last night was good as heck


Me just after waking up a couple days ago. No particular reason I took it other than I was extremely tired, which really isn’t a reason, but whatever. Bad room lighting per the usual, but I don’t care. Plus, good hair morning.

 My friend invited me over last night because he felt like grilling a couple steaks. Despite what the picture looks like, it’s a fully cooked steak with barely any pink in the middle, with a baked potato w/ sour cream/bacon/cheese and salad (not pictured obviously). It was a tasty meal followed a couple hours later with a piece of peach pie and vanilla ice cream. Mmm. No stomach upset, oddly enough.

 The last few days have been busy as I posted a couple days ago. Yesterday finished up nicely though with a busy as heck morning, but a calm, rather quiet afternoon. We had a full day, but didn’t really have to squeeze any extra appointments in, and if someone cancelled, it worked out where someone else would call and take their slot before too long. Busy, but not bad busy.

 My therapy session isn’t until next Sunday, so I miscalculated that. Thankfully she has a website that I can log onto to check when my appointments are, so I made double sure. That and I never got the auto-reminder email 24+hrs before the appointment, so there is that. I did get a reminder call on the laser appointment for Tuesday, so that’s at least correct.

 Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here. Pretty lazy day overall - I went over to my sister’s place to watch a few Marvel movies to prepare for Guardians 2 in a couple weeks and have some dinner. We acquired some semi pre-release tickets and are seeing it on May 4th in the afternoon, so we feel super lucky there. Assigned seating, so we got some good ones right dead center. Greatly looking forward to that (Chris Pratt - meowwww!).

 I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend, and may the upcoming week treat you well!

 - Lana


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BOKUAKA [Bokuto/Akaashi]

Among Us (verse, M) by dgalerab - I will personally advocate for this fic series until I die - I didn’t think I’d even like an X-Men AU but the dynamic and characterisation and character development and drama is just? too good to ever put down?? Whenever I share it with other people I advise them to read at least the first three chapters before passing judgement and I don’t yet think anyone has actually turned away from it after doing so. read also: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g by dgalerab, starting with Notes: Bokuto Koutarou (G)

arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to (oneshot, G) by earlgrey_milktea - Character study and the consequence of familial expectations. Hooo boy, this was the first BokuAka fic I ever read and it still hits hard. So, so well done.

better than spy films (oneshot, G) by dalyeau - Akaashi is Kuroo’s new roommate and Bokuto falls in love. …Yes I know it’s not much of a rec when all of dalyau’s fics are some of the most popular BokuAka fics on AO3 but~ they’re exactly that for a reason and I’ll forevermore adore the heck out of them. read also: love in the time of wifi (G), tea-stained polaroids (G)

bitter (twoshot, G) by silvercistern - Valentines/White Day fic. The fact that these two chapters were posted on the corresponding days make them all the more sweeter– or… not sweeter? Good bitter? (And yes, the countdown to White Day was agonising purely because I couldn’t wait for this update and it was so, so worth it.) A headcanon I could 100% believe in Akaashi and, of course, no-one would pick up on something like that faster than Bokuto Koutarou. Super quirky, completely adorable. read also: Character Development (T)

full hearts and flower emojis (multi, G) by lagatos - Akaashi discovers that his garden has a serial flower thief every morning. Featuring my favourite trope - KuroAka being best friends and roommates - and dialogue that had me smiling for daaaaays. I can’t even do it justice in words but, if you’re craving something light and cute as heck, this is your fic.

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the poll is at 44.8% you guys!!!!! that is 0.1% more than the highest percentage of last night

in the nine hours after power voting friday night the number went up 7.4%, that’s more than 0.8% pr hour!! if we give it as much as we did last night we could get the number to 50.4% in the next 7 hours (where i’m guessing they’ll strike, like they did today). 50.4% is not enough overall, and if we get there we will have to keep voting!!! but this shows that if we keep up the good work, keep our spirits high; we can do this, we can win this!!!

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Boyfriend! Jackson

  • The cutest wang puppy who will stare into your soul and know no personal space.
  • He saw you walking pass the school library multiple times when he came to visit Jinyoung and alwasy nudge Jinyoung to check out that cute looking person.
  • he actually came by to visit Jinyoung more so he can get a glimpse of you walking pass because he doesn’t know what class you’re in. 
  • he’s a social butterfly, but when he try to quickly walk to say hi to you, you were always in your own little world with earphones on so he doesn’t know how to get your attention.
  • One lucky day when he actually came to the library to borrow a book for his assignment, there you were sitting with your laptop typing away.
  • “Hi I’m jackson I seen you a lot and thought maybe we can get to know each other??” cue his dazzling smile that he knows always work on girls.
  • you just stared at him and ask if he wanted to use the seat infront because there was no other seat.
  • he really tried to be cool the first couple weeks you guys know each other but you thought he was more cute and eventually he just act like a cuddly puppy after months of trying to impress.
  • he ask you to be his girlfriend one day when you caught him just staring at you across the coffee table. 
  • “you’re very cute and your smiles are so great and i want to be one of the reason to make you smile socanyoubemygirlfriendthankyouiappreciateit”
  • you:”..what?”
  • “isaidbemygirlyesyes?”
  • You: “stop saying it so fast or i’ll say no”
  • “i sa- wait you heard it.”
  • he likes putting you in his hoodies because it looks like you being swallow up by it and it makes him want to hug you all day.
  • an affectionate boy who likes to hold your hand whenever given the chance.
  • holds your hand, “So we don’t get lost. stay close to me”
  • ask for cheek kisses when he wants attention and rest his chin on your shoulder. 
  • entwined his fingers with yours when you guys go out to eat at the nearby restaurant while waiting to order.
  • still holding onto your hand even though you guys have to flip through the menus and the waitress is giving side-eyes right now. jackson doesn’t seem to notice.
  • he’s just a very touchy person who wants to show his love to you through action.
  • squeal your name while flailing his hands around when he spots you across the school campus and runs up to pick you up.
  • this is good if from the front and you see him coming, but sometime he does that from behind and you’re screaming because who the heck is trying to pick you up.
  • you don’t really get hit on since he’s usually close by and showering you with skinship.
  • a loud and hyperactive boy that tells you things he want to do for dates because he read it on a teen magazine by the register stand at the grocery store last night while he went to buy more organic green tea for his stock.
  • introduce you to his friend as “my girl”.
  • says I love you a lot but prefer you to give him a smooch as a reply. no matter where you are. jackson this is public place and he still leaning in for you to kiss his cheek.
  • show up with little cute couple stuff to give and said you guys are couple goal. 

???: Is this thing..? Working?

???2: Oh look! Yeah, it’s recording!

???: Oh! Awesome!

Bossuet: Hello, internet! My name is Bossuet.

Joly: And I’m Joly. According to my sweater, anyway.

Bossuet: *snorts* I love that thing.

Bossuet: Anyway, you guys are probably thinking “where the heck is Grantaire?!” Well, to answer your question, he’s sleeping off a very bad hangover right now. Poor thing seemed so good last night, then I…I guess the whole Feuilly and Enjolras thing fucked him up a little.

Joly: Yeah… either way, he drunkenly asked us to, quote, “go answer some fuckin’ questions, knock yourselves out dudes, I’m goin’ to fuckin’ sleep”. So here we are! 

Bossuet: We’ll answer…pretty much anything, honestly. Joly and I are pretty open people.

Joly: Yup! So go ahead.

[the ask box is open for Joly and Bossuet]



Ok so! ahg. I dunno where to start.

Ok can we all just appreciate Paul since the boys came into his life. Like he is being a bloody good genuine person, like I can’t even believe him last tonight. Totally became the hero of the show with the things he said to David.

The writers addressed lots of issues in society in this episode, and handled them all beautifully.

David confessed that his idea of a father was someone stern with high expectations, who wanted their son to tick all the right boxes. House, Job, Kids, WIFE. Paul actually looked heart broken that David spent all his life thinking he had to do those things. Like, no one was even there to tell him that that was the norm, David just thought that was the norm all on his own. Which is almost sadder.

Then after the Good Friday ceremony, Paul, admits that once upon a time he probably would have expected his kids to grow up to be like him, nothing else. And David thinks that’s the norm. So Paul corrects him and says well no it’s foolish. He talks about how wonderful his kids are because they aren’t like him. 

Then, Paul. AGH WHAT A HERO HE IS. He gives David the speech of the year!

“David….dont think you have to tick any boxes for me. Or anyone for that matter. Married, single, kids, no kids, doctor, cleaner, I dont care. As long as you choose the life that makes YOU happy. Do you hear what im saying?

*David nods*

“Good. I so wish I could have told you that all your life”.


David REALLY needed to hear that. To know that how he feels is okay. Especially from the allusive father figure that was always holding him back. Paul you bloody legend. Like, seriously that made me so happy.

Ok but also that last scene with David and Leo. BEAUTIFUL.

I think it’s so important for David to admit that he’s gay. You can think things, you can act upon how you feel, but to verbally acknowledge who you are. It’s committing yourself to your decision, it’s having witnesses to your decision. It’s really really hard to do, especially with tough subjects. So it speaks even more of his growth, that he can do this. Also the fact that he’s telling his brother, the person who he sees as his most important person, and by some degree his only family. That validation is extremely important.

BUT OUR OTHER HERO LEO. WHAT A FANTASTIC BROTHER. He never interrupted David once David said this talk was about him, he let David gather his thoughts and talk at his own pace. He turned himself around to properly face David once David started talking about Leo being the most important, and that he had to hear this first.

BUT THE BEST PART. THE. BEST. PART. Was when David said “I’m Gay”, in that sort of worried, quiet voice, Leo before anything else, told him to say it again. Say it again!. Then you watch David’s face change from hesitance, to relief, to some sort of relief/excitement/confidence. It. Was. Beautiful. Then afterwards Leo says “it’s about time Bro”. Then they adorable bro hug. THE END.

I couldn’t even imagine a better way of Leo handling that situation. I think if he had said said something like “I know”, or even said “About time bro” during that first confession, it could have rattled David back a bit. He let David take full control of this chat, and made sure David confirmed his feelings several times. I think that method was a clever way of showing that Leo was totally okay with it. “It’s fine with me, tell yourself it’s okay, tell yourself again”.

David’s mindset that he has to tick all the boxes seems like it means he thinks he needs everyones approval. But really it’s him needing his own approval. Aside from Hiiobaa-chan not approving, everyone has in some way told him to just be himself. David kept convincing himself that it was not okay. So having Paul tell him, as a father, that he doesn’t have to impress him, and having his beloved brother tell him to confirm to himself again, that he’s gay. Ahhhh. IT’S. BEAUTIFUL.

aSIDE FROM THAT, dAVID AND aARON WERE ALSO VERY CUTE THIS EPISODE. Aaron is kinda being a little more forward in how he speaks to David, it’s cute. David was was being vague about his lunch with Paul and Aaron pointed that out - “Dont go holding out on me here” and David’s all “I’m no-” and Aaron buts in saying “No. You are”. Awww lol and that invisible safezone Aaron made and he shuts the doors and David giggles and starts chirping away about finally having a dad. “Leo’s not here, neither is Amy. It’s just you and I, and Im not gonna judge you. Look *slides invisible doors* schhhhwoop This is our safezone” Agh its so cute.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the next #Daaron interaction will look like. Is David gonna tell Aaron hes gay? Will David try and flirt randomly LOL. Will he be a chuffed giddy adorable young guy and Aaron will keep trying to find out why he’s so happy? Agh. Its too cute to think about.

Ok this got a bit long Im sorry xD I needed to vent out my happiness HAHAHA.

anonymous asked:

hey mom, so i went through a really bad breakup with my girlfriend last night. i really loved her and i feel really sad. do you have any anthony gifs to cheer me up maybe?

roloh my goodness lil anon i’m really sorry (also sorry for the late reply)

ok look @ my boy,,,, focus on him

he wwants u to feel nice inside 

he is h,ere for u

he puT his hair u.pp ,, jsut for U (((ur blessed))

there he go

rollin away from tthe pain

thsi is him sayin,,,, i lov u

ryegye101  asked:

💍 for the usual pair. lD just to see the reaction.

Alla: “What the heck happened last night….?”

Serry: “ZZZzzzzzzz…….”

This happens when Alla’s plan went wrong; get really drunk, then married, Alla get a really bad hang-over with an extra bad headache and Serry just sleeping like a Snorlax |D. Good job you two

(((Somehow, I love this picture especial the shadings |D)))

I dreamed of a longsword last night. It wasn’t a very nice longsword: It was overpriced as heck and the edge grind was honestly really ugly, but it was a sharp and it felt very good in the hand.

Then I woke up with The Prodigy’s Invaders Must Die stuck in my head, so here’s my morning feels for all y’all:

All of a sudden I really want to suit up and go see if all this white-pants fencing’s done me any good, but a) I hate pretty much everything in my kit that’s not the jacket and b) my head’s really not in a space that can deal with the knocks and the bruises right now.

But it’s really nice to know I still have feelings for the weapon. I’ve been low-key wondering if I was done with it for good.

tl;dr I doodled this during joel’s last stream, and he saw it and he said it was “really cool art” so ja my night week has been made basically

Gauche [Jimin]

{{ noun // lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward }}

Waking up to a one night stand doesn’t seem as great as it did last night.

Fluff. College AU. 1,421 words.

➵ inspired by Primary & Oh Hyuk’s Island and this gifset


Who the hell opened the curtains?

That’s your first thought when you wake up. It’s too bright, and you have to close your eyes again after a mere five seconds. The second thing you register is that damn, you had too much alcohol because there’s a herd of elephants stampeding on your head. You groan as the headache seems to get worse after you opened your eyes and were nearly blinded by the sunlight. You just want to bury your head into your pillow and sleep off the hangover.

Wait, that definitely wasn’t a pillow.

A pillow isn’t this rock hard and defined.

This is someone’s chest.

And, there’s an arm around your waist.

You slowly look up carefully to take a look at the owner of said arm and chest. You then proceed to mentally pat yourself on the back for getting a really attractive male last night. You’re happy to confirm that drunk you still has amazing taste in men.

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I dreamt last night that I was going to Ravenwood. 

I was new, still choosing a school. I decided to take Chronomancy, but I’m not sure if it was my main school, or if I was taking it in addition to something else. I know it wasn’t held in a classroom, it had private tutors instead. Not a lot of people were interested in it; they wouldn’t even be able to fill a classroom. Also, chronomancers got to go on cool quests to other worlds. 

I also had a mission my first day to save my archnemesis Evil Potato Head, who was trying to bind his soul to the grave of one of the Magnificent Seven after watching an action movie, which is literally the most in-character thing my brain could possibly have come up with for him. 

Then I was held up leaving for Cool Ranch because my mom’s boyfriend forgot how lightswitches work, and spent like two minutes trying to blow out the light in the hallway while my mom and Ambrose stared at him. I eventually took mercy and flipped the switch, but my brother woke me up before I could get to the spiral door. 

Soulmates is absolutely my favorite trope out there and there are just so many different types and I haven’t written one in so long, so I’m really excited for this day *fangirling*. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do :)

This is AU (obviously), but not AH. Takes place during season 3, any inconsistencies in canon are totally on purpose ;)


Wings of Fate


“Could we maybe have one school event without some supernatural interference?” Caroline grumbled to herself as she dried her hair after her shower, shooting herself a glare in the bathroom mirror.

Senior Prank Night hadn’t turned out quite how she had expected. Yeah, that’s an understatement, she mentally scoffed, clipping her damp hair up so she could moisturize, hanging her towel up behind her. Now she had a hybrid for a boyfriend, Stefan was off the deep end, Matt had almost died, and there was a psychopathic hybrid with his psychopathic sister moving into town. Just great.

Caroline sighed. She really should know better than to expect any different at this point.

She grabbed her bottle of lotion from the counter and began to smooth it into her skin. Just because she was sort of dead didn’t mean she had to look it. She twisted to make sure the cocoa butter was fully absorbed on her back when she caught a flash of black on the skin between her shoulders.

“Oh. My. God.”

Caroline whipped around so her back faced the mirror and she looked back over her shoulder, eyes wide in shock. There, across her shoulder blades, looking as if they were sprouting from her skin, were the most gorgeous tattoos of wings she had ever seen. They were colored with black and silver lines with shades of blue highlights. They were beautiful and filled her with a sense of joy.

They were her soulmate markings and they had just appeared.

Her eyes filled with happy tears as she covered her mouth to hold back an excited squeal as she continued to stare at them through the mirror. Barely sparing a moment to grab a towel to cover herself, Caroline raced from the bathroom into her room, grabbing her phone and excitedly pulling up Tyler’s number. She could barely hold in her excitement as she waited for him to pick up.


“Tyler! Did you see? Aren’t they beautiful!” she babbled, voice eager.

“Caroline? What are you talking about?”

“The markings! Maybe you didn’t notice cause they’re on the back. Go look!”

“I- hang on.”

Caroline could barely contain herself, bouncing excitedly on her bed as she waited for her boyfriend to see his matching wings. It took a few minutes before she heard his voice again.

“… Caroline?”

He sounded oddly hesitant and almost… sad?

“What do you think? I’m sure it’s a bias, but I’ve never seen any so beautiful before!”

“Caroline- I… I don’t see anything.”

She felt like someone had punched her in the gut, all the breath in her lungs leaving her at once. “What?”

“There’s nothing there, Caroline. I’m sorry.”

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I’m not a Monster Part 4

A/N: So here is part 4. I am doing really good getting a part out every night. Also I dont know how i survived writing with out my Steve @iwillbeinmynest . I swear she writes half my stories. Anyways, i hope you all like this chapter and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Tag list:(Message me if you want to be added or removed): @canumoveyourseatup-no @iwillbeinmynest @jaderz-mega-yikes @pandellaz @zxcorra @evependragon @grantsgoreousgirl @shamvictoria11 @ryverpenrad @jesslovesfandom @shiejinx @roseeternity @4theluvofall @strange-polish-lass @angel34jolly-blog @wonderless-screwup @blue1928

Warnings: Sadness???

Word count: 1191

Part one

Part two

Part three

Feeling a pressure on your wrist you tried to open your eyes, but felt like you eyelids weighed a million pounds. Giving up you choose to relax and try and hear what was going on. And what was happening.

Last thing you remembered was……..Oh. That’s why your head hurt. When you saw him all these repressed memories had resurfaced all at once causing you to pass out. Or at least that’s what you assumed.

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cobains-apologies  asked:

Good luck on your exam or if it happened already I hope you did well ❤️

oh gosh, thank you so much friend! i just got back but it was a very. it was One Heck of a Morning i hope u don’t mind me sharing alsdkjf;l

so last night i made the horrible terrible stupid decision that only a true college kid can make and that is to stay up til 2am reading a wonderful fic, except i had an 8:30 exam! i’m an idiot!! 

but it’s ok, i always set 2 alarms and am pretty good at getting up when i need to. except i woke up to the sound of a waterfall. it was raining. again. spring is here, you suckers, which for where i live means RAIN RAIN FLIPPING FUDGING RAIN. so i’m like, “i don’t wanna go to my exam like this!” except i look back down at my phone and it says

8:00 am

i thought i was still half-asleep because i’ve done that before, brain messed me up to panic that i was late but nope. it was 8am, i had no idea what happened to my 7am alarm, i’m now mourning any thought of breakfast, making sure to grab an umbrella as i nyoom out the door.

and of course, my exam room just has to be all the way up north so i’m speedwalking (because i’m still never going to be caught running to class ok fight me) and it’s pouring and my legs are dying and my socks are soaked—

wait, what? 

i looked down and fuckign. one of my boots basically split open. fell apart. still half-functional, but done. i had no choice but to continue on to class, except now instead of last-minute mental review, my stupid anxious brain was just thinking of worse-case scenarios where they lock me out of the exam (pretty sure they can’t do that if i’m only a few mins late. pretty sure).

ANYWAY i make it to my exam with 3 mins to spare, but my boots are ruined. i yawned 9287349 times, i hope my prof doesn’t mind. my hand is now ruined, because spitting out 3 essays in 2.5 hours does that to you, but hey, at least i have a special skill of bs-ing my way through these things that all arts kids do.

i’m now safely back in dorm, saying goodbye to my wrecked boots, the sun is fucking out i’m dONE FOR THE DAY AND IT’S NOT EVEN NOON YET

By the Lake (Fred Weasley x Reader)

And there you were , throwing rocks to the big floating mirror at that pitch black night , you didn’t even remember how you had gotten there , you just sorted of vanish and appeared there , and it was okay , you just needed to chill a bit , but then it started , the crying again , fuck it you were exhausted , scared and kind of grumpy ; But why? Well since your school year started it had been an upsidedown rollercoaster , it was all her fault , that sinister pink fat frog faced Umbridge.

She had canceled , or prohibited everything ! Was even quidditch legal still? You couldn’t walked near your best male friends and you didn’t had lots of girlfriends so it was a lonely time for you , and the worst thing , when Professor Trelawny was expelled you kind of started to pounder how long would it take this bitch to put your little mudblood booty far from Hogwarts , it give you nightmares just to think about it.

-Y/N - You heard a whispering voice call you name as you raise your wand with a little spark to see who it was

Fred?! What the heck are you doing here?

-I saw you-he said as he showed you the marauders map- Its not a good time to be alone at night-he chuckles.

-I know , sorry -you smiled-i just feel kind of caged in my dorm sometimes.

-Were you crying? Do I have to kick somebody’s ass?

-Of course not , I was just sweating from my eyes you arse-you smiled as you cleaned the last tears and looked back to you friend-Were is George?

-He is out of service right now -he grinned- you gotta conform yourself with just one handsome twin this time-you both laugh- But really what are you doing here?

You felt the pressure aching in you chest so you explode , you tell him everything your fears of been expulsed , oh my good Hogwarts was your home you said as you hold in your fist your house scarf , you told him how you missed Professor Trelawney nonsense as he smiled and make some sarcastic comments , “yeah she was kind of hot” he said as you punched him , “of course she was” you both laugh again and as the air got tinner you chuckle -I missed you two so much.

He smiled not a sarcastic one , not a grin he gave you one of those real and heartful smiles he would give you sometimes -I’ve miss you too-he said as he put his arms on your shoulders - But you are so silly if you think that Frog Faced Bitch is gonna through you out of here , not in a million years-he smiled again whole heartly- You’re a magnificent student , the most wonderful witch I’ve ever know , like your patronus must be a unicorn or an angel something like that-he started to ramble- Hogwarts would be empty , what do I am even saying -he started to yell-it would be crushed , it would vanish! -you started to smiled as he picked the tears that went down your cheeks- it’d loose all meaning without sweet Y/N here.

-What would I do without you -you laugh.

-I don’t know , but am sure you couldn’t d this -he said as he swiftly took your cheeks and leave a little kiss on your lips-You are not going anywhere , Unless you are coming with me.

You laugh as you heard of his great plans and as you kissed again Umbridge didn’t seem so terrible anymore.

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hostessghost  asked:

1, 2, 7, 14, 32, 42, 41? <3

  • 1.Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?

girlfriend! heck yeah >:3

  • 2.When did your last hug take place?

yesterday, just a quick hug from mom :p

  • 7.Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

i can barely stay awake at like, 12 am, im not a night person, or a morning person….or a day person….

  • 14.What makes you laugh no matter what?


  • 32.What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?

a sandwich, a good one too!

  • 42.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?

i kinda do, just i believe there is someone out there for everyone yknow 

  • 41.What is your all-time favorite romance movie?

idk, never been much of a romance movie fan, since all of them are pretty predictable and straight af! 

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Mod I'm sad we don't have any McReedus pics from last night as of yet :( Is it just me though, or did NR look tired last night? I really hope he's taking care of himself, or at least recovering from whatever the heck he had.

I thought he looked really good at the beginning and tired toward the end. I myself was hoping for more pics and yes one of Norman and Melissa would have been awesome!