last month of 2012

just letting you know that there’s a genocide of Muslims in Myanmar. the situation has displaced about 125,000 people in 2012 and 21,000 in the last two months yet the situation is only “getting very close to what we would all agree are crimes against humanity.” please don’t turn a blind eye to this. 

TIMELINE: February 2012

Wow. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I actually finally got this timeline done almost 6 months after I posted January 2012. That’s in part to album promo, the holidays, etc., but also due, in large part, to the scope and length of this timeline. As I’ve progressed through 2011 and into 2012, there are much more articles, tweets, pictures and videos to wade through and make sense of. 

But I think this one will be worth it.

August 2011 was what I call “bulletproof weeks.” February 2012 had a similar feel. Harry had “broken up” with Caroline at the very end of January (the same day he flew to America to start his American career wow what a coincidence) and Louis and Eleanor were barely half-assing it. These 4 weeks are so important, as I believe they were the last weeks they had where they were able to publicly display the reality and nature of their relationship without a lot of negative consequences. 

And they did not hold back.

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As a relatively uninformed canadian catholic, what is DACA and why is deportation wrong?. Why should we block ice vans, etc?

At a systemic level, I’m an anarchist, so the organized violence of the state along with its arbitrary lines drawn up from the Westphalian system holds little-to-no weight for me.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, instituted by the Obama administration in 2012, and rescinded by the Trump administration last month [Sept. 2017]. DACA allowed undocumented minors who immigrated to the so-called United States to receive renewable two-year deferred action from being deported.

Imagine spending most of your life in a country, finding out your parents immigrated so you could have a better life, and then being ripped away from everything you knew, being placed in a country that is often unstable [as a result of core
States like the so-called U.S] with little to know upward mobility. Deportations are wrong because they’re inhumane, violent, and also, for those who care, are destabilizing for the economy. There’s this paradox most people do not want to talk about which is our agriculture sector which is built on the exploited labor of undocumented peoples.

We should stop ICE vans because it’s effective. Direct action gets the goods.


CM Punk meets Bruno Sammartino
[April 7th, 2013]

The longest-reigning WWE Champion of-all time was Bruno Sammartino, only the second man to hold the title and beginning a reign that clocked in at 2,803. In 2011, CM Punk began a reign that would last throughout the year, through 2012, and would end only months before this photo was taken, at 435 days. Punk’s reign has been cited as “the longest of the modern era”, but Punk argues that he’s the champion who successfully defended the title more than any other champion before him, which may very well be true. In 2013, the two long-reigning champions met face to face, and Bruno endorsed Punk with some strong words:

Me and CM PUNK at the party after Wrestlemania 29. I will teach you some old school moves for showing respect. If you preach a drug free message and anti-bullying, here is my hand.

My PTSD Service Dog

Wow!! So I have recieved 53 messages and ask’s about my service dog Conan so, I thought I would answer as many as I can with this one post.

His name is Conan ( Gaelic for wee one )

He is a Daniff ( half great dane,half english mastiff )

He weighs 209 lbs as of 10/02/2017.

I got him thru the VA in San Diego,Ca in 2012

His training took 18 months, last 4 months with me going down to train with him.

I graze feed him, meaning He always has kibble out in his bowl to eat anytime he wishes but, I do make his wet food ( whole chicken mixed with 20 cups of white rice and 2 lg bags of green beans) this lasts him 6 days.

He sleeps with me on my queen size bed every night. Can be tough when he has a dream and starts kicking his legs.

He loves children ,older people, anyone in a wheelchair, neck scratches, anyone in uniform, pizza, burger king cheese burgers and his best friend Mogy (my dads 15 pound cat).

If you have any other questions, please msg me and I will answer as soon as I can.


All 16 videos and all gifsets compiled in one big post yay! Thank you so much to fondhalo for gif-ing these for me as we went. :)

  1. “Na Na Na” - Video - GIF set
  2. “Stand Up” - Video - GIF set
  3. “I Wish” - Video - GIF set
  4. “Medley: I’ve Got a Feeling, Stereo Hearts, Valerie & Torn” - Video - GIF set
  5. “Moments” - Video - GIF set
  6. “Gotta Be You” - Video - GIF set
  7. “More Than This” - Video - GIF set
  8. “Twitter Questions” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2 - GIF set 3
  9. “Up All Night” - Video - GIF set
  10. “Tell Me a Lie” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  11. “Everything About You” - Video - GIF set
  12. “Use Somebody” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  13. “One Thing” - Video - GIF set
  14. “Save You Tonight” - Video - GIF set
  15. “What Makes You Beautiful” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2
  16. “I Want” - Video - GIF set 1 - GIF set 2 - GIF set 3 - GIF set 4

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Any fanfics where Hinata ends up getting pregnant by Naruto, either by one night stands or by it being accidentally???

HECK, I love these kinds of AUs, however I most of them aren’t complete ;A;;

A Delicate Condition by Shawny Wong [ONGOING, LAST UPDATED: 2009 ]
A mistake at the hospital’s pharmacy causes trouble for many kunoichi in Konoha – and Hinata finds herself in a delicate condition. Written for Thirty Kisses community on Live Journal. NaruHina. Minor pairings: SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaIno.

Missed Years by Rinne-Kami [ONGOING]
The act of one night gave birth to their future. And now, with years past since that one night, they were left with years to return. Seven years of love to find, seven years of trust to rebuild, and seven years of fatherhood to return.

Falling Slowly by CountingWithStraws [ONGOING, LAST UPDATED: 2013]
He never noticed her as more than a friend, how could he with her bulky sweaters & ability to kick is butt in video games? But one drunken night changed everything. Now she’s pregnant & has chosen to keep it despite only being in her second year of university. Will he keep his ways as a player or change in order to keep others way from her, especially his dorm mate?

Jiko by Supercar  [ONGOIGN, LAST UPDATED: 2012]
After only five months of officially dating Naruto finds himself facing an uncompromising dilemma when Hinata unexpectedly turns up pregnant.

My Favorite Night by  Juupitrie [ONGOING, LAST UPDATED: 2008]
Hinata harbors deeper feelings for Naruto after three years of being his roommate. When he starts dating Sakura, Hinata decides it’s in her heart’s best interest to turn the other way, and leaves Naruto for good with a heart-breaking secret in tow.

The Unexpected Gift  by imadecookies [COMLETE, MULTI-CHAPTER]
They say a child can only be a blessing, no one mentions the journey can be hell.

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that anon... taylor might not have orchestrated haylor but she has exploited it for the last three years

Honestly, people need to stop defending the indefensible. If you wanna like her, you can like her. I still enjoy her music. But let’s not pretend that she hasn’t squeezed every last drop of promo out of that month-long relationship from 2012. Let’s not pretend that she hasn’t done it in ways that make Harry look awful. Let’s not pretend that Haylor wasn’t extremely painful for Harry and Louis while Taylor showed no devastation whatosever. That’s just the reality.


On This Day in the Phandom: 3 years ago!

Dan and Phil launch The Super Amazing Project!

The Super Amazing Project was a weekly show where Dan and Phil spoke about strange or spooky occurrences, and news from across the world (thus, the Internet News was born!)

The last episode aired in December 2012 and earlier this month Dan announced that there will be no more shows…. sad times (but onwards and upwards!)


I was very harsh on LoK the first time thru (which, granted, began in 2012 and ended last month, so there was a lot of time for Bitter Resentment to fester between seasons) but I see it for what it is now. It’s flawed, very flawed, mostly in ways ATLA wasn’t, and in other ways ATLA was, just exaggerated. But a LOT of those flaws, in retrospect, end up contributing to the overall balance and growth of the show, which are two of the show’s biggest themes; balance and growth

Watching Korra, the character, but the show as well, make so many mistakes and be at times unlikable even, makes her character arc that much more satisfying. At the beginning she’s a reckless, selfish, naive, spiritually-ignorant child and she grows into a selfless, compassionate, spiritually radiant bisexual woman, and my friends it is more than worth the Makorra getting to that point

I love the Legend of Korra. I didn’t a year ago. That’s pretty impressive, and I’m not just biased by the euphoric joy of the last episode (the last scene really). Believe me I can and will go on at length about the show’s missteps. But please do yourself a favor and watch (or re-watch) ATLA and LoK as soon as you humanly can

Google took almost three years to disclose to the open information group WikiLeaks that it had handed over emails and other digital data belonging to three of its staffers to the US government, under a secret search warrant issued by a federal judge.

WikiLeaks has written to Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, to protest that the search giant only revealed the warrants last month, having been served them in March 2012. In the letter, WikiLeaks says it is “astonished and disturbed” that Google waited more than two and a half years to notify its subscribers, potentially depriving them of their ability to protect their rights to “privacy, association and freedom from illegal searches”.

The letter, written by WikiLeaks’ New York-based lawyer, Michael Ratner of the Center For Constitutional Rights, asks Google to list all the materials it provided to the FBI. Ratner also asks whether the California-based company did anything to challenge the warrants and whether it has received any further data demands it has yet to divulge.

Google revealed to WikiLeaks on Christmas Eve – a traditionally quiet news period – that it had responded to a Justice Department order to hand over a catch-all dragnet of digital data including all emails and IP addresses relating to the three staffers. The subjects of the warrants were the investigations editor of WikiLeaks, the British citizen Sarah Harrison; the spokesperson for the organisation, Kristinn Hrafnsson; and Joseph Farrell, one of its senior editors.

When it notified the WikiLeaks employees last month, Google said it had been unable to say anything about the warrants earlier as a gag order had been imposed. Google said the non-disclosure orders had subsequently been lifted, though it did not specify when.

Because Not-Science

Between 2009 and 2012, some pretty inexplicable shit happened in this apartment. That blazing candle when I returned from Cuba? Mystery strands of gray-and-black chest hair on my late husband’s laptop? His broken speakers that got unbroken? That 200-lb. armoire I was able to move?

The last inexplicable thing in this apartment happened in 2012 and lasted a few months. It was so simultaneously cliché and specific that I mentioned it to only a few girlfriends. It involved the remote-control lamp in the living room, which Alberto installed and was terribly proud of: Turn the house lights off without ever leaving bed? I am brilliant.

The lamp isn’t on a timer or an auto sensor: it’s controlled by a remote that lives in a container on my nightstand. There’s no reason the light should’ve been turning on and off—often while I was in the same room—but things like this happen when you remain in the apartment your husband died in, right?

Things like this haven’t happened for two years and while a part of me has missed those electrical hellos, the louder voice in my head reminds me that hey, I’m progressing through grief. And if doing the emotional work means I’m haunted less often, I’m OK with that.

So coming through the front door tonight, five plus years since his death, I am not expecting the remote-control light to be on. It’s neither his birthday nor deathiversary, but seeing this lighted lamp is the posthumous equivalent to seeing your husband’s keys on the foyer table: oh, he’s home.

Unlike a few years ago, I do not check the other still-dark rooms for further proof of the supernatural. I just smile, drop my keys on the foyer table and slip out of my shoes. I look around the apartment, trying to see it like someone who hasn’t visited in a while.

Setting aside science and reason for a sec, what would he have encountered if he stopped by tonight? A place setting for one on the dining room table. A day’s worth of dishes in the sink. Flung over a chair, the outfits I rejected before heading to tonight's birthday party for Tumblr Lomalomarevamped. But also…the newly color-coordinated bookshelf. The rearranged foyer. Framed pictures of me with the daughter I met two years ago. A nearly completed To-Do list scrawled on the bathroom mirror.

Is it ridiculous that while I’m brushing my teeth, I allow myself no small sigh of relief that the light wasn’t on last Thursday night, when I did not come home alone? Is it also ridiculous that when I change out of tonight’s clothes I half hope that a pair of hands will inexplicably cup my breasts from behind? And that I’m disappointed when it doesn’t happen?

Ridiculous or not, I’m headed to bed shirtless and with that living room light still blazing. Because not-science.


Remember that offsides trap that the USWNT did vs Brazil last month? Well, Brazil did it to them too, during this game in 2012. 3:09