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Art request: Jesse and Ivor going grocery shopping at 2 a.m. together (you know why) ((Also if you don't want to do it that's perfectly fine plz don't pressure yourself))

True story about 2am grocery store trip I actually took: So I went to a Harry Potter midnight book release and had to go get something from the grocery store. So at 2am, in full harry Potter cosplay, I strutted into a barely lit Kroger and bought like one thing. True store. (also second photo is based off of a hash-tag you put on a post you reblogged from me) Crying with Ivor in a grocery store parking lot at 2am is my aesthetic✨ 

Signs Doing Homework

Aries: They stopped doing homework sometime back in the womb

Taurus: Forgets all about it because they were so bored they fell asleep

Gemini: It physically pains them to lift a pencil

Cancer: Tries then ends up feeding it to their dog

Leo: Complains to anyone and everyone then writes random crap last minute that gets them an A

Virgo: Has an area for homework, does it with tears streaming down their face

Libra: Has a mental breakdown because they don’t want to do it but they want good grades

Scorpio: Screams at their homework and throws it out their window

Sagittarius: Sits down to do it then gets too bored and runs away from their problems

Capricorn: Procrastinates on tumblr while stressing out about not doing their work

Aquarius: Prays to the devil to do their homework for them

Pisces: *sighs* “How about no.”

When Stiles and Lydia finally get together it better be a huge deal. I don’t want that “oh we’re together now” *holds hands* i want fireworks BOOM BANG CRASH POW

POI Shoot Spoilers.

I don’t give shit that we were forewarned that there wouldn’t be a happy Shoot ending.

I don’t give a shit that the show was never supposed to be about romance. 

I don’t give a shit that we were told there would be a character death, or that their relationship was written and handled so well, or that  everyone had had an equal chance of dying.

What I do give a shit about is that I have been sat here uncontrollably sobbing for the last 30 minutes feeling like crap, because the only queer couple I have left has once again been taken away.

I’m real tired of trying to be chill and reasonably argue both sides of the dead lesbian trope. I’m tired of having to justify my feelings. If you want to tell me not to ‘start a whole debacle’ you can fuck off. If you want to tell me not to make more of it than it is you can fuck off.  

Elements of this were handled well, which got all of our hopes up. Exactly the same happened with Clexa, POI just got a few more of those elements better to make us feel safer. They kept a queer character alive when the actress needed to leave the show. None of it was treated like ‘a very special episode’. The slow development leading up to them was beautiful.

Here are the things which were not handled well:

Slow development means NOTHING if there’s no follow through. They were back together one episode, and all the fans got was a hug and some flirting. 

The great amazing episode long reunion we had between them was a simulation (which lets face it is basically the whole ‘it’s all a dream’ trope.)Their actual reunion was cute, but nothing compared to that. Basically even if you argue that Shaw got to live the relationship through all those simulations Root GOT NOTHING. And even Shaw will never have the chance to make it a reality.

They were never in an actual relationship, which is fine for the characters, but there was never ANY closure.

The whole killing a lesbian after a moment of happiness thing? Well lets see. Root just had a whole coming out/not hiding revelation. Shaw had just reacted well to her flirting. Finally after a season and a half of build up they were back together, and they couldn’t even wait until the last episode to kill one of them. They couldn’t even give us three more episodes to work something out.  

And what’s really hurting is the amount of people on Shoot pages justifying it. They’re happy to accept it, and want us all to accept it too, just because things were better than last time. BUT IT STILL HAPPENED. How many times do we have to say A SHOW DOES NOT EXIST INSIDE A VACUUM for it to sink in. If this were some strange dystopia, and all the TV’s left on earth had been smashed to pieces, if I owned one of the last TV’s and thousands of people wanted to watch it, I wouldn’t look around, see all the other broken TV’s, and think it was a good idea to smash mine. 

‘But she needed to die so that Harold could become really badass and go dark and win’ I hear someone whine at me. FUCK RIGHT OFF. Lets kill a lesbian to further the plot. Let’s kill a lesbian to develop a man’s character. It could EASILY have been written that Elias’s death had tipped Finch over the edge. It could EASILY have been written that Grace had been threatened, or heavens forbid they kill the popular muscle man or useless wisecracking sidekick. ‘But it’s a show that never been about romance’ I hear someone else whine. WELL GUESS WHAT THEY DID ADD SOME. That’s like me saying I never make pasta with cheese, then making fucking pasta with cheese. I didn’t do that by accident. Just like the writers intentionally wrote a romance. 

I don’t want Root to be forever living in the Machine, because that’s not her.  Sure the machine very realistically knows her, has thousands of simulations that she’s in, but her actual conciousness is dead. She’s not in there any more than if I die my Facebook or Tumblr won’t suddenly become my conciousness. If the last episode tries to appease us by having all the characters ‘living’ in the Machine the that’s a /i/nice/i/ ending, but it means fuck all.   

Before Shoot, Person of Interest was my favourite show. I’ve never been more invested in a concept, rewatched so many episodes, shared it with so many people. I’m not a person who came into it for the ship. But this has absolutely ruined it for me. It’s like being a starving dog, I was perfectly happy with what I had, but then someone came along and showed me some food, let me smell it, then took it away and suddenly the happiness I had before is replaced with the knowledge that something is missing. Let’s face it, the series has 3 episodes left, I’m not going to stop watching. But I won’t be watching with any of the happiness I used to feel. My favourite character is dead. My only ship left is dead. If the show really is ending and doesn’t get picked up somewhere else I’m suddenly fine with that being dead too. 

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The Apple move just makes me worried for Taylor's further business with them tbh, like this was clearly a business power play in Taylor's part and I really doubt the people at Apple are going to be pleased with Taylor coming in at the last minute and crapping all over their newest project. It's a good short term game for Taylor but it just doesn't seem wise for a long term business relationship (esp one that was thriving, I mean they made an emoji just for her and the BB music video)

Yeah idk really what to think of it all.. I’m glad these artists are getting paid though, but as for Taylor I’m not sure how this will impact her relationship with Apple going forward because we don’t know all the behind the scenes type of stuff