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Put some one in a better mood

Piece of paper
Write the person’s first and last name on the paper then say
“With all my light and all my might i put thee in a better mood by tonight”
Than burn the paper and bury the ashes
The person should be in a better mood before nightfalls

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The One Where It’s Kakashi’s Birthday (Kakashi/Reader)

It’s only appropriate to be late for Kakashi’s birthday celebration. Even he would be late. 

I did a few sketches for Kaka’s bday while watching PLL and then I ended up writing a fic to go with it, because the fic I wrote at 11.30pm last night wasn’t working out. Is this one any better? Idk I wrote it kinda fast and read it through once to do a quick revision because if I don’t get it posted tonight it’ll never see the light of day …

Also kind of a gift to @thefoxthief because Ash said she wanted more of my Kakashi/Reader fic but I’ll be busy with Kakashi Week! So hopefully this li’l ol’ rushed thing will tide you over for now. (-: 

Words: 1.970
Rating: General 

Kakashi stared in dismay at the scene when he stepped into his apartment. There were no paper streamers hanging from the ceiling or balloons floating in the air; there were no massive centerpieces or banners or anything else that would indicate that today was different from any other day. It’s not like he wanted a big celebration - truth be told, he hated the attention it brought and the false sentimentality people spewed for the sake of appearing to care. But he couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed that you hadn’t done anything for his birthday. You’d been dating the Copy Ninja for a little over a year now, and this would be the second birthday you spent with him.

Maybe how I acted last time made them think I didn’t want them to do anything, Kakashi thought as he shed his flak jacket and sandals at the door. He grimaced at the memory of his last birthday. You’d only been dating for a few weeks then and you’d been so excited to celebrate his birthday that you went ahead and made plans without asking him because “it was a surprise.” You had done pretty much everything Kakashi despised - you’d made reservations at a popular restaurant, you’d baked him an unnecessarily sweet cake, you bought a handful of gifts, and you invited an even larger handful of people over to your own apartment for an after-dinner surprise party. As soon as Kakashi caught wind of your plan, he balked and spent most of the day wandering in the village to stay away from you. By the time he showed up, he was late for dinner (which, you had expected him to be a little late but three hours was just ridiculous), he looked you straight in the eye and said, “I don’t eat sweets”, he wouldn’t even look at the gifts you’d bought, and he declined your invitation to at least go back to your apartment so you could whip up a quick make-up dinner (and, you know, have the surprise party). Without so much as a hint of an apology, Kakashi disappeared into the night and left you standing in the middle of the street.

Yeah, I screwed that one up.

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Been years since you’ve seen it, but
this is the town we grew up in:
painted gold with the kind of life
we could never afford living—
all rags to rags and riches to riches.
At least we had each other,
growing up on a block that looked
okay on the outside, but
came apart at the seams.
At least there was you and me.
This place wasn’t right, once you left.
And I don’t know where you are,
but tonight
I’m pouring one out—
For all the girls who never called back.
For the father who treated
closed doors like confidants and
held bottles like hands.
For the bumbling mess we made, growing up.
We spent years trying to catch air
in everything but our lungs. So,
wherever you are,
by god, here’s to us.
—  CHILDHOOD SWEETHEART, by Ashe Vernon (7/30)
aw let's get mushy

finley (yours truly) is feeling rather mushy and lovey dovey tonight so i’m going to do some 5sos ships! the last one was a bust so let’s get this one on the road bc i’m excited.

mbf: finny

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