last name unknown

Merc's Real Names:

TF2 Team:

Scout - Jeremy (Last Name Unknown)

Soldier - Jane Doe (Term for an anonymous female. Whether this is truly his real name, what he knows himself as now or merely an alias is unknown)

Pyro - (Name Unknown)

Demoman - Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

Heavy - Mikhail (Nickname Misha. Last Name Unknown)

Engineer - Dell Conagher

Medic - Ludwig (Due to him being referred as Mr.Ludwig, it’s not completely confirmed whether this is his first name or his last name. Most probably the first name despite it’s use)

Sniper - Mun-Dee (Birth Forename) Mundy (Adopted Surname)

Spy - (Unknown, Possibly shares last name with Scout)


TFC Team:

Scout - Greg (Presumably short for Gregory. Last Name Unknown. Either Scout or Demo’s name was a error, or they both share the same name as both are referred to this in Comics 4 and 6)

Soldier - Ross (Last Name Unknown)

Pyro - Beatrice (Last Name Unknown, Nicknamed Bea)

Demoman - Greg (Presumably short for Gregory. Last Name Unknown) 

Heavy - ((Name Unknown)

Engineer - Fred (Last Name Unknown, Presumed Conagher)

Medic - (Name Unknown)

Sniper - Virgil (Last Name Unknown, Nicknamed Virg)

Spy - (Name Unknown)

Making A Statement

Part 2

Summary: Poe Dameron is a feared mob boss who runs the south side of Yavin. Now prohibition is in effect Poe has to deal with new gangsters, prohibition agents and Kylo Ren’s constant grab for complete control over Yavin.

A/N: I didn’t think many people would enjoy it so much?? Thank you guys. So no pressure for this part then. It physically pains me to remember that modern technology doesn’t exist in this yet.

Fact: Al and Ralph Capone are the ones responsible for the expiry dates on your milk cartons. Ralph owned bottling factories which was supposed to be the Capone’s ‘legal’ operations.

Tags: @x-wing-starwriter @firefeatherx

“Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren have complete control over Yavin.”

“There isn’t a single politician or law enforcement agent that aren’t in their back pockets.

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Maui’s Official PokeAU Bio

(Jay, I hope this will suffice!

NAME: Maui (unknown last name)

OCCUPATION: Elite Four member, self-proclaimed ‘awesome hero’

HOME: Nowhere, technically- he tends to roam, and actually makes it a point to sleep outside even when he has a home and bed at his disposal.

ORIGIN: An orphan from a tiny seaside town, he’s dragged himself up the metaphorical ladder tooth and nail, and is now getting very close to being at the top of the Region, status-wise.


Braviary (male, ‘ace’ Pokemon)

Zoroark (male)

Vaporeon- Nicknamed ‘Mo’ (female)

Cubone (female)- no official nickname, but he calls it ‘Kiddo’ more often than he uses its species name. It is of the Alolan variety.

Exeggutor (male, Alolan)

Staraptor (male)

RELATIONSHIPS: ‘Besties’ with another Trainer named Moana, and dating Jay of @jays-fictional-fun. Generally friendly (if a little obnoxious) towards strangers, and a bitter rival with the Gym Leader Tamatoa of Lalotai Island. Has a ‘brother from another mother’ who looks so eerily similar to him, they are often asked if they are twins. This not-twin is called ‘Mini’- it’s short for something, but no one knows what- and he acts as Maui’s sort of supervisor, and helps keep him out of trouble. )

Character Fact Sheet

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Codename: Wolf

face claim: Sans the Skeleton
name: Sans “Wolf” e҉̷͏ŗ̀͡ŗ̸̧̛͢o̷̡̕r̕͡҉̢   (what, you think I’d give away his last name?)
age: Unknown (over 18)
gender: Male
nationality: The Underground?
birthday: Presumably in May
residence: Snowdin (former), the Surface (former), travels timelines
marital status: In a relationship with Pup (@sansgst)
▍ sexuality: Panromantic, demisexual

drink: Does ketchup count? If not, generally lemonade or strawberry milk
food: Burgers, chips, almost anything greasy
day or night: Day
snacks: Popato Chisps/potato chips (they’re basically the same)
quote: “i used to be a classic, y’know. but, heh… well, you can see how much more different i am, can’t you?
pet: Had a pet rock, but that’s been long gone along with the rest of his timeline. Kind of wants a dog, however
color: Blues, mostly, but likes reds as well
flower: White Oak Tree flowers (they represent independence)

▍ height: 4′11″
body type: Boney (literally)
eye color : White pupils (that almost look like lights)
hair color: No hair (like seriously, I just???)

tagging: hell idk, anyone can do this?? XD


OC October Day 7

David: 19 | m | clothes model

David is a clothes model in a very fancy, superficial fictional society where clothes models basically do a more fabulous, dancey version of professional wrestling.  It looks kind of combative but it’s really all show and the point is to exhibit the clothes dynamically.  

He grew up an orphan, but was lucky enough to be sponsored by the company that now employs him, which provided generous care all his life.  He’s happy enough, wearing any clothes he’s given, posing for photos, and interacting with his little fanbase.  David is very sociable and sweet but a bit full of himself, helpful but overbearing in his helpfulness, and optimistic but naive.  His best friend is the most popular model in the company, but David kind of assumes that he himself is the rising star of the modeling world.

There next two characters from this story will be interesting to talk about because one was originally designated the love interest and the other the best friend, but I’ve just thought how interesting it would be if their roles were switched and I think I might change to that.  So for the record, this story may have just become about 50% gayer.


OC October Day 4

Talen: 18 | m | field scholar

Talen, last name unknown (as with most of my early OCs), belongs to an order whose sole purpose is to go out in the world and learn things and be nice to people.  The green paint on his lower lip and chin denotes that despite his age, he has “graduated” from his training as a member of the order and taken all his oaths, etc. etc.

Talen is young but very intelligent and curious and culturally sensitive, albeit with a serious lack of regard for his own life.  Of all the things he wants to learn about, the supernatural creatures and phenomena of his world are right at the top of the list, and sometimes those creatures are super dangerous.  On his travels, he hears news of a firebird living at the top of a mountain who takes regular tribute in the form of living humans.  It instantly becomes his first priority, of course, to visit this mountain and be selected as tribute. (obligatory hunger games reference)

His story–a 50+ page comic I freehanded in ballpoint pen and crayon about five years ago–was called PHOENIX and I’ll probably be able to cover the basics of the rest of the story as I post the other two characters from it I’m featuring in OC October!

Quick Star War question: why did Han and Leia name their son Ben Solo?

Getting beyond the fact neither of them really knew Obi-Wan, I could still accept that maybe they just liked the name Ben. That’s fine. By why give him the last name Solo? From the original series, we see that some naming conventions in the galaxy far, far away apparently hold true. Luke has the same surname as his father, Anakin Skywalker. (Let’s leave aside the vast stupidity of giving Luke this surname when Obi-Wan apparently was trying to hide the baby away from his tyrannical parent, for now.) And maybe it made more sense to give him the last name of a relatively unknown Jedi instead of naming him after Queen Amidala. But Leia took her adoptive parents’ name, Organa. Admittedly, she apparently didn’t know she was adopted (and this is a far better way to hide a baby, Obi-Wan), but let’s also not forget she was a princess. Now of a destroyed planet, but still, Princess Organa (and now General Organa) has a lot more clout to her name than some random smuggler. Now, I love Han, and he absolutely had his place in the rebellion. But Leia was the leader, and continued to be, long after Han took off. Does the grip of patriarchal naming conventions still apply this strongly in this universe? By all accounts, young Ben would probably benefit a lot more from carrying the name of a royal lineage and a badass general.

So why wasn’t he named Ben Organa?