last of the teddy girls

i just remembered that joe gilgun not only gifted samara lee (the wee girl that co-starred with him in the last witch hunter) a teddy bear with a note saying “to the sweetest girl on set. love ya mate” but also gave her a plate with huge cookies, three packages of chocolate and strawberry milk and two butterfly shaped lollypops. this man is a true blessing!


Photo Set #2 - 1955

1. Harlem, 1955, William Klein 

2. Last Of The Teddy Girls, London, 1955, Ken Russell 

3. New York, 1955, William Klein

4. Mary Glasses, Paris, 1955, Kenneth Van Sickle

5. James Dean, 1955, Dennis Stock 

6. U.S. 285, New Mexico, 1955, Robert Frank 

7. Halloween, Chicago, 1955, Yasuhiro Ishimoto

8, Opening Night, Metropolitan Opera: Men in Top Hats, 1955, Garry Winogrand

9. Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey, 1955, Robert Frank

10. Gondolas, Doge’s Palace, Venice, 1955, Ernst Haas