last night was amazing!!

So In Love

One of the Trips kicked me so hard last night and it felt so amazing I had to wake Chike up to feel it with me. 😩 I think they were fighting for room because I saw a little fist poke through too 😂 I’m so in love with these little Kasiyas I can’t wait to hold them and see there little faces ☺️

I wanna thank all my amazing followers for being there for me last night and I really needed to vent some shit out. Thanks y'all. I love all of you guys y'all are so amazing and awesome ❤💙💕💖💜💛💚💗💘💝💞💟



Oh my gosh it was amazing!! If was so fun being able to sing along to every song surrounded by others who were just as hype! And we were SO CLOSE to the runway !! Like the band members were only 4ft way when they walked down (at one point Pete even leaned over the edge and fans got to go touch him but he was too far down for me to do so and I wasn’t going to hurtle chairs) I loved the feeling of the speakers vibrating through the floor and reverberating in my chest ugh

And they played Hum Hallelujah !!!!! Oh god I got shivers and cried (for those that don’t know that song literally a) saved my life and b) got me into fob in the first place) and like during it these purple and white streamers were released over us so I kept the ones that fell on me 😭😭😭 ugh god it was beautiful

ALSO I SWEAR IM NOT EVEN MAKING THIS UP BUT Patrick legit MADE EYE CONTACT and SMILED at me when he was on the runway like I even turned to my mom (who went with me) and I was “did you see that???” And she totally was like “did he smile at you??? Cause it looked like it!!” Sooooo I’m just saying !

Ugh it was good it was so so good and exactly what I needed at this time of my life god fall out boy saving lives everyday I hope they know how much they mean to people ugh 💚💚💚💚


“I’m done fighting. I just want to go home.”

“You can’t go home, Julie. I’m sorry. We can go anywhere else in the whole universe, but we can’t go home. I need you to know, whatever happens, wherever you go, you’re not gonna do it alone.”



get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)

Minneapolis Show

Seán, thank you so much for such an amazing night last night! I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to actually see you in person. You should be so proud of the show that you and everyone that has helped has put together, and I’m so proud of you for everything you’re doing. I hope you had as good of a time up there on stage as we did watching you. Thank you so much. ❤ @therealjacksepticeye

Melanie Scrofano deserves literally SO MANY awards this season. Her emotion in every single scene was goosebumps inducing. When Wynonna cries my heart shatters into little tiny pieces.

Also awards to Emily for writing such LOVELY sister scenes that put all those little tiny pieces of my broken heart back together again.



March 22th, Wednesday - Friends and Enemies: “AU fanarts”, “AU fanfictions”, “AU quotes” and “Edits”. Friends and enemies refers to all other characters except for Sasuke and Naruto. 

Summer!SNS - Lineart (@kiraiki) / Color (@iin-desuyo)

Winter!SNS -  Lineart (@iin-desuyo) / Color (@kiraiki)

We decided that it would be really interesting to depict Sasuke and Naruto with contrasting themes of Yin and Yang by the use of symbols and colors to emphasize their parallel and opposite sides.

SNS-Week 2017


read in 2017 →  not your sidekick by c.b. lee

“you love me,“ abby says, smiling.
jess leans forward. "yeah, i really do. this isn’t our romeo and juliet moment. you’re going to be okay. no one is dying.”