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Man I’m so happy that there isn’t hate toward the way thar Lars acted in I am My Mom. He was was suffering a panic attack, and had to face an enemy who out-sized him, was armed and had already demonstrated that she was dangerous. Like, I would have run too. I mean Sadie has right to be disappointed, mainly beacuse at that moment she was a hostage and the only one that was arround to help her bailed on her, and had the situations have been reversed she would have lunged at Topaz to free him, but Lars isn’t like her or like the Lars that Sadie has in her head. Maybe in the coming episodes the trip with Steven will help making him more bold, but as for now his reaction was understandable, and eve if it was cowarly it wasn’t reprehensible.


It was raining that fateful Thursday evening in New York. It was a sluggish rain, an oozing rain. The type of thing that reminds you of what New York is really like, under the glitz and glamor. It’s a leaking city. Leaking sin and vice.  

The tall gray building on the side of the road has broken glass in front of it to match the broken hearts that walk those streets. Inside, there is an office on the fifth floor of a mostly empty building, with lights flickering in the hallway. There is only one light still on this late in the evening, everyone else has run off to families and homes. 

His door, which was bright purple had read, “Magnus Bane Private Investigator” was the only color in the beige hallway. 

The proprietor is sitting at his desk drinking two fingers of the whiskey he keeps in his desk drawer. 

There comes a time he thought when every man realizes the natural edges of the world he’s created for himself. And my edges look a hell’uv’a’lot like the edge of my whiskey glass. 

He’s still chuckling to himself when he hears a knock at the door. 

Magnus glances up and sees the shadow of a tall figure, so he reaches for his revolver after downing his whiskey in one burning sip. “Come in,” he said cautiously. 

In walks a tall man, wearing a suit and a dark bowler hat. As he looked up from the ground, Magnus was hit full force with wide hazel eyes and pink lovely lips. 

Magnus licked his lips and smirked in spite of himself. 

“Can I help you, pretty boy?” 

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jfc i was hoping to have this done and ready to post by the time we opened for plotting, but of course, it was not done i am… Ashamed. i’m your new fave Late Pal antonea ( she/they ) and i’m happy to introduce my love olivia ! i like long walks on the beach, coming up with stories/books i’ll never write, and crying over armand douglas hammer, and that’s just my day job. underneath this fun cut you’ll find everything you need to know and i can’t wait to get to know everyone and their muses !

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