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OUATVAN 2017 - GOLD EXCLUSIVE PANEL with Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison

  • Colin broke his foot on the last day of the musical episode (x)
  • Girl giving Colin juggling balls and he’s juggling (x)
  • Jen loved working with Hugh Laurie, she also loved working with LinMM. She’d like to work with cate Blanchett (x)
  • Colin liked to work with Anthony Hopkins and would like to work with Daniel Lewis (x)
  • The most challenkng character Colin had to play was the priest but he thinks Hook is challenging too (x)
  • Jen found playing “bringing Ashley home” very challenging (x)
  • Jen says Adam and Eddy take the complexity of families into the show (x)
  • Jen likes that Emma and snow faced their pastors and they’re bonded in a way that can never be broken. (x)
  • Emma admires snow and wants to live up to smoky values (x)
  • Hook respects snow and charming and hook is a complex character who tries to be a good person (x)
  • Jen said to keep watching cause there will be interruption happening to CS proposal (x)
  • Colin was a weird kid. (Said it himself) and he was into blues music (x)
  • Jen was raised on Disney movies so Cinderella or other things meant a lot to her. (x)
  • Jen has a beautiful singing voice, she just sang something (x)
  • Jen feels as is a combination of both, dark Emma and wish realm emma (x)
  • Jen says she’s a princess at heart (x)
  • Jen loves to do the princess stuff but the dark one challenges her bc she had to search for parts of herself that are like that (x)
  • Jen would take mists of Avalon, the Bible and east of eden to a deserted island (x)
  • When hook and jack sparrow would meet theyd drink a lot of rum and do a lot of mischief. (x)
  • Emma’s closet changed bc they were thinking about what emma has access to in SB. So the clothes got a vintage touch.  (x)
  • Emma is letting her walls down and that’s why she’s also changing her wardrobe. She’s softer as is her clothing (x)
  • New memories and experiences influence Emma’s clothes (x)
  • Colin gets a new leather jacket tomorrow (x)
  • Colin accidentally hurt someone with the hook while filming the beanstock ep in season 2 but he never hurt himself (x)
  • Jen would like to do checkov and Ipsen plays. She played Eliza Doolittle in Highschool. Colin would like to do Les Mis (x)
  • Jen: I think Colin just wants to be directed by me.
    • Colin: I pretty much am. (x)
  • Jen loves acting and it’s been a cool one transitioning into directing and she loves that too. (x)
  • Colin would like to start directing and get more into the BTS stuff (x)
  • Jen thinks emotional scenes are  hard to do because you have to sustain the crying. Emma breaking the curse in S1 was intense (x)
  • An upcoming scene was very emotional for her to film  (x)
  • Colin found the scene where Emma kills hook a very hard scene to film (x)
Our Rebellion
Kevin Kiner
Our Rebellion

“I don’t mean about the Force. I mean about life. About being a good person. That’s what you’ve taught me.”

A sweeping, hopeful musical cue from the Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 finale. Composed by Kevin Kiner, using a beautiful orchestral rendition of the Star Wars main theme by John Williams.

Photo of the Day: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge (The Last Hero Tour, Winter 2017) — The Fillmore Silver Spring — February 10th, 2017 [x]

George signs autographs while attending Ravi Shankar’s concert at the Barbicon Centre in London. Photo source: Richard Porter

“I’ll never forget how much love, care and time he gave to another project he did for me while staying in our house here in Encinitas. He went through all the details, right from choosing all the artwork, to writing the notes, to producing the four-CD boxed set “In Celebration,” selections from my 40 years of sitar performances and compositions. The last wonderful musical experience I had with him was when we made the CD “Chants of India.” We did some songs in Madras and the major part at his own studio in his mansion at Henley. His nearness and attention in producing the record always inspired me so.” - Ravi Shankar


All Time Low - “Last Young Renegade” Music Video (My Thoughts)

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I watched the musical ep last night and I have to get out of my system of how much I love the friendship between Barry and Kara, like most male female friendships I see on tv there is almost always an underlying romance to it (not bagging it just gets annoying sometimes), but with Kara and Barry you can see them sharing the same blanket while eating ice cream and binge watching musicals and you can clearly see that they are best friends and nothing more. They even have their own nerdy theme song

Honestly I LOVED that musical number between them so much, and it makes me so SO happy that there hasn’t been a hint of sexual attraction between them on either show. It’s a really solid friendship and I know we can’t have a /lot/ of crossovers but I’m stoked it didn’t have to be a one time thing

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Look around, look around
At how lucky we are to be alive right now!

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theatre songs that could resurrect me

• the bitch of living

• ring of keys

• blackout

• schuyler sisters

• la vie boheme

• bad idea

• defying gravity

• tomorrow is a latter day

• king of new york

• this world will remember us

• no one else

• one day more

• into the woods prologue

• all that jazz

• gimme gimme

• naughty