last night was too much all at once


☇  hogwarts au

genre: pretty much fluff ( but maybe a lillll bit of angst??)

pairing: jimin // you

word count: 4,781

warnings: none

Description:  “hi, you don’t know me, we’re from different houses, and i’m not exactly sure how to tell you this, but i think your cat is in love with my toad??” was all you wanted to tell him. Only it goes terribly wrong when Park Jimin mistakes you for one of his one night stands. You hope that’s the last time you’ll ever speak to him, only it’s too late. Once you’re on his radar, you won’t be able to get rid of him.

A/N: inspired by a prompt i saw floating around tumblr!! although it got reaaaaally off track and long

selcouth (adj.) - unfamiliar, rare, strange and yet marvelous


“Agh!” you yelp, hopping backwards and scrambling for something to hold onto. You get a glimpse of a long, fluffy orange tail before it disappears under your bed. One of your house mates, Heeyeon, looks up from where she’s doing her Defense Against the Dark Arts homework.

“Why are you so loud?” she sighs, leaning back onto her hands. She watches as you slowly crouch down.

“That stupid cat is here again,” you say, frowning. Heeyeon slides off her bed and pads over to join you by yours.

“Again?” Both of you lift up the dark blue bed sheets that cover your bed, just in time to see a streak of orange fly out. You cry out, while Heeyeon fishes out her wand and flicks it. The door to your dorm slams shut, with the orange cat colliding into it.

Mreowwww,” it wails, scratching at the dark mahogany door. You wince at the noise. You’re sure there’s going to be scratch marks.

“How does it even get in here?” you mutter as both of you slowly walk towards it. You and Heeyeon decide to stop a good two feet away when the cat spins around and hisses at you, its fur bushing up.

“I swear, the poor cat is in love with your dumb toad,” Heeyeon comments, shaking her head. “Last time we found it, it was like kissing it.”

You glare at her. “Okay, it’s not exactly my toad. It’s Jungkook’s, and I’m just helping him look over it while he’s gone for Christmas.”

“Same thing,” says Heeyeon, tentatively using her wand to poke the large cat. It whips its head around and slashes at her.

“What the hell!” She scoots back, barely avoiding its claws. “Why is it so violent?”

“Well don’t poke at it, obviously.” You both watch as it continues to scratch at the door. A few moments later, the door swings open. 

Kyulkyung, your best friend since your first year at Hogwarts, screams, tripping over the orange blur as the cat streaks out of the room. She places a hand over her heart, her large brown eyes wide.

What in Merlin’s beard,” she gasps, “just happened?”

“Some cat keeps getting into the Ravenclaw common room and into our dorms,” you say, standing up from where you were crouching and patting down your robes.

“I’m seriously wondering how it gets in here, like you need to know the answer to the riddle,” adds Heeyeon. Kyulkyung’s eyebrows furrow.

“That cat seems awfully familiar,” she muses. “I feel like I’ve seen it around the corridors near Slytherin.”

Heeyeon wrinkles her nose. Back then, Slytherin and Gryffindor were mortal enemies. But now, it was your house, Ravenclaw, that absolutely despised Slytherin. Both houses were full of intelligent and clever students, causing a lot of competition. At first, it was just house points and academics, but soon it escalated to even Quidditch.

“That’s it!” Kyulkyung suddenly snaps her fingers, a triumphant look on her face. “I know whose cat that is.”

“Who?” you ask, heading back to your bed to collect your books for your next class of the day, which is Charms. Though it is Christmas break, classes still go on. They are easier though, the usual academic rigor gone since most students aren’t here. You take this chance to further your studies and learn ahead.

“The Slytherin hottie Park Jimin.”

You trip on your robes.


“Okay, so, how am I supposed to tell him?” Charms had just ended, and you, Kyulkyung, and Heeyeon are now entering the Dining Hall. All three of you eye the Slytherin table, eyes trained on where a certain boy is sitting with a few of his friends. You are surprised he didn’t leave for Christmas break.

“Just walk up to him and be like ‘hi, we don’t know each other, but your cat is in love with my toad, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t let it get into the Ravenclaw dorms again’ and then leave,” suggests Heeyeon, sliding into her seat at the Ravenclaw table. You nod hello to a few of your fellow housemates before sliding across from her, Kyulkyung next to you. All three of you dig into the delicious meals in front of you. There are cakes of all different kinds, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry glazed ham, lasagna, and many other dishes. 

“I can’t tell if you’re being serious,” mumbles Kyulkyung through a mouthful of food. Heeyeon blinks at her. “I am rather offended. I am being perfectly serious.”

“Blimey, the food is amazing, every meal is like my mum’s,” you say, groaning at the taste of the cranberry glazed ham. The sweetness melts slowly on your taste buds.

“But anyways,” you continue. “Are you sure it’s his cat? I don’t want to talk to him for no reason.”

“Yes, I’m absolutely certain,” sighs Kyulkyung, rolling her eyes. She stabs her fork into her carrots. “This is like the tenth time you asked me. Just trust me, will you?”

Heeyeon snorts. “Last time we did, we got caught snooping around in the Restricted Area and had to be personal slaves for Filch.”

“Okay, now that wasn’t my fault, Namjoon told me the books would be there!” Kyulkyung protests, crossing her arms.

“Please,” you say, raising an eyebrow. “We all know Namjoon is unreliable.”

“Either way,” Kyulkyung says, sniffing. “Just do it. I dare you, I’ll give you five galleons.”

You sit up immediately, leaning on your elbow and looking at Kyulkyung meaningfully. She rolls her eyes.

“Okay, fine, ten galleons.”

“Now we’re talking,” you say triumphantly, before standing up and brushing your black and blue robes. Heeyeon gapes at you. “You’re actually doing it?”

You shrug. “Why not?”

Kyulkyung snickers. “This is going to be amazing. Imagine the Ravenclaw brains going to talk to the Slytherin playboy. Legendary.”

You huff, before spinning around and marching towards the Slytherin table. You end up stopping behind Jimin, crossing your arms. No one notices you, all of them too busy talking and laughing. Finally you clear your throat and tap Jimin on the shoulders. He coolly turns around, and all his friends focus their attention on you.

He blinks at you, a lost look on his face when he takes in your Ravenclaw robes. “Yes?”

“Okay so-” you begin, only to get cut off.

“Look, um, I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, but if you’re asking me to give you another try, I’m not interested. Last night was fine, but I’m not looking for anything further than that.”


You blink at him, cheeks slowly heating up when you realize what exactly he’s talking about. Despicable Slytherins.

“God, you’re so arrogant!” You fume, face red and voice high with frustration. “Do you have that bad of self control? Why must you try to get in bed with every single girl here? Think with your brain for once instead of other body parts, will you? And to think you think I want to do- do that with you? Who do you think I am? I know my self worth, and I certainly am not low enough to stoop to your level.”

While you are speaking, Jimin frowns to his friends. “What is she talking about?”

“Jimin,” his friend Yoongi calmly deadpans. “She’s not Jihyo.”

Jimin’s blood runs cold. “What?”

“Jimin, you just ticked off and insulted one of the smartest sixth year Ravenclaws.”

Jimin curses softly.

“Wait, wait,” he interrupts your angry speech. You cross your arms, glaring at him. “I’m really sorry,” he says, having the decency to look slightly embarrassed. “I thought you were someone else.”

“Well obviously,” you comment. “Anyways, what I was trying to say is that I think your cat is in love with my - well no, not my toad, but Jungkook’s toad, and I’d appreciate if you’d keep a better eye on it because it keeps sneaking into the Ravenclaw common room.”

Everyone stares at you. 

“That’s it?” Jimin’s normal, slightly cocky persona is back as he finally focuses on you. You’re surprisingly not bad looking at all, and if you weren’t a Ravenclaw, Jimin would have categorized you as pretty, but his Slytherin pride refuses to acknowledge any good part of a Ravenclaw. He finds the annoyed look you are wearing sort of cute though, but then he shakes the thought away.

You sigh loudly, slightly exaggerating it. You shake your head while waving them off, before turning around and marching away from the table.

“Hm,” Jimin muses. “Interesting.”

Yoongi sighs. “What a bother.”


“How was it?” Kyulkyung calls out as you near their table.

“Uh, I don’t think it went very well,” Heeyeon whispers when she sees your dark thunderous look.

You pick up the nearest fork and aim it at Kyulkyung, who barely dodges it.

“Ah,” she says, scratching her head. “Was he too arrogant for you?” 

You give a little scream, marching away.

“Well,” Heeyeon says, shrugging, “I guess that’s a yes.”

Kyulkyung nudges her, pouting. “I’m going to have to owe her twenty galleons now.”


You really, really hoped that was the last time you would ever speak to Park Jimin. Kyulkyung and Heeyeon found it absolutely hilarious when you told him later that night.

Obviously, you were hoping for too much, when you realize that he’s been in almost every single one of your classes since the beginning of the year and that you’ve just never noticed. And vice versa, because now Jimin knows you, and he’s not about to let you go that easily, not when you’re an easy Ravenclaw target to irritate. He found your reactions entertaining and a breath of fresh air, because until you, no girl had behaved that way towards him.

And because of him, you were now the new hot topic of the school. It wasn’t entirely negative; new people who you found were pleasant became your friends. But that also meant that some girls were jealous of you, and all of Jimin’s friends knew you. You nearly trip down the stairs the first time Jimin says your name because how in the world did he find out?

“Y/N!” You hear your name as you exit your Charms class. It has been a week since break had ended, and now all the students are back. You are walking with Jungkook and Kyulkyung when you hear the annoyingly smooth and familiar voice. 

“Merlin’s beard, please not today,” you mutter, slightly defeated. Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “Is that Park that I hear calling your name?”

Kyulkyung snickers behind her hand, and you throw her a glare. “Yes,” you mumble, rubbing the area between your eyes. You really are not in the mood.

“Wow, what did you do to get on his radar?” Jungkook asks. You just shake your head. “Don’t even ask.”

“Hey, Y/N!” Footsteps near you, and you panic.

“Nope,” you say loudly. “Nope nope nope.”

“Stop running away from me, Y/N.” A hand lands on your arm, and you quickly jerk your arm away. Kyulkyung is giggling, and quickly drags Jungkook away. Jungkook at least has the decency to throw an apologetic look. 

What do you need?” You spin around. You are already getting ticked off.

“I have a proposal,” he begins, swiping a hand through his hair. Warning bells go off in your head. After all, your mother has taught you to never make deals with the devil.

“Nope,” you say, shaking your head. 

“Y/N, please, I’m serious,” Jimin says, sighing. He looks a bit annoyed. You’re offended, because he has no right to be annoyed at you when he has been the one doing the annoying.

“No,” you say loudly again. You then turn on your heel and then bolt off. 


“Not today, Satan!”


Jimin ends up cornering you right before dinner.

“Just listen to me!” He has an iron grip on both of your wrists so your hands can’t go to your wand. “I promise it’s nothing bad.”

You look at him suspiciously.

“What do you want?”

He let’s go of you slowly, seeing that you aren’t struggling anymore. You finally take a good look at him. He’s slightly sweaty, hair wild and sweat on his neck. His green Slytherin robes are wrapped loosely around him. You guess Quidditch practice just ended.

“Like what you see?” He smirks. You send him a look, and he bites his lips.

“Sorry. I’m kidding.”

You tap your foot. “Jimin, stop wasting my time. Just tell me what you need,” you say.

“Well,” he says, hesitantly. “I want to be friends.”

You’re not sure if you’re hearing right.


“I’m being serious.”

“But you’re a Slytherin,” you state blankly.

“Yeah, well, whatever, screw the House competitions,” Jimin shrugs. “It’s just I’ve been thinking, and I think you’re actually pretty cool. Um, no girl has ever acted the way you have, so, uh, yeah.”

You’re silent for a moment. You debate on just leaving, but when you take a closer look at Jimin’s face, you realize he’s sincere.

“Okay,” you agree. His head snaps up, surprised. 


“I said okay,” you repeat. “We can be friends.”

“Wait, really?” Jimin’s whole face brightens. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t expect me to be so friendly yet. You’re still annoying.”

Jimin flashes you a bright smile that leaves you a bit stunned, and taps you on the head. “Thanks Y/N!”

And then he races off, leaving you standing in front of the Dining Hall in confusion.


“PARK JIMIN.” Three days later, your voice booms around the room as you fling open the doors to Study Hall. Everyone looks up, eyes wide. There is a dark thunderous about you as you stride in, books in one arm and wand in the other hand.

Professor McGonagall shoots you an unsatisfied look.

You head straight for the back of the room, where your target is sitting with Yoongi, Jungkook, and Kyulkyung. 

Jimin looks up calmly as you approach. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Don’t ‘hey’ me,” you snap, throwing down your books. “Seriously, I have to tutor you in Astronomy?”

He shrugs. “You’re like the smartest person I know. And we agreed to be friends, no? Friends help each other.”

Kyulkyung chokes.

“When was this?” Jungkook whispers, eyes as wide as saucers. Yoongi just grunts, flipping to the next page of his DADA textbook.

“I know, and surprisingly you’re tolerable. But I never agreed to tutor you. How can you just tell the professor that I would?”

“Hey, the first person I thought of at the top of my head was you, okay? I need to pass the N.E.W.T.S. Plus, you’ll get some extra credit and a House bonus.”

You groan, sliding into your seat. “But now I have to take time out of my schedule to tutor you.”

Jimin glares at you. “You’re lucky to tutor me. Every girl would kill for the chance to spend extra time with me. I’m good-looking and not stupid.””

You prop your chin up, wrinkling your nose. “Yes, but you’re also a bit of a narcissist and jerk.”

“Y/N, it won’t be that bad,” Kyulkyung says. You look at her, betrayed. She shrugs. “I’m just saying.”

You sigh. “Well, what’s done is done.” You turn your attention back to Jimin, meeting his unreadable gaze. 

“Fine,” you say. “I’ll tutor you. Every Saturday, starting nine in the morning and ending at eleven at the library. Don’t be late.” Or else.

Jimin opens his mouth, about to protest, but one look from you shuts him up. 

“Okay, okay,” he yelps. “I’ll be there.”


It’s Saturday morning, and Jimin is very, very late.

You aren’t surprised.

But that doesn’t mean you aren’t pissed beyond belief.

You sit in the back of the library, arms crossed. Books are laid out across the table, along with former test papers. Even though you weren’t exactly thrilled to tutor Jimin, you still had to uphold your responsibility. You couldn’t change anything, so why not just do your best to prepare him?

But he’s almost ninety minutes late, and you are reaching the very last straw.

Fifteen minutes later, you finally get up. You don’t even know exactly how to feel. The fact that he wasted ninety minutes of your precious Saturday mornings was unacceptable.

You flick your wand, organizing your books back and papers back into a pile and storing them in your bag. Then you head out the library.

You’re not sure if you can get any angrier when you ears catch wind of something.

“Did you hear?” A fourth year you recognize passes by, whispering to her friend. “Jimin, that super hot sixth year in Slytherin is back together again with Jihyo.”

“No way,” her friend whispers back. “I thought he was chasing Y/N.”

“Well, I don’t know, but I heard some people from Slytherin talking about it. Apparently they, uh, slept together.”

You hearing roaring in your ears, and all you can focus on is the rage you feel within yourself. The underclassmen notice you glaring at them and they shrink, quickly whispering and scurrying away.

You toss your hair over your shoulder and stalk back to the Ravenclaw common room.


“Y/N, just talk to him.”

Jungkook frowns at you as you ignore him, continuing to quietly eat your breakfast. It has been two days since the incident Jimin. You’ve successfully given him the cold shoulder, and you scoff at the fact that Jimin doesn’t even know what he did wrong.

“Y/N,” he says, shaking your arm. You place your fork down quietly.

“Why do I have to talk to him? He should be the one apologizing, but he doesn’t even know what he did wrong because all that goes through his dense head is what under a girl’s clothes!” you snap. Both you and Jungkook glance past your fellow housemates to look at the Slytherin table. 

Jimin looks up with a smile on his face, just in time to meet your eyes. A pretty girl with long dark hair and wide brown eyes is sitting next to him, stroking his cheek and murmuring sweet things into his ear. You assume it’s the girl Jihyo. His smile fades when he sees your stormy glare. If looks could kill, he would be long dead.

You stand up resolutely, appetite lost. “I’m gonna go,” you say simply to Jungkook, before collecting your robes and fleeing the Dining Hall.


“I’m sorry.

You stare skeptically at the boy in front of you. Unlike usual, Jimin is hunched over, tugging at the sleeves of his robes. The usual arrogance and confidence is gone, only guilt showing.

He had tracked you down at one of the towers, and wind gusts around both of you.

“Funny how it takes you almost a whole week and one failed test to remind you what exactly you did wrong,” you comment. “If Professor didn’t give that pop quiz, you would continue being this clueless, huh?”

“I really forgot,” he said softly. “Really.”

“Stop lying, Jimin!” You throw your arms out in frustration. “Don’t think I haven’t heard the rumors. I’m sure you had a wonderful sleep last Friday. I bet you slept so well that you forgot that I was going to tutor you last Friday.”

It takes Jimin a couple moments to understand what you mean. His expression closes down.

“Really, you actually listen to the rumors? I know it’s my fault, but don’t go around assuming things when you haven’t even heard the truth from me.” His tone is unusually angry, barely controlled. 

You wave dismissively. “Well, what am I supposed to think when you don’t even try to tell me? You didn’t even know why I was made at you.”

Jimin breathes deeply, letting out a tightly held breath. He seems to be trying to control his emotions. “Look,” he says, his voice soft again. It’s smooth and soothing, but you shake the thought away. “I’m sorry, alright? I’ll make it  up to you. I’ll treat you to like, Hogsmeade or something.”

“There’s no need,” you respond. “Just find a new tutor, Jimin.”

Then you leave before he can say anything.


You still go to the library that Saturday.

And like before, he isn’t there when you arrive. Yet you wait, because you decide that even though Jimin irks you, he deserves a chance.

Thirty minutes pass with no sign of Jimin, so you sigh and can’t help feel disappointed.

You turn around, only to crash into a warm body.

“Oof,” leaves your lips, and you stumble backwards onto the ground. A pair of shoes enters your line of vision, and a hand extends towards you. You tilt your head up, and your mouth widens.

Jimin stares back at you, dressed in a casual hoodie and dark jeans. A small smile is on his face.

“So,” you say, “you didn’t forget.”

“And you didn’t quit being my tutor.”

“Well then, let’s get into the studying.”

You find Jimin isn’t dumb at all, in fact, he’s much brighter than you expected. But you don’t know why you’re so surprised, because Jimin is a Slytherin: ambitious, clever, and resourceful.

He catches onto your studying techniques quickly, and you find the mood actually quite enjoyable.

Weeks pass by, and every Saturday, you meet Jimin at the library. He’s never late anymore, always there sitting when you arrive, a gentle smile graced on his face. Soon, two hours becomes three.

You find the previous first impressions of him slowly melting away and disappearing. The prejudice you had against him before now feels childish, because Jimin is nothing like the rumors.

Yes, he still has an ego, and still can be narcissistic and flirty, but you slowly peel away the persona he has created to discover the real Park Jimin.

Jimin is kind, soft, and gentle. You learn how protective he is over his younger brother. How he’s only dated so many girls because he felt too bad to reject them, trying to give them a chance that maybe things would work out. You learn that he doesn’t heartlessly break hearts, and tries to do so as softly as possible.

You learn that Jimin also makes mistakes, like the one time he slept with the girl, Jihyo, in a burst of moment that was too rushed for him to actually think. That was what started the following rumors. You tell him you are sorry for assuming things, but he only smiles, and his eyes crinkle up into crescents.

Jimin is also ambitious and passionate. You see this side of him when you are observing him out of the corner of your eye, when you see how focused he is, because he really wants to do well. You see this during Quidditch games, the anticipation straining in his body, the need to win.

What you don’t know however, is that Jimin is observing you too. He notices your little habits, the light tapping of your pencil when you’re restless, the way your eyelids flutter when you’re tired. He notices when you think you’re sneaky and take little peeks at him. He tries hard not to chuckle.

Soon, the lines between the both of you are blurred, when each session leads to more intimacy; the way your shoulders lightly touch, the way your bodies always gravitate towards the other’s presence, the light brushes of fingers when you’re walking in the corridors for your next class.

You’re playing dangerous games, and all it comes down to is who falls first.


“You’re so stupid.”

Jungkook grunts as you scold him. He leans on you for support, hobbling on his left leg.

“How can you fall off a broom? You’re a seasoned Quidditch player Jungkook.”

“Just stop talking,” he mutters, “and take me to Madame Pomfrey.”

You snicker, guiding him forward, when you hear voices ahead.

“Jimin, I like you.”

You tense slightly, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook, who looks at you curiously. You continue walking, turning the corner, only to back up quickly.

“What the- what the heck, Y/N?” Jungkook curses softly when you almost step on his foot. He looks up to see you peeking slightly around the corner, and tip toes to see what you are looking at.

Jihyo is standing in front of Jimin, who has his hands shoved in his pant pockets.

“Jihyo, look, that one time was a mistake,” Jimin says, shaking his head. 

“But I actually have feelings for you,” Jihyo begs quietly. Jimin is silent, staring at the ground. 

Then Jihyo steps forward, wraps her arms around Jimin’s neck, and kisses him.

You make a noise at the back of your throat, right when Jimin shoves Jihyo back. He notices you and Junkook.

“Y/N,” he says. “It’s- it’s not what -”

“Let’s go, Jungkook,” you say tightly, stepping forward. Your grip on Jungkook’s arm tightens as you near Jimin and Jihyo. Tension is thick in the air. As you walk by, your eyes lock onto Jimin’s. They flicker with unreadable emotion. Something twists in your heart, and you quickly look away.

When you are well past Jimin, your steps fast, as if you are trying to flee, Jungkook breaks the silence.

“Y/N, you like him.”

You don’t say anything back.


Two weeks go by without talking to Jimin. You don’t go to the library anymore.

Your feelings and thoughts quickly get buried down though when the teachers start increasing the workload in preparation for midterms. In a way, you are glad for something to do. Kyulkyung, Jungkook, and Heeyeon don’t prod you anymore about Jimin after you blow up at them one night in the common room.

“It’s always Jimin this Jimin that!” you had yelled, slamming down your books. “Just shut up about him, my life doesn’t revolve around a single boy.”

Jimin also seems to get the memo that you don’t want to talk to him, because he doesn’t try to approach you. You avoid going to the Dining Hall in risks of running into him. You pass him by in the hallways sometimes, and occasionally Jihyo is with him. You avoid his eyes, ducking your head down. You can feel his burning gaze on your back.

It is a snowy Valentine’s Day when you receive a letter by owl. Everyone has left for Hogsmeade, either on dates or with friends. You had declined going.

You spend the day wandering the school grounds and playing with different spells. The owl comes near noon, when it drops a white envelope into the snow in front of you.

You lean over and pick it up, slowly opening it and sliding out the letter. 

“Come to the Astronomy Tower” is written in a familiar scrawl you can’t quite pinpoint. You consider ignoring it, but curiosity get’s the better of you and you find yourself trekking up through the snowy steps to the top of the tower.

As soon as you reach the top, you immediately whirl around, heart pounding. You first instinct is run.

A gentle but strong grip encases your wrist. 

Jimin tugs you, spinning you around so you are only centimeters away from him. Puffs of his breath rises up and mixes with yours. Snow particles dust his hair, and his cheeks and nose are rosy from the cold. You realize his grip is icy cold.

“How long have you been here?” you whisper. Jimin stares down at you, eyes roaming your face.

“Long enough,” he answers.

“What if I didn’t come?” you ask. He let’s out a loose chuckle.

“Well,” he says, voice raw, “I had to try.”

His eyes flicker down to your lips, and you lick them nervously.

“Just like how I have to try this.”

And then he swoops down and kisses you.

You don’t respond at first when you feel his cold lips on yours. But slowly you give in, and you kiss him back.

When you break apart, your lips feel slightly swollen, from him or the cold, you’re not sure. Jimin leans his forehead against yours, only breaths away from your face.

“Sorry,” he says roughly. “You can hate me now. I just- I knew I would regret it if I didn’t kiss you once in my life.”

You lean back from him, feeling cold snowflakes land on your face. “You idiot,” you say, shaking your head. “I kissed you back.”

He blinks at you.  To him, you look like an absolutely angel. “Wait. So. Do you like me?”

“For someone as smart as you, you sure are dumb when it comes to feelings.”

“Says the one that ignored me for two weeks.”

“Hey! Just shut up and kiss me, Park Jimin.”

Heyhey yall, Happy Thanksgiving~!! I’ve been at @tirakitsu’s house with the family, but more importantly the food!! G-gosh there was no lack of that, and after a rather filling breakfast I was really starting to feel the satisfyingly dull bellyache creeping up from such a filling meal~ <3 Shame I chose to crash where I did though, Tira seemed all too happy to doodle on the much larger canvas she was given~… (Don’t think I didn’t notice that tum after lunch though! I’ll get you back eventually!)

Managed to squeeze this pic out over the course of last night and tonight, though once I’m back home, I’ve got an art trade that I’m just about finished with that I’m excited to show off! Anyway, hope yall had a great day today, and the holiday’s not over yet! Grab some leftovers for a little midnight snack!


Tonight her family would be here. Every last one of them. They had spent so much time away from each other building their dreams. The price of peace for Prythian had cost this family too much. Once a year at Starfall they would all gather at the House of Wind for dinner and to dance the night away. Their family had grown since the war, they had all welcomed Lucien, Tarquin, and Alis with open arms.

They were a loud family, multiple conversations, laughter, teasing, and stories being passed around with the bottles of wine. Remembrance of the ones they had lost and still mourned. In response to a particularly snarky comment from Lucien, she replied, “Remind me to have family dinners more often.” She felt a ghost of Rhys’s smile next to her with spark of approval.

She looked upon the near vacant balcony, the music peaceful, calm as they all danced the night away. She was surrounded by people who knew the price that we paid to dream. The bastard-born warriors, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares, the musician born of destructive fire, the High Lord with a sailor’s soul, and the spy with a mother’s heart. She loved every last one of them with her healing but broken heart.

Dawn was approaching, the one vibrant violet star that had graced their presence all night slowly faded, trailed closely by a pair of crimson and amethyst stars.

She held onto Cassian and Lucien’s hands. Tears escaped, she felt a familiar sensation brush her checks, a ghost of a smile appeared on her face. She whispered, “Until next year my love.”

Seventh meeting

As promised, a little longer this time. We are getting to the good stuff!

Previous chapters: First meeting, Second meeting, Third meeting, Fourth meeting, Fifth meeting, Sixth meeting

Being as quiet as she possibly could, Hazel prepared another pot of coffee. She usually only drank one half herself, but she figured she would need at least twice that to fill the soup bowl that had served as Tobias’ cup last night.

Taking a sip from her own mug, she shamelessly studied the tiger asleep on her couch. Tobias looked almost comical on her small couch, his limbs too large to fit on it all at once.

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Dan Erikson - Part 2

Part 1, 7k, zimbits, homophobia warning, generally fluffy though, Samwell Men’s Hockey Team

Okay, so back to this Dan Erikson guy.

It’s three years after he wrote his article on Jack Zimmermann’s college experience and, look, he’s generally too busy to obsessively stalk one hockey player because his day job involves roaming the country and doing all the feel good stories that go on that last page of Sports Illustrated, but every once and awhile, he takes a night to watch Jack’s interviews and he’s not looking for clues, per se but…

Well, he is a journalist. And the answer to the unspoken question of the Blond boy in all the photographs itches at him. Because… journalist.

So for three years now, he sort of drawn his own conclusions. He notices how Jack never brings a date to events and he finds the blog of a certain Southern Baker and notes how there is an abrupt shift from sadness to ‘barely contained glee’ after graduation. And he notices that the “friend’s kitchen” Bitty shoots his most recent videos at is very nice. Very spacious. And so when Dan Erikson gets told that the Falconers want to meet with him (and that they asked for him by name), he has a flash of “they know I have been stalking Jack Zimmermann and I am about to be sued,” which, frankly, makes no sense but he still shows up to the meeting in his best suit and manages to look like a nervous idiot in front of all the publicity interns and if he thought it was bad then, it’s nothing compared to when he is shown into a conference room.

Because Jack Zimmermann is already there. Like… in the room.

It’s a good thing 50% of a journalist’s job is acting neutral in the face of anything because that’s all that keeps Dan from freaking out. But he manages. Admirably if he does say so himself. He shakes hands with George and then with someone from the Falconers legal team and then with Jack Zimmermann and they all sit down.

And the legal person- Michelle, he thinks her name is - she jumps in and starts talking about how this information cannot leave the room until written in an official article and they’ve already discussed this with Sports Illustrated and - honestly he sort of stops listening because Jack Zimmermann looks like he does when the Falconers have just won Game 1 of a playoff series. Aka he looks intense and focused and it’s not that he’s unhappy, per se, but he’s not celebrating quite yet.

Also, his fingers drum once against the table before he stops them and that reads as nerves.

Dan wants to tell him he already knows. That he saw the pictures three years ago and he’s suspected and this proves it and he still has no idea what he’s doing here.

Finally, Michelle goes quiet and there’s a beat of silence before:

“I’m gay,” Jack announces. “I’d like you to write the article.”

Dan blinks once because that makes no sense. For good measure he does it again before managing to push a word out. And then that word is simply:


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anonymous asked:

19+Stony please! :)

19. “We were never meant to fight on our own.”

This is incredibly late and I’m so sorry for that but I am also sorry because I took the angst direction with this one. 

So prepare to feel!

The Civil War had done nothing but create a huge rift between members of the team. They were no longer the family that once existed and everyone went their own way. 

The last time Tony heard, Steve had been in Wakanda but he was sure that Steve would have left there by now. Staying in one place, especially when you were wanted, was too much of a risk and Steve knew that. 

Tony decided to keep all of that mess in the back of his mind where it couldn’t bother him too much. He had spent too many nights wide awake, thinking about what he could have done. He had done the right thing, standing up for what he thought was right. But at the same time, a small part of him wished that things could have gone differently. 

He missed the small family that the team had formed and the constant noise that buzzed around the tower. 

He missed all the bonding time that took place in the form of movie nights, parties and small celebrations of birthdays. 

He missed the familiar warmth that slept next to him, wrapping him up tightly and pulling him to rest against a firm chest.

The tower no longer held that homey feeling anymore and most times, Tony couldn’t stand being there. But it got better after a while, when Peter made himself a more solid presence in Tony’s life. 

There was Rhodey too, who Tony kept close and by his side because Rhodey was one person he couldn’t bear to lose. 

Life was getting easier to handle but the nightmares never truly stopped. He stayed days on end in the lab and tried to avoid sleeping as much as he could. But his body could only take so much after a certain mark and he could crash against the work bench, deep in sleep. Tony preferred that way because at least then, those were dreamless sleeps. 

He was exhausted but it worked so he kept on doing what worked. 

But just because life got easier didn’t mean that it would stop throwing situations into the equation. 

Tony wanted nothing more than to leave the room when he came face to face with Steve Rogers, the man who got away. 

They stared at each other for a long while, the silence getting to the point of unbearable, as Steve stood right there in his living room. 

“How did you get in here?” Tony asked, surprisingly calm.

“You hadn’t added me onto the list of people who can’t enter the tower yet.” Steve replied and Tony mentally cursed at himself. That was one of the very first things that he should have done. 

“So you’re here,” Tony began as he gestured around. “In my living room. Why?”

“Because we need to talk.”

“I think we past that mark the moment you made it clear that I was the enemy.” 

There was silence once again and Tony sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t need this right now,” He told Steve, his voice a little weak. “I really don’t.” 

“And I’m not here to try and cause you any stress,” Steve said reassuringly, and Tony wanted to believe him but it was so hard. “I just-” He stopped for a moment and Tony didn’t know whether he wanted to hear what followed after that. 

“It’s been a tough couple of months and I’ve realized that I made some mistakes,” Steve carried on, fidgeting with the hem of his jacket. “and I want to correct that because Tony, something much bigger than this coming…like you said.”

Tony didn’t say anything even though a small part of him wanted to gloat to the high heavens. 

“We were never meant to fight on our own,” Steve continued, gazing in Tony’s direction in hope to meet his eyes. “And we need each other if we’re going to protect this planet together, so please…” He almost sounded like he was pleading. “Let’s try and work this out.”

It would be the right thing to do, putting aside their differences for the greater good. But Tony, so strongly, wanted to force Steve out of his tower and tell him to never show his face here again. He was angry, he was upset and he was so tired of always being pushed aside and taken for someone who didn’t hold any importance. 

But he needed to help and would never turn his back on those who needed his help. 

With a sigh, he nodded and gestured towards the seats, ignoring the small smile that Steve sent his way. 

We were never meant to fight on our own.

Tony gently brushed a finger against his bare ring finger.

He couldn’t help but wonder if Steve still kept the engagement ring he gave back to him. 

Thank You Karamel and Mon-El Fans

I’m so happy that there are other Karamel fans out there still. There is a lot of hate towards mon-els character, but he has gone through so much growth towards being a better person. In last night’s episode he admitted his major faults not once but multiple times. He didn’t make any excuses or blame anyone else (ex: “my parents raised me that way”).

I was so sad after Karamel’s breakup but seeing other Karamel fans stick together and possible news of things getting better in the crossover gives me hope! (^-^)

fuck “evil queens are princesses who never got their happy endings”

maybe they didn’t want the ending they were supposed to want

maybe they ascended the throne and realized it takes more than bird friends and handsome princes to rule a country

maybe they were born with a will of iron and lips unwilling to smile for every random stranger. maybe they were shaped by fire within rather than fire without. maybe they were bred to dark forests and ancient, crumbling castles and wolves instead of deer. 

maybe strength isn’t always a flaw gained through trauma. maybe sometimes a girl started off that way- and they may call her evil, but they also call her queen.


The prazosin helped me sleep last night, but I was super groggy in the morning. And last night I forgot to take my other meds, so I had withdrawal symptoms all day.

I was super out of it all day. Like at one point I walked into a classroom when a class was going on and didn’t even realize it until the professor was like “umm, we’re still having class here.” It was so embarrassing.

I’m so very stressed. Every aspect of my life is stressful right now, and I can only handle stress from like a max of 2 areas at once, if that. It’s too much, and I don’t think I can handle it much longer.

Apparently me posting lot of Andromeda is bothering few people since lost few followers since last night. Well guess what that’s pretty much all my blog is gonna be about for atleast this summer/spring, possibly fall too and possibly some SWTOR too once Quinn is back. And the occasional Star Wars reblogs plus other random reblogs.

If you were married to Wonwoo...

• waking up every morning and hearing his deep ass morning voice

• “what do you want for breakfast?” even tho he’s still got his face buried in the pillow

• “it’s your turn to do the dishes.”

• “no it isn’t! i did them last night.”

• your friends come to visit and bring their kids and wonwoo’s crawling around with them and once your friends leave he’s like “jagiya, i want a baby.”

• when you finally have kids, they end up being afraid of the dark and they make him check underneath their beds

• “i promise i’ll beat the monsters up if they come anywhere near you.”

• your kids asking if they can sleep in the bed with you guys and wonwoo’s too much of a sucker for them to say no so you’ve got two kids rolling around in the sheets all night kicking you in the back

• uncle mingyu makes visits all the time

• and he brings presents

• your kids constantly ask wonwoo for piggyback rides so you’ve got a giant running around the house with a kid on his back and a kid chasing after him

• the kids stealing his clothes and running around with his sweaters hanging off of them, while you laugh your ass off

• when he’s gone he calls like fifteen times a day to make sure you guys are doing okay

• he cried when you dropped your oldest off at school for the first time

• “they’re getting so big y/n.” *sobs for ten years*

• when you guys go on dates you drop the kids off with the boys and when they come back they’re hyped up on sugar and talking about some alien movie that they watched with their uncles

• “guess what uncle seungkwan taught me?”

• “what?”

• “how to do high notes!” *screams seungkwan’s ad lib from adore u*

• the kids jumping on your bed at 6 am every morning and wonwoo’s like “y/n get the kids…”

• “you’re the reason they’re here. you get up with them.”

• “appa, what is this?” *holds up eyeliner*

• “hey! don’t play with that!”

• an hour later you find the kids and they drew all over themselves with eyeliner and have given themselves mustaches

• “wonwoo, why weren’t you watching them?”

• “i told them not to play with it.”

• your kids end up drawing on wonwoo’s face with eyeliner when he falls asleep on the couch and sit there giggling as he walks into the kitchen for dinner

• he asks “what’s so funny?” when you start laughing your ass off

• “nothing.”

• basically the best husband/dad ever ok have fun with your life
i haven’t even done “if wonwoo was your boyfriend…” yet (its in my drafts and not done yet lmao) but i was watching mansae and just felt like doing this so yeaaaahhh… i hope you all enjoy, and feel free to request this for anyone you’d like! love you all ^-^

@beautiful-mischief liked for a starter…

The Convergence had been slowly edging it’s way nearer as the planets’ alignment narrowed, causing a range of strange physical distortions across the realms.  While an astrophysicist named Erik Selvig had an inkling of what might be coming, it was mostly ignored, passed off as the effects of climate change and ramblings of lunatics.   The effects of the convergence had been gradually increasing over the last decade, but even SHIELD had all but ignored the steadily waxing influx of anomalies.

Charlie too, didn’t seem to notice anything unusual as she boarded the last train home from the NYC Shield base of operations.  She was alone on the train car, not really paying much attention to anything once the train lurched forward other than to crank up the music in her headphones.  The tunnel lights flicker eerily, as they always do because, let’s face it, the subway is always more than a little eerie at night.  Either way, she doesn’t look up from her phone until the train seems to lose power and cruise to a slow stop.  It’s then that the goosebumps ghost up the back of her neck and she notices that the next car up is also empty.  

Quietly, as if worried she might startle something, she stands and creeps to the doors, tugging them open from the seams and steps into the tunnel, squinting into the darkness to locate the emergency egress doors that line the side every so many feet.  The overhead light hums to life for a few seconds and she spies the closest door, about fifteen feet of track behind the last car and begins to head that way.  Each step lures her further from the amber glow of the train lights and into a shadowy corridor of track that feels like it is very much alive with smoky tendrils swirling around her feet with each step.  Her hands close on the door handle and twist and the door swings open into still more darkness, though there is a strange whoosh as air seems to be pulled through the doorway as if it wants her to go through – and she does.

It’s embarrassing the way she staggers into a grand hall filled with blinding light and the sounds of merriment and laughter erupting around her.  For several moments she’s got flash blinded and her eyes try to filter the glaring light around her and then she realizes she’s not in a subway tunnel anymore and instead has stumbled into some kind of elaborate costume party.  

Unable to process anything more than that, she glances at her phone, ready to pull up a map and try to casually sneak out before anyone notices, but there’s no signal and when she glances behind her, the subway door is gone.

“Why the hell don’t I have any reception down here???”


The quality of being graceful
Or stylish in appearance.
A technique you seem to have mastered,
While my skill in the subject diminished.
Forcing painted smiles,
And putting on masks,
To cover the bags under my eyes.
Bragging about staying up all night,
When my inner thoughts,
Are the only thing stopping me
From creating good with what few
Talents I have been given.
When was the last time I made a smile,
Look as satisfying as you do?
When did I last decide,
That my self was important,
Instead of looking towards others for approval?
When will I go back,
To the way I was,
In a time that was far too simple?
Is it too much to ask?
To go back to the beauty,
And simplicity;
The elegance that once was within me.

Garland, Judy
(1922 - 1969, B. Frances Gumm)

The two tragic actresses were friends. Garland said, “I knew Marilyn and loved her dearly. She asked me for help - ME! I didn’t know what to tell her. One night at a party at Clifton Webb’s house Marilyn followed me from room to room. ‘I don’t want to get too far away from you, I’m scared,’ she said. I told her, ‘We’re all scared. I’m scared too.’” This was very much a case of the blind leading the blind. It was Garland who once said, “If I’m such a legend, why am I so lonely?” The last time they met was probably at Madison Square Garden the night that Marilyn congratulated President John Kennedy on his birthday.

Marilyn was a big fan of Garland’s, attracted not just by her fine singing voice but by the tragedy and hurt that characterized her life. Garland had been born into a vaudeville family and began performing at the age of five. Her film debut came at fourteen, and by the time she was seventeen she had received a special Academy Award for “her outstanding performance as a screen juvenile” in The Wizard of Oz (1939) and Babes in Arms (1939). Other memorable performances followed in For Me and My Gal (1942), Meet Me in St. Louis (1944), The Clock (1945), Ziegfeld Follies (1946), Easter Parade (1948), and A Star Is Born (1954), which earned her an Oscar nomination.

Marilyn liked to listen to Garland songs. “Who Cares?” was a particular favorite, and Garland’s classic song “Over the Rainbow” was played at Marilyn’s funeral. Garland had her own special insight into Marilyn’s death: “I don’t think Marilyn really meant to harm herself. It was partly because she had too many pills available, then was deserted by her friends. You shouldn’t be told you’re completely irresponsible and be left alone with too much medication.” In 1969 Garland herself died of a drug overdose.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.

The signs as pizza toppings
  • Aries: meat lover's special- a hardy and satisfying topping that ain't for everyone.
  • Taurus: pepperoni- a delicious classic that your mom loves!
  • Gemini: half pepperoni, half cheese- everyone loves it! Until the half they wanted is gone.
  • Cancer: white onions- as you bite in, you feel a tear in your eye. This wasn't what your life was supposed to be.
  • Leo: hamburger- fabulous yet over the top. After only a slice, you feel over indulgent and bloated. You avoid the rest of the pizza pie all night. It was too good to last.
  • Virgo: arugula- so much more healthy than regular pizza. So much more pure.
  • Libra: bacon- delicious af but you are passed out next to a toilet at 2 am after vomiting. The betrayal sets in.
  • Scorpio: garlic clove- you're iffy about trying this but once you do you can never go back.
  • Sagittarius: french fries- your friend had munchies and decided to get a fry pizza. It was actually pretty good.
  • Capricorn: cheese- it's not boring, god damnit, it's a masterpiece!
  • Aquarius: anchovy- who the fuck ordered anchovy pizza? Are you trying to be unique? Sophisticated? This is... actually tasty.
  • Pisces: pineapple- sweet and perfect. Why don't more people love it?

other than my mom being irritating, i had a nice night last night..

it was unexpectedly gay, too

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, I forgot to check the rules. Could I change my Nsfw request to a fluffy scenario with a jealous and pouty Aomine ? And the s/o comforts him and fixes his mood. c:

It’s all good anon-san, I’ve got you covered! Pouty Aomine, coming right up, female pronouns ahead. This got fluffier than I’d planned, but enjoy! -Admin Red

Warning: profanity?

What in the hell is it with other people today?

Aomine was walking behind you slowly, tagging you in the corridors while you went to class. For once he’d decided to spend time with you before the morning assembly, and thank God he did too, because he never would’ve realized how much attention you were getting from other people.

“Good morning, ________-chan!”

“Hey, Wakamatsu-san.”

What the fuck? Aomine narrowed his eyes. Since when were you friendly with Wakamatsu, of all people? He was loud and annoying and-

“Rest well last night?”

“Yeah, what about you?”

WHY are you talking to MY GIRLFRIEND? You didn’t seem to mind either, smiling happily at the various people who passed by you as you held conversation with Wakamatsu.

“I’m alright. Hey listen, I gotta run, see ya!”

“Ah, okay!”

Aomine growled under his breath, glaring at Wakamatsu as he passed. You turned to Aomine, just in time to miss your boyfriend’s death glare. “This is my classroom. I’ll see you at lunch, okay?”

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Prompt Fic!: Anonymous - “Rizzles, Trapped in an Elevator.” 

 Maura Isles attends four Rizzoli family dinners. She meets Jane’s mother and father, and continues to get along well with Jane’s younger brother, Officer Frankie Rizzoli. Vince Korsak comes to dinner twice; he’s an easy conversationalist, doesn’t get impatient when Maura pauses to analyze the appropriate response while speaking. Maura likes them all.

It takes nine weeks before Angela institutes Sunday dinner once again. This time, she is the one to call Maura and invite her for dinner. Jane does not mention it during their morning walk, does not disinvite the Doctor, but she doesn’t speak to Maura throughout the entire evening, even as Maura watches her push her mother’s gnocchi around her plate, watches her skirt her mother’s worried looks, watches her disappear onto the living room couch with her father to watch Sports Center. Vince Korsak is absent.

It is Maura’s seventh family dinner when Angela takes her aside on the porch before she leaves for the evening. Jane is returning to work in the morning – desk duty – with a new partner and new cases, and strict orders not to even ask to be sent out into the field.

Read More at or ao3

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