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2 days after 11x04 and I’m really just stuck on how much they’ve evolved the theme “Sam is the new Dean”. After season 8 a lot of Destiel fans proposed an endgame of Sam raising new hunters and maybe having a wife in the bunker, while Dean and Cas hunt on the road, everyone one big extended family.

Now we have Sam enjoying one night stands while Dean is being told to consider “someone” to build something with, Sam calling the Impala home while Dean calls the bunker home, an emphasis on Dean reading (and Cas researching out of books, “changing channels” on Netflix) while “getting laid” for Sam translates into “doing research” and finding the person for these encounters in the work (feels like a 5x08 call back here actually)…

It’s all very “reverse endgame” on first glance. Sam, giving up on long term romance, hitting the road, calling the Impala home, finding fulfillment in the life, transformed… And Dean, building something with Cas in the bunker through research, transformed… All their lives blending together, renewing and transforming every time Sam returns “home”…

If I were to guess the show’s endgame right now (different from me hoping this happens, as reflected from my bitter Cas fan blogging), I’d say it was this, looking at this one theme and all its strings.

dear god youre not even canon who gave you two the right to be adorable

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Do you think we'll see E3 Iris? I don't think we'll see her but there might be a parallel with that Barry and Iris that makes Barry realize that he has to do better with his own Iris. What do you think. On second thought I don't think there's an E3 Barry.

I actually had a thought about this last night when I read the description. I don’t think there’s time for it, but like you said, there probably is no Barry Allen on Earth-3 because Jay is his dad’s doppelgänger and he clearly doesn’t recognize Barry as his son.

So I would totally accept another It’s A Wonderful Life bit where Jay shows him Iris’ life in E3, a world where Barry never existed. Joe, Wally and Cisco are welcome to join too - but Iris is the important relationship at stake here. 

The gist of it being that Barry waxes poetic about needing Iris but doesn’t stop to think that Iris needs him too, and therefore he should make an effort to be there for her and let her in. This is why I want Jay to have a Joan, so he can talk about how she’s a pretty smart lady who chose him for a reason, which is why he has to make a point to prove that he’s the man she fell in love with. And same for Barry with Iris. :)