last of the millenium

Christmas Con

My 5yo has adorably asked Santa for a Lego Star Destroyer for Christmas. Repeatedly. On his list. Misspelled. And in all caps. One problem. There’s no way I’m spending $225 something that will be immediately dropped and then will sit in pieces in a bin. My work around? I bought him THIS and am going to pretend that Santa got confused. You know, Santa’s getting up there in age and has lots of kids to keep track of. IT’S A BELIEVABLE STORY.

Besides…. it worked like a charm for last year’s Millennium Falcon request.


Works I did last week when reimagining all the events happened 3000 years ago, added lots of my personal interest. It’s really insane because I want Mokuba to be one of the Inshars (so Seto and Mokuba are cousins) and Yugi as Atem’s twin young brother, poisoned to die when at the age of 8…

Although just a fiction, last few days I was reading manga Millenium World arc all over again to figure out hints about Atem’s past as references, but they were such quite a few amount. I cannot remember where heard this before. It said that Takashi-sensei was possibly in a bad health condition during creating the final part and that’s the reason why he not meant to but explained so little. If so, it’s really a pity.

As easily as I can write well, even more than that last post on how the Millenium Falcon is a Han inheritence gift in TFA, I’m bugged by those bloggers ignoring that Lando flies it too. That ship’s connection to Lando is huge. Their connection through that ship means Lando isn’t just any old friend of Han’s. He is the guy Han got the Millenium Falcon from. This is a man who had the magic plot-ship, the most significant vehicle in the original trilogy, a ship that is basically Han’s home. When they tell you that’s where the connection comes from, you immediately realize Lando’s one of Han’s closest friends and a man with plot significance. That makes everything he does for the rest of Empire Strikes Back more dramatic, because you know he and Han are close, and that he’s making difficult decisions.

It’s also notable that we only ever see heroes at the helm of the Falcon. It’s not just Han, but it’s Han, Chewbacca, Leia, Lando, Nien, and Rey we’ve seen at these controls. We’ve only seen Han, Luke and Finn handle the guns. The ship is notorious for being fixed just in time to escape the Empire. The ship and everyone inside it is absolutely associated with the light and heroism. Lando’s introduced as having owned the ship to cement him as a good guy in a rough spot rather than a backstabber. Lando flies the ship at the end of ESB to show he’s firmly on the light side (just in case actually carrying Luke wasn’t enough proof), and he flies it at the climax in RotJ to reinforce that and to show us his friendship with Han is fully mended.