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Science Terms for Non-scientists

There is a huge amount of misunderstanding around common science terms. So here I am to blow away the fog! Hopefully some of you can find this useful for both everyday life and your writing.

Hypothesis: A statement made by a researcher regarding what they think is going on. Also called an “educated guess,” as in the person has the background knowledge to attempt an explanation prior to any testing. A hypothesis must be testable.

Observation: Literally what it sounds like. It is a fact of something a person sees. For example, a researcher may make an observation that the sky appeared orange at sunset or that their rat ate 24 food pellets in month. There is no thinking about it, no extrapolation, just the facts.

Law: This is a statement made following repeated experimental observation. A law is always true under a given set of conditions. They are not theories, as they do not try to explain what is going on.

Theory: This is the explanation for the repeated observations. It is supported by experimentation. Note: theories can never be proven true, only false (you can never test every single instance of the situation). You can just build evidence to support it.

The scientific method (though not always followed):

  1. A person makes an observation.
  2. The person forms a hypothesis attempting to explain the observation.
  3. The person comes up with ways to test the hypothesis.
  4. The person implements these tests.
  5. The person evaluates results and revises the hypothesis if needed.

Field: This is the sub-specialization of a scientist. For example, a biologist may be a general biologist, marine biologist, molecular biologist, cancer biologist, neuroscientist, immunobiologist, epidemiologist, ecologist, behavioral researcher, neuropsychologist, etc.

Field work: This is the type of experiment that is performed outside of the lab. For example, an ecologist may be performing evaluations of stream conditions. While they are physically at the stream, they are doing field work.

Bench work: This is work inside the lab. For example, a scientist who is actively working on something like cell culture or running a gel is doing bench work.

Science writing: This is writing with a focus on science! It may be writing scientific articles, writing protocols, evaluating and editing proposals, or writing for popular press and audiences. Yes, this is its own separate career, typically requiring a background in at least science and possibly scientific writing or journalism.

Journal: This is where scientific papers are published. Some common journals in my field are Nature and The American Journal of Medicine and Neuron. There are a lot. And some are very obscure. They are rated by this thing called “impact factor” that is supposed to relate to journal quality (better impact factor gives your research better exposure), but in my opinion is nonsense. Also, you should trust peer reviewed journals more than journals that are not peer reviewed…that means that other professionals in their field have evaluated the paper.

Principle Investigator (PI): This is the person in charge of a particular study. Often that is the person who runs the lab out of which the study comes. Their name will be last on the paper. Note: name order on papers is very important. First and last author are the important ones. If your name is in the middle, you’re not as big of a contributor unless it is noted otherwise in the journal.

EDIT: It has been pointed out in the notes that author order sometimes varies by field. So these comments on order are not always true.

I hope you found this interesting and informative! Hopefully I will be able to post a biology-specific post like this soon. :)

Happy writing!

The signs Haikyuu!! roommates

Aries: Akaashi Keiji & Bokuto Koutarou

Taurus: Lev Haiba & Hana Misaki

Gemini: Hinata Shouyou & Kenma Kozume

Cancer: Yukie Shirofuku & Shigeru Yahaba

Leo: Yuji Terushima & Michimiya Yui

Virgo: Takanobu Aone & Hajime Iwaizumi

Scorpio: Oikawa Tooru & Kentaro Kyotani

Libra: Eri Miyanoshita & Kageyama Tobio

Sagittarius: Nishinoya Yuu & Yachi Hitoka

Capricorn: Wakatoshi Ushijima & Tsukishima Kei

Aquarius: Asahi Azumane & Kuroo Tetsurou

Pisces: Yaku Morisuke & Kiyoko Shimizu

catpersonmrow  asked:

What? Kaneki's name was Ken all along? *MIND BLOWN* well, even I was wondering about the whole thing with Ken and Kaneki because of the scene in his hallucination when Arima stabbed him in the eye, when he comes across his mom, his mom says "welcome home, ken".

It can be a little confusing bc in Japan the name order is last-name first-name,

so it’s Kaneki (金木) Ken (研) in Japan with Kaneki being the last-name. And depending on where you read the name the order might be exchanged and sometimes it isn’t. Like, i.e. the most frequently tag used for Kaneki is ‘Kaneki Ken’ (so it’s the original japanese way of order) since he’s usually called Kaneki so many probably assume it’s his first name?, while we usually say Touka Kirishima (it’s the western name order) bc she’s usually called Touka by the others. And then for example, while in the official Viz volume it seems that they kept the naming just the way it’s done in japanese but in the german volumes they deliberately changed it so that everyone is calling Kaneki by his first-name ‘Ken’, probably so ppl don’t get confused over the names. But it’s actually important to keep it in the original way bc in japan it tells a lot about how close you’Re with the person. But that’s just one of the many things that get’s lost in translation.

anonymous asked:

Is it another WGA standard to have the Story By, Written and Storyboard By, and Directed By credits in alphabetical order of last name. Like your name appears first from top to bottom. Shouldn't be based on position like Nefcy has the highest position, or who did a majority of an episode like Carrie Liao with Cheer Up Star and Sabrina and Amelia who worked on Star vs Echo Creek before Volpe and Tang reworked it. I don't know who worked the most on "The Banagic Incident"

Yeah it’s alphabetical.

Someone who’s seen Beauty and the Beast recently or knows that movie by heart tell me if there’s a scene with Belle shielding the Beast from Gaston in it. My mind is insisting that there is but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the movie that I don’t know if I’m just making up memories.

But if there is, the fucking parallel between that and Blake shielding Yang from Adam.

anonymous asked:

Sangwoo says Bum's name when he brings the next man down to the basement. "Yoonbum.... you looked lonely, so I brought a friend" or "Yoon bum." (How do you read Korean names? Is Bum his last name? Are they addressing each other by last names?)

When referring to another culture, it is inaccurate to label things ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ as name order depends on the culture. In Korea, the order is Family Name and then Given Name. The names of the three main characters in Killing Stalking are:

Oh Sangwoo (오상우)

Yoon Bum (윤범)

Yang Seungbae (양승배)

In Korea, you can tell how familiar someone is with another person by whether they refer to one another by full name or just given name. The implication also changes depending on the presence or absence of honorifics. Maybe I’ll make a post on this specifically later on - it’s a little more complicated than it sounds.

Type-Moon MC Guide 2015 (Part 1)

Here’s a list of the main characters of each Type-Moon series and subseries. Included in the list are the protagonist, the deuteragonist and the tritagonist of their respective series. The names are in western order (first name-last name).

Note: Due to the sheer number of Fate titles and characters, the list will be divided into two-three separate posts, with this one focusing more on the older Type-Moon works. Fate will be in a separate tab as will the special and more recent titles.

Edited and updated:

Angel Notes or Notes: 

Protagonist: Gun God/Godo

One of the earlier MCs of Type-Moon, Gun God, or Godo, lives in a post-apocalyptic Earth that’s set centuries after the world has ended, and when it was ruled by beings known as the Aristoteles, or the famous Types. Godo, as the last living remnant of humanity, attempts to survive and avenge his deceased family by using his signature weapon Black Barrel, which has the power to kill the Aristoteles.

He is a twisted man who knows neither happiness nor pain, and only fights the Types in his pursuit of revenge and survival, despite having forgotten his memories already.

DDD (Decoration Disorder Decoration):

Protagonist: Arika Ishizue

The main character of DDD, Arika Ishizue is a young man possessed by a demon some time ago and thus has developed a twisted personality over the years. He loses his memories day by day, and by the time he meets and works for Kaie Karyou, his disposition can be described as apathetic. His motto in life is “I want to live as easily as possible”, in short, he’s regularly short on money, much to Kaie’s annoyance.

See how he’s missing an arm there? Yeeahh…his younger sister ate it. He’s the MC, but it seems that Kanata Ishizue, his imouto who is also demon-possessed but has acquired the Agonist’s Syndrome, is much, much more popular than he is. Good reason too (hint: she appeared in Type-Moon’s April Fools Day game in 2013 as the Snake, go check her out).

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of SInners:

Protagonist: Shiki Ryougi

Deuteragonist: Mikiya Kokutou

The plot follows the lives of Shiki Ryougi and Mikiya Kokutou, two polar opposites who meet on one fateful, snowy night. Working under Touko Aozaki, the two solve the paranormal events and murders going on in the city of Mifune, all the while piecing together the puzzle of the mystery that is Shiki Ryougi.

If you’ve followed the novels, their positions in the story are clearer. While Shiki is consistently the main focus of the series and therefore the one the story follows and the one who primarily moves the story forward, Mikiya is the one who narrates a good chunk of the events in all the novels in first person. Shiki got to narrate too, but not quite as much as Mikiya (she mostly got the 3rd person narrator treatment instead).

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (Witch on a Holy Night):

Protagonist: Aoko Aozaki

Deuteragonist/Tritagonist: Alice Kuonji and Shizuki Soujuuro

The story follows Aoko’s exploits in high school and how she deals with her double life as a Magician (not a mage, they’re very different) and as an ordinary (okay, that’s a stretch) high school student. She’s joined by her childhood friend and mentor, Alice (who, incidentally, goes to Azaka’s school, Reien Girls’ Academy from Kara no Kyoukai), a witch who specializes in fairy tale-themed familiars and Shizuki, the new transfer student who came down from the mountains to live in Misaki City. If you know a certain teacher whose name is similar to his, then you should know that he’s more than what he seems. Alice and Shizuki flip-flop between being the deut and the tri in the story, depending on who gets more focus in the chapters, but personally, I think Shizuki’s the deut here since I’ve noticed he’s got more screentime than Alice in Mahoyo.

Tsukihime/ Tsukihime Rebirth:

Protagonist: Shiki Tohno

Heroines (Different from the deuts and trites): Arcueid Brunestud, Ciel, Akiha Tohno, Hisui, Kohaku (and maybe Satsuki Yumizuka if she really is relegated to heroine in the remake.)

Before there was Shirou Emiya, there was the badass known as Shiki Tohno. Of course, if you’ve got almost the exact same powers as the biggest badass MC of the Nasuverse (the other Shiki I mean, see above), then you’re guaranteed to be a badass one way or another. Oh, and see the list of heroines above? Yeah, there’s pretty much a reason why the term “The Tohno Gland” exists. And there’re more of them in the spin-off games and side materials too! 

While there’s no such thing as a canon route in the Nasuverse (all routes are canon, therefore, all heroines are canon), the closest thing we have to a main heroine is the bubbly and ditzy, and sometimes psycho, vampire princess Arcueid for being the main and default choice in the VN, as well as her overall importance in Tsukihime and its other spin-offs (plus, there’s the fact that she was cloned after the being that has the company’s name, so…). Curry-senpai I mean, Ciel, the curry loving executor is the heroine of the 2nd route and while she appears in all the routes unlike Arc, she isn’t that important overall and may or may not play a role in the last 3 routes, unlike Rin in FSN, which I’ll cover later. Akiha, Shiki’s adorable, half-oni, tsundere, younger sister is the heroine of the third route which is very different from the first two routes in terms of plot (this is reflected in the last two routes, both of which follow Akiha’s route’s path but with some deviances and expanded material). She follows Ciel’s trend of appearing in all the routes, but unlike her, while she doesn’t play much of an important role in the first two routes, her significance is stretched in all three of the routes where the Tohno background is elaborated on. Hisui, the quiet, personal maid of Shiki is the 4th route’s heroine and boy her route is one, big, depressing doozy (it’s much, much more depressing than HF, which is saying something, when you get her route’s True End. This is why almost everyone prefers the Good End better). Kohaku, Hisui’s older twin sister and personal maid to Akiha, is the hyperactive (well, she was flanderized in recent installments while in the original, she was much more subdued. But hey, new Kohaku is fun) and a bit (er) psychotic heroine of the 5th route. Elaborating on her without mentioning the heavier elements of her and her sister’s backstories is a huge spoiler. Plus, there’s the remake which they might use to alter or retcon their backstory so for now, all we can do now is wait.

This ends part one. The special series comes next.

@ptohpr [♥] for a child!Starter

     Mios didn’t want to be the new girl in school. She didn’t want to have to introduce herself in front of her classmates. She didn’t want to leave France in the first place. But here she was, a new student from France who had a funny accent and confused her Japanese and French a lot.

     “N-nice to meet you, my name is Saito Mios.” She stutters, relieved that she remembered to at least say last name, first name in that order, and bows. She stands up straight and goes to her seat, trying her best to pay attention in class until recess, where the students started the cleaning process.

     But Mios stood there, afraid to move, not knowing what to do so she sits in the corner and just watches, afraid to mess anything up.

Pay attention ya'll

Last week, we had a patient that was discharged. A new patient was admitted to that same room within hours and had the same last name as the previous patient. They tried to take her dialysis the next morning…

This also happened last week. There were two vascular patients with similar issues that had the same first and last name. A doctor ordered a CT angio on the wrong one and we almost didn’t catch it given that the wrong patient had an inability to consent. The only reason we caught it in time was that the doc came by and asked if “she” had gone down for the procedure yet. The patient they put the order on was a male. 

The moral of this story is:

Holy crap, this actually happens.CHECK THE FULL NAME AND DOB! 

update: I can’t say whether or not incident reports were done because neither patient was mine when these things happened. I can tell you they SHOULD have been done. As far as the CT angio order goes, a resident put it in and the PA had to come clean up the mess. I don’t know what kind of disciplinary action was taken. The two patients with the same name in the same room… our charge nurses usually do a good job at catching those kinds of things, but this slipped through the cracks. 

How did they decide on the order of the names? It’s not in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order according to their nicknames, first names, or last names. It’s not in order of age, because Remus’s birthday was March 10, Sirius’s was November 3, and James’s was March 27.

I like the idea that they had a series of ridiculous contests to earn the placement, but I also like the idea that it was chosen in order of sympathy. Remus, you’re a werewolf. That sucks the most, so you go first. Peter, your Animagus is disappointing. Second place. Sirius, your family is the actual worst. Third. James, you’ve overflowing with rich white boy privilege. Last place.

I’m a fucking NERD

this thing? this is a program named xpokes counter that I made IN A FIT OF PURE RAGE at the xkit pokes not synching up my releases after I spent like an hour sorting pokes in notepad and deleting extras

I did not want to do the sorting thing again SO I DECIDED TO AUTOMATE IT

I mean obviously it took longer but!!! it was fun!!!

what this program does:

- reads xkit pokes list from a text file that contains html code of the div that contains the pokes in xkit pokes when you look at them! just inspect element and copy the entire div and paste it into notepad or some shit and save it;

- sorts them in 4 different ways (capture order - the default one like the xkit box itself; species - the thing you’ll need to figure out if you have multiple of the same one; capture order with named first - see your party!!!; species with named first - see your party!!! v2.0)

- remembers last sorting order you chose and starts up with that one next time;

- if you double click a poke it looks it up on bulbapedia and loads an icon for it from it (or you can set another site to look them up on but then the icon thing won’t happen);

- if you click a button, looks up the poke on google images and you can select an icon to save for it from the first 10 results! it won’t need bulbapedia then! the problem with this feature is that I’m using a free Google Custom Search Engine that only has 100 queries a day enabled… but it saves the icon locally once you select one so you only need it once per species;
(i implemented this in addition to the bulbapedia thing for pokes like vivillon and unown, which there are lots of variations of and bulbapedia only provides one icon for the whole species; this thing will save separate icons)
(you can also not use the google button and just put a .png file with the species name in the gallery folder manually, it’ll use that then)

I seriously doubt anyone but me would be actually interested in this thing BUT LOOK I MADE A STUFF


★2015 Tartan check series★

*Reservation: November 5, 2015 in KST - November 15, 2015 in KST
(The reservation can be closed earlier if we reach the maximum quantity.)
*Production:November 16, 2015 – December 16, 2015
*Shipping: December 17, 2015 – December 24, 2015
(More details will be announced through Facebook and Tumblr.)

*Pleats Collar OP 210USD
*Underskirt(Black color only) 85USD
*Crown beret 68USD
*Wired Kachusha 48USD

★Shipping Fee★
-US/Canada: 30USD
-Europe: 30USD
-Asia: 20USD
-The others: Depends on the regions. Please inquire.


Outer shell-Polyester 100%
Ribbon-Polyester 100%
Inner lining- polyester 100%
Detachable collar and cuffs-Cotton 100%/Velvet polyester 100%

★Design Details★
Detachable Pleats collar and cuffs
Waist ribbon(OP,JSK)
Two pocket on the both side(OP)
One pocket on the right side(JSK)

OP-SM size,LXL size

[OP-SM size]
Bust: approx. 90cm
Waist: approx. 70cm

[OP-LXL size]
Bust: approx. 102cm
Waist: approx. 82cm

[JSK-SM size]
Bust: approx. 84cm~90cm
Waist: approx. 64cm~70cm

[JSK-LXL size]
Bust: approx. 96cm~102cm
Waist: approx. 76cm~82cm

Bodice Length:
[OP SM] approx. 38cm
[OP LXL] approx. 42cm

[JSK SM]approx. 40cm
[JSK LX]approx. 42cm

Skirt Length:
[OP] approx. 63cm(Pleats 5cm)

Waist one size approx.~97cm
Length approx.74cm

★Care Instruction★
Dry Clean Only
*Underskirt-Cold Water Hand Wash recommended/Delicate Detergent/Dry Clean
Order form - Please copy/paste and fill out below and send to
** Please note we do not accept cancellations under any circumstances - all orders are final**
1. Last name / First name
2. Postal address
3. Zip code and country
4. Contact phone number
5. Order Details
(If you order more than 1 item, please repeat the information for each piece, including any accessories.)
6. PayPal account email
(Please ensure your PayPal shipping address matches the address provided above - due to PayPal’s TOS, Lief can only ship items out to the PayPal address. Thank you for your Understanding.)
7. Additional comments
Thank you very much for your order.

Preview - How to Say “I Love You” Tigress/Po

Someone suggested I do this prompt but with Tigress and Po as teenagers. So this is an AU branching off from “Secrets of the Scroll” where Po and Tigress did meet. Its not done, this is just a preview.


I also don’t know how long this will be but if you have suggestions to further the story, lay them on me!

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