my heart rly actually melts whenever grls do that thing where they fix ur necklace when its backwards or tuck a piece of hair behind ur ear for u like……………….. wow thats all goodnight girls are literally all Gifts and should be treated with loyalty, respect, gentleness, and One Million Kisses im so in lov w girls, conceptually and literally. A+ job @ god


The “my little random moments of pleasure” series -
VEGASCON 2017 Saturday Night Special: Jensen singing “Whipping Post” N°4
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Alright last post about Logan i swear to god

Alright so I really appreciate Laura speaking Spanish.

Because I thought they were gonna play up some weird doe eyed white girl with a precious voice and face tropes.

But they didn’t.

She was hard as nails plus she had a Spanish accent!

Which made perfect sense for her character, PLUS it makes racists upset since they love their white bread monolingual little girls.

It reminds you that her mother was a Spanish woman AND that line about how the racist white doctors assumed all the Spanish medical workers were stupid?

Well guess who broke the kids out?

And good on Logan for having a lot of kids of color as the children experimented on.

If the government was gonna create disposable weapons out of people…it would definitely be out of people of color.

Harry walks him to his room, stands with him in the hallway outside of Louis’ door, and Louis can’t help but thinking that this is the first time in months he’s felt genuinely safe, happy, not so alone. And that is a massive problem. He’s let down his guard so many times over the past seven days, and he knows it’s his fault, but it’s become too much, so overwhelming he feels like he can’t breathe. In the weeks leading up to the trip, he’d prepared himself to keep his distance, to interact as little as possible, to be ready to go home and face the fact that they were finally over. He wasn’t supposed to be 36 hours away from returning home and feeling like his heart could burst from his time spent with Harry, unable to look away from him at every turn. Goddamnit, he should’ve known that he’d be leaving this island feeling more broken than he had when they’d arrived just one short week ago.

Massive problem, one he’s not sure he can undo. Not sure he wants to.

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