last night i was just listening to ''no life without you'' on repeat as i made a couple of these and it was really hard not to sob

Clingy and Distant

@omelettesareevil asked: Could you write a fic where once upon a time rich and jake are arguing like hella bad to the point where something gets said which hurts rich but jake didn’t mean it because it was in the heat of the moment and he goes to Jeremy for help and Jeremy helps him feel. Egger then jake apologizing and they live happily ever after by

Oh god this is longer than I realized and I was going to go back and add more detail I’m sorry guys lol, maybe it’s just writing mobile makes it seem long but!!


The one thing Jeremy didn’t expect that night was for Rich to come knocking at his door at about 10 o clock. Jeremy thought that it would maybe be Michael, his best friend came over at random times when he was anxious or just needed company. So Jer didn’t bother to make himself decent, he stood at the door, toothbrush in mouth, and hair a flop of curls. He instantly knew something was wrong when Rich didn’t make fun of him, just glaring at the ground waiting to be let in.

The next ten maybe fifteen minutes were spent in a semi-comfortable silence. The main reason it was only semi-comfortable was that it was silence, Rich never really had these silent moments. Jeremy couldn’t help but be worried. He let the boy in, closing the door behind him and doing basically all the work for him. He took off his jacket, gave him a cup of orange juice and he sat him on the couch. He left only to rinse the minty foam out of his mouth. He came back to find Rich in the exact same position: sitting in his couch and staring sadly into the cup of orange juice.

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Always with You

19 years old (2013)

A/N: Okay here we have a sad story this time. It’s including a loss of a beloved one. Tell me what you think about it! Enjoy! (This beautiful picture is not mine!)

“Baby, how are you feeling?” Harry sniffled, burying her hands firmly into his. His once sparkling green eyes were dull and he had dark bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep in the last couple of months. Tears constantly kept spilling out of his eyes, not knowing when to stop. Harry was in a miserable state. His cute dimpled smile faded a long time ago.

“Weak.” The young woman lying in the hospital bed in front of him whispered. The heart monitor next to her was indicating her constant heart beat, but could become a flat line any second. Harry feared this moment the most. The moment when she stopped breathing, the moment when she would close her eyes, the moment when she was gone. The realization made him cling onto her even more.

Almost one year ago, (Y/N) was diagnosed with cancer. Both of their worlds shattered into pieces, crumbling down to a pile of misery once they found out. Harry was extremely devastated, he couldn’t focus on anything for weeks. She was invading his mind every minute and every second. He knew he needed to be strong for the sake of the both of them. (Y/N) was already a crying mess and in a horrible state and she needed someone to comfort her. He kept telling her that everything would be fine, they would go through this hard time together and they would make it. He was there through every step, through the hurtful chemo and anything else. It ached to see his love in pain, but he had to be optimistic. A lot of people beat cancers ass, so why not his girlfriend? Why not his (Y/N)?

However, all his attempts to remain strong and to keep his head straight were destroyed when the doctors told him and her family that her state was temporary and she just had a less amount of time to live.  Harry didn’t want to believe this at the beginning. He really thought it was a terrible joke and the doctor was kidding with them. But the expression on his face proved him wrong. The doctor really meant what he said. Harry was going to lose his love.

“Do you need anything?” He inquired softly, “Water? Something to eat? Tell me what you want and you’ll get it, baby.” His eyes moved to the heart monitor.

“I want to cuddle.” (Y/N) mumbled quietly but enough for Harry to understand. Even talking was so hard for her. She had neither power nor strength left in her body. Her muscles slowly shut down, she could barely move.

“Okay, cuddling it is then.” Harry said, taking off his shoes and then positioning himself beside her. He wrapped his arms around the pale and weak girl, holding her strongly against his chest and their legs tangled into each other. He made sure not to hurt her. (Y/N) slung his thin arms around Harry’s waist, enjoying the bit of warmth of his body invading her. A slight smile covered her lips.

“I’ll miss this.” She whispered. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you, too.” Harry croaked, feeling a huge heavy load on his chest.” So much, baby girl. I love you so much.” He gave a gentle kiss on her bald head, which once was covered with long strands of locks. Harry loved the feeling of them whenever he ran his fingers through her hair.

“I love you too, Harry.” Hearing her saying those words, probably for the last times tore his heart apart. He would never be able to see her saying these meaningful words to him anymore. He would never catch her gazing lovingly and admiringly at him anymore. He would never ever feel her again. Why was life so unfair? Why was it taking her away from him?

Harry shut his eyes tightly to prevent more tears from escaping but another sob overwhelmed him. (Y/N) laid one had on his cheeks to wipe away the salty liquid.

“Why?” She heard him saying over and over again. “Why, why why? Why are you leaving me, (Y/N)?” He was aware that he shouldn’t blame her for this, it was something she had no control of. It’s just life’s circle. We are born, we live and we die.

(Y/N) felt like she needed to give him an explanation but how if she absolutely no idea how to?

“What will I do without you, baby, huh? Tell me. What am I going to do without you? It’s not fair (Y/N)! We wanted to live together, forever. Remember our late night conversations about marriage and having children? About our dreams? How am I going to accomplish these when you’re not there anymore? How am I going to live? I need you, baby. So much! When you leave there will nothing left in me anymore because you have everything I could give to you. My heart. I already gave it to you the first time I laid my eyes upon you. You have my heart and once you’re gone you will take it with you. I’ll be nothing but a living corpse, walking through life.” He buried his face in the crook of her neck, staining her shirt with his tears.

“We made a promise, baby. We promised never to leave each other.” Hiccups left his mouth and he struggled with the lack of oxygen in his lungs. His heart ached, pain, killing him inside. Harry looked up to her with his eyes staring pleadingly at her.

“I love you so much, please tell me this is a fucking sick joke. Please tell me you’re not going to die. You stay here right? We will fight until you’re okay again.”

“Harry…” (Y/N) ran her fingers through his hair.

“It hurts so much, baby. It hurts so much. I’ll die without you!”

“Calm down Harry and listen to me carefully.” She lifted up his chin to keep their eye contact in balance. She had thought about it a lot. She had been expecting such words leaving his mouth and she had been thinking about what to say and how to comfort him. With a weak voice she spoke again.

“You have to promise me something. You’re going to live and laugh no matter what happens. For me. You’re going to do and achieve such great things, Harry. I’m sure of it. Being with you, loving you was the best thing that could have happened to me. You made my life colorful, you made laugh, you made me happy, you made me feel special. I’m grateful that I met you, Harry, that I was able to spend the last couple of years with you. No one showed his love to me as much as you did and I will always keep you in my memory. I will always remember you. I’m not gone forever Harry. I may be physically gone but my soul will always remain with you. Like you said before, you gave me your heart and I gave you mine to keep it forever. We’re connected to each other. I want you to live, have fun and fall in love again. I want you to marry and have children that you dreamed of. Do what your heart desires and enjoy every second of it. For me.”

Harry kissed her lips softly as a sign of his promise.

“I’ll always be there.” (Y/N) repeated. “You’ll never be alone.”

After an hour later, (Y/N) closed her eyes forever, spending her last moments in the arms of her beloved Harry. He cried on her motionless body before the doctors came in to take her away from him. On the one side he was glad that she was in no pain anymore, finally finding her peace but on the other side he was beyond heart-broken.

Heaven had gained another beautiful angel.

“I’ll always be with you.” He heard her voice in his head when she was carried away and a wave of warmth enveloped his body.

BTS Jimin Angst - Blindman's buff Part 1

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Violence, Gore, Underground organisation!bts

Warnings: Strong language, Gore and Violence later.

Characters: All bts members

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12

What if all the years you spent trying to protect your loved one, suddenly disappeared? 

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I do not own the gif.

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--Tell Me What To Do--

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I’ll come to you first, even if we’re at different roads.

Pairing: Baekhyun/reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 3K

Summary: Yet in the darkness, two lonely souls met.

Author’s note: So, that Shinee song… I really like it. And I really like tearing my heart into a thousand pieces and for some reason believe you do too. But I really love this one, it’s the longest one I’ve made but ya know its worth the read. Also, I’ve started watching Code Geass, which is completely unrelated. I just felt like you had to know cha feel? Anyways, enjoy!

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