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First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry

“It’s all gonna be okay. Trust me, I’m a Doctor. But it’s up to us to make it okay. It’s time to be positively rebellious, and rebelliously positive. As long as we stand up for what we believe in… don’t give in to anger or violence… look out for the little guy… keep an eye out on the big guys… refuse to keep our mouths shut… just generally trying not to be dicks… every little thing is gonna be alright.”  (❤️️)


HEY I’ve been working on this for a while please look at it

(It has a BACKGROUND I never do backgrounds)

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Im with you, while the gay part of me appreciates some aspects of the skin, it leaves an awul taste in my mouth that Widow gets like, no autonomy on different layers. On one layer she already doesn't have autonomy as she's given a sexualized design by the writers. "BUT SHE CHOSE THAT OUTFIT", uhm, she's a character, written and designed by males. She doesn't have autonomy. And on ANOTHER level, her autonomy as a character was taken by talon? So like... she really has NONE at all, on any level.