last one and i am out bye

lol ive said this before and 3984 years from now when i’m finally ready to leave tumblr, it will probably be my last post on this website

but one of my major pet peeves is how quick people are to adapt this condescending/judgmental stance re: recovery once they are doing well/recovered/think they’re recovered/whatever

 ……and holy shit i am seeing it a lot now during a time when other people are more typically “struggling” or relapsing or going back into treatment

i’m about to throw ‘i’ statements out the window but like honestly??…let people live and make the choices that feel right for them in the moment. maybe later they’ll realize there was another choice, but again, it’s….not your place. let them seek help without drilling the shame thats already being continually reinforced about “escaping life” or taking the easy route help. bc in the next click the same community is reblogging some cliche post about how asking for help is the ~bravest thing people can do and those are some mixed signals !!!

Discord culture

-”we should move it to #general”

-come on internet don’t give up on me rn just send this fucking message, the first one doesn’t make any sense without it, and HELL you sent it out of order, oh my god BYE I am out I am socially dead now

-???who else reacted with that emoji I NEED to know

-talking to the same person in 3 servers and 5 channels at the same time about unrelated things

-”goodnight !!!!” *only make yourself invisible to go for a last ninja stroll on tumblr/twitter/instagram/whatever before the real snooze*

-”what time is it where you are again”

-the off topic channel that becomes the busiest

-congrats!!! u successfully edited your message but the server’s shiteater already pointed out your typo

-muting the notifications at lightspeed in busy servers with 7 bots

-”I should leave some servers I am in 33 of them”

-”@everyone *irrelevant thing*

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post breakup AUs

because i haven’t seen enough of these around and i am so here for angst:

  • “today was the first family gathering i’ve been to since we broke up and my little cousin that absolutely adored you asked where you were and i had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for a half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures i took of you to feel okay again¨ AU
  • ¨i still have your phone number memorized even though i haven’t called you since we split and somehow i remembered it even though i’ve had like six shots of bourbon and hey, i know you’re pissed that you’re here at this dingy club at 3 in the morning to pick my drunk ass up, but you have to admit that’s pretty impressive¨ AU
  • “i’m pretty sure if taylor swift and i were in a competition of who could write the most breakup songs in one night, i’d win by a landslide because i still set two plates out for dinner even though i eat alone and it’s almost pathetic because we’ve been broken up for ages but i’m still not over you” AU
  • “so i know we haven’t talked in like, two years, and that things ended pretty badly between us but what the fuck do you mean you’re engaged to be married¨ AU
  • “yes, i know this is your sweatshirt and that we broke up five months ago but it’s really comfy okay. i totally don’t wear it because like it still smells like you or is the only thing that even remotely feels like home since i moved out. pfft. absolutely not.” AU
  • “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” AU
  • “oh hi, totally didn’t expect to see you here at this one hole in the wall coffee shop literally no one in the entire world besides you knows about. what a coincidence.” AU
  • “it´s my [insert family relation here]´s wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all i can think about is how this was almost us” AU (bonus: “i know that it’s two in the morning and i’m dressed really formally and a little (a lot) bit drunk but i couldn’t stop thinking about you after my grandma asked how you were doing also can i come in it’s freezing out here”)
  • “i still have your sister’s scarf and i know it’s stupid but i’ve been hoping maybe one day you’ll come by and pick it up so we’ll be forced to talk again because i haven’t seen you in months and i’m maybe kinda sorta still in love with you” AU
  • “i know we were never officially together or anything but seeing that picture you posted on [insert social media] with him/her literally felt like you carved my heart out of my chest and stomped on it and i’m not really sure why i’m leaving this voicemail but my pillow still smells like you and i miss your stupid face” AU
  • “we have a lot of mutual friends so we see each other more than two broken up people usually do and i know we’re not really close anymore but you’re wearing that stupid (adorable) hat you always wore when you were upset so tell me what’s wrong because it’s literally killing me to see you look so sad” AU
  • “so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and– wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you… wait–” AU
  • “i found your box of letters underneath my bed last night and because i’m a nosy motherfucker i decided to read them and it turns out they were all addressed to me and the last one was dated the day you moved out and i’m not quite sure why i thought this would be a good idea but here i am, standing on your doorstep, wondering why the fuck we’re not together anymore” AU
  • “well this is really awkward considering the last time we saw each other, i was screaming at you to never talk to me again, but like, my dog recognized you all the way across the park and literally dragged me over here because she misses you so hi” AU
Gold Digger

Reader x Elijah Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a long-term relationship with Elijah Mikaelson and is very happy with it. One day, when he requests you to go over to his house to meet oficially his siblings, Hayley accuses you to being with him only for his money and power, which leaves you heartbroken.

tagging: @chocolatemonkeyrainbows :)

Word Count: 3172

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Bad Idea//Jordan Parrish


#1 I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Wanna see?

#13 We’re going to hell for this

“Hey dad. Will I just hang around the station for an two hours until Stiles picks me up?” 

“Yeah sweetheart. Deputy Parrish will be the only one there for a while until we get back. We’re gonna be at least three hours so try to get along…Okay?”

“Sure dad. Is he cute? you joke, you can sense your father rolling his eyes down the phone.

“Don’t romance my deputy Y/N Stilinski! Oh and be nice to your brother okay?”

“Okay dad. I’ll see you soon. Love you.” you say your goodbyes before hanging up.

It’s been a couple of months since you had been home from college and you couldn’t wait to relax. You Make your way into the unusually quiet police station bearing coffee and donuts. 

You’re greeted by a handsome deputy as you set you bags down in front of your dads office.

“You must be Y/N! I’m Deputy Jordan Parrish.” he smiles. Ugh he’s adorable, this is gonna be harder than you thought.

“Yup that’s me” you beam. “I brought coffee! Americano black? Thats how my dad said you took it.” you ramble handing him the coffee cup

He chuckles. “ Thanks. A twelve hour ghost shift is more tiring than a busy shift.”

1 hour later

You and Parrish get on like a house on fire. He was the dream guy. Funny, smart and extremely good looking.

“Sheriff said you’re doing the pre FBI program. How is it?” he asks 

“It’s great. I mean it’s tiring but it’s worth it.” you reply with a smile. “But what I want to know is what makes you so interesting?” you question.

“I was in the army for a couple of years but other than that I’m just a boring person.” he shrugs.

“Oh c’mon you must have at least one party trick or something?” you laugh.

“Not to brag or anything but I’m pretty good at beer pong.” he chuckles raising an eyebrow.

“Ohhhh that must impess the ladies.” you smirk.

“Like a charm.” he says in mock proudness. “What about you?”

“I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Wanna see?”

“Seriously!” he says curiously.

You grab a cherry out of the punnet in front of you.

Jordan sat in front of you gobsmacked.

“As you can see….I’m a catch.” you joke blushing slightly.

Jordan smirked. “What else can you do?”

“Well Deputy that wouldn’t  exactly be PG but you’re welcome to find out.” you say cocking an eyebrow.

He presses a soft kiss too your lips unexpectedly. You lean into the kiss as your hands reach to tangle in his hair.

You break the kiss slightly breathless.

“Office….” you say taking his hand and leading into your fathers office. You push everything off the desk as you sit on it. Parrish looks at you with a devilish smirk.

“We’re going to hell for this”

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” you smile pulling him into a deep kiss.

He pulls your shirt off as you unbutton his. You run your fingers along his abs, admiring his chiselled body. 

He pushes you down on the desk. The cold wood against your back makes you shiver slightly.

Parrish presses wet kisses along your neck and chest, leaving bruises in some spots where he nipped at the skin.

Parrish flips your skirt up as you remove your underwear, desperate for friction.

You unbuckled his belt as he dropped his trousers. 

He lined up at your entrance as you pleaded desperately for some pleasure.

He pushes himself slowly as you buck your hips. He kisses you hungrily as you suck and nip at his chest leaving markings in your way. 

You pull him closer as he slams into you. 

“Deputy…. please faster…” you moan.

He smirks at the fact you called him by his title. He wasn’t gonna lie. It turned him on. He develops a faster rhythm as you whimper. His name falls from you lips like a silent prayer.

“I’m not gonna last.” you moan as you feel him release inside you.

He rubs your clit, sending you over the edge. “Cum for me” he whispers as you squirm beneath him letting go completely as you ride out your high.

Parrish  helps you clean yourself up and hands you your discarded hsirt and underwear. 

You both were slightly flushed. He presses one last kiss to your lips. 

“So when am I gonna get to seeyou’re amazing party trick?” you chuckle.

“Tomorrow night 9 o’clock.” he says with a wink. 

You smile feeling a blush spread across your cheeks.

You both reassemble the stuff on your fathers desk. Your phone buzzes with a text from Stiles.

“Me and Scott are outside. Hurry up.”

“I have to go but I’ll see you tomorow.” you smile as you kiss Parrish on the cheek.

“Hey Scott!” you smile jumping into the back as Parrish brings your bags out.”

“Bye Y/N” he smiles.

“See ya Deputy!” you smirk with a wink.

You see Scott whisper something to Stiles before they turn back to you.


Watched the last episode with subs!

What I love about not giving an opinion until the subs come out is, I actually know what is going on.

Let’s go to the much hyped moment where Serena finally kisses Ash.

She tells him, “You’re my goal.” which was sweet and an implication of some sorts.

Take a look…

After a few eye glances, she says to him “ Just you wait, by the next time we meet, I’ll be a much more attractive woman!”

I loved the cheek in the words.

It can mean so many things but what I get is, it is meant to be in cheek for she talks of a future.

What shows Serena is different is she understood after all this time, she needed to be forward with Ash because he is dense. I do believe Ash got it after the kiss because as dense as he is, he knows when two people kiss, it means one person likes the other. Come on, he has Brock as his friend for like 15 years lol. I do think they have discussed it in some part of the Pokeuniverse.

Lastly, she asks him for one more thing. She asked him to give her one more thing that would ensure she had her own closer.

“Can I have one last thing?”

I love how she ran up the escalator. She overcame an obstacle to get her goal and want.


The tone, the lights, the filter.

Meloatta’s Serenade made the moment even more magical.

It made it classical.

His pupils opened just a bit, in wonder or curiosity? Maybe both. But I do believe in that moment, Ash knew what she was about to do.He had time to move, he had time to avoid.

Plus, notice we didn’t see Serena’s face.

Only Ash saw that. He knew.

Some people are saying she kissed his forehead because Serena is taller than Ash. I don’t agree,(he has his hat on) she was on a moving staircase for Arceus sake. She tip toed to prolong the kiss to give her length. Ash was taken aback, you could see his slight step to keep his momentum. The movement as the kiss meets its mark.

Plus, if it was not the lips, why not show it?

Ash has been kissed by girls on the cheek and they have shown it, so… HA!

This reaction speaks volumes towards my point and further implies it. Pikachu has seen Ash get kissed before but never reacted like this. Heck look at the ears! That’s my reaction to, buddy.


She thanks him because in her heart she took her courage and all her growth to do and complete her actual goal. And Ash allowed her to do so.

To show Ash how much he is to her and the more that he will always be.

This moment, for the past three years is what Serena has been aiming towards because all along Ash had been her purpose. It sounds bad but Ash is a person you cant help but gravitate towards, (Hence, the entire of all Kalos people)

Her feelings just take it a step further. But now, Ash is the reason for her to go off by herself and grow towards something to make her ready for the world. That is why she promises him, it will be different the next time they meet.

She reached her goal and is ready to take anything on.

He may have been shocked but Ash understands..

He just does and this shows the kind of growth Ash has had himself.

He may not understand feelings as yet but he will. Eventually this will make sense and Serena says that before the kiss.

Plus, the eyes get me all the time.

On a side note… I love right after Serena leaves and Clemont asks Ash for something… he says

“Will you allow me to make one last selfish request?”

Lol like Serena didn’t ask for her own selfish request.


Overall it has been a fun ride and Pokemon Xy certainly went out with a bang. Finally, Xy is the first season I followed week by week since the internet had given me access to this privilege. Next to the original series and Diamond and pearl. It is my favorite. I am not ready to say good bye but I will. I am glad it will live on because of the time we live in now. It will continue to bring joy in my life because that is what Pokemon does.

It brings happiness through so many emotions.

A little bit of happiness through the eyes of a ten year old boy  who is seeing the world.

It just happens to have amazing Pocket monsters.

(the gifs are not mine.) They belong to people who actually did the hard work.

On reverse retellings-gender swap

Here on tumblr we’re comfortably throwing around (and taking in) ideas that stretch the mind, and attempt to cross the boundaries of society confines and stereotypes. Which is cool, but sometimes it can get a bit… detached from the actual real world that we’re trying to change (but still, lardely, haven’t, cause change is hard, if not impossible.)

So, basically, tumblr-land can be miles away from the whole rest of the land. It’s important to remember that this is a place of ideas, but not of the realization of these idas. That happens in the outside world, the real world, known also as

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Immediately you’re going: “Oh no, don’t ruin it. Don’t expose it to THEM. THEY don’t get it.”

But they must. Just whining to each other on here, although fun, won’t change anything. Going out and doing stuff will.

So, let’s do an experiment, shall we?

We shall.

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(Trust me, I’m a physicist.)

Let’s take this (amazing, if I say so myself) idea: A reverse retelling of Jane Eyre.

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She is the one with the sercret, mad spouse hidden somewhere, thirsting for her flesh.

She is the one who wanted to grasp that little glimpse of happiness with another man, even though she knew if was forbidden.

She is the one who has to be set on fire (both metaphorically and literally) before she can be free of her demons.

She is the one who needs to be rescued from the horrors of her own life, and they both have equal flaws and good things to bring to the relationship. (In the book, Rochester needs to be freed of his wife, but other than that he’s supposed to bring more to the marriage, not morally, but materially.) In this reverse story, they are equals morally. Although she’s still kind of poorer, so that stays the same, as do a lot of other things, (because Charlotte is a genius and that story is already waaaay ahead of its time, and people would probably hate SO much on it because of feminism and stuff, but they can’t cause it’s a classic and you go, girl.)

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What if he, in reverse, has had a sad, emotionally abusive childhood, and has lived a dry, melancholy life? While drownig in riches (nice contrast there). 

What if he is the unspoilt one, has never given his heart to any woman, nor has be promised marriage to one, although he’s had women salivate after him for years?

What if he is the one who has to come back to her in the end, and find her ruined, and promise to her that she is more worthy of him now than she ever was?

What if he has to rescue her morally and emotionally as much as she? (That’s the only thing that doesn’t happen in the book, Jane is the moral anchor throughout, and he’s trying not to drown in the sea of his sins. But what if she is a sinner too?)

What if, in short, the roles are reversed? What if the woman is the one with the guilty secret? Is she then worthy of love? Do we even dare to consider it? What if the man is left bewildered and wondering if she likes him AT ALL, and asking her to trust him with her secrets, and left at the altar (or near it)? What if he is the second man in her life (the non-virgin antitrope -is that even a word? Now it is) but she the first woman in his?

What if the man, for once, is not the one in need of emotional rescuing, but does the rescuing himself, even though he isn’t qualified to do it? But he becomes someone who can lead them noth to a stronger moral standard. He isn’t the rescuer, but he BECOMES the rescuer. Because there’s nobody that will save him, if he won’t do it himself. That’s what I’m talking about. What if he is their only hope of ever working things through?
What if she is good and kind and faithful, but maimed? Ruined? Is it good/romatic/relatable that he should want her at all? And is she in a place to even be attracted to him, after what has been done to her?

What if they are both ruined, the girl as well as the guy?

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Well, I’ll tell you what happens then.

People don’t GET IT. Most people. Some do. And yay. But most don’t get it. (Or if they get it, they don’t like it.) Ewwwww why isn’t she pure? Ewww she’s married, I don’t read books about girls like THAT. Ewwwww that’s not a heroine, that’s a *** Ewww why would he want her? Ewww Eww Ewwwww


In case you don’t realize what I’m talking about yet, it’s not ok for a woman to have a dark secret, to need rescuing, to not hold herself to a higher moral standard. All the things that make us go “my poor baby” for Rochester, would make us go “ewwwww” for Jane.

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That’s gender swap in the real world, my friends. How do I know that? Because of this. I did it, you see. I did the experiment. And I am thankful every day for people who GOT the story from the first second, like @tea-books-lover @velutluna @pagesfullofstars @celebangel @bassguitarwitch and soooo many others who beta-read, reviewed, or just plain encouraged me with this outlandish idea.

Because, let me tell you.

I’ve gotten hate. (The ewwwws we were talking about, see above. So many EWWWS)

Originally posted by sheepy-shenanigans

ewe? close enough. 

I’ve even seen people read the synopsis and go, why would I read a book about a heroine like that? I don’t read books about ruined heroines.

People message me (most of them don’t dare post reviews) telling me they loved the writing but WTH? I reply, it’s reverse. They say ewww the heroine isn’t pure. I say she’s like Rochester, he isn’t pure. They say well, yeah, but he’s a guy. It’s ok for the man. That’s not a Jane Eyre retelling (A LOT of them don’t even get that. They don’t even recognize the Jane Eyre plotline or the characters once I swapped the genders. I mean it when I say it’s a different world out there, you guys. People have no idea. No. Idea.) I say -I usually say nothing, or just bye, but if it’s a nice person who wants answers, I reply- it’s the same story, governess goes to work for rich dude, mad spouse, fire, impossible love, morals, wedding stopped, the works. But it’s reverse.

There’s even lines in the book that are a direct nod to the masterpiece.

“You are my bright angel.”

“You can be mended, if once you were ruined.”

“Take off your mask, little ghost.”

“You tranfix me quite.” (Ok, that’s a lie, I didn’t put that last one in, just love it.)

Aaaaan feels.

Anyway, I am really happy with how this story turned out (and a lot of other people are happy too, it seems -yay- special thanks to the person who left this

 in lieu of a review, you’re my favorite thing in the world, person). And if I can do a TINY BIT to bring about some change in this world, then:

1. Books are the way to do it (or one of the best ways, subtle but powerful), I really believe this, and history backs it up.

2. I am proud and happy and blessed.

3. I don’t mind the occasional thick head trying to push itself into my inbox. Maybe it’s the sign of someone trying to wake up. Or refusing to wake up. But you know what? Something made them almost wake up. And if that something was me… then that’s all I can ask for.

Anyway, I jsut wanted to share a bit of my experience on “the other side”, which something actually went out and did in real life. It changed me in so many ways, and I really hope it might have changed someone else too. Even the littlest bit.

I always reblog reverse story ideas, and now you know why they’re so close to my heart, but I wanted to share my story of actually going out and DOING THE THING. You should always do the thing, even if you’re scared. Also, if you’re scared, I’m here. Talk to me. I know about scared.

Which brings us to:


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Read read read

Then write write write.

Then repeat.

Learn the rules, and break them. Like Charlotte did. Like a boss.

Let’s keep writing new things, let’s break the rules, let’s be respectful and educated, and then let’s think outside the box. Let’s RUIN the box (see what I did there? Pun, anyone? No? Ok.) 

Who’s with me?

To This Day, 1.

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Fluff + Angst

Rating: PG-15

Warnings: None

Summary: Are you still waiting? Please don’t wait.

Words: 1597

Note: This series is inspired by epistolary novels. So, it may still be different from ‘main style’, but it’s something I’m giving a go at nonetheless.


July 12

Dear Y/N,

Never, in a million years, did I imagine that I would run into you at Eurwangni Beach. I mean, what are the chance of that? I was speechless for a long while until Taehyung poured water over my head to snap me out of it. Yet, even as I write this, I am still surprised, dumbfounded—whatever adjective you want to use.

It’s been five years since we last spoke, since our last good-bye. I never thought I would see you again and I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. However, seeing you unexpectedly like that: a smile on your face like always whilst you mingled with your friends, the look in your eyes… You haven’t changed at all. Not one bit. Feel free to laugh at me at how creepy I’m sounding, by the way.

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♡ Sweety Pi ♡

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Wonho (Monsta x)




Wonho wants to come over and spend the night. You know that he only wants to so he could get in your panties. You tell him the only way he could come over is if he lets you tutor him.


Being in college with Wonho, tutoring Wonho in math, Wonho fingering you while you’re teaching him, monrning sex, hard…yet soft sex, and rough…yet gentle sex i dont really know…


Your friend Wonho had just texted you as you were walking out of the door to get food. He asked if he could come over and a sleepover. You scoffed to yourself. That horny fucker only wanted sex. You texted him back.

“If you wanna come over you gotta study with me…I’ve seen your grades Hoseok…”

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How about botw zelink first kiss?


There was little time in Zelda’s life for romance and, to be completely honestly, she never felt the need to push the issue. Her hours had been spent praying, studying, discovering and being the general figurehead of hope that her Father needed her to be. Her mother died before she ever managed to pass on any life lessons in love or how to activate the powers her veins carried.

Which left Zelda to figuring it out all on her own.

Well, until Urbosa. The Gerudo took the girl under her wing as best that she could while still maintaining her role of Champion. Urbosa did not teach Zelda from books or in the drawling way that her teachers did. She sat her down and spoke with the utmost honesty. Something the then sixteen-year-old appreciated.

Blonde hair tied into a twisting bun, Zelda slumped against the inner wall of Naboris with a groan. Urbosa raised an eyebrow and peered down at the girl. “Something amiss, Princess?”

“This heat… it is making my…” She faltered, speaking such things aloud would have given her Father a shock but Urbosa understood. She always did. “Cycle especially tortuous.” She managed a pained smile. “Your tips have helped. Thank you.”

“I’m just surprised that you’d never heard of them!” The Gerudo slid down to join her companion. “I wonder what else they have not told you?” Urbosa frowned, deeply. “Sex?”

Zelda flushed, brightly, and rapped her on the shoulder. “Urbosa!” She covered her blush with her palms. “Of course.”

“Good.” She laughed, loudly, at Zelda’s embarrassment though her amusement quickly turned to gentleness. “And what of love, young one?”


Urbosa sighed, pulled her charge close, and leaned her cheek against Zelda’s golden hair. “Love. Being in love. What it means, what it can mean?”  She shifted so that she can look into the teenager’s eyes. “I worry for you. ” She took her hand into her own. It was warm, calloused and gentle. “You have not experienced much of the world, Princess. I fear that they will place you in a loveless marriage and I do not want that for you.” The Gerudo smiled, softly. “Do not allow them to steal real love from you.”

She never really finished that conversation with Urbosa. Link arrived with a summons from her father and they parted ways. They saw each other from time to time but neither approached the subject. There were more important things to be discussed than matters of the heart.

It’s something Zelda can recall following Calamity’s defeat. Urbosa’s gentle words and the oppressing feeling of time running between her fingers. Link takes her hand to help her ascend to the top of a peak. The heat is unbearable but lightning stands, unwavering, before them.

His fingers linger around her palm. He releases her to move toward the Beast and Zelda remarks on how steadfast he has been for her. Link glances back and smiles, gently. “Would you like a moment… alone with her?”

“Yes.” She shouldn’t be surprised that she’s already an emotional wreck. She’s cried upon visiting every single one of them. This was the last one. The hardest good-bye to swallow. Zelda walks forward to press forehead against the machine. “There are so many things I want to ask you, to share with you. I never thanked you for your guidance or the care you showed. For the love, you gave me when I needed it.” A shaky breath. “Like so many others, I do not know that I am ready to say good-bye but I wish you peace.” She steps back and brushes the tears from her face. There is so much more to say but Zelda turns away.

Link smiles and steps forward with his hand out. “We will see them, again.” She takes it and lets him curl her into his chest. 

“I know.” Zelda twists so that his hands locked behind her lower back. She holds his face in her palms and smiles. “Thank you for coming with me.” 

“Of course.” He says because he needed to say goodbye too and because she needed him. 

Zelda doesn’t know what romantic love is like. It has never been explained to her in words that she can fully comprehend… looking at this man. She thinks she might be coming to a conclusion. She tests that theory by planting a gentle kiss upon his lips. For a moment, she wonders if Naboris has struck her with lightening when Link returns the action with the tilt of his mouth.

She has many things to discover about life and love. She hopes her friend will be proud that she intends to find it all out her own way.

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prompt: Deadpool is so happy to see Spidey that he cuddles him hard when they meet on a rooftop but totally misinterprets Spidey's attempts to escape

“Peter was just about ready to head home when he heard a shout from behind him. Peter weighed out his options in that second. Turn around and face it, or leap right off the rooftop immediately, pretending not to hear the madman presently calling out his name. 

The decision slipped right out of his hands when he was pulled into a hug from behind, the larger man folding around him like a warm blanket. 

Of course, spider-sense is useless against surprise hugs. Useless

“Deadpool.” Spider-man said. He didn’t need to look to know. Maybe it was the stink of his suit. The muscular structure of his arms. Or it could just be that Deadpool was the only one person crazy enough to initiate a surprise cuddle session with someone who could crush a man’s bones in his hands like dead leaves. 

“I was so worried after our last team-up – you looked wrecked.”

“Yeah well, did you look at yourself? You lost both legs.” 

“Which is why I couldn’t chase after you when you disappeared. Which was super rude, by the way. No good bye, no same time next week?” 

“Too focused on like, not bleeding out, I guess.” 

“But you’re okay now? All healed up? I’m not disturbing an injury am I? Does it hurt when I squeeze like –” 

“I’m fine.” Peter insisted, wriggling in Wade’s grasp. “That doesn’t mean this hug is welcomed at all, and if you wouldn’t mind I’d like it if you’d –” 

Wade’s grip remained so firm that Peter’s attempts to turn just meant they wound up chest to chest, Peter’s cheek pressed tight against Wade’s neck. 

“Grh”, was all that Peter could mumble out. 

“Aw, this is nice. Isn’t this nice? Usually whenever I hug anyone I get slapped. One time I had my head blown up, can you believe that? This is nice.” 

Peter sighed, smothered by Wade’s embrace. He could rip Wade in half right now. But he really didn’t want to. He really, really didn’t.

With a little strength, he managed to pry himself from Wade’s arms enough that they could face each other. “This is nice, Wade. But could you – let me go?”

Peter saw Deadpool’s usual ditzy expression fall, noticeable even through the mask. “Sure – of course, yeah.” Wade blurted, withdrawing quickly. “Sorry. Know you’re not a hugger. Appreciate you not slapping me. Wouldn’t have minded getting slapped by you, though. Something I’ve always dreamt about.” Wade could never stop talking in an awkward situation. Peter knew this. 

“I could slap you if you want.” 

“Would you really? That would be amazing.” 

Watch what you say to the dancer (Peter Quill x reader)

A/N: A couple people asked me for a part duo to my little Peter Quill story. Let me know if you like it as much as the first.

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, other than that just some mentions of alcohol and the inference of sex

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“Where are you going?” Peter pulled at your waist band holding you back from the door.

“Excuse me?” You smacked his hand away. “I have other targets to visit.”

“Oh,” he grumbled as he rubbed the red spot on his hand. You narrowed your eyes getting one more look at him.

“Don’t hang your bubbins at me, Starlord. I’ll see you soon.” 

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  • I’m going to Chicago on Thursday and staying in a questionable Air BnB so hit me up, buttwipes
  • YES we went apple picking a few weekends ago in upstate NY and YES it was very cute and quaint and shit
  • I sat down and memorized a poem last night for the first time in years and I forgot how calming it is, hot damn
  • Last week was all late nights at work so on Thursday I sneaked out early enough to watch the playoffs and eat very cheap wings because I guess I am a Yankees fan (so long as the only requirement for being a Yankees fan is “owns one Yankees sweatshirt which you technically stole”)
  • I did a dramatic reading of “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers” at karaoke last weekend and I have found my calling, bye

chatlovingshipper  asked:

< pt1> I know I already sent you an ask but: Adrien transforming and always keeping a bag of lipstick next to him at all times so he can put it on right after he transforms (because maybe the lipstick Adrien wears disappears when he becomes Chat Noir) *Akuma attack* Adrien: Plagg! TRANSFORME MOI Adrien: *Becomes Chat Noir* Chat: *Looking for bag of lipstick* WHERE IS IT Chat: *Finds his bag of lipstick* So which one today... eeny meeny miney mo! Green or black? I wore black last week.. <pt1>

<pt2> … I wore black last week.. but my bronzer is on point so I want something dark.. Maybe green.. I’m not feeling it now to be honest.. LADYBUG LIKED MY LIQUID OMBRÉ NEON AND LIME GREEN LIPS LAST MONTH… but doesn’t that take like half an hour? Yeah I’ll do that, Maybe Marinette will like it… ~ an hour later~ Chat: My lady! Here i am! I know I’m late but check this out! Don’t I look amazing~ Ladybug: Bye Bye petite papillon! Oh hey nice to see yo- WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?? <Pt 2>


goodbye pretty little liars.


pretty little liars. 7 years. countless months, weeks, days (particularly wednesday monrnings at 6:30 am), minutes and moments that have kept you and me on the edge of our seats at times giving us severe anxiety and other times, shooting a shiver down our spines by showing us some of the most heartfelt scenes that are solely based on the power of friendship and at times much more.

I am not going to lie, I will terribly from the pit of my heart miss everything this show has to offer. my love and passion for this show cannot be penned down as it goes beyond words. my love for each of the actors and actresses and the characters they have portrayed is unfathomable and indescribable. i want to thank each and every one of the cast members and writers (yes marlene, you too) to help me in ways not many people or things could; to give me something to look forward to every week for the past seven years ever since I was at the age of 10. thank you for creating an environment I can feel so comfortable and happy in. thank you for being my escape, all of you.

starting with aria, thank you for teaching me that fighting for what you love is so important in life. I will truly miss your passion for love and literature, your passion and talent for photography. I will miss seeing and taking a moment to sink your crazy outfits in. I will lack the witty short one liners you effortlessly pull off. thank you lucy for making a character come to life so perfectly.

next, spencer. spencer, I love you. thank you for showing me being the black sheep of the family is okay. it is okay. it’s all okay. thank you for showing me you can always find your place in the world no matter how crazy it can get. and to troian, for being the best actress on this show. for being so brilliantly smart at everything you put your mind at.

next, alison. thank you for teaching me karma can be such a bitch and you need to be nice to people and pull out like a phoenix from the ashes. and sasha. you. you for etching love and growth into all our minds by being so perfect in unexplainable ways.

okay, emily is next. emily. emily fucking fields. thank you. THANK YOU. SO. MUCH. for showing me being yourself is the single most important thing in your life. there is nothing to live in it, if it isn’t for your own true self. I don’t even know what or how to say what I need to. I honestly cant. except I love you. and shay for sharing so much of your life with us. to show that fitting is isn’t necessary (funny how you were having lunch in bathroom stalls)

finally and lastly, hanna marin. my favorite liar out of all of them. just one thing for hanna. thank you for showing me myself through you. and the same for Ashley.

time has truly gone by with a drop of a dime. like a curl of smoke, away into the air and…. gone. I look back at my young 10 year old self and be so proud of how I stuck by to something, dedicated my nights and days to it, coming up with explanations for the A Grade mysteries (wren, lol) this show has fed us over seven years. I am so happy to be a part of something and making so many friends. the show was great, but what was greater was what came with it. my friends. meghan, gianna, katherine, five lying bitches and so many more. I am grateful to all of you.

please marlene, make me happy just one more time. one more time this wednesday. in your own crazy way you have made me happy, not always but you have. so please, one last time too. it has been an indescribable feeling coming this far. i believe ive built a family spread out over the globe. goodbye, pretty little liars. forever. <3

Champagne - Jack O’Callahan

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Inspired by Champagne from In the Heights by Lin Manuel Miranda. Many of the lyrics from this lovely song which is a favorite of mine are woven into the story. If you are also a Broadway and/or ITH fan, go ahead and send me a message to chat.


“Jack?” you asked on the other side of the door to his apartment. “Jaaack? OC?”

“Here!” you heard him before he opened up the door. Your best friend since freshman year standing there in the doorway in jeans, socks, and an Aerosmith t-shirt, his long-ish blonde hair tucked covering his ears and his blue eyes shining. “I’m here. Hey. What’s going on?”

“Nothing, nothing.” you said. “I just happened to be around and realized I needed to talk to you… And I got you a present. Had to go downtown in order to get it… Doing anything tonight or right now?”

“Oh, uh…” he said, looking behind him and back to the apartment’s living room. “Packing up and cleaning. Why?”

“Oh.” you mumbled, keeping the bag in your hand carefully hidden behind your back. “You done for the day? It’s getting kinda late.”

He smiled and shook his head. “No way. I have to leave tomorrow morning for Colorado and I’m not done yet. Set it off for a bit, I guess.”

“Oh.” you said again, looking at the ground. “Sorry, I just um… Well, I thought we could make your last night in town for a while something good. You know?”

His eyes jumped a bit. “Oh! Uh yeah. Sorry, I was just about to take a break anyways. I’ve been just sorting stuff out before putting it back. I was just packing- packing. Know what I mean? You can come in. You did go into downtown Boston in summer to get this present after all. I guess that’s what’s in the bag behind your back.”

You smiled as he stepped aside and let you in. “That actually is exactly what’s behind my back. Well…”

“Well what?”

“I figured, before you board the plane, we should celebrate a bit. And I remember the deal we made in freshman year.”

He smiled back at you. “First one to actually make something of themselves owes the other a drink.”

“Exactly.” You pulled the bag out from behind your back and opened it up. “So.. I owe you a drink. I would consider trying out for the U.S. Olympic team is a pretty big deal. Especially since I know you’re going to make it. And I figured that big sports stars drink this stuff, right? Not the best quality, but it’ll do for college kids. So, it works.”

He stared at the bottle in your hands before taking it himself and looking at it. “No way.”

“Yeah.” you grinned. “Cold champagne.”

He marveled at the thing. “Damn, (Y/N), the bottle’s all… You went and got this for me? Us? Wait, how did you get this?”

“Jack, I’m 21. I’m not a baby. And I saved up a bit more than just for average beer and bar money.” you joked. “Go ahead, Jacky. What’re you waiting for? Pop the sucker.”

“Right. I don’t know. Fuck wait, did I pack the cups? Do I have plastic ones? Wait, are the cups even clean?”

You shook your head. “No matter, Jack. I’m not a germaphobe and neither are you. Tonight, let’s drink it straight from the bottle.”

Jack smiled at you again and looked around the top, picking at the foil.

You felt a sudden bolt of courage. “Jack?”


“I…” You took a breath, “Jimmy told me what you did for me… Asking your parents to be my final reference point for my letters to grad school… Jack, that’s honestly the sweetest thing anyone outside of my family’s ever done for me.”

“It was no problem-”

“It’s a really big deal for me, though.” you blurted. “And you know that. You’ve heard me ramble about wanting to become a teacher and go to grad school and stuff since we were eighteen and scrawny freshies roaming campus like lost puppies… Is there anything I could say or do to repay you? It feels like I owe you something.”

“(Y/N), you don’t owe me anything.” he swore, still fiddling with the foil. “Well… unless you know how to get this gold shit off.”

You smiled and helped him tear off the foil from the neck of the bottle and grabbed his keys which had a bottle opener key chain on it in order to help with the cap. “There… Jack?”


“Um… Before you leave town tomorrow, do you wanna go take a walk down by the river or something? Go get breakfast?” you noticed him then struggling with the cap. “Jack, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. “ he assured. “I’m just trying to open it. The cap’s being weird and maybe an edge of it is broken, but I’m gonna open this.”

You rolled your eyes. “Jack, lemme see it.”

“No, I got it.”

“No-” you sighed. “Jack, just drop it, okay?”

He looked at you with confusion before setting it down on the coffee table. “Sorry, I just… It’s been a long day.”

You shrugged. “I figured… um…”


“You oughta stay.”

You looked up to see his face, eyes squinted a little, searching your face for the possible punchline of what was maybe a joke and his head cocked a bit to the side. “What?… Uh… Very funny, (Nickname). Come on, you can tell me what’s up.”

“I’m… I’m serious.”

His shoulders dropped once he realized it wasn’t a joke. You were completely serious. “What are you talking about-”

“I’m just saying… I think maybe some things can just.. wa-”

“Wait?!” he exclaimed. “(Y/N), I can’t wait on this! This is my chance! And, (Y/N), you’re leaving too! Don’t act like it’s just me!”

You scoffed and started to get pissed. “I’m just moving a few blocks to be closer to the school! I’m not moving too far! You could take a subway! And you’re leaving the state for maybe even ever and I may never get see you again!”

“(Y/N), what are you trying to say-”

“You get everyone addicted to your charm and now you’re going to leave and go play hockey and forget about us and me and off you go!” you shouted. “Jack-”

“(Y/N), I don’t know why you’re mad at me!” he shouted back to retaliate. “I thought you were happy for me! About all of this and shit!”

“Jack, don’t you get it!?” you groaned. “I am happy! And… And.. Goddammit, I wish I was mad!”

His face softened a bit. “What? (Y/N), what?”

Your body moved before your mind could react. “Fuck it.”

And before you knew it, your lips were planted firmly on his.

Jack completely froze for the minute it happened. He was just about to have some kind of reaction until you pulled away.

His eyes looked soft and sad. “(Y/N)…”

You looked down, knowing what he meant. “I get it… I have to go, I… I’m just too late”

“(Y/N). (Y/N), wait-”

You had already marched out the door feeling heartbroken before he could finish and hurried to the elevator.


It was a couple weeks later.

You hadn’t talked to Jack at all since what happened. And he apparently didn’t want to talk about it either since he hadn’t even tried to call your house. It was probably also due to hockey camp, if he was still there, but the kiss and stuff likely also played into it.

You regretted everything. Why couldn’t you have just shut up and been normal? He’s not into you and sees you just as a friend. That’s what you should have just expected after being one of his closest friends after 4 years. It’s not like he was obligated to like you back because he just wasn’t.

Now, though? You screwed up everything. Your entire friendship was probably toast and it was going to take a miracle to fix it.

“(Y/N)!” your heard your mom call downstairs. “Sweetie, there’s a call for you!”

“Coming mom! you replied before getting up from where you’d been lying on your bed and marching downstairs to the kitchen to get the phone. “Hello?”


You were stunned to hear the male voice from the other line. “Oh.. Uh.. Hi Jack.”

“Hey. he said. “Um.. We should talk.”

“Yeah. We should.” you replied, slumping against the wall with every possible swear word you knew running through your head. “How’s the camp?”

“It’s great.” he confessed. “And I.. I made the team.”

“Really? Jack, that’s great! I knew you’d do it! I’m happy for you. I mean that.”

“Thanks, but,” he sighed, “it’s not why I called. (Y/N), we need to talk about what happened. And I don’t have a whole lot of time since I don’t want to hike your phone bill up a mile.”

Your heart dropped. “Oh. Okay.”

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I… I just guess I got carried away and I’ve been so focused on making sure I make the team and that the Hawks call me up so I can start that I… I forgot other important stuff. And I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry.” he repeated. “I miss you and I… I like you, okay? Kinda a lot and for a while. And I just want to make sure this all goes right because it means a lot to me, but so do you… (Y/N), I don’t want to do this if I don’t have your support. This is my dream, but you’re a part of it too. And I’m sorry if I didn’t hear you out and if I was a dick. I’m sorry.”

“Jack, It’s okay. You weren’t the only one who was a dick.” you assured. “And… Jack, you should always know that you have my support. Especially now. I couldn’t be prouder of you and I know you’re going to do great. I really like you too, Jacky.”


“Yeah.” you smiled. “I am and I do. I really am proud of you and I know you’ll do great. I was just afraid you’d leave me in the dust while you run off doing great things and being a pro and you’d forget. I was afraid.”

“So was I.” You could hear his smile through the other line now. “I’m not anymore, though.”

“Me either.”

“Okay.” he said before staying silent for a bit. “I gotta get going. One last question. Be mine? And do you want to go out sometime when I go back?”

You smiled. “I’d be honored.”

“Great. Thank you. I gotta go. Take care, (Nickname).”

“Bye Jacky.” you grinned before hanging up and going a small, bouncy happy dance on the kitchen tile. No one had to know that last part, though.

100 Ways To Say No
  1. “No, thank you.”
  2. “I’m flattered, really, but I’m going to have to decline.”
  3. “Thank you, but I’ll have to pass.”
  4. “No, thanks.”
  5. “I’d rather not.”
  6. “Thanks, but no thanks.”
  7. “Are you serious?” “Obviously.” “No, thank you.”
  8. “No, thank you.”
  9. “Please stop.” “Nah.”
  10. “No.”
  11. “Maybe I’m not being clear enough: NO, I will NOT go out with you.”
  12. “Nope.”
  13. “My word of the year is no.” “Really?” “No, but you won’t accept just no so …”
  14. “Nah.”
  15. “Uh-uh.”
  16. “Negative.”
  17. “Ugh, no!”
  18. “How about no?” “How about -” “I already gave you my answer.”
  19. “No, siree.”
  20. “Get lost.” “Rude. Didn’t even answer my question.”
  21. “Negative, Ghostrider.”
  22. “No, say I.”
  23. “Hardly.”
  24. “Not in the Cards.”
  25. “No dice. Comprende?” “Spanish? Since when?”
  26. “Look, a squirrel!” “Where? … Hello? Where’d you go?”
  27. “No can do. Savy?”
  28. “Not going to happen.”
  29. “It’s Tuesday; I have a policy of saying no on Tuesdays.” “But you just said yes to-“
  30. “Let me clarify: I have a policy of saying no to you on Tuesdays.”
  31. “Not likely.” “That’s not-” “NO.”
  32. “Absolutely not.”
  33. “N to the O. Kapish?”
  34. “Uh, perhaps not.”
  35. “I’m going to have to exert my ‘NO’ muscle on this one.”
  36. “What in the world is that!?” “What? Where? … Again!?”
  37. “It’s a no from me.”
  38. “Maaaayyyyybe not.”
  39. “Bye!” “That’s not an answer!”
  40. “Of course not.”
  41. “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
  42. “For the last time, no!”
  43. “For real!? NO!”
  44. “What don’t you understand about no!?”
  45. “Hey! Look who it is!” “Who? … Aw, come on! You can’t keep doing that!”
  46. “I think you know my answer.” “Yes?” “NO.”
  47. “Out of the question.”
  48. “I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request.” “Huh?” “Means no.”
  49. “Fat chance.”
  50. “Slim chance.” “You already said fat chance – they can’t mean the same thing!”
  51. “You see, I would, but I just don’t want to.”
  52. “No way, dude.”
  53. “No way, Jose.” “My name’s not – ” “I know.”
  54. “Not on your life.”
  55. “Ehhh … better’d not.”
  56. “Non.” “You speak French?”
  57. “Nix.” “Is … is that a word?” “Yes. Means no.”
  58. “Never. ” “Never say nev-” “Shut up, Bieber.”
  59. “Geen.” “What language is that? It could be yes, for all I know … OW! I’ll take that as a no.”
  60. “Nee!” “Knee? You want me down on one knee …?”
  61. “NINE!” “Good grief, how many languages do you know?” “Not enough, apparently.”
  62. “You know, sometimes, I feel like I can do crystal meth and them I’m like eummmm better’d not.” “Are you comparing me to crystal meth?” “What do you think?”
  63. “Not even going to answer.”
  64. “Was that the wind?”
  65. “Not in this lifetime.”
  66. “Or the next.”
  67. “Am I dead yet?” “Uh, no?” “There’s your answer.”
  68. “What do you think?” “Well -” “You’re wrong.”
  69. “Not in a million years.”
  70. “You wish.” “You know I do.”
  71. “In your dreams.” “Actually, I did have one the other night and you were most enthusiastic about – AH! Was that reallynecessary?”
  72. “Not even in your dreams.”
  73. “I’d rather eat my own hand.” “Gross.”
  74. “Not unless you were the last man on earth.” “I could make that happen … kidding! I was kidding! It was a joke! Cripes, woman, you have got to stop hitting me!”
  75. “No, no – a million times no!”
  76. “Have I ever said anything besides no?” “No …” “You’re catching on.”
  77. “Do pigs fly?” “Of course not.” “There you go then.”
  78. “I’d rather be pecked to death by a flock of hummingbirds.” “That sounds rather painful.” “That’s the point.”
  79. “When hell freezes over.”
  80. “NOT in the mood.”
  81. “Statistically speaking, you’d be better off asking someone else. You have a hundred percent fail rate with me.” “Statistically speaking, you can’t resist me forever. No one has.” “Well, I’m more than a statistic.”
  82. “I’d raaaather … clean all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station with my tongueee …” “That is disgusting.”
  83. “Piss off.” “You WOUND me.”
  84. “GET. OUT.” “Touch-y.”
  85. “Sod off, git.”
  86. “Go away.”
  87. “Can’t you just leave me be? At least for today?” “You alright?” “No.”
  88. “Leave me alone. P-p-please.” “You gonna tell me what’s wrong?” “N-nothing.” “If you say so.”
  89. “Not today.” “That wasn’t a full no! YEAH!” “What? I meant not today as in I don’t wanna DEAL WITH YOU TODAY!! HEY! ARG!!”
  90. “Not right now.” “Still not a full no.” “I know.”
  91. “No, dear.” “Dear?” “I call everyone dear.”
  92. “If only.” “Wait. Is that a – ” “No.”
  93. “Not at this time.” “WHOOP! We’re getting somewhere!” “DUDE!” “Sorry.” “Don’t lie to me.”
  94. “I can’t.” “Sure you can.” “No, I really can’t.”
  95. “Unfortunately, no.” “Unfortunately?” “Oh, bug off ya goon.”
  96. “No.” “You’re running out of ways to say that.”
  97. “It’s really bad timing.”
  98. “Really. You think you’d learn by now.” “I am nothing if not persistent.” “So I’ve noticed.”
  99. “Rain check.” “REALLY?!” “Uh … no wait! Get back here!”
  100. “Maybe another time.”

And then she said yes.