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morning  glitter bombs.  in the light of the post i made last night and the general feeling of this blog,  ya girl is officially gonna set outlawiism vol. 2 on fire too.  but first,  i’m gonna go see gotg vol. 2 at one of them morning showings in an hour  !!!  i’m the  only  person who bought a ticket i’m so excited to be by myself kajshdkajshfshjkdf uwu <333

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Sometimes my favorite things about your posts are the comments they get because I die. Like I feel like everyone saves up their tumblr comments and when you posts they're like ITS TIME TO LET IT ALL OUT!!! It makes my day. Sorry. Haha.

lmaooo omggg i knowwww.. it’s honestly my fav part of posting too now. like all of you guys are so amazing and i can stress it enough how happy it makes me feel when i come on here and see ppl care about the crap i post even if its just me rambling. like ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.. sometimes i get really overwhelmed and Barb has to hold my hand with me because its like omggggg???? everyone is so funny and supportive and attentive. i’ll read a comment and know that whoever it was from was really paying attention from like months ago and it makes me szdkfjhsdkjf wanna cry. 

but plssss i really love the comment section so much and i’m happy i stopped doing the mass reply thing cause it didn’t feel genuine to me and then it’s like i’m responding days and weeks later. with the comments it’s at least in real time and like a big ass group chat ;-;;;;;

all this STUFF about BAD FASHION MADE Me remember to post this so hello everyone this is steve although more widely known by his stage name “Mr. Magic”

steve is based off a pachislot machine i saw forever ago and was a host to a game show that ran for like, Ever in the 70’s (one of which randy was a huge fan of!!) and even though he’s retired from it now and spends his time as an entertainer at low end cheap lounges, he still is the extremely eccentric and suave host he was even without his show. he often carries his mic with him and makes everyday mundane tasks into a show-like game (often involving the annoyed unwilling bystanders around him) and always talks to you as if you’re both infront of a big crowd hehe..

and because of his origin from Mystery Palms OF COURSE he has the ability to bend reality but he really only uses it to further his showy antics, silly stuff like making giant wheels appear out of nowhere and canned audience applauds playing whenever he walks into a room.

personality wise hes kind of a sleazy too-friendly tv personality type of a character, with a flair for the dramatic and an intense need to draw attention to himself. his hobbies are compulsively washing his big fancy red car and flirting with randy. he’s around his late 30’s and he’s real self conscious about showing age so you better believe he spends all his alone time in a sparkly bath robe with a green tea face mask on

so um if you guys have been wondering why i’ve been a little mia lately ( other than laziness ) i’ve been watching a playthrough of p5 because i was following a lot of blogs for someone who knew nothing about the game and uh

…….i’m totally hooked

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*

WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”


Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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