last night was dope


The Last Night on Xbox One

game looks dope as fuck.

mateomorales Congrats boys! Our jam Every Single Night was just played by @elvisduranshow on @z100newyork!! Dope time last night hearing @darrencriss & @charlescriss from @weplaycomputers play their first show! We helped them produce their first EP #LostBoysLife that they just put out yesterday. Had a bunch of fun switching things up and creating with these talented muzos and crazy guyzzz!

It’s weird how one positive potential change in my life causes my motivation to come back in full. I had a test shift at a dope brewery last night that I have hopes for, I went back to the gym, I had a couple drinks with my friends at the bar, and was home in bed before last call on a Saturday night. Fingers crossed that this lasts.

7 - one good girl is worth a thousand bitches

Harry Styles and Clio Carlisle are not friends.  Enemies, maybe.  Forced to be around each other, yes.

If Harry knows anything, it’s that Clio is entitled and judgmental.  And please, you don’t need to remind Clio that Harry’s just a typical fuckboy.

And finally, both parties would like to remind you that Liam Payne is absolutely incorrect - they will never have sex.  Ever.  Maybe when the apocalypse happens.

Or something along those lines.

College AU in which no one is British and everyone has an opinion.

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Drunken Mistakes?||Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley

Part 3

I woke up the next morning in Nates bed. i roll over and he was laying there. i may have blacked out last night so i only remember little things. i hope we didnt hook up. i take a deep breath and look under the covers, i was naked. Then there was a knock at the door, the knocking pounding in my head. Nate started moving so i pretended to sleep, peeking through a slightly open eye lid. he put on a pair of boxer and went to the door and opened it. 

“yo are you going to Violet’s today, she left her phone.” i hear sammy say. sammy starts to walk in and freezes when he sees me in the bed. 

“wait…”sammy smirks a little. he turns to nate.

“you hit it didnt you!” sammy laughs. nate laughed.

“i dont kiss and tell” nate says. his morning voice was so sexy.

“well you definitely kissed…so tell.” sammy laughs.

“you guys sound like girls” i say quietly. they both look over at me. i open my eyes. sammy laughs.

“im just gonna leave”sammy says and walks out closing the door. i sit up a little and hold the blanket to my chest. i look around at the floor looking for at least a shirt.

“you dont have to cover u, ive seen it all Vi” nate says. i roll my eyes. i spot my bra.

“can you grab that for me” i point to the bra. he nods and grabs it then gives it to me. i slip it on real quick so i can let go of the top half of the blanket. i look around again and spot my panties across the room.

“jesus, how the fuck…” i trail off. nate laughs. he grabs them and throws them over to me. i slip them on under the cover and get up from the bed. i walk over and grab my top when Nates hands snake around me. he trails kisses from my neck to my shoulders. with every kiss little flashes of what happened last night popped into my head. the images were intoxicating. i let out a little moan and nate grunted happily. all of a sudden i hear a car door. nate stops and walks over to his window.

“shit” nate says. my only though was Kara. i had totally forgot about her.

“Kara?” i say.

“yeah” he says. i put on my shirt and pants and grab my phone.

“ill leave” i say. nate nods. i walk into the bathroom across the hall when  i hear Kara talking.

“hi baby” i hear her say then the door closes. i walk out of the bathroom and walk downstairs. i walk into the kitchen and see sammy.

“didnt make your getaway yet?” sammy laughs. i then hear footsteps coming down the stairs and i know its Kara and Nate. i sit on the counter as sammy cooks eggs and bacon.

“hi sammy” she says. she looks at me.

“hi Violet” she smiles. fake ass bitch.

“hi Kara” she looks at me up and down.

“isnt that what you wore last night” she says. before i could think of something to say sammy interrupted. 

“she passed out of the couch last night” sammy says. she nods her head in agreeance. 

“well me and nate are gonna go get food, see ya” she says. nate and kara disappear out the door.

“so you and nate last night” sammy smirks smacking my leg. i laugh.

“yeah, but it was a drunken mistake” i say. sammy nods.

“didnt seem like it” sammy says quietly.

“whats that suppost to mean”i look at him questonably. sammy laughed.

“the way you too kissed, something was there” he says.

“we were drunk” i say. but the fact that he kissed my body this morning left my pondering the question, is something there? maybe he was still drunk. sammy finished  cooking breakfast and fixed me a plate. me and sammy sat at the counter eating breakfast, then the door opens and in walked stassie. stassie is sams gf and my best-girl-friend. 

“hey guys” she smiles.

“hey babe”sammy kisses her.

“you guys look so dead” stassie says. sammy laughs.

“well vi threw that dope party last night it got crazy.” sammy says. 

“oh yeah sorry i couldnt come” she says.

“it fine as long as we go clubbing tonight” i laugh. she smiles.

“definitely” she says. i smile.

“so anything fun happen at the party last night?” stassie asks

 “vi is still in her clothes from last night” sammy laughs. she laughs.

“did you pass out on the couch?” 

“nah she got it in last night” sammy laughs. i smack his arm.

“what with who!!” stassie says. i take a bite of my food and stay quiet.

“tell girl”

“nate” i say quietly.

“who say it louder” she says.

“nate” i say quietly but a little louder.

“i cant hear you!” she says.

“nate!” i scream. she looks at me with wide eyes. 

“wait did you say nate?’ she asks.


“but kara” stassie says.

“we were both drunk” i say.

“yeah drtunk off each other” sammy coughs. i smack his arm.

“they looked like they were meant for each other” sammy tells stassie. i roll my eyes.

“well damn” she says. i shrug. i fiinish my food and put the plate in the sink.

“im gonna go home and wash up and get ready for the club later” i say.

“okay see ya boo” stassie says.

“bye vi” sammy says. 

“Bye guys” i walk out of the house, to my car and drive home. i get to my apartment and hop in the shower. after i showered i relaxed for a while


i know this was longer and a boring chapter but it leads up to some good parts so please be patient. next chapter will be better.

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Love ya- Kisses bitches