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An Ode to You

Sometimes I can be bitter
Sometimes I can be mean
Too often I forget that you’re
The whisper in my dreams

The compass when I’m lost
And yet the staircase when I’m down
Forging each fractured part of me
To sonnets and to sounds

This ode is for the castles
You constructed on your own
A cold and empty body had
More than she’d ever known

You make a word a story
You make a beat a song
You are the stars I pray to
That our love might just last long

I’m sorry that I’m bitter;
sometimes I’m beyond mean
Know I love you like a dreamer
Seeks the things she’s never seen

Each night when your arms hold me
I’m an atom missed in space;
For you’re everything I offer
Just without all my mistakes

- I love you // A.S
Intimacy has nothing to do with sex - it is so much more than that… True intimacy is a state in which nothing exists between two people; no space, no inhibitions and no lies. It is two people who are spiritually in unison, united in a way that transcends the physical….
You can have sex with someone but that doesn’t mean it’s intimate - and you can be a million miles from someone, unable to touch them at all and be completely intimate with them. Physical distance is irrelevant if you’ve reached a state in which the entire world disappears and only the two of you exist. Together you form an impenetrable spiritual bond… nothing can come between you quite simply because nothing exists between you. You are soulmates, each possessing the others key components… one simply cannot function without the other. You cannot lie to them – they know you so well it’s as useless as trying to lie to yourself. You cannot put on any false personas with them - they know, love and accept all of you just as you are… even the darkest, ugliest parts of yourself you’re too ashamed to admit… A person who is intimate with you see’s all these things without even blinking…. with them you are both utterly vulnerable and completely safe.
And THAT is loves deepest desire… For someone to KNOW you – who you truly are because they are the closest person you have in the world and they love all of you, just as you are.
You can be physical with someone and have them for a night – or you can be intimate with someone and have them for a lifetime…
Granted, intimacy involves more time, effort and risk… but the experience is infinitely more rewarding and the love it inspires will last a lifetime…

Plan for last night was just to have a couple of cocktails with Monic but then I’ve got text from Andrei. He took us to one of those clubs in Manhattan, on top of the building that has like it’s own elevator… and weird thing, they knew his name…I don’t know, I guess he was going to clubs a lot back in the days ahahha

I don’t think you understand how beautiful you make my world, just by existing in it.
—  Nicole Torres// excerpt #33

Title: Stories

Anonymous asked: “ That’s fine love I understand. What about Sherlock just read in to the reader?”

Characters: sherlock, john and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 409


Mumbling John turned and tossed in the sheets again. Normally he would have already been out of bed but the last couple of nights with Sherlock had been exhausting. Sherlock had dragged John with him on every case and he hadn’t had a proper sleep in a week. He was forcefully awakened when he heard a loud laugh coming from the living room. He instantly knew he wasn’t going to fall asleep anymore so he got out of bed, putting on his robe and entering the living room.

“morning John” Sherlock said, facing him. “morning” he mumbled. “I heard laughter, what’s going on” he asked, suspicious. “I was just reading” Sherlock said. “what are you reading anyway?” John asked. “I’m reading your blog” Sherlock said, showing John the laptop. “some parts are really funny” the boys heard as you stepped out of the kitchen and into the living room. “good morning John” you greeted him. “morning” John replied. “I didn’t knew you were going to be here” John continued. “if you want me to go, I’ll go” you said. “god no, you’re the only reason Sherlock hasn’t dragged me to a case yet and I’m grateful for that” John laughed. “you could always decline” Sherlock said. “yeah well, we both know that you’ll get me involved anyhow” John said. “where were we” you said, as you said down onto the couch. “right, John’s blog, the funny stories” Sherlock said, choosing on of the cases to read to you.

“Wow!!!!!!!!! What a day!!!!!! That was the best wedding ever!!!!!! Sherlock was amazing! Love is amazing! Fluffy clouds and little birds are amazing!!! It was all just like so amazing! I’m going to write up all about it here! Because you all love reading my blog because I’m such a good writer!!!” Sherlock read. “what a second, that’s you!” John interfered. “that was your entry when I was on honeymoon with Mary” John said. “or as I like to call it: ‘sex holiday’ ” Sherlock said. “yeah I know, I’ve read my own blog, you gigantic idiot” John argued. “well, I had to write something simple or else you wouldn’t understand it” Sherlock replied. “no offense Y/N” he quickly added. “yeah none taken” you rolled your eyes. “well I’m going, or else I’ll be late for work” you said, kissing Sherlock on the cheek and ruffling John’s hair. “you boys behave while I’m gone” you laughed, pulling the door shut behind you.



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No, mental illness itself isn’t beautiful.

Just the fact that you deal with it and you’re still here, is beautiful.

—  Nicole Torres //
#Educhums is the best ❤️

I’ve only been running a teaching blog (separate from my personal blog) for a couple of months now and don’t know many fellow #educhums yet. I went on a rant last night after finally being fed up with my admin, thinking that I would just be yelling into the void like I do on my other blog and that my followers would ignore it- but that’s not how this went. At all.

I have received so many sweet and encouraging messages over the past 24 hours that it’s truly amazing! Though my situation isn’t ideal, I am so thankful that so many of you have reached out to help relate to me and give me advice moving forward. This is such a great tumblr community, and I’m so thankful to all of you!!


Last night I attended Eric Velhagen’s epic one man show opening at George R. R. Martin’s gallery/theatre in Santa Fe (Yeah, George was there. Pretty cool). I’ve talked about Eric’s art on this blog before, but seeing this collection of brand new work all in one spot was just mind blowing. We stayed late after the opening and had an incredible discussion about art and painting, wherein he offered me a ton of incredible advice that has definitely motivated and inspired me. Eric was also kind enough to let me take a couple photos of his paintings to show to you here! If you’re in Santa Fe, go check it out! If you’re not, go to Eric’s website instead and marvel at his amazing work!

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writing prompt 59 with 2d plz and fem s/o ^^

A/N: like I told the last prompt, this has to have a song to it. There are rules and an explanation to how this blog works and I’ll put it in the tags for you c: I’ll still wrote this because I’d really hate to reject it but be sure to check the rules next time please. Thanks for requesting and enjoy 💕


59. “I’m yours”

“Stuart! Are you ever going to just talk to me about whatever it is?” you say in frustration.
2D had been quiet all day, it was strange since everything was fine before. You two went to the bar last night, hung out together all night, ran into a couple old friends, and went home. But since then, he hasn’t spoken to you. It was driving you mad since you didn’t even know what you did.
“Just drop it,” he murmured, not even making eye contact.
“No. You can’t just do that, you haven’t talk to me all day. And it’s like when you’re usually busy or just a regular silence. You leave this, this-tension! This tension that makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong,” you rant, dropping your shoulders when you’re done. Sadness wash over you before saying, “did I do something wrong, Stuart?”
He stayed silent, boiling the anger inside you.
“Well fine,” you murmur walking toward the door of the room.
“Y/n, wait,” he says as he shuts his eyes closed and finally turns to you.
You turn and lean on the door frame, arms crossed.
“I didn’t want to tell you because, i-it was just so stupid for me to get angry about it. At some point I wasn’t every angry at you I was angry at myself of being upset,” he exasperated before sitting back down on the mattress.
“When we ran into your old friends, you were so close with that one guy, the one you said you’ve known for years. He seemed so buff and cool and just the total opposite of me. You two were laughing and reminiscing and I couldn’t relate to any of it, I felt so excluded and I don’t know just jealous. Part of me was really afraid you’d want to get with him.”
Silence again fell in the room, but it was different, it was somber.
“Stu,” you sigh, kneeling in front of him. “I’m sorry for making you feel excluded. I just haven’t seen him in so long and he was one of my best friends. I’ve never even had interest in him, isn’t my type of guy-”
“And I am?” Stuart asked, looking away from you as a small laugh of ridiculousness leaving his lips.
“Yes Stu, you are,” you say, “you’re everything I’ve ever wanted. You’re kind, funny, talented, loving, I can go on forever about you.” You lightly guide his face to look at you by caressing his cheek. “I love you, and I’d never leave you for anyone else in this world. I’m yours.”
He looked at all features of your face, as if he it would be the last time he could. He grabbed your free hand and kissed your forehead.
“I’m sorry. I love you.”
A small smile grew on your face as it seemed you had finally gotten to him.
“I love you too.”
You sit next to him on the bed before deviously smiling, leaning back and pulling him with you, gaining bursts of laughter coming out of both of you that would continue on through the night.

Today I am superwoman, and I will hear nothing else.

I have the worst toothache possible (exposed nerve, will cost a ton to get it fixed, which I don’t have right now, so it’s a “put up with it until then” situation). It feels like someone’s taking electric shock to my entire jaw if it touches air, if I drink, if I laugh, if I eat. It’a a take-your-breath-away kind of pain that’s kept me up for the last couple of nights, and pain-killers can’t even begin to touch it.

Despite this, I have completed customer orders, was a guest on a podcast, made a meal for my husband, cleaned, showered/dressed/got my make-up on, and wrote up various blog things.

Now I just have to keep this up for a few hours more. I mean if you grimace hard enough it kinda starts to look like a smile, right?

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So I finished Words of Radiance last night, and it was incredible. I have no real coherent thoughts right now just a lot of internal keysmashing.

The most important thing to come out of this however, is the fact that I am now caught up on the cosmere (with the exception of a couple of the novellas but I’m waiting until arcanum unbounded comes out for those) and I don’t really have to worry about spoilers anymore.

So if you post a lot of cosmere (any part of it: Mistborn, Elantris, Warbreaker, Stormlight, etc.) please like and/or reblog this so I can follow you. If you know of any cosmere blogs tag them for me. I want my dash flooded with Brandon Sanderson.

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question!! do you have an overwatch oc ? (im new here, if you've mentioned them before!! but i lov ocs,,) - soft 'non

Hello, Soft ‘Non, and welcome to hell my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay~

I, too, am a soft bean, for just last night and today I was fawning over how wonderful my followers are and how gorgeous their blogs are. <3 <3 <3

As for OCs, I do actually have a couple retaining to Overwatch! Recently, there’s been talk of a quite new OC of mine, which has been created with the help of my followers actually! She’s a youngun (fourteen to be exact) named Charlotte (Charlie for short) and she was taken in by the Junkers (specifically Junkrat). In the next week or so, I’ll be posting a picture/ref of the dear girl, as I’ve previously promised to do. (Though it’s been a longer wait than originally planned but that’s just kind of how I end up doing things, unfortunately. <D)

Along with Charlie, I have three omnic OCs and an Overwatch sona/self-insert character who’ve I actually considered making my faceclaim on this blog (so you guys have a face to put with the writing) but I haven’t finalized or even really spoke about the idea before now. X3 I have a couple other human OCs as well, both guys aaaannd assassin trainees by day/strippers by night. Keep your judging eyes away from me. <D

I’ve actually considered kinda showing them (and my art in general) off on this blog a few times but I’m not sure whether I should just make a separate blog for that instead (like the dead as a graveyard art blog I have tucked away for safekeeping or kind of an ask blog for them??). I dunno, I’m always thinking about stuff I’d like to do/add to the blog but I’m not sure what kind of impacts they’ll cause, so I tend to hold back/send out little hints to see my followers’ opinions first. ^-^ Everyone’s input counts, even the quietest bean.

That being said, if y’all are interested in my OCs, pLEASE ask me about them, ask them questions for all I care (if you’re interested in doing so after I’ve actually talked about them a bit more); I would love to share them with you guys. ^0^

Forest eyes met auburn eyes
When I looked up to find you studying me, like I was an answer made out of questions.


“I’m just figuring out what they’ve been talking about.”

“Explain, please..” My own confusion is clear.

“You don’t hear it?”

After a few seconds of silence, with the occasional wisp of wind, you continued,

“The moon and sun keep sharing stories
about someone that makes even the mountains breathe.
Well, we’re the only ones out here, and now I know what the fuss is about.”

—  Nicole Torres // excerpt; “Existing Magic” //
Story Time

Last summer, I boarded with this wonderful couple who taught at my college and had a night every week where students could just come hang out away from campus. A delightful, loving couple– true bae goals. Also very religious, so I didn’t ever even consider coming out to them. One Sunday they had a lunch and hosted another professor I admired very much and a guy I sorta knew who’d gone to my college and then went on to seminary.

The LGBT community came up as a topic of conversation. I kinda shrank down and tried to turn invisible.

I don’t remember exactly what was said, but seminary student mentioned a friend of his who is gay and a pastor (I visit his blog once in a while and if you ask I’ll link you) and noticed that I was uncomfortable. I think he may have suspected I was queer– he sent me a very long and rambly message on facebook a day later saying that he noticed I was uncomfortable and that he sympathized, but he skirted around the topic of queerness, which was good, because I wasn’t about to come out to him.

Anywho, I was just remembering that because his latest facebook post is a picture of him, his gay pastor buddy, and other seminary folks handing out water bottles that say “you matter” at his local pride parade. I wonder if it would be weird to tell him I appreciate his support.

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Hi, hi! I feel like I haven't dropped by your account on days *yoosung crying emoji* you're seriously one of my favorite headcannon writers!💞 so, I really hope you're doing well! Also, i apologize if this is a bit abrupt, but i was also wondering if your still doing the 'let's talk' thing?

hey, love!💛 

it’s ok, my blog has been…A Mess the past couple days;; *hello darkness my old friend plays in the background* but don’t apologize! Yeah, the ‘let’s talk’ thing is still A Thing!! Send me anything!~ Things were just going to fast last night, I didn’t have time to link it lmao

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Imagine group text.... You meet BTS the night before at an award show after party and you're a backup dancer that preformed during the show. You exchange numbers with them and the next day they're all hitting on you and arguing with each other over who should get you in the group chat. BTW...I can't believe I'm just finding this blog

I’ve only had this blog for like 2 months so not surprised 😂 I can tell this ones gonna be a challenge but who doesn’t like a little challenge

I’ll try to have the last couple of request done by then end of the week