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All my wlw tv show ships

(For the few anons who asked 😘 )

Rachel Berry & Quinn Fabray “Faberry” (Glee / non canon)

Brittany S. Pierce & Santana Lopez “Brittana” (Glee / canon / from beginning till the end of the show)

Waverly Earp & Nicole Haught “Wayhaught” (Wynonna Earp / canon / still ongoing)

Cosima Niehaus & Delphine Cormier “Cophine” (Orphan Black / canon / still ongoing)

Clarke Griffin & Commander Lexa “Clexa” (The 100 / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Bea Smith & Allie Novak “Ballie” (Wentworth / canon / started and ended season 4)

Callie Torres & Arizona Robbins “Calzona” (Grey’s Anatomy / canon / started season 5, ended season 12)

Arizona Robbins & Eliza Minnick “Elizona”  (Grey’s Anatomy / canon / started season 13, still ongoing)

Laura Hollis & Carmilla Karnstein “Hollstein” (Carmilla / canon / from beginning till the end of show)

Ashley Davies & Spencer Carlin “Spashley” (South Of Nowhere / canon / from beginning till end of show)

Piper Chapman & Alex Vause “Vauseman” (Orange is the New Black / canon / still ongoing)

Poussey Washington & Brook Soso “Pousoso” (Orange is the New Black / canon / started season 3, ended season 4)

Nomi Marks & Amanita Caplan “Nomanita” (Sense8 / canon / still ongoing)

Sophie Webster & Sian Powers “Siophie” (Coronation Street / canon / started season 50, ended season 52)

Willow Rosenberg & Tara Maclay “Tillow” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / canon / started season 4, ended season 6)

Buffy Summers & Faith Lehane “Fuffy” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer / non canon)

Emily Fitch & Naomi Campbell “Naomily” (Skins UK / canon / season 3&4 + Skins Fire )

Bo Dennis & Lauren Lewis “Doccubus” (Lost Girl / canon / from beginning till end of show) 

Rose Solano & Luisa Alver “Roisa” (Jane The Virgin / canon / still ongoing)

Alex Danvers & Maggie Sawyer “Sanvers” (Supergirl / canon / started season 2, still ongoing)

Kara Danvers & Lena Luthor “Supercorp” (Supergirl / non canon)

Gail Peck & Holly Stewart “Golly” (Rookie Blue / canon / started season 4, ended season 5)

Myka Bering & Helena “H.G” Wells “Bering and Wells” (Warehouse 13 / non canon)

Shane McCutcheon & Carmen De La Pica Morales “Sharmen” (The L Word / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Bette Porter & Tina Kennard “Tibette”  (The L Word / canon / from beginning till end of show)

Alice Pieszecki & Dana Fairbanks “Dalice” (The L Word / canon / started season 2, ended season 3)

Alice Pieszecki & Tasha Williams “Talice” (The L Word / canon / started season 4 till end of show)

Helena Peabody & Dylan Moreland “Dylena” (The L Word / canon / started season 3, ended season 3 - back together season 6 till end of show)

Emma Swan & Regina Mills “Swanqueen” (Once Upon A Time / non canon)

Jane Rizzoli & Maura isles “Rizzles” (Rizzoli & Isles / non canon)

Amy Raudenfeld & Karma Ashcroft “Karmy” (Faking It / non canon)

Amy Raudenfeld & Reagan (last name unknown) “Reamy” (Faking It / canon / started season 2, ended season 2)

Samantha Groves “Root” & Sameen Shaw “Shoot” (Person of Interest / canon / started season 1, ended season 5)

Tara Chambler & Denise Cloyd “Denara” (The Walking Dead / canon / started season 6, ended season 6)

Jane Tanchingco & Althea Guevarra “Jathea” (The Rich Man’s Daughter / canon/ from beginning till end of show)

Silvia Castro Leon & Pepa Miranda Ramos “Pepsi” (Los Hombres De Paco / canon / started season 5, ended season 8)

Emma Trakarsky & Izzy Silva  (You, Me, Her / canon / still ongoing)

Brenna Carver & Greer Danville “Grenna” (Chasing Life / canon / started season 1, ended season 2)

Paige Michalchuk & Alex Nunez “Palex” (Degrassi / canon / started season 5, ended season 7)

Fiona Coyne & Imogen Moreno “Fimogen” (Degrassi / canon / started season 11, ended season 12)

Tori Vega & Jade West “Jori” (Victorious / non canon)

Kim Daniels & Maria “Sugar” Sweet  (Sugar Rush / non canon)

Kim Daniels & Saint (last name unknown) (Sugar Rush / canon / started season 2 till end of show)

Emily Fields & Maya St Germain “Emaya” (Pretty Little Liars / canon / started season 1, ended season 2)

Emily Fields & Paige McCullers “Paily” (Pretty Little Liars / canon / started season 1, ended season 5)

Jenny Hartmann & Emma Muller “Jemma” (Hand aufs Herz / canon / started season 2 till end of show)

Jasmin Flemming & Anni Brehme “Jasanni” (Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten / canon / can’t figure out the seasons)

Riley Matthews & Maya Hart “Rilaya” (Girl Meets World / non canon)

Sansa Stark & Margaery Tyrell “Sansaery” (Game of Thrones / non-canon)

Merc's Real Names:

TF2 Team:

Scout - Jeremy (Last Name Unknown)

Soldier - Jane Doe (Term for an anonymous female. Whether this is truly his real name, what he knows himself as now or merely an alias is unknown)

Pyro - (Name Unknown)

Demoman - Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

Heavy - Mikhail (Nickname Misha. Last Name Unknown)

Engineer - Dell Conagher

Medic - Ludwig (Due to him being referred as Mr.Ludwig, it’s not completely confirmed whether this is his first name or his last name. Most probably the first name despite it’s use)

Sniper - Mun-Dee (Birth Forename) Mundy (Adopted Surname)

Spy - (Unknown, Possibly shares last name with Scout)


TFC Team:

Scout - Greg (Presumably short for Gregory. Last Name Unknown. Either Scout or Demo’s name was a error, or they both share the same name as both are referred to this in Comics 4 and 6)

Soldier - Ross (Last Name Unknown)

Pyro - Beatrice (Last Name Unknown, Nicknamed Bea)

Demoman - Greg (Presumably short for Gregory. Last Name Unknown) 

Heavy - ((Name Unknown)

Engineer - Fred (Last Name Unknown, Presumed Conagher)

Medic - (Name Unknown)

Sniper - Virgil (Last Name Unknown, Nicknamed Virg)

Spy - (Name Unknown)

Joining The Team Pt 1 (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, Violence, torture


Request: Can you please write an Avengers x reader fic, really angsty? Thank you x

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Fury had put you on the team very recently. But they had yet to actually meet you. They had never heard your voice, seen your face, or being within the same building of them. But they heard rumours.

They heard the story. The story that stuck. That story being how you came to be here. You were a product of HYDRA, almost a stray child. You were given training, but apparently it was worse than what they gave Nat. You felt no sympathy, nor empathy, no feelings. No soul. However your job was special. Your missions were to get people to confess or to spill secrets. You would kidnap them, lock them away, and then do unspeakable things to them. Days later HYDRA had information that none other than a certain missing person knew, who was found dead just days later as a mutilated corpse. They say Fury had actually found you when he found your torture room and in the midst of getting a man to confess. He had been lucky enough to shoot you to be subdued and that’s how you got here. They said that that’s why you were yet to be introduced- you were healing and fighting back.

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The girl with a star in her eye

Suspicion, on a show like Doctor Who, is gained easily. Strange behaviour, more often than not, might just be the sign of a threat or the beginning of an invasion.  From her first appearance on, Heather comes across as a dubious figure. In a crowded lecture hall, she stares straight ahead, no sign that she is even registering the content. Encountering Bill at the bar, no words are spoken, just an enigmatic smile. And through it all, a the bright star in her iris, a curious feature on a show in which being human is optional.

And yet, these moments are undeniably framed as romantic. “The day you fall in love”, the Doctor exclaims as the camera rests on Heather’s face. And there, eyes are meeting, two people drawn to each other across a crowded room. When Bill meets Heather once again, our trust in this set up is tested once again, with an odd request that lures Bill to what is clearly a source of danger. A puddle without rain, a reflection that isn’t quite right, and a girl who first beckons Bill to look and then flees the scene.

Heather fits in an odd spot between different expectations. It looks like she is leading our heroine into peril, but she makes a poor evil seductress, too rough around the edges. Moreover, every detail make her less suitable for a sweet romance, drawn out over small encounters. Although even her last name remains unknown, we are given emotional glimpses. Alienation and discontent. She hates her surroundings and rejects who she is. A defect.

Still, the very second Heather catches the glimpse of understanding, she begins to open up. One moment, she is rude and dismissive, but an “Are you freaking out about something?” is enough to start confiding in Bill, to show her what she is preoccupied with, to admit that she wants to leave wherever she goes. To grant Bill a “maybe” when she asks to come along. The small, tentative beginnings of a romance, with all its unfulfilled promises.

It takes Heather’s transformation into the Pilot for the puzzle pieces of her isolation to truly fall into place. She has found a single droplet left behind by a spaceship and it consumes her until she too is shaped from flowing tears. Stripped down to to her wishes and thoughts, she isn’t pushing the outside world away. She is reaching out, through all of time and space, yearning for that connection not quite made.

Where Bill complains that her face betrays her emotions, Heather’s shows her detachment and hostility but hides her unhappiness and longing. Fragments of her depression. But there is hope too. In recognising someone who tries to understand. In the stars in her eye, of the universe she now holds within. And in finding that someone who is looking for you, maybe, some day.

If Marvel ever gets their “Damage Control” comedy show off the ground, here’s how I’d cast it:


1) Tyne Daly as Anne Marie Hoag: the founder and director of Damage Control. She is the “Ron Swanson” of the group.

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2) Nick Offerman as Hercules: the exiled prince of Olympus. He’s currently doing community service with Damage Control in an attempt to win back Zeus’ favor

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3) Jenna Fischer as Robin Chapel: traffic manager and Anne’s favorite employee. She is competing with John Porter for an executive position in Damage Control and falls in love with him later on in the show (think Ben-Leslie from Parks and Rec).

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4) Martin Lawrence as Albert Cleary: the comptroller who has the supernatural ability of keeping his suit wrinkle-free. 

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5) Danny Pudi as John Porter: the account executive who specializes in “superhero insurance”. He is Robin Chapel’s rival-turned-love interest.

NOTE: Danny reprises his cameo role from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. It’s revealed that John used to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. until the HYDRA uprising.

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6) Jared Gilman as Bart Rozum: the intern who was offered a full-time role by Anne Marie Hoag. He is in love with the receptionist, Anne 2.

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7) Jorge Garcia as Eugene “Gene” Strausser: technician who was a former supervillain (mentioned that he once fought Hawkeye and Falcon). 

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8) Kate Micucci as Anne a.k.a. Anne 2: the receptionist with an unknown last name. Hinted that she has a dark, supernatural background / history.

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9) Cristin Milioti as Abigail Dunton / Visioneer: a psychic who uses her abilities to find civilians trapped in rubble. 

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1) Zendaya as Michelle “MJ” Jones: high school student who interns for Damage Control.

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2) Paul Rudd as Scott Lang / Ant-Man: shows up in one episode to help Damage Control recover the Pym Particles that Darren Cross stole after the events of “Ant-Man”

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Sense8 Names

Kala - Means black in Hindi. Maybe that’s why she sets LITERALLY EVERYTHING on fire

Wolfgang - Means wolf path. Hence Wolfgang being kind of a lone wolf for a full season and a half

Will(iam) - comes from German. Means desire and helmet of protection. Will Gorski is a cop. Will has the desire to protect

Nomi - from Scandinavian and Hebrew (idk). Means pleasantness and Nomi is an angel (except when she’s tryna fuck people up on the computer

Riley - comes from an Irish last name that means unknown. Ironic because she’s a famous DJ, but then again a lot of DJs are unknown

Lito - somehow came from Hebrew? (Idk) Means God is with us. Even tho Lito is 100% drama queen God is protecting the cluster and I’ll take it because none of them are dead (yet)

Capheus - from Cepheus, which was a Greek name that no one knows the actual meaning of. Good name because Capheus hasn’t defined what he is at the end of the season

Sun - can mean Grandchild/decendant but also could mean falcon. I don’t know what to make of this… yet

Nuhumans are wonderful. I Love Them. No Reason. Just a Quick Post, for Fellow Nuhuman Fans to Share The Love.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Quake (Daisy Johnson)

Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette)

Synapse (Emily Guerrero)

Inferno (Dante Pertuz)

Naja (Real Name Unknown)

Iso (Xiaoyi Chen)

Grid (Dinesh Deol)

Flint (Jaycen, last name unknown)

Downer (Daisuke, last name unknown)

Season 7 Cursed Character Name Update:

  • Regina = Roni (Last Name)
  • Hook = (First Name) Rogers
  • Rumple = (First Name) Weaver
  • Henry = Henry Mills
  • Tremaine = Victoria (Belfrey?  Name on construction equipment) 
  • Cinderella = Jacinda (Last Name)
  • Lucy = Lucy (Last Name)
  • Tiana = Unknown
  • Drizella = Ivy (Last Name)
  • Alice = Unknown

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:eyes: I see you like Etrian Odyssey~~~! Can we hear about your guild~?

Whoa, you did NOT just ask that, Anon…

At least 75% of my twitter is me talking about headcanons and stories and redesigns and all that other stuff. Now I’ll never shut up! >:3c

Guild Aurelis, at your service! (really quick doodle, I was getting tired at some point rip)

Sovereign: Snow Afilitaria Aurelis - The former monarch of a kingdom, who ran away due to… reasons. Married to Alexander and opted to take his last name (and thus, that’s how the guild got the name, given that he’s legally the leader)

Protector: Alexander Aurelis - Snow’s Knight in Shining Armor! Well, given, Snow insists they’re equals, but old habits die hard (that’s what you get when you marry your damn guard, kid.) Spams Provoke all day; in the form of puns. Middle sibling.

Alchemist (left): Orlandeau Aurelis - Formula Alchemist. Born extremely frail but also a young genius. Hopeless with social cues/interaction but will talk any ears off that are willing to listen to jargon. Eldest sibling of the Aurelis family despite appearing youngest.

Alchemist (right): Zero - Actually a War Magus. He is Orlandeau’s homunculi (designated Project Zero, and when Orlandeau allowed him to choose his own name, he opted to keep the one that he gave him.)

Survivalist: Vessalius Aurelis - Former assassin. Generally quiet and tends to see the world in black and white. As a result, his actions tend to land him in hot water more often than not; if anyone noticed. Youngest sibling of the family.

Medic: Eden; last name unknown - A gifted healer who tires very easily. Quite clumsy sometimes, but has the best intentions- to the point of naivete, that he’d let his caretakers abuse his willingness to help. (That’s in the past, don’t mind that.) Vessalius tends to look out for him because he’s so accident prone.

Whoa whoa whoa red alert too long cut the post- these are my mains in eo2u, but by no means my only chars! I have all classes in all the games so far, after all :3 I look forward to further expanding my guild in EOV, however!

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Is Levi aware of his own physical attractiveness or is he just modestly indifferent about it?

Great question, anon!

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion or want to share your view on this with me; that’s awesome and I’m all for it! But, if you are going to send me hate, do me a favor and don’t even bother.

Okay, hear me out on this lol.

I don’t think Levi is considered all that attractive in the SnK universe. I mean, he’s short, in his thirties, looks indifferent or exhausted a lot of the time, rarely smiles, has horrible social skills, and he’s extremely intimidating. Sure, he’s the Captain of the Survey Corps and Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, which I’m sure gets him a lot of potential suitors. But, based on his looks alone? I doubt it.

I’m positive a lot of people find him physically attractive, but I don’t think he’s fawned over based on his looks a whole lot. More often than not, it’s probably due to his position, his strength, or the fact that he’s “mysterious”. Not a whole lot of people are aware of Levi’s origin. His background, family, last name, and past is unknown to 99% of the people in the SnK universe. I imagine a lot of people find him very intriguing, but probably not insanely attractive.

I think men like Erwin and Mike would be the type that most people fawned over due to their appearance. Tall, buff, powerful, Adonis like men lol. Levi is attractive to us because he was drawn to be that. But, I imagine that in the world of SnK, Levi isn’t looked at as being a creature carved by angels. More like a short, intimidating, oddly pristine thirty year old man who needs a nap.

The Real Problem with Lily is not with Lily

(springboarding off this)

He’s spending half his life peeling off cold, damp clothing. Whatever this trend is in rain scenes, he hopes it becomes passé. Kris, the current wardrobe manager, is starting to shudder when he hands her heaps of dripping garments. They’re cold and clammy. Wet wool weighs like thirty-eight pounds more than dry and smells like a herd of sheep.

His dry clothes are rough against his skin. He should probably change his detergent. Lily swans past on the way to her car without even looking at him.

“Goodnight, or not…” he mumbles when her car door slams. She checks her hair in her review mirror, but he catches her watching him for a moment. She turns the key in the ignition. It grinds because the engine is already running, but she hurriedly drives away.

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Title: A Love Story Like Never Before

Pairing: NaruHIna

Prompt: Day 6– Moon

Long, long ago the Gods and Goddesses were curious of the new planet they created, Earth. When humans began to walk the Earth, they believed that something was missing. Something that would light up their path since the planet was shrouded in red dust. So they created a massive ball of light and when they sent it to the planet, the humans were more than overjoyed. But the ball of light eventually gave out since it stayed up in the sky for far too long. Puzzled, the Gods and Goddesses began to discuss among themselves until a wicked and troublesome God stepped up and proposed an idea.

Let us make a Sun and a Moon,” he said, “but it will each contain a soul of a human to keep it going. The Sun will rise during the day to keep all living organisms warm and alive and awake and during the night, the Moon will take its place too cool off the Earth and help the living organisms to sleep.

But what do you mean by it containing a soul of a human?” asked a Goddess, knowing well who this God was.

Here, the God gave a smile that hid a dark intention. “We won’t stay around for so long, my fellow Gods and Goddesses. We will need something that comes as close to us and who better than the humans that we have created ourselves. Of course, they will have to sacrifice themselves.

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49 naruhina plz

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic


49. boss/intern au



“Inuzuka, this is literally the worst day ever to bring in a newbie.”

“It’s not the worst day ever. It’s just – a bad day. I know. Sorry. But it couldn’t be any other day.”

A deep sigh. “You do realize we are having the most important mission of the year today, right?”


“And still, you’re asking me to bring along a fucking newbie?”

“Uh… yes.”

“What the fuck, Inuzuka?”

“Alright, alright! I get it. I fucked up. Still, we have no choice, Naruto. She’s here, and she’s signed the contract, and Hatake himself recommended her. Besides, from what I’ve heard, she’s not that inexperienced.”

“Has she ever assassinated the most wanted criminal of the decade?”

“Fuck, no, Naruto, she hasn’t, but my point is that she isn’t clueless. She has done a few killings already. She is skilled. She won’t be a burden.”

“Why are you so sure? To me, she seems useless-”

Enough, she decides, as she pushes the heavy doors open. Fuming, she marches into the dimly lit room, towards the table at which Kiba and her soon-to-be boss sit. Both raise to their feet, alarmed. The boss’s blue eyes glare at her, but she stares right into them, unafraid.

She comes to a halt until she is right in front of him. “I won’t be a burden,” she repeats Kiba’s words. “I won’t.” But more than affirmation for him, it is for herself.

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Were Wanda and Pietro always intended to be Magneto's children ? It seems so because "Maximoff is from Max Eisenhardt" and "white hair isn't at all a common genetic trait", but then why did they need a red herring with those two superheroes I can't even find the names of online ? And if it wasn't intentional all along, what was the point of even making them related - it doesn't really seem like a story arc many people would even care about at the time. Thanks!

Nope. This has been confirmed by Neal Adams, among others.

Wanda and Pietro’s first set of parents were the golden age superheroes Miss America and The Whizzer, a.k.a. Robert and Madeline Frank. They were not red herrings. They just weren’t interesting as Wanda and Pietro’s parents. Madeline was long-dead, and Robert (the only man 616 Wanda has ever called “dad") was an aging hero with a bad heart who wanted to still be active. There was a brother named Nuklo who is, maybe, best not mentioned.

Giving the twins such quintessentially American parents didn’t work. Another issue was there were still huge gaps in their backstory. Miss America and The Whizzer had been revealed to be Wanda and Pietro’s biological parents, but they hadn’t raised them and we still didn’t know who did. They had almost zero pre-Magneto backstory. The question of their origin wasn’t really resolved.

Marvel eventually decided this wasn’t working out so they dropped the Robert Frank plotline and briefly, for three panels, introduced this guy:

Avengers Vol. 1 #166 by Jim Shooter and John Byrne

This unnamed man leaving Russia to go find his obviously-Wanda-and-Pietro children. (Spoiler: He’s Django Maximoff.) The locket wasn’t the only clue that he probably has some genuine connection to the twins. He was also carrying puppets, and it had already been established years earlier (in Avengers #110, during the pre-Frank years when their backstory was even more vague) that Wanda and Pietro’s father made puppets.

Then he didn’t show up for over a year. When he finally showed back up, he seemed disconnected from reality, called Wanda and Pietro by the wrong names, and trapped them in puppets. The trapped-in-puppets thing throws people, but it’s obvious that the math here was Romani ethnicity + puppets = the racist stereotype villain from Pinocchio. It’s unclear whether Django was always meant to be a red herring or if they changed their original plans.

This brings us up to Yesterday Quest, which establishes Magneto as their biological father… to the audience. It was originally only supposed to be the audience who knew, never the characters.

Avengers Vol. 1 #192 letter column

It was an Easter egg not meant to be revealed to the characters themselves, but this is comics so that only lasted a couple of years.

As for the name similarity, the name Maximoff was introduced into Wanda and Pietro’s backstory with Django in the late 70′s. It’s a reference to Romani writer and pastor Matéo Maximoff. They didn’t take that name until the 80′s, and even in the early 90′s some official Marvel material was still referring to Wanda as “Wanda (last name unknown).”

Magneto didn’t become Max Eisenhardt until Magneto Testament in 2008. He had previously been Erik Lensherr, but that was revealed to be an alias back in the 90′s in X-Men Vol. 2 #72. Testament writer Greg Pak wanted to name Magneto Ari at first, but the book’s historical consultant said that wasn’t a common name then. He settled on Max because it sounded like Magnus, one of Magneto’s other aliases.

So yeah, unrelated names. The twins were Maximoffs before Magneto was Max.