last odyssey

Mm. It’s the Dave thing….Welcome 2 Dave’s Helldome! Population: 1

     Dave adjusts. He takes his meals quickly in the galley, sometimes not even bothering to sit, sleeps less, and spends most of his time in the control deck. Mission Control changes too:  they’re now far more interested in how Dave is faring, and they start sending more video messages. Dave isn’t sure if this is a subconscious shift or not. If it is a deliberate decision on their part he could almost laugh. He appreciates seeing new faces at first, but the more he thinks about it the more it feels like pity, and he stops enjoying it so much.

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Hey guys who else is so pumped to go on another fun-filled adventure with Mario, for ten years, in which most of his friends die as they make their way back home, and when he finnaly gets there he needs to shoot an arrow through ten axes and the brutally murder Bowser and all of the other suitors

This is pretty cool, I’m thinking Insomnia for Alaska and Pearl Harbour for Hawaii.

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nickname(s): Bia … Once a friend of mine who used to live in Tuscany called me this way. It is funny how the nick is formed by three letters of my name.

star sign: Scorpio

height: 5′1

time right now: 8:46am

favourite music artist: Sting

song stuck in your head: Move by Little Mix

last movie watched: “2001: a space odyssey”

last tv show watched: an episode of How I Met your Mother on TV

what are you wearing right now: a cool pajamas ;)

when did you create your blog: This year but I don’t remember the exact date.

what kind of stuff do you usually post: Too many things. From The 100 to Doctor Who, from Star Trek to The Vampire Diaries, from Broadchurch to Jessica Jones, Everything is mixed. You can also find some post about Disney - Pixar and Studio Ghibli too.

do you have any other blogs: Yes. I have two blogs but I don’t remember the password so they’re useless even though they’re about two of my fave actors: Zachary Quinto and Robert Downey Jr. A third about LOST.

do you get asks regularly: No, but sometimes it makes me happy that people wants to know me or send an ask just for an advice.

why did you choose your url: Because Desmond Hume is my fave character so humeslady or hume’s lady symbolize that I would like to feel just like Penny, yeah?

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

pokemon team: I don’t have one.

average hours of sleep: 5/6/7 probably.

lucky number: 24

favourite character: already said, Desmond Hume :)

how many blankets do you sleep with: Two in winter, one or even none in summer

following: 321

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Favorite Anime/Manga: Ergo Proxy, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, the entire Studio Ghibli collection

Favorite Video Games: Long time fan of most of the Final Fantasy franchise, Last Odyssey, Valkyrie Profile

Favorite Books: Sandman, if graphic novels count

Favorite TV Shows: Fringe, otherwise see anime above. I don’t watch much tv anymore.

Last Song I Listened to: Monster - Starset

First Language: English

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Nickname(s): Raffe and every variation of it. I’m pretty sure Sade’s called me Aaruska at least twice
Star Sign: gemini
Height: about 167cm 
Time Right Now: 14:19
Last Thing Googled: ‘can you use any kind of oven to kill yourself’ and ‘does cocaine give you a hangover’. I really hope my mom never reads this
Favourite Music Artists: Childish Gambino, Olavi Uusivirta
Song Stuck in Your Head: JVG - Tarkenee by some fucking reason
Last Movie Watched: Lapland Odyssey!!!!! everyone watch it. Kapu is gay
Last TV Show Watched: Friends
What I’m Wearing Right Now: sweatpants
Blog Creation Date: can’t remember when I first logged in bc it’s been at least 30 years but I remade this blog in the spring I think
What Kind of Stuff I Post: all kinds of things
Do I Have Any Other Blogs?: I’ve got some urls saved but I don’t use em
Do I Get Asks Regularly?: no
Why Did I Choose My URL?: bc Aaro is my name and ‘rotta’ means rat so it’s a fun pun implying I am one (though it also means ‘Aaro-less’, so, idk, deep?)
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor :^)
Pokemon Team: Instinct
Favourite Colour(s): yellow
Average Hours of Sleep: about 7 I think
Lucky Number(s): 8
Favourite Character(s): fssdf Roday same, Arnold & John the dog from Please Like me & Grantaire from that book with them French people
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: I HATE THIS QUESTION I live in the Antarctic so I have an actual duvet on my bed always. blankets don’t to SHIT
Dream Job?: Matthew Daddario’s human backpack
Following: 95

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i watched A Space Odyssey last night and lo and behold - the inevitable. HS au where ActuallyAR!Hal learns the meaning of not being an asshole and killing everyone.

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last movie you watched: Suicide Squad
last song you listened to: Rap God
last book you read: The mf’n Odyssey
last thing you ate: fudge brownie
if you could be anywhere right now where would you be: with @wanderingpuck ngl (ur tagged btw)
where would you time travel to: Black Parade era MCR concert :/
a fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Jade from Victorious

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Photos Of Women In North Korea Show Beauty Crosses All Boundaries

Photographer Mihaela Noroc is on a mission to document diverse beauty by photographing women in every country of the world. Last month, that odyssey took her to North Korea.“When entering North Korea you step in a different world,” Noroc wrote in a description of the series for The WorldPost. “You already know that you will see huge monuments, statues and communist celebrations but you almost know nothing about North Korean women.”