last moment of sai and shin

I don’t think I’ll ever get over Goblin.

OMG I’m choking up again. I watched Episode 15 & 16 for the 4th time and I’m kinda coming into terms with the ending. Though I’ll prolly be posting countless stuff related to Goblin for the next few weeks.

The last moments after Kim Shin says “The first and last…. Goblin’s bride” the way they gaze at each other with their tears welling up and Winter is Coming playing in the background, as the camera zooms out. Our Goblin couple still gazing at each other with the scenery around them. It was perfect. I feel weird but warm.

I’m gonna miss them so so much. I loved every single character so so much. Even the ghosts. Especially the ghost in the grey knitwear (I hope in one of Ji Eun Tak’s lifetime they meet and become bffs). I can’t stop sighing now. I think I have been crying since Friday non-stop.

Even now as I listen to Winter is Coming and First Snow (첫 눈) and type this, I’m tearing up.