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We had a great weekend seeing our son one last time on campus before he graduates. The time goes too fast! He worked to get his accounting degree, which takes 5 years, in just 4 years. He’s moving to Boston in the late summer for a job so we are already making plans to go see him there.

Mother Bear’s pizza is a thing at IU. For some reason, I never went there the 4 years I went to school there and haven’t been the last 4 years of college visits. We got it in toady before we headed out. Now I realize what I was missing! Yum!

i never made a post for 200 followers but!! now i have 234 and thats fun bc chronological so!! thank u so much to my mutuals especially and to all of my followers. you guys have been amazing for the past few days and i honestly dont know if i would have made it through friday night without your kind words and support. i love you all so much!! (special shoutout to the leafs gc. yall are the bomb dot com and i am so glad i met you ❤️)


The captain is happy and proud that he can play for the first time with the national team on his home island Madeira.

“To play a friendly match vs Sweden here on Tuesday is a big thing and we’ll also present the EURO trophy to the Madeirenses. I think they deserve that because they were with us from the beginning.

“Thank you very much for the support you gave us, especially during the European Championship. Because not only the Portuguese from the continent and the immigrants in France who supported us were important but as well those from the islands of Madeira and the Azores were extremely important.

“This match is a homage to the people of Madeira because they deserve it that 16 years after the last time the national team will play here. I think it was a great gesture of the Portuguese Football Federation and I think it’s well deserved.”

back home again

I had a great week last week but its fantastic being home again. Ahhh the life of an introvert. So I wanted to hit on a few things: 

  • Sorry I didn’t do a bullet point list of my thoughts for 5x17. I’d do it now but it feels too late. I was doing good to have enough time to watch the episode, write up my H&H recap and post the link here. 
  • But I LOVED the episode. That’s the sort of angst I really dig because it’s so deeply rooted in characterization and development. It moves the plot forward. I look at it like Adrian saw a blockage inside Oliver’s soul, blocked by a cork, and he removed the cork. He thinks doing so will ruin Oliver for good, but it’s going to prove to be the opposite. This is how he heals. I’m beyond delighted about it. 
  • Looks like there was some great stuff that came out of HVFF in Chicago this weekend. I tried my best to keep up with the highlights. So grateful to everyone who went and reported back to fandom on all the little goodies. 
  • (if the flashback sex in 5x20 happens because Felicity attempted the salmon ladder and fell off and Oliver caught her or something of that sort, I will probably expire from sheer delight.)
  • I think we have some really great episodes coming up… if we can get through these three weeks off in April. 😩 Honestly, who thought that scheduling was a good idea?? 
  • I feel like it’s all gonna start paying off. The patience and the faith… it’s all coming together. I have my fingers double and triple crossed. 

Ugh. Monday. A Monday after a vacation, no less. I need about fifty cups of coffee. Have a great week, everyone!


Post-race press conference, Qatar

[Holy fuck Vale just went on and on and I didn’t want to clip what he said, so here’s the whole answer to the introductory question]

“I heard you say in parc fermé, if you were a betting man you wouldn’t have put any money on yourself. But that was a remarkable result after testing, and with everything that happened up to the race!”

“Yes, so. Start the season with a podium is always a great way - better than last year! But arriving from a difficult period like me. With a very bad winter test, sincerely bad from when I try in Valencia the new bike, and I never feel good.

But I have to say a big thank you to Yamaha and to all my team, because in all this period I always feel great support, great trust in me. And you know also the situation was quite critical…so. 

Something change from Thursday to Friday. Because on Thursday we still have the same problem that I had during all the test, and was very frustrating. But Friday was better. I continue to go quite slow, but I start to improve. 

So from that moment I was quite optimistic to arrive in the first five. But after Saturday you know we don’t make nothing, and the warm-up was very difficult; but sincerely for me, I suffer very much the high temperature - so the 10 degrees more that we had in the daytime. I finish the tyre after three corners. 

So this condition of the race was help for me. We change another time the bike for the race, and I feel good. I start, I don’t crash in the first three corner when a train come to me [Note: Cal clipped him from behind, that’s why Rossi’s rear-camera was hanging off his bike for the race] on my camera and everything. 

But after that, I enjoy very much. First of all, because I saw Maverick for all the race - that never happen in the test! And in the end I hope that Dovi was more in trouble with the soft rear, but I was also in trouble with the front on the right. So if I arrive there and for the push make a mistake, I was very angry. So this podium is very important.”

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What do you think of "Never Again"?

Never Again is hands down one of my favourite episodes. Definitely in my top ten.

I really didn’t understand as a kid during the original run. But now that I’m an adult woman working in a male-dominated industry, now that I’ve had a few more dealings with the complexities of relationships and serious illnesses and been steamrolled and depressed by the banalities of life… Never Again just hits me really, really hard. I am a shipper all the way, but I LOVE how this episode handles the tension in Mulder & Scully’s relationship. I love how it explores Scully’s sexuality. I love it in all its angst, confusion, and malaise. It is a highly sophisticated episode, it’s feminist af, and it ends with one of the most powerful, heartbreaking conclusions I’ve ever seen on the series. 10/10 would die for Never Again.

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So is Mance essentially dead at the hands of Ramsay or is there any reasonable chance he might survive? And since Theon is no longer there and probs dies at Stannis' Battle of Ice (depending on what theories your subscribe to), will we ever see Ramsay in a POV again? Whose would you think?

(TWOW spoilers)

Sadly, I think Ramsay was telling the truth about Mance being in a cage covered in a cloak made of the spearwives’ skin. The latter were seen helping Theon and Jeyne escape, and last we saw Mance, he was surrounded in the Great Hall. I hope he’ll survive for at least a little while longer, though, because I want his shenanigans regarding the crypts to pay off somehow. 

I don’t think Theon will die at the Battle of Ice. The birds being clearly possessed by Bran and Bloodraven were very very excited about getting Theon to the local weirwood. My theory is that Bloodraven wants Theon alive because he can challenge Bloodraven’s rogue protege Euron for the rule of the Iron Islands. And Bran’s a sweet kid more likely to pity Theon than want him dead; Theon described Bran’s face in the Winterfell heart tree as “sad,” and both then and as a bird, Bran keeps calling Theon’s name. So I imagine that Stannis is about to get his mind blown as the tree talks to him, and that Theon will be our POV on his abuser’s downfall. 


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Drawing of Prince Adam (the Beast), having teacup while watching flying dancing dandelion seeds from Spring’s breeze. ^w^

Saw the remake last weekend - it was great. ;)  I’m now in (animated) BatB obsession this time. XD 

Referenced from 18th century ink wash drawings for both the palette and the value/shading (Always respecting the animated film’s setting, while I love 18th-century stuff). Also the hands holding teacup was referenced from the coloring page, which it’s my favorite because of seeing my fave Disney hero. 

PS: I really love how Adam came in from this coloring page. It really shows that he has a “David” vibe from the Bible-related art/story after all. ^w^

Since I’ve been using an “imagination zone” of thinking back planning - BatB art (which I was delaying from drawing)… let’s just say that I’m planning to do more BatB fanarts (including my version of fandom drawing-dumps). Enjoy. 

So I’ve watched the final episode of Arc V.

I have to say that I really liked the duel. It was engaging, the music was awesome, the back and forth was great. And the new dragons looked super awesome! I think it was a very appropriate final duel, although Yusho challenging Yuuya at the end was something that I would have liked to see the conclusion of as well.

But with Yusho’s challenge…it doesn’t feel like the end. If I didn’t know that this was the last episode, I would think there was going to be at least a couple more for Yuuya vs Yusho. Still, I suppose in and of itself, a cliffhanger ending is not bad, and Reiji vs Yuuya was a great last duel.

However, everything outside of the duel disappointed me. As wonderful as it is to see Yuuya and Yuzu finally reunite, the resolution lacked real substance. It didn’t make me feel emotional like their reunion at the end of Synchro. And the magical teleportation of everyone to see Yuzu’s return…I don’t know, that just felt too convenient. I know magic is never going to get defined properly in YGO, but this particularly feels out of nowhere. And the world became one? How did everyone fit? It wasn’t like it returned to the original world, it was pretty clear they were still in Pendulum.

But by far the part I dislike the most is that the counterparts are stuck within Yuuya and Yuzu.

It would be fine if it wasn’t treated as a happy ending. The ending doesn’t have to be happy for everything, it can be a sad or bittersweet ending - but if you’re going to do an ending like that, don’t frame it as a happy ending, don’t have everyone be happy about the situation. So I don’t want anyone to mistake my meaning - I am not disappointed because it ended with the counterparts stuck together forever, I am disappointed because the negative ramifications of that are completely ignored and everything is treated as the perfect fairy-tale ending.

Especially after, just recently, Leo acknowledged that the four girls had their own lives that he had stripped from them in the pursuit of Ray. It was acknowledged, directly, in canon, that these were individuals with their own hopes and dreams. Now this is denied to them, and this is treated as the best thing, because they were “one person originally” - completely ignoring those very things Leo (and canon) acknowledged.

So why should I accept that everyone is content with this? Yuuto, fine - we’ve already seen him pretty chill with the idea of being stuck within Yuuya. I can accept that he wouldn’t be upset by it. Yuuri, I can buy as well, since he really had nothing else. Yuugo, I can’t. He’s too active, he’s too independent. Ruri and Rin we know very little about so I can’t say much there (although Rin to me seems unlikely to be happy about it), but Selena. There is no chance in hell Selena is at all happy about this situation. From the very start she has been aggressively independent, pursuing freedom and the chance to prove herself. And Shun…I still can’t buy that he’d be content with just knowing that Ruri is within Yuzu. I can’t buy that that’s enough after the lengths he went to, after everything he’s been through.

Despite everything, I love this show. When I say I’m disappointed it’s because it really got me invested, it really pulled me in and made me care about the characters. And I think that’s the case for a lot of people - I think that’s why a lot of us are so upset about how things have been going. Because it gave us high expectations from the start. And I think it could have been amazing, had it been given the time, the budget…whatever it was lacking that stopped it from reaching it’s full potential. Because I can’t accept that this was how it was meant to turn out. And I hope that maybe someday they can tell us the original vision for Arc V, how they had wanted it to turn out…

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Hello sweetheart i'm craving for an scenario with xanxus, where his wife had a great surgery on her last days, xanxus met her and she hold his cheek "you were such a lovely husband i would never forget you, a wild beast with a great humna heart" and then she dies, and maybe he left a tear just a single tear? If thats okay? I love your blog!!

xanxus doesn’t strike me as the type to cry, even a single tear so i tweaked it a little

His head fell against the wall, waking him immediately.  Looking around, Xanxus saw Squalo across the small hallway, stretched out on his own bench.

“You dosed off again,” he said.  “You should get some actual sleep.”

“Any word?” Xanxus asked, ignoring the advice.

“I think they have her stabilized, at least there aren’t as many doctors and nurses running in and out of the room,” the swordsman answered.

Xanxus nodded and repositioned himself so he was leaning more comfortably against the wall before closing his eyes again.  

A rush of sound woke the assassin, along with Squalo shaking his shoulder.  “Something happened. The alarm went off, they’re calling you in,” he said urgently, looking at the door to your room.

Xanxus was fully awake and walking through the door in a split second, a thread of doubt tugging at him.  

“Are you the husband?” one of the nurses asked, holding out one of the plastic scrubs for him to put on.

Xanxus nodded and stepped into the outfit, his mind numbing when he saw you on the operating table, blood everywhere.  

Pushing past all the doctors and nurses, he cleared his way toward you.  “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“I’m not going to make it,” you said weakly.  “Too much internal damage,” you coughed.  

“To hell with that, the doctors at the base are much better, Lussuria would probably do a better job than these trash,” Xanxus spat.

“Babe,” you said, calmly, moving your hand over his.  “They’ve all tried.”  You saw his look of anger drop to one of disbelief.  “Come here.”

He leaned in closer, pulling your hand to his cheek.  “Don’t,” he said.

You coughed again, some blood spilling over your lip.  “Thank you.  For being such a wonderful husband.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I married you.  That you were a wild beast, a dog that would bite the hand that fed it,” you said, coughing some more.

“Stop talking,” Xanxus asked, borderline pleaded.

“But who would have thought that the ferocious beast had such a human heart,” you smiled.  “Tell everyone I said bye,” you said.

“Please don’t,” Xanxus said, leaning closer to you, his hand keeping yours pressed to his cheek.  “Don’t die,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.  


Lazy afternoon and then an amazing dinner and drinks with my husband (who apparently is 3000% done with my selfies… sorry, buddy, you married the wrong girl for that!). I made it through about a quarter of the monster Monte Christo sandwich that I ordered and he finished it, but the sweet potato fries were so good, and I had a blueberry honey beer that was perfection, and I don’t even really like beer. It was a great way to cap off our last night in Pittsburgh!

I’m thinking about watching and blogging about some episodes in the lead up to the new season. I have a few ideas, but I figured I’d open it up and see if anyone has any bright ideas on episodes I should watch and blog about.

So far I have:

  • The first episode (which is defined how? The Pilot? The Crawling Eye?)
  • Mitchell (Joel’s Last)
  • Samson Vs. The Vampire Women (Frank’s Last)
  • Soultaker (Joel and Mike two great tastes that taste great together)
  • Diabolik (last of the old series)

Any other suggestions appreciated.  So..what do you think sirs?

Unpopular opinion but Cass was never THAT great to me. Honestly all of last season for me was kinda a bust. But I will always Stan Neda, Ika, and Kevin until they do something truely horrendous, not game related, or not human natured. Some of y'all criticize them for doing things y'all probably do everyday. Stop judging and enjoy the strategic game play. These people are playing for themselves not for you or your faves. Chill out

I had this really great dream last night where like some horrible wave of radiation had caused the apocalypse so all these small groups representing different politcal factions boarded up in different rooms of this big, spooky apartment building to save themselves and idk its was wild.