time Kara and would pass by me, she would add another reason to why I should go out with her tonight. After about an hour of hearing her plead and bargain, I decided that I would go. It would be nice to get to dance again, and I didn’t really have a reason not to go. It’s not like I had anything waiting for me at the apartment.

   Even though I had decided to go, I didn’t tell Kara. It was funny to watch her get frustrated with me and walk off muttering to herself, so I continued to make her think that I wouldn’t go. Sometimes I was a little cruel, but I knew that she wouldn’t hold it against me. At the end of both of our shifts, I found her in the break room.

   I grabbed my purse and turned to my friend, smiling at her, “Ok, Kara, I’ll go with you tonight.”

   She immediately turned to face me, squealing and grabbing my hands, “Yay! We’re gonna have so much fun!”

   Kara dragged me back to her apartment, saying that we could hang out there before it was time to go to the club. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching movies that we both loved. For the first time in weeks, I laughed so hard that my sides hurt. It felt good to just hang out and have a girls’ day, something that I hadn’t had in over a year.

   At about nine, Kara decided that it was time to get ready. She dragged me to her room, pushing me towards her bed as she went to her closet. I watched as she flitted through her clothes, trying to find something she deemed worthy for me to wear.

   “Here, this is perfect,” she finally said, shoving some clothes in my arms and pushing me towards her bathroom.

   After stripping out of my work clothes, I slipped the outfit on and looked in the mirror. I smiled at what I saw, immediately deciding that I loved what I was wearing. The outfit consisted of a pair of high waisted shorts and a shirt. The shorts were a glittery gold with silver zippers on the pockets. They fit me perfectly, showing off my legs nicely. Kara had paired the shorts with a simple black, long-sleeved crop top. Looking in the mirror, I had to admit that I looked good.

   When I emerged from the bathroom, I found that Kara had slipped into a sexy red dress that looked amazing on her. She grinned when she saw me, holding out a pair of black tight high heels for me to put on. I clumsily put them on as she slipped into a pair of black stilettos. Taking a look at myself in her full body mirror, I decided that my makeup needed to be more dramatic.

   Kara instantly agreed when I suggested it, leading me into her bathroom where she kept her makeup. She handed me some gold eyeshadow and black eyeliner, saying, “The more dramatic, the better.”

   As I applied my makeup and she curled her hair, we continued to talk and laugh. I found that it was super easy to be around Kara, and I was starting to believe that I could make it without J. He wasn’t the only person in the world who could lift my spirits.

   We were about to walk out the door, both all dressed up and ready to go, when Kara stopped me. She told me to wait at the front door as she scurried back to her room to get something. Shaking my head at her forgetfulness, I grabbed my purse off her couch and went to stand by the front door. She was grinning when she came back, hiding something behind her back.

   “This is for you to complete your outfit,” she said, bringing her hand to the front and revealing a beautiful gold necklace.

   I smiled at her gratefully, taking it and fastening it around my neck. With that we were finally ready to leave, and we made our way downstairs and out of her building. Once on the street, Kara hailed a cab.  

   “So what’s the plan?” I asked as one pulled up in front of us.

   “We’re going to meet a few of my friends at The King,” she answered, opening the door and sliding into the cab.

   My mind immediately went to J, my King. I thought about how this outfit would have made him purr, and God I loved it when he purred. This is the kind of outfit that would’ve made him keep me close to his side, not wanting anyone to have the chance to get too handsy. It was definitely the kind of outfit that he wouldn’t let me leave the house alone in.

   It didn’t take long to get to the club. The building was packed, a long line spilling out of the large black doors and around the corner. As Kara paid the cabbie, I took a chance to look up at the club. It wasn’t as nice as J’s, but it was definitely a nice place. ‘The King’ was lit up in large glittery-gold letters above the doors. The building looked new, and I had a feeling that the interior would be quite modern.

   I followed Kara to the door when she was done with the cabbie. The bouncer seemed to recognize her and immediately let us both in, much to the chagrin of the couple at the front of the line. Making a mental note to ask her about it later, I followed her through the club. The music was pounding, the bass pounding through me and helping me to relax. I was right about the interior being modern, but I was surprised to see how simplistic it was. With a name like ‘The King’, I had expected it to be overly lavish.

   Kara and I pushed our way through the crowd, making our way to the back of the club. We made it to a wall lined with leather booths and high topped tables. Kara stopped for a moment, seeming to be looking for someone, before heading towards a booth in the corner of the room. Sitting at the booth were two men and a woman.

   “Kara!” the woman squealed above the music, standing up and pulling my friend into a hug.

   “Amara,” Kara said when she pulled away, “I’d like you to meet Eva.”

   I smiled at the stunning platinum blonde, giving her a small waving.

   Amara smiled at me, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eva. I’m Amara and this is my boyfriend, Nico.”

   She slid back into the booth, wrapping her arm around the man who had been sitting next to her. Her boyfriend, Nico, nodded at me, and I gave him a small wave. Nico was a massive block of pure muscle, dwarfing the petite woman who was nuzzled up against him. Despite his huge size, he was handsome with his black hair and brown eyes.

   “Hey Kara, aren’t you gonna introduce your friend to me?” a voice called, instantly pulling my attention towards the man sitting next to Nico. He smirked and winked at me, causing a light blush to bloom across my cheeks.

   Kara rolled her eyes, “Eva, this is Amara’s obnoxious brother, James.”

   James grinned at me, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eva.”

   I gave him a small smile, “It’s nice to meet you too. It’s nice to meet all of you.”

   Seeing that we all seemed to be getting along, Kara smiled and slid into the booth next to Amara. This left me to slide in next to James, who seemed all to happy to have me next to him. We all talked for a while, laughing and getting along like we had known each other for years. I found myself enjoying all of their company, so when James asked me to dance, I agreed.

   Standing up from the booth, I allowed James to take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. It was extremely crowded, but we managed to find enough space on the edge for the two of us. My back pressed up against James’ front, I began to move my hips to the music. It took only moments for me to completely loose myself in the heavy bass. Forgetting all of my troubles, I felt a sense of euphoria wash over me as I swayed and grinder against James to the beat. Here, dancing at the club, it was easy to forget what had happened just a few weeks ago.

   After hours of alternating dancing with James and dancing with the girls, I decided that it was time for me to go home. Saying my goodbyes, I gave Kara a hug and promised Amara that we would hang out again. As I left the club, I noticed that the line outside had disappeared, everyone either getting inside or moving on to another club. It was easy enough to hail a cab, and I gratefully slid into the seat. I gave the driver my address and closed my eyes as he pulled out onto the street.  

   It took about twenty minutes to get form The King back to my apartment. I had to fight to stay awake as we bumped along the road, my body absolutely exhausted. Grinning, I realized that tonight I would finally be able sleep without nightmares. 

   The cab pulled to a stop outside my apartment building, and I slowly got out. I paid the driver, then blindly made my way upstairs. Yawning as I approached my door, I dug around in my purse for my keys. I finally found them and pulled them out, slipping them into the door only to realize that it wasn’t locked. Frowning, my body immediately went on high alert. I never forgot to lock my door and this morning was not the exception.

   Pulling my gun out of my purse, I slowly pushed open my door. I cautiously entered my apartment, finding the lights already on. After finding nothing out of place in the living room and kitchen, I made my way down the short hallway to my bedroom. I kept the gun raised in front of me as I slowly walked to my room, listening carefully to see if I could hear anyone.

   When I reached my bedroom door, I found that it was only partially open. I slowly pushed it open the rest of the way, but paused before entering. Taking a deep breath and steeling myself against whatever I might find, I swung into the doorway. Aiming my gun straight at the figure sitting on my bed, I almost screamed.

   The figure on my bed grinned, “Y/N, so nice of you to finally come home.”

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Never Grow Up.

Song Fiction

Characters: Spencer Reid x Reader x Daughter

A/N: With the help of Taylor Swift, I have been inspired to write a sweet, little song fiction. ❤️


While rocking his daughter’s bassinet with one foot, Spencer writes a letter to her for when she’s old enough to read. Taylor Swift would probably be the last music artist he would listen to, but hearing this song one night at a friend’s wedding, it sparked something inside that big mind of his.

Song: Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift

Master List

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Your little hands wrapped around my finger
And it’s so quiet in the world tonight
Your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming
So I tuck you in and turn on your favorite nightlight

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Lemonade Starters

Pray You Catch Me.

  • ‘ you can taste the dishonesty. ’
  • ‘ even that’s a test. ’
  • ‘ i pray you catch me. ’
  • ‘ when it’s only in my memory it don’t hit me quite the same. ’
  • ‘ maybe it’s a cause for concern. ’
  • ‘ what are you doing my love? ’

Hold Up.

  • ‘ hold up, they don’t love you like i love you ’
  • ‘ slow down. ’
  • ‘ back up. ’
  • ‘ step down. ’
  • ‘ there’s no other man above you. ’
  • ‘ what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you. ’
  • ‘ something don’t feel right. ’
  • ‘ i’m not too perfect to ever feel this worthless. ’
  • ‘ how did it come to down to this? ’
  • ‘ i don’t wanna lose my pride, but i’mma fuck me up a bitch ’
  • ‘ i kept it sexy. ’
  • ‘ i kept it fun. ’
  • ‘ there’s something that i’m missing, maybe my head for one. ’
  • ‘ what’s worse looking jealous or crazy? ’
  • ‘ i’d rather be crazy. ’
  • ‘ they had you labeled as a king. ’
  • ‘ still out there movin’ it in them streets. ’
  • ‘ never had the baddest woman in the game up in your sheets. ’
  • ‘ would they be down to ride? no. ’
  • ‘ you know we were made for each other. ’
  • ‘ you let this good love go to waste ’
  • ‘ what’s up? ’

Don’t Hurt Yourself.

  • ‘ don’t hurt yourself. ’
  • ‘ who the fuck do you think i is? ’
  • ‘ you ain’t married to no average bitch, boy. ’
  • ‘ keep your money, i got my own. ’
  • ‘ bad motherfucker. ’
  • ‘ god complex. ’
  • ‘ you can’t recreate her. ’
  • ‘ we just got to let it be. ’
  • ‘ when you hurt me, you hurt yourself. ’
  • ‘ i am a dragon breathing fire. ’
  • ‘ i’m the lion. ’
  • ‘ i know you’re lying. ’
  • ‘ you ain’t trying hard enough. ’
  • ‘ you ain’t loving hard enough. ’
  • ‘ i realized i’m just too much for you. ’
  • ‘ this is your final warning. ’
  • ‘ if you try this shit again you’re gonna lose your wife.’ 


  • ‘ sorry, I ain’t sorry. ’
  • ‘ i’m not picking up. ’
  • ‘ i don’t give a fuck, chucking my deuces up. ’
  • ‘ i’m not thinking about you. ’
  • ‘ middle fingers up, put them hands high. ’
  • ‘ tell him, boy bye. ’
  • ‘ now you want to say you’re sorry? ’
  • ‘ now you want to call me crying? ’
  • ‘ he should of been home. ’
  • ‘ i regret the night I put that ring on. ’
  • ‘ he’s always got those fucking excuses. ’
  • ‘ let’s have a toast to the good life. ’
  • ‘ he only wants me when i’m not there. ’
  • ‘ he better call becky with the good hair. ’

6 Inch.

  • ‘ she walked in the club like nobody’s business. ’
  • ‘ she murdered everybody and i was her witness. ’
  • ‘ she’s stacking money every she does. ’
  • ‘ she’s mixing up that ace with that hennessy. ’
  • ‘ she loves the way it tastes. ’
  • ‘ that’s her recipe. ’
  • ‘ she fights for power. ’
  • ‘ she’s too smart to crave material things. ’
  • ‘ she’s pushing herself day and night. ’
  • ‘ she’s worth every dollar. ’
  • ‘ she’s worth every minute. ’

Daddy Lessons.

  • ‘ daddy’s little girl ’
  • ‘ daddy made a soldier out of me. ’
  • ‘ daddy liked his whiskey with his tea. ’
  • ‘ we rode motorcycles. blackjack, classic vinyl. ’
  • ‘ tough girl is what I had to be. ’
  • ‘ take care of your mother. ’
  • ‘ watch out for your sister. ’
  • ‘ he told me not to cry. ’
  • ‘ my daddy said shoot. ’
  • ‘ he swore it on the bible. ’
  • ‘ he held me in his arms. ’
  • ‘ he told me to be strong. ’
  • ‘ here’s what you do. ’
  • ‘ trouble comes to town and men like me come around. ’
  • ‘ my daddy warned me about men like you. ’
  • ‘ baby girl, he’s playing you. ’
  • ‘ Good job, ___. ’

Love Drought.

  • ‘ ten times out of nine, I know you’re lying. ’
  • ‘ nine times out of ten, I know you’re trying. ’
  • ‘ i’m trying to be fair. ’
  • ‘ you’re trying to be there. ’
  • ‘ all the love I’ve been giving goes unnoticed. ’
  • ‘ you’re my lifeline. ’
  • ‘ are you trying to kill me? ’
  • ‘ i don’t care about the lights. ’
  • ‘ the only way to go is up. ’
  • ‘ you and me could move mountains. ’
  • ‘ i’m only human. ’
  • ‘ what did I do wrong? ’
  • ‘ i’m so tough. ’
  • ‘ wassup? ’ 


  • ‘ we built sandcastles. ’
  • ‘ I made you cry. ’
  • ‘ I promised that I couldn’t stay. ’
  • ‘ every promise don’t work out that way. ’
  • ‘ I scratched out your name, and your face. ’
  • ‘ what is it about you? ’
  • ‘ your heart is broken. ’
  • ‘ show me your scars. ’
  • ‘ I won’t walk away.  ’


  • ‘ best foot first. ’
  • ‘ just in case ’
  • ‘ it’s time to listen. ’
  • ‘ it’s time to fight.’
  • ‘ we can be open for a while. ’
  • ‘ i love you more than this job. ’
  • ‘ please don’t work for me. ’
  • ‘ go back to sleep. ’
  • ‘ just next to me. ’


  • ‘ lord forgive me. ’
  • ‘ i’ve been running. ’
  • ‘ may the last one burn into flames. ’
  • ‘ i can’t move. ’
  • ‘ cut me loose. ’
  • ‘ where are you? ’
  • ‘ i need freedom too! ’
  • ‘ cause a winner don’t quit on themselves. ’
  • ‘ don’t move. ’
  • ‘ i’ma riot. ’
  • ‘ call me bulletproof. ’
  • ‘ i meditate for practice. ’
  • ‘ eight blocks left. ’
  • ‘ don’t cry for me. ’
  • ‘ try for me. ’
  • ‘ live for me. ’
  • ‘ sing for me. ’
  • ‘ i could be more than i gotta be. ’
  • ‘ what do you want from me? ’
  • ‘ hear me out. ’
  • ‘ i had my ups and downs. ’
  • ‘ i was served lemons, but i made lemonade. ’

All Night.

  • ‘ i found the truth beneath your lies. ’
  • ‘ true love never has to hide ’
  • ‘ i’ve seen your scars. ’
  • ‘ so many people that i know, they’re just trying to touch you. kiss up and rub up and feel up on you. ’
  • ‘ i’m going to kiss up and rub up and feel up on you. ’
  • ‘ sweet love, all night long. ’
  • ‘ we’re together. ’
  • ‘ our love was stronger. ’
  • ‘ beyond your darkness, i’m your light. ’
  • ‘ dry your eyes. ’
  • ‘ true love’s the greatest weapon to win the war caused by pain. ’
  • ‘ every diamond has imperfections. ’
  • ‘ with every tear came redemption. ’
  • ‘ my torturer became my remedy. ’
  • ‘ how i missed you, my love. ’ 


  • ‘ i’m back by popular demand. ’
  • ‘ y’all haters corny. ’
  • ‘ i’m so reckless. ’
  • ‘ i’m so possessive so I rock his Roc necklaces. ’
  • ‘ i got hot sauce in my bag. ’
  • ‘ i did not come to play with you hoes. ’
  • ‘ i came to slay. ’
  • ‘ i like cornbread. ’
  • ‘ you best believe it. ’
  • ‘ i see it, i want it. ’
  • ‘ i work hard, i grind ‘til I own it. ’
  • ‘ sippin’ Cuervo with no chaser. ’
  • ‘ I go off. ’
  • ‘ take what’s mine. ’
  • ‘ i’m a star. ’
  • ‘ okay, ladies now let’s get in formation. ’ 
  • ‘ prove to me you’ve got some coordination. ’
  • ‘ or you get eliminated. ’
  • ‘ when he fucks me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster. ’
  • ‘ if he hit it right, i might take him on a flight on my chopper. ’
  • ‘ i might get your song played on the radio station. ’
  • ‘ you just might be a black bill gates in the making. ’
  • ‘ you know you’re the bitch when you cause all this conversation. ’
  • ‘ always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper. ’ 
D is for Daddy Dearest.

The sun peeking through the curtain covered windows was a welcoming, warm sight as I sat downstairs staring at the tablet device in my hand. It was still early in the morning but unable to find myself enough comfort to fall back asleep, I left my husband in our bedroom upstairs and retired to a separate room with the news opened up on my iPad in my lap.

I scrolled through the various pages. I purposely avoided any sporting news, not wanting to see if maybe one of Erik’s teammates were deciding on leaving Dortmund and taking my favorite friends, their wives and significant others, with them. I would much rather read good news.

Like the woman who had just paid millions to acquire a business she wanted. That was something to be celebrated because others success automatically made me smile.

That and the sound of my children when they weren’t crying, laughing or begging to stay awake past 10 p.m.

“Well look who is awake.”

The soft, groggy tone of my husband immediately brought a smirk to my lips as I looked up past my reading glasses to Erik who was slowly dragging his steps toward me, his hand occupying itself in his messy bedhead. “And look who has decided to join me for once.”

It wasn’t unusual for me to be the first in the house to wake up even if Erik had to wake up early for training. The kids easily tired him out and made him want to rest well into the afternoon. Sometimes I gave him that time to just rest peacefully alone in our room which is why I found myself down here sometimes. Other times, our children weren’t up for watching him sleep away the day when they would much rather bother him with begging him to play various games and make them snacks.

Never have three kids young in age. It simply spells trouble and disaster.

Erik joined me in the chair, cuddling me as if he was some sort of child himself. His arms wrapped around my waist and his head fell into my lap as he quickly shut his eyelids over those mesmerizing eyes I had fallen in love with so long ago now. He still had that boyish charm he dazzled me with when we first met.


Erik responded with a deep groan which was enough to answer my question. Our youngest daughter Kori had kept him up much of the night complaining of a stomach ache and Erik refused to leave her side until she was feeling better or had fallen asleep. The latter happened first.

I blamed him for his insistence she should be treated with a bowl of ice cream a few hours before bed. It was him who then had to rub the young child’s stomach until it warmed her enough to fall into a peaceful sleep and at least allow her to forget the pain of scarfing down two bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The second was given without my knowledge.

“I tried to wake the three musketeers. They weren’t having it. Erin just rolled over and ignored me. Kyle threw a book at me.” I chuckled and Erik’s laughter soon followed, vibrating against my thigh before he turned up his head and looked at me.

“We like our sleep. We’re not early birds like you.”

“The best part of the day is the morning! You all just like to waste it away sleeping.” I could make breakfast, go for a run and shower before anyone was stirring in our home and even then it took them an hour to even free themselves from their warm beds.

There were a lot of bribes involved to get my children out of bed when I wanted them to or when they needed to wake for school.

“I like to waste it in bed staring at you but someone insists on leaving me in our room alone instead.”

I laughed, taking Erik’s face in my hand before placing a quick peck to his cool lips. “I appreciate you trying to sucker me in with your romanticism.”

“I do it well I’ve been told.”

“I told you that before we said our vows but I may have changed my mind.”

Erik simply scoffed in return and began to raise from my lap before I stopped him with my free hand. “Don’t go!”

“No. I’m going. I’m going to wake up the kids.” He was now standing but bent forward to give me a kiss, his mouth eagerly moving against mine and into a deeper kiss than I was expecting. My body reacted immediately by taking his bottom lip between mine.

He groaned in pleasure once we parted. “You’ve got to stop doing that.”

My confident smirk was apparent by now. “I just like to start your day off on the right foot.”

Erik didn’t allow me to tease him any further. He began to walk away and back up the steps he had come down just a few minutes prior so that he could round up the trio that were still tucked away and stuck to their beds.

I returned back to the iPad in my lap, oogling at the pictures of random designer gowns that now filled my screen. I zoomed in closer, hitting the buttons to press forward through the various designs but as soon as I saw the price tags attached to them I winced. “Way too much money,” I grumbled to myself before exiting out of the screen. I didn’t want to get too excited about things I never planned to own.

A piercing, loud shriek sounded from upstairs and had I not been a resident in this home for years now, I would have been that alarmed parent who dropped everything and ran up to the sound of distress but I knew better. I also knew that in 5 seconds I would be greeted by one, if not all, of my children who would be running down the steps.

I smirked to myself, counting aloud, “Five…four…three…two…”

“Mama!” Kyle was the first to descend the steps, a walking clone of his father though his bright eyes weren’t dazzled with happy sparks but more of an alarmed, wide bugged out style. He fell into my lap quickly, his breath ragged from the fast run he had just endured.

Hot on his steps were his sisters Erin and Kori looking equally alarmed before they jumped into my lap as well and piled onto me. I quickly removed my iPad from the hazard of my clinging children and though they seemed afraid, I could only help but laugh.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on?” I questioned through my giggles.

“Papa! He put spiders in our bed!”

“One crawled on me!”

“I no like spiders.” Kori rubbed at her eyes, attempting to wipe the last bit of sleep that remained plaguing her away. Not like she needed much help. It seemed Erik had succeeded in getting the bunch to leave their cartoon-covered comforters but not exactly in the way I would have suggested.

The cause of the madness descended the steps slowly with a mischievous grin on his face. “Is it safe to come out?”

“What did you do to my children?” I said amidst laughter.

“I woke them up like you asked.”

“With spiders?!”

“They’re fake! See?” He reached out his hand and unfolded his closed fist but the flurry of screams and running children didn’t give me any chance to even see the plastic toy. Kyle, Erin and Kori each filed out of my lap and began running as far away from Erik as possible.

Erin darted into the nearby closet, slamming the door shut behind her. Kyle had run off into the kitchen. Kori had snuck past her father and back up the steps to find her own hiding spot.

And so maybe Erik and I, the supposedly mature, adult parents shouldn’t have been breaking out into a fit of laughter when our children were suffering from post-traumatic fake spider disorder but hey, it was funny and we were still just as childish as we were 10 years ago.

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Having to Re-Read Your Own Fic

Cause you forgot how the story was going and need to finish the last chapter.

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Sometimes I have really vivid dreams. They feel so real that I need to check in the morning if some of them really happened. Last night 112 cm of a Bear Cub was clinging to me and also kicking me.

So in my dream I came up with an airtight plan to get a better night’s sleep. I’d teleport myself to one of my Tumblr friends’ bed ‘cause when I sleep, they are awake, and when they go to bed, it’s time for me to wake up.

But then I ran into problems. @soulofsilence, @asongincomplete, @rowark-sq – they all have cats! And I’m super allergic to cats. So eventually I decided to ‘port to @angstbotfic’s bed (even though they go to bed really early, and I’d have to wake up and 'port back at an insanely early hour my time).

I knew in the morning that teleporting is still not real, but in my dream I also talked about this to some of you, but apparently I didn’t (at least I didn’t find any evidence of that).

The teleporting came from @wapwani’s Hic sunt dracones, for sure.


Stan: Wait… we live in my car- where the hell are you gonna hang a poster? Rick: **tapes it to the inside of the roof of the car with a satisfied grin** … we can never put the con-convertible top down again. 

That feeling when your bf steals a poster for you cause he knows it’ll make you happy even though you have no room to put it up anywhere.

tovianne  asked:

you're not trash, you're the absolute BEST because no one else has even seen the movie yet and I am needful. Illya/Gaby first kiss cause that hasn't happened yet and my HEART IS IN NEED

It has been over a month since the U.N.C.L.E. unit disbanded, over a month since she found herself once again in the quiet solace of her flat in West London, and over a month since she last shared a room with Illya Kuryakin.  Over a month.  

And, still, Gaby Teller finds that she cannot sleep.  

She has done everything in her power to change that.  Herbal teas, supplements, no food after eight o’clock and no wine after five.  She’s seen therapists at MI6 and their conclusion is all the same: just give yourself some time.  But if there’s one thing that Gaby Teller does not have, it is patience, which leads to many, many nights which consist of her angrily staring at her ceiling, resentfully trying to parse out what it is exactly that has lead her body and mind to this complete rejection of rest.  

It is on one such night- after she’s had three cups of tea, listened to records of supposedly “soothing music” that just sound like something one would play while torturing someone, and done approximately three hundred sit-ups, and yet still not fallen asleep- that she hears something.  It isn’t a big something or even a noticeable something, but it is a something all the same.  If not for her training, she might not have picked up on the rustle outside the door of her flat.  Grateful for the distraction from the insides of her own wiry mind, she creeps toward the source of the noise, her feet making almost no sound on the carpet as she approaches.  Her fingers curl around a small knife that she swipes from her bureau, hiding it behind her back as she presses her body against door, standing on her toes to peer through the peep hole and assess the source of the sound.  

She fights back the urge to laugh and cry and gasp all at once when a figure comes into view through the small, circular glass.  Illya, the man who has been undeniably running through her mind since he stood on the tarmac of a West Berlin airport, watching her plane take off for England with an unreadable expression on his face, now stands on the other side of her doorway.  His tall, looming figure looks suddenly small, with a wash of indecision in his eyes the likes of which Gaby has never seen before.  He holds his hand up to the door, as if to knock, then takes it down, shaking his head as if to clear thoughts from it.  He repeats this action time and time again, talking himself in and out of whatever it is he is there to do; it takes all Gaby has to conceal her laughter.  Then, all at once, he knocks twice, hard and fast, as if his body acted without the permission of his mind.  

Gaby swings the door open wide almost immediately, without the pretense that she hadn’t been standing there, spying on him.  A million thoughts run through her head, a chorus line of confusion.  How did he get into this country?  How did she find him?  Why did his government allow him to leave their country without a mission? Is she his mission?  She wants answers and lies and half-truths and promises and a million things that she knows she will never get from him.  So, instead, she just asks, not unkindly:

“What are you doing here?”

Illya looks as confused and blind-sided as she does, out of place in the frame of her doorway; he looks as though he just so happened to be walking along London’s dark and narrow streets and just so happened to appear at her doorstep.  His mouth opens once, then twice, then he speaks.

“I am sorry to bother you so late at night,” Illya says, his accented English more comforting to Gaby than anything she’s heard in the month since being parted with him, “I was not going to knock, and then-“

He stops, ending the sentence abruptly and then steeling himself, “But I have some unfinished business with you.”

Gaby’s heart taps against her chest double-time, and the grip on the knife behind her back tightens until her knuckles go white with the effort.

“Business?” She prompts, waiting for him to lunge, to strike her down under the orders of some higher-up in a Soviet uniform who wanted no evidence of the U.N.C.L.E. program.

Illya nods once, but doesn’t begin the untidy business of destroying her like she thought he would.  Instead, something very, very different occurs.  He takes the smallest step forward and places one hand on her cheek, his thumb brushing the skin there, while the other slides along her waist, pulling her in a step close.  

He can feel her heart racing against his chest and wonders if she can feel his.  

Blindsided by this gentility, Gaby’s eyes slide closed, her entire body humming in anticipation of something she has wanted since their first mission together.  It has almost happened so many times before.  She was certain on their last mission that it would finally be.  At the New Years’ Eve ball for some eccentric art thief, Gaby thought he was leaning in to kiss her lips, but he diverted at the last moment, placing his soft lips against her cheek instead.  And then, again, that day she left West Berlin after the team dissolved, they were so close, but he stepped away and nodded his farewell instead. So, after all of the near-misses and almost could-have-beens, Gaby welcomes this moment, embraces what is to come.

And when it happens, when he kisses her for the first time, so sweetly she thinks they both might melt in the rain, she hates all of those would-have-beens all the more.  She hates all the days she’s spent before now not being kissed by this man.  

Then, all at once, he’s gone.  He steps away from her, watching as her eyes open in surprise.

“Yes,” Illya says, suddenly nervous and cagey, nodding once politely to the woman in the doorway, “Thank you.”

Down the hall he treads, his mind racing with his own doubts.  He shouldn’t have come.  This was a stupid plan.  Since he left her, he has not been able to sleep; his mind has kept him awake with all of the possibilities he left behind when he watched her leave.  Every time he lay in bed and tried to rest, his body would conjure new fantasies of the love he left behind.  He thought that, maybe, seeing her one last time might turn the page on her, that he might forget.  

But it worked in reverse.  Now, he only loves her all the more, and he knows she could never return the feeling.  How could she love him?  How could she want him?  What is he but a machine designed for the glory of the KGB?  How could anyone love a man like that?  With a little shake of his head, Illya heads for the stairwell, ready to live the rest of his life with a tree carved with her name growing through the middle of his heart.  That is, until a small voice cuts through the darkness clouding his mind.

“Wait,” Gaby protests.

Illya- and his heart- stops and he turns around, his chest filling with foolish hope.

“Yes?” He asks.

“Do you want to come inside?”

He does.  And, for the first time in more than a month, the chop shop girl and the Russian sleep soundly.