last minute goal

if you ever doubt that love is real just remember messi facetimed neymar after scoring a last minute 500th goal for barcelona against real madrid

random barca moments

write in the tags how many you remember!

  1. busi’s last minute goal against valencia (14/15)
  2. preseason training where the players ran around in giant inflated balls (16/17)
  3. the rakitic razzler (16/17)
  4. after copa del rey 15/16 when the players were taking a group photo and suarez was hopping over on one leg and delfina was copying him (15/16)
  5. lucho’s “abracadabra” (15/16)
  6. claudio bravo’s “ehhh ahhhh” (14/15)
  7. the supercup against sevilla where pedro scored the winner and we all cried (15/16)
  8. when cruyff passed away and we all cried (15/16)
  9. when we were playing atleti and jordi bore down on arda “like a squirrel-faced hellbeast” and stole the ball from him (14/15)
  10. when jordi got hit by the linesman’s flag (14/15)
  11. jordi not being able to look when messi took a penalty against valencia in 14/15
  12. when suarez gave messi grumpy pyjamas (15/16)
  13. pique’s iconic emoji tweet after the cheryshev incident (15/16)
  14. messi’s copa del rey wondergoal against athletic (14/15)
  15. neymar 100% jesus (14/15)
  16. messi and suarez revealing they sit down to pee (16/17)
  17. when the players accidentally walked into the getafe press room dressed in halloween costumes (15/16)
  18. when messi followed chelsea on instagram (14/15)
  19. that ter stegen save vs bayern (14/15)
  20. neymar’s wonder goal against villarreal (15/16)
  21. sergi roberto’s backheel assist (15/16)
  22. sergi roberto’s surging forward run to assist the first goal of the 0-4 (15/16)
  23. when we played city and messi rolled on the ground bc he was so done (15/16)
  24. when xavi fought neymar on the treble tour bus (14/15)
  25. when a fan gave msn hamburgers (14/15)
  26. at the bdo ceremony when cristiano and anto shook hands and neymar looked ready to kill someone which led to the most awkward photo ever (15/16)
  27. when messi tackled pepe to the ground (15/16)
  28. rafinha and his bonsai (14/15)
  29. pique thanking kevin roldan for the treble (14/15)
  30. barca’s offside trap against psg (14/15)
  31. when messi used the ref to get past a celta player (15/16)
  32. during april’s fools’ day when the squad stuck a paper stickman on aleix’s shirt (15/16)
  33. the crisis (14/15)
  34. when we were apparently buying paul pogba (15/16)
  35. dani going down an escalator head first (14/15)
  36. when aleix scored his first goal and everybody laughed (16/17)
  37. busi admitting that football is better than sex (15/16)
  38. barca players and family all going to port aventura together (15/16)
  39. when ney was stepping on a ball and luis kicked it from him then ney almost murdered him (16/17)
  40. the squad celebrating valencia’s goal against rm so loudly that it could be heard in lucho’s press conference (14/15)

Still A Winner In The End *Cristiano Ronaldo smut imagine*


“And Real Madrid have lost the game, as Lionel Messi scored a last minute goal breaking the tie-”

I shut off the TV and sighed, I knew exactly how this was going to go down. This was a big game, and it was one that I know Cristiano and the boys wanted to win as well. So them losing I knew Cristiano’s attitude wasn’t going to be a good one. 

I moved around the house, and got things ready for when he came home. By the time that I had finished getting everything together, he still wasn’t home yet so I went back to the couch and sat down scrolling through the channels to see what else was on. 


At around 6, the front door opened and I turned my head to see Cristiano walk through the door. He didn’t say anything and threw his bag down on the floor going to the kitchen, at first he didn’t say anything only giving me a slight glance.

He sighed and looked over to me, “What Y/N?” He asked a little bit irritated

I raised an eyebrow, “Nothing I can’t look at you?” I asked

Cristiano sighed, “You’re staring at me like I’m doing something wrong” 

I raised my hand in mock surrender, “I’m not watching you like any type of way Cristiano damn” I said stepping back and walking away. 

I heard as Cristiano followed me his footsteps just a little bit heavier, and grabbed my hand pulling me to him. “What Cristiano?”I asked

He raised an eyebrow, “What’s with the attitude?”

I scoffed, “The only attitude that is around is yours” I said

Cristiano backed me up to the counter, letting go of my hand. “Get on the counter” He said

I raised an eyebrow, “What if I don’t want to get on the counter?” I asked placing my hand on his upper bicep 

it seemed like Cristiano wasn’t having any shit because he gripped my waist lifting me up and placing me on the counter. And even though I was supposed to be dejecting him right now, no matter how hard I could try it’s not going to work. 

Cristiano wasted no time, as he slid down my shorts and underwear; doing the same to himself only seconds later. He brought me towards the edge of the counter, gripping my waist, and trailing rough kisses on up my neck. “Just know this was all you”He said as he shoved his full length inside of me causing a gasp to come out. 

His grip on my waist tightened, as he thrust’s began to get longer and faster the kitchen became moan city. 

My nails gripped his back, and his lips were on mine shutting off the moans that were coming out. Even though he was inside of me and the clothes weren’t really in the way they were in the way, I took off his shirt and he moved his hands to take off mine. 

Cristiano’s thrusts got a little bit faster, he placed love-bites on my neck in almost like a trail going up my neck. “Cristiano” I moaned out

It didn’t take long for the both of us to reach our climax, both of us were panting and I stared at him. “You still won didn’t you” I said

Cristiano crashed his lips to mine roughly, “My winning streak isn’t over yet” 

honestly tho, how boring is it to just win all the time? you gotta spice it up a bit - last minute goals, a lot of carded players, throw in some losses and ties into the mix just to make it extra spicy. who wants just straight victories and success? thanks @ rm for making me bald for the entertainment

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"wondering how much money barcelona will spend on a referee who will help them win with 6-0 in the second leg" - my evil savage dad i can't keep up with all of this anymore 😂😂

omfg your dad is savage. i’m not looking forward to the second leg either tbh 

Novice rounds

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i can't believe how biased people are. madridistas mock every team out there but do they realize they support one rooted in fascism? also i don't see a single one of them talking about how after messi scored that last minute goal, how ronaldo was literally caught on camera SWEARING HIS TEAMMATES MOTHERS because they couldn't stop the goal from happening!!! why does no one talk about this?!

I’M TELLING YOU they can’t take a L and go. i’ve seen people saying cules should be grateful to franco so idk i don’t expect anything from maddridies anymore