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Superboy and the Invisible Girl
Jennifer Damiano, Manuela Del Campo, Alice Ripley & Kyle Dean Massey
Superboy and the Invisible Girl

Bilingual version of Superboy and the Invisible Girl, sang by Jennifer Damiano, Manuela Del Campo, Alice Ripley and Kyle Dean Massey at the Next to Normal & Casi Normales concert in Buenos Aires. [ 12 September 2015 ]

Sweet Boys - Part 1

James comes downstairs and grabs a coffee, he rubs a finger lazily over a sleepy eye as he heads into the living room. When he turns into the room however everything stops. 

Lily sits on the couch her head in her hands sobbing, she can’t catch her breathe and Harry lays in the bassinet beside her. Harry is crying but Lily is very obviously in her own world. James sits tentatively beside her, their small cream coloured sofa creaking and puts an arm over her shoulder. She drops her head into his chest and let’s out a great sob. James’ eyes then find the note laid out on the table and with a nervous hand reads the shaky writing…

James and Lily,

It is with my deepest regret that I must inform you of what has gone on. Last night Alice and Frank Longbottom were found in the cellar of a small home. While they are alive they are certainly not well, it seems they were tortured quite violently. Signs of the Cruciatus curse were found as well as suspected Imperio which was used to have them torture one another. Frank was found cradling Alice and crying, Alice however seems to have no idea f anything happening around her. Frank has not spoken and doesn’t seem like he is much better off. They are being treated on at St. Mungo’s, however no one is sure that they can even help them. 

Neville is safe for now, however at the moment we are not sure about where he will end up, his grandmother will take him however she is hesitant in a boy so young at her age..I am sorry to be the bringer of such terrible news.


James looked down at Lily, he looked at Harry, he scooped Harry up with one arm and held him tight, he pressed a shaky kiss to his sweet Lily’s forehead and said in a broken voice, 

“Lily.. I-” she looked at him with those deep green eyes and said 

“James, I want to go get Neville”

Lily tried to talk it through with James however before she could he was gone. She followed him into their spare room where he already had his wand out and was moving boxes and things into closets and out of the room.

“James, what are you-” Lily stuttered

“Well, the boy will need a place to sleep” James smiled and hugged his wife. 

The next day they left bright and early, it was a bit cool and they had Harry wrapped up in his pram. They walked up to the door and knocked quickly, they were greeted by Dumbledore, a sparkle in his eye and a smile tugging at his lips. Pleasantries were exchanged and they gave the young, beaming couple the small boy with the big, big eyes, swaddled tight in his favourite blanket.

They walked home and put both boys down, Neville was a dream as Lily rocked him close, singing him to sleep. James and Lily sat down, crunched numbers and discussed the next steps. Over the next days they got a double stroller, and went to visit Frank and Alice. Both of them were not well and neither acknowledged them until Lily sat on the end of Alice’s bed with Neville. In that moment a woman who had not said a word, or made eye contact with anyone, locked eyes with her baby boy and smiled. 

The following weekend brought Peter, Remus and Sirius to visit, they brought two boxes with them, each had pajamas in them for the boys with woodland animals on them. Mice, squirrels, foxes. The boys crawled around the carpet and giggled when the Marauders pretended they couldn’t tell the two apart.

“Harry, Harry come here” Remus would call to Neville, picking him up and throwing him high into the sky. “Wait, you;re Neville! Not Harry!” 

They would do anything to see the small boy with the big, big eyes laugh and smile. 

enchanted ft. frank longbottom ( @oflcngbcttcms )

From last night onwards, Alice had had a smile plastered
on her face. Even though her head was throbbing from the
night before and people were whispering about her she
didn’t care. She was completely dazed and clearly lovesick.
She’d been counting the seconds till the end of her last
lesson and once the bell rang announcing the end she made
a beeline for the kitchens. The house elves had prepared a
miniscule’ date night feast and neatly tucked it away
in a basket 
as requested.

Her next stop was her dorm room. Where she 
changed from her uniform to a rose pink dress
that came up to her knees and curled her hair
in soft waves so that they cascaded past her 
shoulders. The slightest touch of makeup was
applied to her face and she decided to 
forego glasses as she wasn’t really planning
on reading that night.

When she finally arrived at the bottom of
the staircase to the astronomy tower, she 
looked down at her watch she was ten 
minutes early. Did that make her seem overeager?
She didn’t care. Especially when she
spotted Frank walking towards her, and
a slight blush crowded her cheeks.

‘ You look amazing…I mean you always 
look great but tonight even more amazing ‘

Great five minutes in and she was already 

  • James: No, no, no and no. But thank you for caring so much. It’s about the nightmares and stuff… they happened again last night.
  • Alice: Why do you always have to thank me? Weirdo. Wait, really? Oh, no. Tell me about them if you can. Only if you can and want though.