last night was good as heck

my neighbour has like 6 kids and they’re all loud plus the mom is constantly yelling at them and last night they were outside until like 11:30 and oh my goodness all of them are constantly screaming and like i know they’re kids and thats what kids do but it’s so annoyyyinnggggg 

Random things my friends have said (starters)
  • "You're a trash can full of light."
  • "Look at my legs!!"
  • "Nothing says good friends more than murder."
  • "I love you, bitch."
  • "Sorry, I was really drunk last night."
  • "FIGHT ME."
  • "You know what would make me happy...iF YOU WENT TO FUCKING SLEEP."
  • "I love making people cry."
  • "Do it For the Sex."
  • "Come here, I'll brush your hair."
  • "I have no idea what I'm doing."
  • "That's Gay™."
  • "You look like a fish."
  • "This is bullying!!"
  • "Mosquitoes should have abortions."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "I can be sexy AND sad."
  • "*does taxes at A L P H A S P E E D*"
  • "(deep voice) JUICY."
  • "You're the biggest nerd I've ever seen."
  • "My socks are better than yours."


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BOKUAKA [Bokuto/Akaashi]

Among Us (verse, M) by dgalerab - I will personally advocate for this fic series until I die - I didn’t think I’d even like an X-Men AU but the dynamic and characterisation and character development and drama is just? too good to ever put down?? Whenever I share it with other people I advise them to read at least the first three chapters before passing judgement and I don’t yet think anyone has actually turned away from it after doing so. read also: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g by dgalerab, starting with Notes: Bokuto Koutarou (G)

arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to (oneshot, G) by earlgrey_milktea - Character study and the consequence of familial expectations. Hooo boy, this was the first BokuAka fic I ever read and it still hits hard. So, so well done.

better than spy films (oneshot, G) by dalyeau - Akaashi is Kuroo’s new roommate and Bokuto falls in love. …Yes I know it’s not much of a rec when all of dalyau’s fics are some of the most popular BokuAka fics on AO3 but~ they’re exactly that for a reason and I’ll forevermore adore the heck out of them. read also: love in the time of wifi (G), tea-stained polaroids (G)

bitter (twoshot, G) by silvercistern - Valentines/White Day fic. The fact that these two chapters were posted on the corresponding days make them all the more sweeter– or… not sweeter? Good bitter? (And yes, the countdown to White Day was agonising purely because I couldn’t wait for this update and it was so, so worth it.) A headcanon I could 100% believe in Akaashi and, of course, no-one would pick up on something like that faster than Bokuto Koutarou. Super quirky, completely adorable. read also: Character Development (T)

full hearts and flower emojis (multi, G) by lagatos - Akaashi discovers that his garden has a serial flower thief every morning. Featuring my favourite trope - KuroAka being best friends and roommates - and dialogue that had me smiling for daaaaays. I can’t even do it justice in words but, if you’re craving something light and cute as heck, this is your fic.

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Original #11: I Know What Happened To Mike O’ Brien

Length: Long


I’m a midnight listener. There are many of us around the world, but as far as I’m aware of, I’m the only one on my campus.  During the day, I’m your ordinary college student. But at night, more specifically during the hours of midnight to 2am, I’m the school’s midnight listener. What I do is simple. I listen.

During those hours, students come into my “office” – an old storage room in the top floor of my dormitory. They sit infront of a large black curtain that separates me and the student. That way, they can’t see me, and neither can I see them. That’s why students like to come to me instead of the school counsellors. They enjoy the anonymity, the privacy of being able to speak their mind about their worries and troubles without judgment or repercussions. So they lock the door, sit infront of the curtain, and then they speak. What they say is entirely up to them. Most of my sessions revolve around people talking about their family, relationship, and academic problems. Some speak about their mental illnesses and how they’re coping. Some tell me secrets they’re too ashamed to speak publicly of.

I’ve been running my sessions for a while now. I’ve heard from many different people. Usually I listen, and then I forget. It’s my coping technique for not empathising too strongly. However, there have been a couple of instances that particularly piqued my interest. This is one of them.

This is the story of Mike O’Brien, a senior in my college.

A month ago, Mike vanished. At first, nobody batted an eyelid. This was college after all and people were bound to go AWOL for a while. But when all calls and messages to Mike went unanswered, people started panicking. The school was notified, who called Mike’s parents, who called the police. Statements were taken and posters were printed. Search parties were organised, but none were successful.

A week later, the police received an anonymous phone call about Mike’s return to his dormitory. The caller was unable to provide any concrete proof. The call was subsequently treated as a prank, and was ignored. That same night, at around 4AM, the police received a second call about Mike. This time, it was from the school’s residence office. The student living next to Mike’s room had called up the office and complained about loud and repeated thumping noises coming from Mike’s room. Half an hour later, the office sent someone up with a key, and Mike’s body was subsequently discovered. He was hanging from the makeshift pull-up bar in his room.

According to the office staff, Mike’s body was swaying from the rope, even though there was no breeze in the room. His feet made loud, steady thumping noises as they hit against the wall. The swaying promptly stopped right after Mike was discovered.

A review of the CCTV footage showed Mike stumbling back to his room. His body movements were consistent with that of a drunk. Nothing was amiss, except the fact that Mike was walking with a pronounced limp. Mike never had a limp at any point in his life. The coroners were unable to explain this, however. Mike’s death was subsequently ruled as a suicide, although his one-week disappearance remained unexplained.

Now up until this point, I’d no personal interest at all in Mike’s case. It was shocking, sure, but I didn’t know the guy personally. So I didn’t care. But that all changed the night Ryan came to speak with me.

It was a couple of nights after Mike’s body was found. I’d just settled down in my office when I heard the door squeak open. I couldn’t see the door from my seat, but could make out a shadow drifting across the room before plopping loudly onto the chair across the curtain.

“Midnight listener here. How may I address you?” I called out.

Silence, and then an uncertain chuckle.

“You don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to,” I continued.

The silence continued, before a reply: “Ryan, I guess.”

“Hey, Ryan. Whenever you’re ready.”

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lukas relationship hc’s

ask: @nintendoodler: “you said you were lookin for some FE echoes idea and I agree there’s a lack of reader insert stuff, so could I ask some Lukas/reader if that’s ok??”

a/n: i’m assuming u meant hc’s?? if not, shoot me another ask my guy

  • lukas is reserved with his affections. he isn’t a very physical guy, so he’d prefer to show it through the words he says. he’s not a flatterer, so expect everything he says to be meaningful.
  • even with the above in mind, he doesn’t showing his love through physical affection, just not in public. 
       + though, he will give forehead/hand kisses in public (as long as python isn’t looking because he won’t live it down).
  • he’s one that remembers the little things about his s/o. like, he notices their favorite way to wear their hair, the ticks they have when they’re lying or nervous, heck, even what they smell like.
       + going along with this, he’s also a leslie knope type in which he’s like: “[name], a month last week we both had pegasus cheese for the first time. i got you this to remember that.”
         “lukas what how do you even remember that.”
  • he gets really deep late at night. he’ll just be cuddling up to you, lazily playing with your hair when he starts to let all his doubts be known. his s/o is surprised the first time he does this because it’s so unlike him. 
       + [name] is very good at reassuring him, though, it doesn’t take much. he’d thank them with a kiss on the cheek before dozing off.
  • lukas is super tense because of all the stuff that’s going on, so if his s/o gives him a massage he will 100% be putty in their hands.
Stefan & Klaus (ft Kol) Imagine

Anon - prompt 22 please with stefan like the reader have turn her humanity off

 #22 “Who’s going to stop me, you?”  

Anon - Hi, can u do an imagine where the reader turn off her humanity and klaus help her because he love her please?  

*Instead of making two imagines of this I’m mixing them up hope you don’t mind*

(Warning: Mentions of death, Long as heck)

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Just Relax

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words:  832
Requested by Anonymous:  Can you make a one shot about how the reader and Sam are dating and he just came home from a hunt and the reader puts his hair in a man bun and it gets all fluffy and cute (not the man bun, the scene) 


          You hadn’t been allowed to go on the hunt because of the leg injury you sustained on the last one. So, you had been back at the bunker by yourself while Sam and Dean were off on the hunt. You worried about them all the time, but you did your best to stay positive.

           When you heard the door of the bunker opened, you hurried toward them as quickly as you could with your leg, “Both in one piece?”

           “Both in one piece,” Sam nodded, “Hi, Baby.”

           “Hi,” you grinned as they made it to the bottom of the stairs.

           Dean hugged you quickly, kissing your cheek, “How’s the leg?”

           “Still attached,” you answered.

           “That’s good,” he grinned, “I’m gonna go shower and disappear for a while. You two have fun.”

           “See ya later,” you waved as Dean walked down the hallway.

           Sam walked to you, “So, how about greeting your favorite Winchester,” he smiled, looking down at you.

           You put your arms around his waist and looked up at him, “Welcome home, Sammy,” you smiled.

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the poll is at 44.8% you guys!!!!! that is 0.1% more than the highest percentage of last night

in the nine hours after power voting friday night the number went up 7.4%, that’s more than 0.8% pr hour!! if we give it as much as we did last night we could get the number to 50.4% in the next 7 hours (where i’m guessing they’ll strike, like they did today). 50.4% is not enough overall, and if we get there we will have to keep voting!!! but this shows that if we keep up the good work, keep our spirits high; we can do this, we can win this!!!

vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote

Boyfriend! Jackson

  • The cutest wang puppy who will stare into your soul and know no personal space.
  • He saw you walking pass the school library multiple times when he came to visit Jinyoung and alwasy nudge Jinyoung to check out that cute looking person.
  • he actually came by to visit Jinyoung more so he can get a glimpse of you walking pass because he doesn’t know what class you’re in. 
  • he’s a social butterfly, but when he try to quickly walk to say hi to you, you were always in your own little world with earphones on so he doesn’t know how to get your attention.
  • One lucky day when he actually came to the library to borrow a book for his assignment, there you were sitting with your laptop typing away.
  • “Hi I’m jackson I seen you a lot and thought maybe we can get to know each other??” cue his dazzling smile that he knows always work on girls.
  • you just stared at him and ask if he wanted to use the seat infront because there was no other seat.
  • he really tried to be cool the first couple weeks you guys know each other but you thought he was more cute and eventually he just act like a cuddly puppy after months of trying to impress.
  • he ask you to be his girlfriend one day when you caught him just staring at you across the coffee table. 
  • “you’re very cute and your smiles are so great and i want to be one of the reason to make you smile socanyoubemygirlfriendthankyouiappreciateit”
  • you:”..what?”
  • “isaidbemygirlyesyes?”
  • You: “stop saying it so fast or i’ll say no”
  • “i sa- wait you heard it.”
  • he likes putting you in his hoodies because it looks like you being swallow up by it and it makes him want to hug you all day.
  • an affectionate boy who likes to hold your hand whenever given the chance.
  • holds your hand, “So we don’t get lost. stay close to me”
  • ask for cheek kisses when he wants attention and rest his chin on your shoulder. 
  • entwined his fingers with yours when you guys go out to eat at the nearby restaurant while waiting to order.
  • still holding onto your hand even though you guys have to flip through the menus and the waitress is giving side-eyes right now. jackson doesn’t seem to notice.
  • he’s just a very touchy person who wants to show his love to you through action.
  • squeal your name while flailing his hands around when he spots you across the school campus and runs up to pick you up.
  • this is good if from the front and you see him coming, but sometime he does that from behind and you’re screaming because who the heck is trying to pick you up.
  • you don’t really get hit on since he’s usually close by and showering you with skinship.
  • a loud and hyperactive boy that tells you things he want to do for dates because he read it on a teen magazine by the register stand at the grocery store last night while he went to buy more organic green tea for his stock.
  • introduce you to his friend as “my girl”.
  • says I love you a lot but prefer you to give him a smooch as a reply. no matter where you are. jackson this is public place and he still leaning in for you to kiss his cheek.
  • show up with little cute couple stuff to give and said you guys are couple goal. 

???: Is this thing..? Working?

???2: Oh look! Yeah, it’s recording!

???: Oh! Awesome!

Bossuet: Hello, internet! My name is Bossuet.

Joly: And I’m Joly. According to my sweater, anyway.

Bossuet: *snorts* I love that thing.

Bossuet: Anyway, you guys are probably thinking “where the heck is Grantaire?!” Well, to answer your question, he’s sleeping off a very bad hangover right now. Poor thing seemed so good last night, then I…I guess the whole Feuilly and Enjolras thing fucked him up a little.

Joly: Yeah… either way, he drunkenly asked us to, quote, “go answer some fuckin’ questions, knock yourselves out dudes, I’m goin’ to fuckin’ sleep”. So here we are! 

Bossuet: We’ll answer…pretty much anything, honestly. Joly and I are pretty open people.

Joly: Yup! So go ahead.

[the ask box is open for Joly and Bossuet]

Omg!! Thank you all so so much!! Wth!! Wasn’t it last week or something that I hit 500!! Heck, I appreciate it so much!! I feel I don’t deserve this but oml thank you!! You all are so kind and sweet,and mean so much to me!! Ilysm <333 I’m not sure if I should do something, but if you have any suggestions to help me out that would be cool lol. Once again thank you all so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night,and stay hydrated lovelys !!!

Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Mutant!Reader- Karaoke Night

Here’s @axa-vega ‘s request that I wanted to work on for awhile.  I’m really sorry I haven’t posted anything recently, I’m planning on writing way more fics during the summer, which is less than 16 school days for me.  Have a nice day, guys!!

Warning: Blood, Gore, Swearing, Guns

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Are you insane? Antonio Dawson x Reader

Originally posted by nomabankss

(Gif not mine, credits to owner)

Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

Warnings: Mention of Sexual Assault, mention of death

Summary: The team are in a crime scene and hell breaks lose

Requested: yes/no

Author’s Note: Considering writing part 2? It’s probably going to be the dinner scene. If you want a part 2 let me know! 

Requests are opened


The first few weeks working in intelligence was chaotic, but coming from the very problematic narcotic unit, it wasn’t something Y/N couldn’t handle. Even though she knew Rusek and Atwater from the academy, being the new girl wasn’t easy.

Y/N was transferred by Voight requests, but only he and Halstead and Rusek knew the real reason of her sudden move of unit. Narcotic was dark and ruthless; they didn’t care for justice, they only cared for money and power. Y/N was the only woman in the unit and at first she wasn’t worried about it, but when the hands of the sergeant had gripped on her wrist and pushed her up against her desk; she knew it was trouble. No one else was in the office, but her cries weren’t enough for someone to hear down the hall. His dirty hands tore her jeans open as his lips sank into her tore up white shirt.

When all the sudden Detective Halstead and Rusek had barged in the office right after they heard Y/N’s cries and pleads. It was a casualty; they were only there to get some information about a drug dealer, but they found something else. The sergeant had pushed her aggressively from his tight grasp as the two men had rushed in with their weapons in hand. The situation spoke for itself, Y/N was thrown on the floor with her clothes ripped open while a stream of tears ran down her cheeks as the sergeant stood only a few feet away from her. If it wasn’t for them, God knows what could’ve happened.

Months had passed since the incident in Narcotics, but nothing was stopping her from going further into her career. “Good morning.” Y/N smiled happily as she walked in the office with her usual cup of coffee in hand. Voight nodded back at her as he quickly got in his own office to settle down his things as Erin sat on the corner of Y/N’s desk, waiting for her.

“Good morning to you, you look way happy today.” Erin teased, knowing the reason behind her glowing smile. “How was it last night?”

“I thought that by the fourth date he would’ve dropped the gentlemen act, but mija he’s amazing.” Y/N began as she settled her things on her desk. “I invited him over tonight for dinner and I’m nervous as heck.”

“Nervous for what? Another date with mysterious man?” Halstead interrupted, stealing Y/N’s coffee and sitting on his desk across hers. Y/N protested for her stolen coffee but she knew he wasn’t going to give it back anytime soon. “It’s been what? Five months? We need to meet the guy and have a few drinks together.”

“Talking about your boyfriend?” Rusek joined in the conversation as the rest of the team had already filled up their usual spot in their desks. Y/N rolled her eyes at them as they kept talking on how they needed to meet her boyfriend.

Their teasing only lasted a few minutes before Voight had interrupted with a new case. Arriving at the scene, it was full of reporters, neighbors and a sea of cops surrounding the area. It was all about a gang war, two men that belonged to one of the gangs laid flat on his chest lifeless with his gun still in hand while the other only laid on his back a few feet away from his partner. The rest of the gang members had driven away once the rain of bullets had stopped. Only leaving a tragedy with families aching over the loss of their children who were just innocently playing with each other when the heartless gang members had decided to take their lives.

“I hate these types of days.” Y/N admitted as she stood beside Erin while the forensic team were working on the scene. Erin nodded in agreement as she was too scared to speak up with a knot on her throat. From a far, Voight stood with the state’s attorney’s office, Peter Stone and Antonio Dawson. Y/N ran her fingers through her tangled hair as she avoided Dawson’s eyes from the other side of the crime scene. She didn’t want to be too obvious.

“He should keep the staring a minimal if he doesn’t want anyone to suspect a thing.” If Erin had noticed, she couldn’t imagine who would notice as well. “He’s the one who wanted to keep the relationship private, at least he could pretend he doesn’t know you a bit better.” She added, nudging Y/N with her shoulder for her to leave the topic as Jay jogged over to the pair.

“I guess the state’s attorney’s office has an open case with one of the gang members who was killed. He got bailed out- “

“And now he’s dead.” Y/N finished for him, crossing her arm as the chilly Chicago wind hit her all of the sudden. “I’m going to get my jacket from the car.” She walked away from both Jay and Erin as she made it towards the tinted car across the across the street. Her eyes roamed the crowd as she spotted a mysterious beaten up car coming their way rapidly. It’s when she saw the guns being pointed towards the crown that she reacted. “Everyone down!” She shouted, removing her gun from her side as the other cops in scene tried to shoot back at the upcoming car.

“Y/L/N! Move!” Voight shouted when the car wouldn’t stop. She knew the speeding car would crash into hers and Voight’s van since their cars were the ones blocking the crime scene. The car only increased its speed as the passenger had switch for a bigger and longer weapon. “Shit.” Y/N cursed, as she tried to find cover somewhere else that wasn’t her own car.

With her head down, she looked for cover but the only place she could run to was on the other side and it was basically suicide. Opening the back door of the car, she stood on the edge of the seat as she placed her elbows on the top of the car as she tried to shoot the tires of the car before it caused anymore mayhem.

She could hear her team shouting from a far for her but she managed to shoot the left tire of the front of the car, only for the car to lose control and crash into a fire hydrant a few feet away from her. A group of cops had run over to trashed car, surrounding it as the two men stepped out of the car with their hands up. Her heart was hitting against her chest rapidly as the adrenaline washed away slowly from her veins. She knew the amount of trouble she was in, but she ran her shaking hand through her hair as she was still standing on the passenger’s seat.

“Are you insane?” Dawson had grabbed Y/N by her waist and pulled her down to her feet. She acted recklessly and she knew it, but she didn’t need to be told off, especially him. “I swear to God; Y/N you are going to kill yourself one day or someone else if you keep doing these foolish things.” He continued to argue as his hands were still placed on her waist.

“And you’re the one to talk.” Y/N angrily barked back, removing his hands off her as she caught the rest of the team staring at them bickering.

“How do they know each other?” Jay questioned, as Rusek and Atwater shrugged.

“You guys are idiots.” Erin rolled her eyes, knowing they would catch on at any moment. When Antonio caressed Y/N’s cheek before pulling apart, the guys looked over at Erin in realization of what Dawson and Y/N had.

“I’ll see you later tonight?” Dawson sighed defeated, he didn’t want to argue in front of his old team as they made their way towards them. Y/N thought about it, she wanted to cancel but she simply nodded quietly. “Don’t do any more reckless things, please.” He pleaded, pressing a quick kiss on to her temples.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Erin reassured Dawson, resting her back on the car. After saying all his goodbyes, Antonio left in his own car with Peter on the passenger seat waiting for him. “I hope you make it alive tonight for your dinner date because Voight is boiling.” Erin pointed out, as an angry Voight marched his way towards Y/N.

Her first time disobeying orders, and she was sure that Voight was going to scold her for the rest of that case.  

max and the way after midnight visitor (bmw 1)

So last weekend I decided to check back in on Paranatural for the first time in years… such a good move. Still my favorite by far. And hey, I’m apparently back just in time for bullymagnet week, which wasn’t even a thing before. My timezones may be a little off, not quite sure, but this is for day one - night.


Max wakes up at 4:17 AM to the familiar sound of ol’ Hissin’ Pete freaking out. He groans, rolling over to put a pillow on top of his head, only to bolt upright when he rolls right onto his fractured arm.

“FLIPPIN’ HECK,” he screams through gritted teeth, curling over it.

“Mister Max! Are you okay?” PJ inquires, looming out of the darkness with a nightmare grin. Max means that literally. He’s had nightmares about that grin.

It does look a little more nervous than usual this time, though. He squints, honestly just to get a better look in the darkness, but PJ immediately quails before his face, admitting, “I’m sorryyyy, it was me that got Hissin’ Pete going but I only did it because a weird kid on your roof threatened to punch Lefty!”

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My fav quotes from load out last night

“Good heck that hurt”
“Why is everything I’m touching hurting me?”
“I’m tempted to go hide in that truck and stay there till LA and scare the guys there”
“You guys make the Phoenix crew look like a bunch of pansies”
“That man means good but I’m gonna kill him one of these days”
“I was supposed to also do the in this morning but I had some bad del Taco. I mean not like any del Taco is good del Taco”
“Who the fuck can’t spell lights? Who spells it lites” me: “because if you do it right it’s lit” *excessive groaning*

Gauche [Jimin]

{{ noun // lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward }}

Waking up to a one night stand doesn’t seem as great as it did last night.

Fluff. College AU. 1,421 words.

➵ inspired by Primary & Oh Hyuk’s Island and this gifset


Who the hell opened the curtains?

That’s your first thought when you wake up. It’s too bright, and you have to close your eyes again after a mere five seconds. The second thing you register is that damn, you had too much alcohol because there’s a herd of elephants stampeding on your head. You groan as the headache seems to get worse after you opened your eyes and were nearly blinded by the sunlight. You just want to bury your head into your pillow and sleep off the hangover.

Wait, that definitely wasn’t a pillow.

A pillow isn’t this rock hard and defined.

This is someone’s chest.

And, there’s an arm around your waist.

You slowly look up carefully to take a look at the owner of said arm and chest. You then proceed to mentally pat yourself on the back for getting a really attractive male last night. You’re happy to confirm that drunk you still has amazing taste in men.

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Branches - Wicked Dragon Queen family

for @geeky-galpal who gave me all the Zelena thoughts last night. Lily and Zelena talk about Regina and Maleficent. 

also on Ao3

She thought if her sister fell in love again, it would be someone heroic: noble, foolish, endearing, disgustingly good. 

Not a villain. Especially not a villain who already has a child who happens to look a heck of a lot like her sister. Not that anyone else seems capable of noticing. 

Her little sister hasn’t, of course. Never really thinks anything through. 

It started when Regina was sick. Tonsillitis, which is funny really. Her foolish little sister gets thrown against walls, beaten to a pulp being damned heroic against whatever villain the stupid town has managed to antagonize this week, but it’s tonsillitis that makes her stay home. Ridiculous.

Of course, she doesn’t even tell Zelena. No, she hears about her sister being sick third hand at the diner from the not-so-Charmings and her nephew (who is still a bit jumpy because she did try to strangle him last year.) Can’t blame him for that. Still haven’t figured out how to apologize properly. Sorry, really hated your mum at the time didn’t know we were actually sisters who cared about each other. Blame grandma. She’s a piece of work that one.

“Well, it makes sense. Maleficent can’t catch strep throat.” Snow makes it sound perfectly logical that a dragon makes a good nursemaid and Zelena’s relieved there’s no space at her table so she can’t be expected to sit there.

Zelena rolls her eyes and shifts baby Robin to the other arm so she can eat. Bloody diner only has two high chairs and little Prince Neal basically has one on reserve. 

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Three years (Kaitlyn and MC fan fiction)

Note: This is a bit long, but I hope you guys will appreciate it. I have already started this weeks ago as an entry for the Choices Creates round with the prompt kitchen. But being so busy lately, the round closed and I’m only halfway through. I decided to finish it anyway and then the prompt for this week was released and I found a way to merge it with this week’s prompt. This is my entry for Choices creates round 12.

Sooooo, @hollyashton and the rest of the fandom, here it goes. Happy reading!

Good morning, sunshine! Got you this before walking to class. Drink it up before it gets too cold. I love you! See you in the evening. xoxo

P.S. Wish me luck for my song presentation today! I couldn’t have done this if you didn’t help me with the lyrics!
P.P.S. You’re drooling! But still beautiful, don’t you worry sweetheart. *grin*

I smile to myself as I finished reading the note beside a cup of coffee on the bedside table. On the cup is my name with a heart icon beside it. I drink my first sip and take time to realize how lucky I am to have Kaitlyn. For the span of our three-year relationship, she never failed to make me happy even with the little things, despite of being busy especially now that we are in our senior year.

Yes, it has been more than three years since the day I bumped to Chris, splashed with Kaitlyn in a bikini, appreciated Abbie’s artwork for the first time, and spent the first night at the rooftop together with my suitemates. We still do, though, even if all six of us have gone different ways to pursue our passions.
Chris had rerun for the student council president position several times, and had won in every single one of them. I always believe that being a Public Administration major has given him an additional edge against his opponents. Tyler took Information Technology and is bound to finish his own mobile game. Abbie pursued Fine Arts, and has already accomplished putting up several art exhibits to showcase her works. Zack took up Fashion and Design, and plans on having his own clothing line in the future. James had found a new agent who’s willing to bring his original play to life. He’s back in LA and is very busy with the movie right now. Zig is a major in Mathematics, a consistent Dean’s Lister and a candidate for honors in graduation, continuing to uphold that the Second Chance scholarship program is indeed possible! Kaitlyn, obviously, continued pursuing her career in music. She is the lead vocalist of The Perfect Circle, a band she joined after she quit Gutter Kittens. They’ve been playing together for almost two years now, and three of their original singles have been hits across many social media platforms. I won’t be surprised if Kaitlyn will be signing her first recording contract right after graduation. I pursued a career in journalism. I am now in the process of writing my third novel, the second sequel to the novel I first wrote for Professor Vasquez.

The clock reads 8:10 AM. Kaitlyn’s music composition class had started ten minutes ago. I take one last sip of coffee before pulling out my phone and typed:

To: Kaitlyn

Good luck on your song performance! Go on and nail it! I know you can do it. I love you! xoxo

My relationship with Kaitlyn is one heck of a roller coaster ride. There are so much good times – from the romantic dinner dates, spontaneous movie nights, adventurous hiking days, late night booty calls, to the exchange of flirty, sweet text messages – I only found myself falling for her more and more every single day. But just like any other relationship, bad times happen as much as the good times. Time came when Kaitlyn became very jealous of Becca, when I felt bad thinking that Kaitlyn isn’t proud of being my girl in front of her high school gang, or when both of us struggled to make time for each other. There were also times when we wouldn’t speak to each other days after a fight, for the argument to cool down, for the heart to heal, and for the mind to wander for a bit. And as it is said, not all who wander are lost. Sometimes, it will just make you realize that you will always tend to come back to where you truly belong. And that’s how it goes for me and Kaitlyn. We belong to each other and nothing’s going to change it.

My phone buzzes and Kaitlyn’s name appears on the screen.

Thank you babe! You don’t know how nervous I am now!

Don’t be, silly. You’ll do great! By the way, I’ll see you at dinner. Wear your best!

My best? For what?

I laugh upon reading her reply. I’m thinking she might be forgetting something.

On Fridays, Kaitlyn’s schedule is more packed than mine. My classes already ends at 2 o'clock in the afternoon while hers ends at 5, not to mention her band practice that lasts up to 7 o'clock in the evening. I’m the lucky one today; I have lots of time to prepare for my plans tonight.

Before the sun sets, I find myself standing at the kitchen, looking around to check if everything is perfect. Lights are slightly dimmed, giving way for the candles at the table’s center and some are scattered at the floor. The food is already set – from the appetizer to the main course to the triple chocolate cake dessert – at the bar counter, which is now covered with white linen. The table is also covered with white cloth, chairs placed on its opposite sides, two sets of eating utensils placed above it. Rose petals are also scattered on the floor to add to the romantic vibe of the setup.

I then look down on myself, smoothing the white, floral dress I am wearing. I glanced up the clock and it reads 6:37 PM. Kaitlyn will be home at any moment.

Not for so long, the suite’s doorknob clicks. The door opens and there emerges Kaitlyn, wearing the same red dress she wore during our first formal together. Her hair is tied up and she is holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand. She smiles widely at me as she sees my reaction.

No, she had never forgotten.

I greeted her with a long passionate kiss, and after she pulls away, she said, “Happy anniversary, babe.”

I tell her the first words my tongue could find, “How… I thought you forgot.”

She hands me the bouquet before answering, “How could I forget the day I became the luckiest girl in the world?” She grins.

I smile at her as I take the flowers from her hand. I set them on the table first and pull out a small paper bag. I gestured at her, “Here, I have something for you, too.”

I unpacked the paper bag’s contents and reveal a silver bracelet similar to the lucky charm bracelet I lend her when she almost failed all her subjects during our first spring term. The pendants of the bracelet include two female symbols joined together, a musical note, a zombie, a heart and a letter E – each representing different sides of her personality.

Her eyes follow my hand as I clasp the bracelet around her wrist. I could sense the genuine happiness in her eyes when she turned them back at me and hugged me. I returned the embrace and whispered, “Happy third anniversary, babe. I love you.”

She replied, “I love you, too.”

I pull away and lead her to the dining table. I pull her seat for her before sitting in mine, and tonight, we both have the dinner of our lifetime.