last one and i am out bye

mercury is out of retrograde & we’re gonna be ok!!!! tell ur loved ones w/ this very important card.

“what i am trying to say to you” is a postcard book i made that has 30 tear-out cards for all kinds of situations where you’re just trying… to say stuff… sometimes really personal sometimes important like this one and sometimes you don’t even know so there are checkboxes to cover all situations.

mail them, gift them or just text a pic to a friend, whatever. also has a sticker sheet at the end. it’s like $12 on amazon it just came out last week. ok love you bye!!

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(under read more because it got a bit out of hand whoops)

•Okay okay so Nicky is getting married
•so obviously he throws himself a bachelorette party
•because his cousins are meanies and won’t throw him one
•Andrew originally didn’t want to go but he remembered what happened last time
•and he’s not willing to let Nicky go out on his own
•too many nasty homophobes he’s not willing to take his chances
•aaron of course didn’t want to go but Katelyn convinced him that it was the right thing to do
•Kevin is forced to go because Andrew isn’t about to leave him alone
•But Kevin is secretly excited although he won’t show it
•the rest of the foxes go obviously because they’re a family™
•(lets pretend for this hc’s sake that they semi got along now)

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The Signs as Things I Say
  • Aries: "Yo, fuck you with yo "I love you" ass!
  • Taurus: "How dare you criticize my well being of this enjoyment called one dollar chips."
  • Gemini: "Why... would i share... how i feel with you? I rather suffer."
  • Cancer: "Noootice meee! Im being clingy for a reeeeassooon!"
  • Leo: "Ma'am, imma just leave before you kick me out of class. Bye."
  • Virgo: "Jesuuuuuuuuus on Davey Jones locker! It fucking stinks in this bathroom, man!"
  • Libra: "*walk up to my friend's group* Yeah, i fucked her. Last night. It was fun :)"
  • Scorpio: *friend insults me* "Damn. Shit. That missed my whole fuck that i never gave."
  • Sagittarius: "Lets skip school and go to the mall!" *5 seconds later* "Uh huh. Nevermind. Its too hot in Florida for that long ass walk, dude."
  • Capricorn: "I was so lonely yesterday, without you. I had to start talking shit about you in my head instead of to you."
  • Aquarius: "Oooo Monkeys! *Monkey throws it's shit* Oh okay then. If thats how you feel."
  • Pisces: "Im highkey stopped listening to you. I was too caught up in a drawing idea i had."
  • - first time with this.