last one bunnies

Thank you for the ask, @dukinosmom and @jessicollie! o/ Here’s two bunnies.

👻 Mordecai: Dude, just because you put fake whiskers and fancy clothes on, doesn’t make you easter bunny.

❌ Bonnie: This was hard one, but I think he would not be happy to wear some cybergoth clothes.


(Here have a silly comic sketch :U)

This is Pebble “No one messes with my krantt or I headbutt them” Ryder-Ama Darav.

Alternatively: Chapter Three of Why Evfra Thinks Ryder Should Watch Her Offspring Better


you know what is the worst time to get an art block? DURING  ASK ANSWERS….. so have my OC Ringleader drawn crappy like because bunny didn’t have the right canvas size… *stressed bunny*

This game both saved and ruined my life. But it’s still the best game I ever played.

Idk how to feel abt this drawing, I wasn’t going to post it since I was just trying new brushes but.. eh //shrugs// 

999 Kanny is the best Kanny.png