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Lucy: ok but for real if you think I’m going to saddle my children with the all the baggage a Dragneel last name entails you have another damn thing coming!!!! I know I had issues with my own last name but this is just ridiculous. Natsu, our kids are going to be Heartfilias, ok? 

/// I’m a proponent of any kids Lucy and Natsu having being Heartfilia-Dragneels, personally, but FT is just being absolutely ridiculous lately 

so i’m pretty sure Baby is autistic

like more sure than just about any other character i’ve ever seen. i just got back from my second viewing and now i’m more convinced than ever. evidence:

  • adherence to routine: baby still eats at the diner where his mom worked, and he still orders from the kids menu. the waitress said that he’d been coming there for as long as she’s worked there; baby has basically lived his entire life around that diner, and he hasn’t updated his routine in years because the routine brings him comfort.
  • delayed echolalia: a significant portion baby’s spoken dialogue is actually just him repeating things he’s heard before in other contexts. we all do this from time-to-time, everybody likes a good quote, but baby does it… a lot. like, way more than normal. he seems FAR more comfortable speaking in quotes than he does speaking off-the-cuff.
  • immediate echolalia: and he doesn’t always store quotes for later. sometimes he repeats them back immediately. this kind of parroting is something autistic children have been known to do to help them process what is being said, not realizing that their repetition is being taken as a response. when doc asks baby “are you in?” and baby repeats “am I in?” almost automatically, you can tell this is an exchange they’ve gone through many times, likely going all the way back to when baby was a kid. perhaps that’s how it started.
  • memorization - this goes hand-in-hand with echolalia; you have to remember quotes in order to repeat them, after all. but it goes beyond mere snippets of dialogue; baby is able to memorize extremely complicated plans and rundowns and repeat them verbatim after hearing them exactly once. he does this twice; once when doc is telling the crew the plan, and once when he goes into the post-office and sam gives him the rundown of the security.
  • hyperfixation: baby lives and breathes music. owns dozens upon dozens of ipods that he has clearly gone through the trouble of buying off other people, each of which is loaded with different songs for different occasions and each individual library of which he has memorized. has keyboards and turntables and other mixing tools to create his own music, has a huge case of tapes of his own stuff, and a wall of vinyl records he’s collected. choreographs his getaway driving to music. hell, choreographs his entire life to music, to the point where baby has to stop what he is doing to restart, rewind, or find a song multiple times over the course of the film, even when his actual life is in jeopardy.
  • sensory issues: constantly listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. for many people, the ringing from tinnitus is something they can get used to and ‘tune out’ so to speak. baby’s inability to do this suggests that either his tinnitus is more severe, or he has some form of sensory disorder that prevents him from ignoring unwanted stimuli, forcing him to override it with something else.
  • savant syndrome: there’s really no way around this; baby is goddamn driving prodigy. if he were a middle-age man, his skill would put him among the best in the world; the fact that he’s this good now, and that he’s been this good since he was an actual child puts him so far into the stratosphere that we can’t even see him anymore. like, sorry, kevin spacey, but it’s not baby’s personal playlist that makes him the best driver on the fucking planet; there is something else going on in that kid’s brain, and whatever it is, it ain’t normal.

add all of this to the fact that baby’s intense focus and quiet, seemingly emotionless demeanor makes his criminal associates suspicious of him to the point where various idiots accuse him of having ‘mental problems,’ being ‘not on planet earth,’ with one particularly dumb asshole even throwing the R-word at him, and I’d say at the very least you have a strong case for baby being anything but neurotypical.

“I’m not slow. I’m fast.”

hell yeah you are. i love my fast autistic son. 🚗


in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part III)

“Until all that remains of any of it are stories bearing only a passing resemblance to the world the rest of us lived in.”


# she’s so adorable here, bye!

YA’LL Muslim is PRONOUNCED with an S in it. NOT a Z. IT’S MUSLIM not MUZLIM. M U S L I M. I’m sick and tired of hearing people pronounce it wrong. I don’t know if you understand but by changing that letter the entire meaning of the word MUSLIM changes! IT IS NOT Muzlum or muzlim. when you add the Z it changes to Ẓulm. Zulm is the Arabic word used interchangeably for cruelty or unjust acts of exploitation, oppression, and wrongdoing, whereby a person either deprives others of their rights or does not fulfill his obligations towards them. WHERE AS MUSLIM MEANS "one who submits (to God)“. SO PLEASE. Stop saying it wrong. IT SOUNDS RUDE & UN EDUCATED. Thank you.

tango is actually super french

like legit, from-metropolitan-france french not québécois

bear with me this headcanon is all just so completely arbitrary he just… Seems French to Me

  • he was born in the paris suburbs and he moved around the paris area a lot throughout childhood
    • seriously he basically lived in every flat in île-de-france at some point
    • saint-denis, boulogne-billancourt, neuilly-sur-seine, issy-les-moulineaux, and like 3 different arrondissements of the actual city u name it tango lived there growing up
    • when he was in like the first year of lycée (american 10th grade) he moved to the south of france like probably aix or montpellier and lived there for a year
    • finally he moved to the US for senior year of high school - brooklyn
      • transferring his school credits was a MEss but somehow it worked out
      • he liked it a lot so he applied to US colleges but he also discovers hockey and falls in love with it so he puts off college to play junior league hockey and thats how he ends up in québec (i’m gonna say gatineau) for 2 years in the Q
      • finally he goes to samwell and from there we know whats up
  • he speaks both french and english natively cause his mom is french and his dad is american and they taught him both from the start
    • his dad is from boston and has a THICK boston accent but everyone else he knew in paris growing up who spoke english was british so his accent in english is actually a weird mix of boston and british
    • he can tune it to be closer to one accent or the other especially if people around him are speaking with one, so like when he’s at samwell his english naturally becomes more bostonian and when he’s around british speakers it becomes naturally more british
    • his french is basically flawless standard metropolitan french which means he spent most of his time in québec just constantly frustrated at their accents and weird slang
    • he doesn’t know a lot of american english slang or american culture at first and that’s part of why he asks so many questions because he grew up speaking relatively british-influenced english in france and not being exposed to the colloquialisms and stuff americans use
    • it doesn’t take him too long to acclimate tho cause he naturally talks a lot and asks lots of questions so he gets his bearings quickly
    • he prefers cursing in french because it just feels like it packs more of a punch, plus curses in english don’t follow grammatical rules very closely so it’s harder for him to use them right
  • he has multiple hard-of-hearing and deaf cousins in france so he knows LSF (french sign language) but he doesn’t ever get to use it once he comes to the US so he’s losing it fast. he’s really passionate about being able to sign though so he’s taking ASL for his language requirement at samwell
    • there’s definitely at least one other member of SMH who knows ASL (*cough* william j poindexter *cough*) and tango eventually knows enough to sign pretty fluently with dex. this obviously devolves quickly into the chirping of teammates without their knowledge
    • the same goes for his french - when bitty finally tells the tadpoles about jack and introduces them to jack, he and jack click instantly because they both speak fluent french
    • tango lowkey doesn’t rlly like jack’s québécois accent of french but jack doesn’t like tango’s weird boston-british english so it’s whatever they just get past it
  • his french customs are alive and well in his heart and sometimes he goes out of his way to make room for them in his life cause they remind him of home
    • he LOVES cooking and he becomes bitty and dex’s kitchen buddy and it helps to diversify the haus’s cuisine by a ton
    • like once a month the whole smh sits down and they have a full formal french meal with all the courses
      • they usually forgo the apéritif because tango doesn’t drink much - he may be french but he also left france before he hit 18, plus he’s kinda timid and doesn’t really party so he only really goes for red wine and only at formal meals
      • he does a really really masterful entrée every time and honestly bitty is probably thinking of opening a restaurant with him in the future
      • the salad course and cheese course are the most different from american meals and so they remind tango the most of home
    • he’s not great at baking but he gives bitty a ton of recipes for french pastries because there are SO MANY and he misses them all
    • he absolutely refuses to go to mcdonalds in the US because the french macdos are SO MUCH BETTER? like US mickey d’s aint got SHIT on the french ones
    • by the time he comes to samwell he’s lived in the US long enough to get used to not doing la bise (the greeting where you kiss each other briefly on both cheeks) but when he first gets there his gay ass sees all those gorgeous guys and he just,,, forgets that it’s not a thing?? and he goes to greet holster and accidentally goes for la bise and holster who being the chill bi bro he is just. goes with it and the rest of the team is like … ????????? but it’s great
    • sometimes this boy is like a giant walking stereotype i swear…,, he just buys a lot of baguettes at murder stop n shop and will just walk around eating them between classes n shit. anyone can spot tango from a mile away cause hes got the baguette. one day he wore a beret just to be Extra and everyone wouldnt stop joking about hon hon hon baguette eiffel tower and homeboy just about snapped
    • this boy is a fashion ICON and he definitely makes 50 Most all 4 years

anonymous asked:

opinion on the last name thing about Lance going around

So, before I answer this question, I want to state some things. I am Biracial, extreme white passing but biracial nonetheless. I am white passing with an extremely Mexican last name (Which I will not put out of identity and safety reasons) so if Lance does have a white sounding last name, then I wouldn’t be surprised. 

Now on to the question. So, my opinion on this issue has changed a bunch. At the beginning of this blog, I wanted Lance to have a white sounding last name because that would confirm biracial! Lance and would mean he was in vaguely the same situation I was in just completly opposite. Looking back on it this was a selfish way of thinking when it came to Lance and Latinx culture, because here’s the thing, Lance isn’t like me. Lance is dark skinned and grew up in cuba- which has both light skinned and dark skinned cubans, so if he was full cuban than he could still be biracial- he would probably have a last name that reflected that. 

My current view on this is that no matter what Lance probably doesn’t have a white last name. I have a reason for thinking this. 

look at Lance’s family. We see both light and dark skinned people here, but one thing for sure. Lance’s dad, seems to be the man with the beard and mustache (Niiice by the way) notice that his dad is dark skinned. Now,, I don’t know if you guys know this, but last names? Normally come from the dads side of the family [Unless hyphenated or something, which isn’t out of the picture.] So, unless his last name his hyphenated, my biggest guess is that he has a cuban sounding last name. What this last name is? I couldn’t care. All I know is that its Cuban or Latinx. Personally I like Sanchez or Marines or Rodriguez or Hernandez. 

But until something is confirmed, I want to stay out of it. For all we know his name could be Lance Sanchez-McClain, or  Lance McClain-Rodriguez. I really don’t care, I just think (and prefer) that Lance has some type of Latinx last name. 

I wanted to end this on a joke like “And either way it doesn’t matter, his last name is going to change to Kogane in the far future” but I won’t.

Riverdale Episode 5 “Holy crap what is going on?”
  • There’s a set of parents crazier than the Coopers? No freaking way.
  • Oh nevermind, Betty’s dad has gone crazy and may have killed Jaon, false alarm people, the Coopers are still the wackiest of them all.
  • Veronica eating those fries and staring at Betty is so damn gay, like honestly are they trying to hide it?
  • Archie honey the only thing I care about in your story line is this Valerie girl.
  • But also Ronnie fixing him up was the cutest thing.
  • This episode is actually making me like Cheryl. Also I love this friendship between her and Ronnie.
  • This episode is also making me ship Bughead.
  • But seriously I cannot wait to meet Polly. That conversation between that old woman and Betty gave me chills.
  • Bring on next week (and a supposed Bughead kiss?).