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All the important things I noted down from this interview:

When they shot the “he’s coming for you” scene, they had no idea who the “he” would be. It was a last minute addition to 610 just to give us an idea of what the flash forward would “look like”. That’s why we saw it in the episode before the series finale, because for years the writers were pondering “who’s the he, who’s the he?” and there came a point where they just had to make a decision.

We can put Melissa’s suitcase handle to rest. That was a complete red herring and it’s not coming back in the finale.

Sasha and her husband, Hudson, double date with Andrea and her husband. Sasha and Andrea are really good friends. I didn’t know this!

Aria does not have multiple personalities because she was talking to the trunk of her car. “Don’t read too much into that”.

Sasha and Troian turned over the script of the finale to the back page and drew a Hastings-DiLaurentis-Drake family tree, trying to piece together everything. I thought that was cute. I love when the actors immerse themselves in the story like us fans.

Torrey is legally/contractually on another show but somehow they managed to get her back. The fact that they managed to get her out of luck tells me she won’t be important.

Jason is not in the finale.

We finally have an answer to Ali’s bloody lip in season 3. And you won’t like it. “During that episode and Ali’s life, she was really taunting the girls about these older people she was hanging out with, sort of a bad crowd. In the writers room we never said specifically who it was, but in our minds, it was that group of people. She was trying to make the PLLs jealous, she was hanging out with older people, probably Charlotte and college kids, the same group of kids who threw the poor girl down the stairs. It lives in that world.”

Emison has the most shocking twist in the finale. No comment on what the twist is. Sasha bit her lip the second this question was asked. (Is Ali faking her pregnancy? Is Ali AD?)

The character that has changed the most after the 1 year time jump in the finale is Toby.

The hardest scenes to shoot were the goodbye scene as well as the actual last scene of the show. Marlene confirmed that this so called “goodbye scene” is just a goodbye to “ONE of the characters”. Take that as you like, but I interpret it to mean only one PLL leaves Rosewood meanwhile the others stay.

The very last scene of the finale is a “bonus full circle moment. Although the show ends, the world continues.” Sasha wasn’t shocked by this finale scene but it is “amazing, it sums up our show in a way”. Marlene said: “The mythology of this town will always go on. It’s not gonna end with the end of Pretty Little Liars.” This makes me really happy honestly. Well, assuming that they’re not talking about Addison getting a text from B. I like that the world will always be open and we can think about Rosewood in a year and wonder what’s going on. I like that it’s 99% closure with 1% available for freedom of thought.

Mona pushed Charlotte off the bell tower, even though we didn’t see it. They were probably saving production costs, as they’d have to pay for a doll/fake corpse to throw off a building.

An Emison spinoff is a possibility.

Marlene’s new series “The Perfectionists” could be in the same or similar universe as PLL. Characters from PLL “could” be in the new series but it’s too early to talk about The Perfectionists. “Hopefully in the next couple weeks” Marlene can speak more on the new show.

“There’s a 1 year time jump and a lot happens in a year” was Marlene’s response to Mary injecting/stabbing Spencer in the promo.

BIG ONE: that was Spencer, NOT Twincer that Mary is stabbing!! Marlene kept a very straight face when the interviewers mentioned Spencer having a twin.

There is at least one, maybe two “very realistic” masks in the finale. (We are doomed. I hate the finale already.)

“Everyone knows I love Toby, so the chances of him being AD would be slim.” - Marlene

The final 10 episodes are loaded with clues and they were designed for us to guess it correctly. That was Marlene’s response as to what particular episodes we should watch.


In the promo Aria says “I can’t marry Ezra” - not “burry”

How the mums got out of the basement is discussed in the finale but maybe not in the way we’d like.

Aside from who AD is, Marlene’s favourite question to answer is AD’s motive.

“The viewers will know before the girls” - Sasha

The reason the finale is 2 hours is so that we can process the who and the why.

The person who plays AD asked Marlene not to tell anyone so that other actors don’t act different in scenes with AD.

Marlene told the person who is AD, that they are AD, fairly early on, by themselves. I feel like this rules out Twincer since Troian said that Marlene told her and Keegan together one night on set :(

The hope is that it’ll leave some sort of legacy and that in a few years you’ll look back and remember where you were when you found out who AD is.

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Do you know of any 8th year fics that deal with quidditch? I cant seem to find any. Thank you!

HEY so I’m going to totally use this ask as an opportunity to list all of my favorite quidditch-related fics, eighth year and otherwise. Sorry but THAT’S JUST THE LIST THAT I FEEL INSPIRED TO MAKE RIGHT NOW SO I’M GOING TO DO IT BECAUSE I RUN THIS BLOG MUAHAHAHAHA (I will make sure to note all of the eighth year ones though!)

Drarry and Quidditch

Seeker, Chaser, Keeper by VivacissimoVoce (59K)- Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?
This fic is great and one of my favorite quidditch-themed fics! If you’re looking for quidditch quidditch quidditch, this would definitely be one of my top picks. I don’t want to spoil the result of the tryouts, but trust me it’s wonderful!

Against All Odds by momatu (54K)- Beauxbatons is hosting the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe, and Harry has promised to enroll Teddy as his birthday present. Meanwhile, Draco is stuck in his office, putting together the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe during, when he should be enjoying summer holidays.
This fic is freaking AMAZING. The romance is so damn good. SO GOOD MUCH ROMANCE!! And it features Teddy!!! I seriously love everything about it and it is one of my all time favorites <3 Draco is running a quidditch school and Harry is a last minute emergency addition to the staff ;)

To the Winner Go the Spoils by MiladyMorningstar (5K)- He caught the snitch. He caught the snitch. Bloody buggering fucking shit; he actually fucking won! He has a prize to cash in.
Draco places a bet on the outcome of the annual Slytherin/Gryffindor quidditch game: If he wins, a certain bespectacled, green-eyed Gryffindor has to do whatever Draco says. And Draco has an awful lot to say.

This fic is short and pretty much a PWP, but it does feature a quidditch game (upon which an amazing bet is placed) and DAMN IT’S HOT. Possibly Eighth Year

The Bet by firethesound (6K)- Harry really should know better than to make any sort of bet with a Slytherin.
This is another fic with an amazing bet placed on the outcome of a quidditch game, but rather than being a PWP, it is just SO SWEET AND FLUFFY AND CUTE ^-^ Eighth Year!

A Series of Malfoy Events by lomonaaeren (59.5K)- Harry saves Draco’s life. That should be the end of it. Except it isn’t, because Draco keeps coming up with crazy things—and Harry goes along with it because he can’t wait to see what Draco’s going to come up with next.
This fic was hilarious and fluffy and ridiculous and I loved it. Draco is the only (professional) quidditch player, but his games feature pretty heavily in the plot!

(Un)calculated Risk by @l0vegl0wsinthedark (7K)- He thought about the way Harry looked at him, smiled at him; about the way Draco’s head was nearly always full of him, all day every day, and about the way Draco sometimes deliberately went to bed still smelling of him, refusing to acknowledge what it meant – because he already fucking knew what it meant. What all of it meant. And then Draco decided, fuck it, he was going to risk it. They were going to risk it together, Harry and Draco.
This is a LOVELY little fic with amazing smut and an amazing game of quidditch at the end, in which Harry plays to win both the game AND DRACO’S HEART <3. Eighth Year!

Because It’s Raining by @gracerene09 (3K)- Harry doesn’t care if it’s raining and it’s “not a real game”, he’s not letting Draco catch the Snitch.
Part of the wonderful gift-to-this-world series 50 Reasons to Have Sex, Harry and Draco finish a quidditch scrimmage alone after everyone else goes inside and then Harry has a GLOVE (and also a Malfoy) KINK <3 Eighth Year!

The Swaggering Plimpies (or This One Time, At Quidditch Camp…) by RurouniHime (29.5K)- Draco has an idea, and Harry’s just the one to help him.
This fic is adooooorable and even though Harry and Draco are coaches (for their kids) instead of players, there’s lots and lots of Quidditch and the kids are lovely and it’s all so sweet and COME ON THEY’RE CO-COACHES!!! :D

Fuck You/Thank You by lq_traintracks (2K)- Merlin, no one pisses Harry off like this arsehole. No one in the five years he’s been reffing. Not in the twenty-five years he played the game himself. No one ever.
CLASSIC hot angry quidditch locker room sex. Harry is a player and Draco is the referee and THAT’S ALL I’M GONNA SAY READ THIS.

Seeing Stars (brighter than the constellations) by @carpemermaidtales (7.5K)- After “accidentally” overhearing a rumour that Harry Potter is hung, Draco cashes in a few favours to ensure he’s the reporter doing the Puddlemere United post-game interview with the team’s prized Seeker in the team locker room.
As you can probably guess, the quidditch here is secondary to the amazing hilarious dialogue and the freaking hot smut, but the interview is ostensibly about quidditch so I say it counts!!!

One More Time (Let’s Do It Again) by huldrejenta (6K)- Draco preferred his life free from the unforeseen and the uncontrollable. Surely he could handle Potter, though, friends with benefits or not. But since when had anything involving Potter gone according to plan?
A sweet, slow-feeling (despite being pretty short) fic in which Draco and Harry are forced to work together to train a new group of professional seekers. Contains pining pining pining!

Body Logic by unbroken_halo (13K)- There’s one thing that’s keeping Harry from propositioning Draco, not the least of which is the pain in his arse.
Harry is a professional quidditch player and Draco is his team’s FREAKING MASSAGE THERAPIST!!! And Harry has sexy tattooooooooos <3


A surprise last minute addition to the To the Edge of the Sky: Please allow us to introduce the second and final character and CG artist to the #TTEOTS team, Hazel! She’s an established fanartist within BTS’ fandom and we’re so grateful that she managed to apply before we closed applications! We’ve attached a few of her pieces for you guys. Hazel and Monz will be working together collaboratively to bring the best possible experience to ARMYs for TTEOTS later this year.

Twitter | Instagram 

She’s really excited to work with us and we’re really excited to have her working with us! The two have demonstrated significant skill in different areas in their work, and we look forward to seeing the amazing artwork they put together. Like Monz, Hazel has a lot she wants to share with you all and has committed to working hard and giving her absolute best on the project^^


I came back from JIBcon and guess what? It was awesome. As I said on twitter, I may not be too much into Supernatural now, but oh how I ADORE Supernatural conventions. There’s always a sense of being in it together - something I didn’t quite feel at other cons I’d been to. And when everyone starts singing Carry On Wayward Son? Chills everywhere. I cried like a baby multiple times, had A BLAST with my Crazy Russians™ squad and met even more awesome people (shoutout to the loveliest @iwanttoseehowitends!). Of course, it was stressful at times and all the queueing got real annoying real fast but the good outweigh the bad, for sure. 

Also, how cool were all the guests? I mean, Jensen! I finally met him after watching his face in HD for so many years and he’s even more handsome in person. During the autographs he asked where I’m from, and when I answered “Russia” he asked “which part?”, and I blurted “kind of in the middle” (what? it’s true) and he lol’d at “Middle Russia” right there - well, that’s the exchange I’m gonna remember. Misha was tired but so sweet, my exchange with him wasn’t too long, but I complimented him and I hope he understands how much he means to so many people. Briana was the highlight of the weekend, carrying the Wayward AF torch and being cool and inspirational - and funny AF! Also, her singing? Out of this world. Record an album, Briana! Rob seemed like he still couldn’t quite believe what he had got himself into with our fandom, he seemed so overwhelmed with all the love that we showed for him, his character and his music. David was the last-minute addition and the pleasant surprise - it was his second convention but he already felt like a part of the family. I didn’t get photos with other guests, but got some autographs, and Jared was winking at and blowing kisses to everybody, Gil blessed us with his wonderful voice, Matt continued his ridiculous antics on stage, and Adam probably fangirled about the whole thing as much as we did.

It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend, and now I’m thinking about the next year already. Bring it!

Bound to Happen (Part 8), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,373

Author’s Note: Sorry for the lack of a write-a-thon fic today, I thought I would make up for it with an early release of this?

Warnings: As always, a slow burn.

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

Lin knew better than to be bitter. You were right with your unspoken insistence that he was holding you back from doing greater things.

He bit the inside of his cheek at any mention of what you were working on - more computers in underprivileged schools, a bill passing that rewarded scholarships through your foundation.

You were doing amazing work, and he knew he was being selfish wishing you were next to him just in case he needed something.

He decided a complete lack of communication was best. Still, there was shoulders brushing at certain events and that one time he was out with Alex and happened to catch you in the middle of a date.

He tried to push that memory as far away as he possibly could.

The general lack of communication (even though there wasn’t a lack of wanting to communicate) meant you went an entire year without a decent conversation. A year that could have easily turned into many - maybe a re-connection at a college reunion - if it had not been for a last minute addition to a White House Poetry Jam.

With an unheard three minute hip hop spin on a founding father in his back pocket, Lin blew your socks off for the first time since In the Heights. You wouldn’t have even seen the performance had it not randomly popped up in your recommended videos on YouTube.

Which is how you found yourself typing a frantic e-mail in a caffeine-induced haze. Something along the lines of ‘what the fuck is this thing about Alexander Hamilton and how can I get involved?

Lin read the e-mail at least twenty times before moving it to his trash folder. He couldn’t let you trickle back into his life just as he began to move on.

You had long-forgotten about the e-mail the next time you had even heard the name Lin-Manuel Miranda. A casual conversation with your parents, who had always supported your close relationship with Lin, mentioning they had watched him on House the other night.

You immediately dropped anything you had planned and tracked down the episode - which turned into two. You were ashamed of the tight hold he still held over you. You considered sending another e-mail.

You chugged a bottle of wine instead.

Time continued to pass as you continued to rise. Promotions (you didn’t even know that word and your name could go together in a sentence until now) and whispers of a successful Lin loomed in the distance.

Having the old team back together wasn’t strange to Lin. What was strange, however, was a distinct absence.

I was thinking.” Tommy drawled, pulling Lin from his musical head space. He had exactly eight hours to figure out how to follow Alexander cheating on Eliza.

“Hmm?” Lin tucked the pencil behind his ear and closed his laptop, affording Tommy all of his attention.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Y/N.”

“Six years is a long time.” He answered, trying to fight the harsh tone. He lost the fight.

“Right. And she’s still heading that arts in public education project, right?” Lin could tell Tommy was easing into it.

Ever since you had announced your departure and Lin had moved on to other projects, you were a rather tense subject for the group. The last update Lin had received about you had been years ago about a guy you had been seeing.

Since then his life had been a strict ‘no Y/N zone’.

“What about her?” He grumbled, returning to his work with one ear still on Tommy.

“Publicly educated students seeing Hamilton free of charge.”  With a sigh, Lin closed his laptop again before glancing at Tommy’s smug face.

“Set up the meeting.”

Getting a call from Tommy had been the last thing you expected on a Saturday night. A quick stop at the Public Theater, a place you hadn’t been since early In the Heights days, was requested of you and you dropped everything to make the appointment.

You didn’t know he would be there.

Sleep deprived as ever. New, shaggy hair framed his face and he looked…taller.

Tommy hadn’t aged a day from the look of it but Lin was more mature somehow. He had more experience without you by his side and while you could sense a certain hostility in his eyes, there was also a particular confidence in his steps. A confidence he started to gain with his first show, but had never blossomed this widely.

It was as if the man you had met so many years ago was just an outline and now you were looking at him all colored in. Bright and pristine - there was some coloring outside the lines and the shading wasn’t perfect but he was Lin.

You just wished you had dressed up a bit more.

“Tommy.” You whispered into his chest, a breath of solidarity as he tucked you close. A long forgotten friend. Next was Alex, who was grinning as widely as ever. He greeted you softly and passed you along to Lin.

Tommy shared a look with Alex as they stepped to the side, mumbling an excuse you didn’t care enough to listen to.

“Stranger.” You greeted. No handshake.

“Big shot.” He acknowledged, taking you in.

Your hair was shorter and darker. It was a more professional cut than the one you used to throw up into a bun at the Richard Rogers. Your clothes fit better now, you had the time and money to shop for nicer things. If the disheveled blazer was any indication, you had just gotten off work.

“Oh, uh, this-” You made work of straightening out your jacket, tugging at the sleeves to flatten them out. “Busy morning, I didn’t have time to-”

“I’m glad you’re back.” He cut in, rushed. You didn’t realized this meeting was a re-entrance into this life. You definitely wished you could have dressed up.

“Me too.” And you were in his arms for the first time in years. The hug confirmed your suspicions that he was taller - or maybe he was just standing a little straighter now. “What can I do for you guys?”

It was an absurd idea, to say the least. Thousands of public school children attending their show free of charge. Not just in New York, but wherever they performed.

And he hadn’t even finished writing the damn thing yet.

“I’m close!” Lin promised. He wasn’t, really.

After refining the details - how it would work, who would get to participate, when it would happen - there was only one last thing to figure out. Who was going to pay for it all?

“That’s where you come in.” A finger was shoved in your direction as all three men eagerly looked at you. Ah, right. The Rockefeller Foundation.

“Something like this will take months to plan and approve.” You answered honestly, watching them deflate. “But, I’m going to give as much of my attention to this as I possibly can. We’re gonna have to be in contact a lot over the next few weeks.”

“That’s fine with us.” Alex promised.

“Yeah, we missed you.” Lin added.

Some more than others.” Tommy finished with an elbow to Lin’s side. Lin coughed to cover his embarrassment as he responded with a harsher jab into Tommy’s side.

“I’ll get started on this right away.” You stood as you checked your watch. The boys followed, all mumbling similar sentiments about how great it was to see you again.

Shrugging on the blazer you had discarded earlier, you sling your bag across you shoulder and make for the door.

“I’m running late but I’ll let you guys know when I have something for you, you know where to reach me!” You called, the quick and distant click of the door behind you signalling your hasty departure.

“So.” Tommy drawled as Lin stood in awe in the direction of the door, “Still totally in love with her?”

Lin didn’t answer, brushing past the men as he walked deeper into the theater, back to his laptop. A sudden inspiration for an Eliza lyric he had been stuck on for weeks came to mind.

I look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit.

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Damn. : Andy Biersack Imagine 

 "Just one more interview and then we’re free.“ Andy groaned. "Impatient much?” Ashley joked. Black veil brides were doing interviews for their upcoming tour with a band they had yet to meet. It was a last minute addition after Juliet dropped out because of her relationship with Andy falling out. It had been a couple months so Andy was completely fine. The guys sat on the couch side by side and answered multiple questions they’ve answered a thousand times before. 

While the interviewer was speaking, the door opened and everyone heard it. Andy had not looked up yet only because he was too busy day dreaming. The only reason he had stopped was because everyone was silent. Andy finally broke is gaze on the floor and looked up to where everyone’s attention was at. He saw three guys, tattooed, tall, one had glasses, one had a hat, and the other was plain. All wore black but what everyone was looking at was the girl that was with them. She was shorter than them, dressed in black like the rest and was oblivious to the attention. They were speaking with the BVB manager so not even the guys noticed the room had gone silent. 

 "Um, so thank for being here guys,“ the interviewer finally spoke and turned to the camera, "stay tuned, next we have Y/B/N for their first interview!” The camera turned off and Andy thought how weird it must of have been for the viewers of the live stream to witness the silence. Andy watched as Y/B/N walked to the couch they were just on, the girl sitting in the middle of the guys. “Welcome back! We’re here with Y/B/N for their first interview! Please state your name and what you do in the band.” The dude interviewing was looking at the girl the whole time so she spoke first. 

“My name is Y/N and I play guitar.” Andy only heard her because after she spoke his ears blocked out the sounds of everyone. “Y/N…” He though to himself. A/N: kinda lame I know but I wanted to at least write SOMETHING xx

Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener (Cowboy Bebop)

As a last minute addition, I’m going to quickly put in an honorable mention for Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener, or Gren for short, of the timeless and extremely popular anime classic, Cowboy Bebop. This show takes place in a futuristic world of space, spaceships, space crime, and the bounty hunters that dot the skies, such as the protagonists below. 

Gren is a minor character, making a 2 episode appearance in a more serious of the show’s plot arcs. Ta is a retired war veteran of the Titan War, where ta bonded personally with the main protagonist’s (Spike)’s nemesis, Vicious. After the war Gren is tried as a spy and imprisoned for 3 years.

When I came home from the war they put me in prison. They thought I was a spy. I heard it was Vicious that testified against me, I started to go crazy. So they gave me some new drug they were testing on prisoners. It was highly addictive, and the side effects? Well, my hormones went out of balance and this is what happened.”―Gren explaining to Faye Valentine. 

“This,” being that now, Gren, before a fully physical male, now possesses both male and female characteristics, such as enlarged breasts and wide hips. Ta explains this to protagonist Faye, who confronts ta in the shower. Ta de explanation seems matter-of-fact and free of turmoil that ta de body has been altered, and ta seems very comfortable with ta de more effeminate form. 

After being imprisoned Gren lives in a town with no physically female residents, and plays the saxophone at a bar. Ta finally gets his revenge on Vicious, seen in a confrontational scene at the end of the second episode. 

I bring up this confrontation specifically because of Gren’s wardrobe and air of carrying himself through this tense scene. Ta wears robes that cling to ta de form, not attempting to hide ta de feminine traits and rather accentuating them in a beautiful way. Ta speaks to his traitor with an air of calm fury, standing straight and tall, and accepting that ta de death may come at this moment.

It is very evident that gender, or being transgender, is the last thing on Gren’s mind at this point in ta de life. Ta has lived and suffered, and bodily changes may have been a part of that, but they have not defined ta as a winner or a loser, as good or bad, as normal or strange, male or female. I honor Gren because ta is a beautifully strong transgender soul in a futuristic world, honoring the transgender realm by being so strong. 

Gren is injured during this conflict and is cast away in ta de spaceship back to Titan, where ta dies peacefully.

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Sam's brother was supposed to go with him to the event. Read twolocalexplorers ig comment to Sam. They are friends with his brother and apologized he had to cancel. If anything, she was a last minute addition because he couldn't find anyone else that wouldn't set off the gay rumours.

Well, if that’s true it would make some sense- the whole thing came off more like it was created to be a guy’s dream day out than the dream date they are trying to sell it as. Think Sam and his brother and their day at the rugby finals last year, complete with the VIP treatment, courtesy of American Express I believe.

But if there was indeed a “cancellation” I am
Inclined to think that it might be similar to the last minute cancellation of Ron’s wife Terri, the award winning costume designer for the Outlander series, at the Baftas dinner last fall to make room for a surprise plus one for Sam at table that evening
And as to needing to squash gay rumours? I don’t think so. That’s just rumours. This show today was much more likely to do with rugby match selfies, wine laden picnics on the Cape Point, #carparkibiza’s, and some very lovely moments caught on camera by fans as Sam and Cait walked the halls of Comic Con in San Diego between appearances there last week. And it’s not rumours about any of that. It’s all out there plain as day in black and white, and also in living color.

The Dorks Go to Prom! (Kuroo x Reader) (Prom!AU)

Universe: Prom

Character: Kuroo Tetsurou


Originally posted by tetsuruo

As soon as Kuroo stepped out of the dressing room, all eyes fell on him. He caught his reflection in a nearby mirror, and he moved closer to get a better look.

The suit was perfectly cut to accommodate his figure, every inch and every size falling in place just as he had intended them to be. Kuroo pulled at his collar, adjusting it so he could be even more comfortable.

He imagined that reflection of him to be the exact same vision of him during prom. A small smile crossed his face as he imagined her fixing his tie, pinning on his boutonniere, and beaming at him as if he was the only thing that ever mattered to her.

Now, if he could just deal with his hair…

“Forget it.”

Kuroo turned around, looking pointedly at his three companions. Akaashi was lounging on the couch, eyebrows slightly raised as he nodded in approval of Kuroo’s attire. Kenma devoted a good five seconds to observe Kuroo before returning to his phone. Bokuto, who had spoken up, was sitting beside Akaashi and running his hand through his hair.

“What did you say?”

“I said, forget it man,” Bokuto said, pouting a little. “There’s no way you’re looking like that at prom. Hell, even I would want to sleep with you.”

“Is it that bad?” Kuroo turned his attention back to his reflection.

“Don’t listen to him, Kuroo-san,” Akaashi said. “It looks good on you.”

“Thanks, Akaashi,” Kuroo replied. “Though, if I could only find a good tie…”

“What?” Bokuto raised an eyebrow. “I thought you already bought one?”

“Nah. I’ve been having trouble picking one out,” Kuroo admitted. “Seriously. I shouldn’t be taking more than three weeks to buy a damn tie.”


Kenma’s quiet voice rang out. Kuroo hadn’t noticed that his best friend had gone over to where the ties were being displayed, and was now holding one in his hands.

“Kenma…” Kuroo said, as Kenma came closer, and began putting the tie around Kuroo’s neck. “Why’d you get this?”

“Trust me,” Kenma replied, pulling off a perfect Windsor knot and arranging it carefully so that it fell in the middle of Kuroo’s suit. “You’ll thank me later.”

As soon as Kenma stepped away, Kuroo looked once more at his reflection in the mirror. He smiled, satisfied with the results.

“Y/N’s going to fall head over heels for you, bro,” Bokuto grinned.

“Oh, so she hasn’t, yet?” Kuroo replied cockily, heading to the dressing room to change.

“I’m just saying,” Bokuto said. “Guys like you taking girls like her to prom…she’ll love that. Trust me.”

“Bokuto-san, your prom date rejected you three times before she said yes.”

“Akaashi! You promised you wouldn’t tell! Actually, how does that connect with what I just said?!”


“…and we’re done!” Mrs. L/N placed the last curl over Y/N’s shoulder. “Oh, darling. You look so beautiful.”

Y/N stood up, and caught her own reflection in the mirror. Her mother had pulled the first layer of her hair into an elegant bun, and curled the rest, letting them fall over her shoulders. Her dress wasn’t as flashy as the designs that her classmates were more than eager to share with the entire school, but she wasn’t too fond of going all out, even during prom night.

She wore an emerald green dress, with off-the-shoulder short sleeves. The dress fit snugly around her waist with a black satin belt, and stopped just at her knees. The dress had black accents, too, a last-minute addition thanks to Kenma’s little comment about how Kuroo was buying a jet-black suit.

Y/N exhaled slowly, reaching up to rub in her foundation even more. The nerves were starting to come in, rattling her entire being.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

Y/N put on a smile and turned to face her mother. “Nothing,” she said. “I’m just…nervous, that’s all.”

“For prom? Or about your prom date?”

Y/N’s cheeks burned scarlet at that, and Mrs. L/N laughed. “Goodness, Y/N. You two have been dating for so long, and you still get flustered whenever somebody talks about you or him. That’s so adorable!”

Y/N wrinkled her nose. “C’mon, Mom, it’s nothing like that—“

“Don’t worry, darling.” Mrs. L/N gave her a small kiss on her nose. “You look gorgeous. And if Kuroo thinks otherwise, come find me, and we can discuss where we can hide the body.”

Y/N giggled, and felt a lot more relaxed. Mrs. L/N reached for the box on her dresser, and handed it to Y/N along with her clutch.

At that moment, the doorbell rang downstairs. Y/N gasped, and immediately reached for her mother’s hands. They listened intently as the door opened, and the voices in the living room could be heard all the way to her room.

“Oh, Kuroo,” Mr. Y/N said.

“Good evening, sir,” Kuroo replied. Y/N giggled at the hint of nervousness in his tone—he’d always complained that her dad scared the living hell out of him.

“Good evening to you too. Come on in, she’ll be down in a minute.”

As soon as the door closed, Mrs. L/N turned to Y/N. “It’s now or never, sweetheart.”


“Deep breaths. You look absolutely stunning.”

Y/N took a deep breath, before drawing herself up to her full height, and slipping on her silver stilettos.

“Okay,” she whispered. “Let’s go.”

The walk downstairs was torturous. Y/N couldn’t hear anything except for the blood roaring in her ears, and the rattling breaths that escaped her lips.

What are you so nervous about? she thought. This is Kuroo. This is dorky, kind-of-an-asshole, nerdy Tetsurou. You’ve been dating for months. You know how he looks like.

But even that thought couldn’t prepare her for what she would be seeing as she caught a glimpse of him.

At the sound of her heels thumping lightly against the steps, Kuroo’s head snapped up, and his hands nearly flew to his hair out of habit. Instead, he used them to straighten his suit jacket, and he cleared his throat.

He opened his mouth to greet her…and suddenly, the words got stuck on his tongue.

Y/N shyly descended, looking every bit regal in her emerald green dress. His heart swelled to see the black accents in the fabric, which matched his suit.

When she looked up at him and gave him a small smile, he felt as if his heart would right then and there jump out of its cage. Kuroo had to reach up and loosen the tie around his neck…when the movement caught Y/N’s eye.

She was staring at his tie with an odd-sort of smile, and he looked down at where she was staring. The tie that Kenma had picked out…was emerald green, completely matching her dress.

Kuroo cleared his throat. “So, um…did…”

“Kenma?” Y/N said, laughing slightly. “Yeah. He saw my dress, and told me to match your suit.”

“And he gave me the tie to match your dress,” Kuroo said, laughing in disbelief. “Ah, man. I’m gonna have to find him a date for next year.”

Y/N handed him the box, and he opened it to see the matching boutonniere and corsage. He smiled at her as he motioned for her to come closer, pulling out the corsage and placing the box on the table.

“Wait!” Mrs. L/N came squealing into the room, holding up her phone. “Let me take pictures.”

Y/N bit back a smile as she began to blush. “Mom—“

“Go on, sweetheart. Pretend I’m not here.”

Kuroo laughed quietly, before slipping the corsage around Y/N’s wrist. In return, Y/N pinned the boutonniere on his suit, patting it down careful and fixing his tie.

Out of habit, Y/N reached up to attempt to tame Kuroo’s hair, only to find it slicked back.

“You fixed your hair,” she marveled, and he smirked in response. “How did you do it?”

“With great difficulty,” he replied, and Y/N laughed.

“Oh, you two look so cute! Smile!”

Y/N sighed at her mother’s eagerness, but laced an arm through Kuroo’s anyway. His other hand found hers, and gave it a gentle squeeze as Mrs. L/N took the picture.

“I think we should go,” Kuroo said, checking his watch. “It’s a ten-minute drive, but I suppose you don’t want to be late, Y/N?”

“I wouldn’t,” Y/N agreed. “Okay, let’s go.”

“I want her home by 12, Kuroo,” Mr. Y/N suddenly chimed from his spot on the couch.

Kuroo flinched, and Y/N snorted in laughter, hiding it behind her hand. “Yes, sir.”

Then, with Y/N’s arm still in his, Kuroo led her out of the house, with her mother squealing behind them.

As soon as Kuroo helped her into his car, he let out a sigh, visibly relaxing as he got into the driver’s seat. Y/N had to smile at her boyfriend—at least someone was obviously more nervous than she was.

“Kuroo,” she said, placing her hand gently over his own.

“Huh?” Kuroo said, a little too quickly, as he started the car. “We’ll get there in time, I promise—“


“—and I’ll have you home by 12, don’t you worry babe—“


“Did I blow it back there? I thought I could handle it, I thought I was cool—“

Y/N grabbed his chin, and pulled him into a kiss to stop his rambling. Sure enough, Kuroo shut up.

“Calm down,” Y/N said, as soon as they pulled away. “You look so handsome. I didn’t get a chance to say it earlier.”

“And you look absolutely gorgeous,” Kuroo whispered. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Kuroo pressed his lips against hers again, smiling as he pulled away.

“You know, if I get nervous again, do I get another kiss?”

“Don’t push it, Tetsurou.”


@kaistrex, from @sterektbh

On one level, Stiles knew that Scott was just trying to be a good friend. He cared about Stiles’ social life and wanted to spend more time together.

On basically every other level however, Stiles knew that shoehorning him in as a last-minute addition to a couples-only dinner party was about the biggest bro violation Scott could ever commit.

It’s not like Stiles could really blame him. Individually, most of the people at this table were all right. But as couples? A nightmare. It was like there was some strange switch that flipped in their brains when married couples came together. Suddenly all that mattered was whose wedding was the most expensive and how rewarding it is to trade sleep for a tiny, ugly human that only knows how to cry, sleep, and shit.

And, of course, how to peer pressure the last remaining single person in the room into adopting their clearly superior lifestyle.

The thing that married people didn’t understand about singledom is that being alone wasn’t a state that Stiles needed to be saved from. In fact, it was a state he’d much rather have been in, instead of sandwiched between what appeared to be the world’s smuggest gathering of people and their patronizing concern for his sad, lonely life.

He knew the drill by now, and it was all he could do to grin and bear it through the usual third degree.

“So? Any ladies in the picture?” No, not a single one. Not to mention, wow, heteronormative much?

“Well you better act fast. Most of the good ones have already been snapped up. You’re not going to be young forever, you know.” No, really? Shit. Thanks for the reminder, Greenberg.

Or his particular favorite:

“Tell me, why is it that so many men your age can’t hold down a serious relationship?”

It was like none of them had ever been single before, the way they were all treating him like some sort of adorable but pathetic zoo animal. Like each and every one of them emerged from the womb with a ring on their finger and a bowling pin shoved up their ass. He wanted to take them all and throttle them. He wanted to scream, Don’t act like you’re above this. This time last year you were sitting on my couch in your underwear eating rice krispies out of the box, Jackson! Don’t think I’ve forgotten!

Then again, everyone knows what happens to zoo animals who go rogue on the people come to gawk at them. And why give them more of a reason to look down on him?

Or maybe more accurately, why give Hale more of a reason to look down on him? It’s not like he didn’t have all the ammo he’d ever need and more.

Stiles let his eyes slide over to where Hale was sitting, looking way better than he had any right to. Hale had never, ever, in Stiles’ memory looked flustered or uncomfortable in public. No, unbearably sexy was, sadly, a better descriptor. He was always perfectly stubbly and muscly under heinous sweaters that somehow still looked good on him, usually with a gorgeous girlfriend on his arm or some relative poking around and begging for a story from the bottomless well shared experiences he and Hale had joint custody over, all of them featuring Stiles making an extraordinary ass of himself.

By the time the rallying cry of didn’t you used to run around naked in Hale’s backyard made its way around the table, Stiles felt he was perfectly justified in calling an Uber and making a fucking break for it.

And, of course, leave it to Hale to come between Stiles and his last steps towards sweet freedom.

“I liked your report the other day,” Hale said. Well, grunted really. And with a face that made it seem like he was personally offended by every word that escaped him. Stiles had seen more willing expressions on people getting root canals.

“On the Beacon Hills Fire Department,” Hale elaborated just as painfully.

Stiles suppressed a wince. That piece. His journalistic debut, and he’d fucked it up royally by crashing ass-first into his cameraman just as the fire chief received a congressional medal of honor for his services. Every other news station had gotten the shot of the fire chief shaking the congressman’s hand. Theirs had gotten a shot of Stiles’ lucky Spiderman briefs. There were already gifs of it. Plural.

And thank you, Hale, for bringing that up.

Which, you know what? Fuck that.

“Is this all part of some master plan?” Stiles snapped, letting all the annoyance he’d been biting back tonight leach into his tone. “I mean, you seem to go out of your way to be there every time I fuck up and make a fool of myself. And I have to wonder if it’s on purpose. If you just want to make sure I feel like a complete idiot each and every time I see you. Which, if so? You really don’t have to bother.”

Hale’s eyebrows slammed together, making him look kind of constipated. “Stiles, I…”

“You what?”

“I’m sorry, if…” Hale’s frown deepened, then he continued. “I don’t think you’re an idiot

Well, I mean, there are… some situations that seem to happen to you more often than anyone else. You trip over things a lot, and you do let whatever mean thing’s in your head pop out of your mouth without thinking it through, and that Chippendales thing– that sort of thing happens a lot more than normal with you…”

“Really, dude?” Stiles was compelled to interrupt. Because seriously.

“Right.” Hale grimaced. “Well. The thing is, I know that when I met you I was rude. I didn’t give you a chance. And I think, maybe despite everything, I like you. Very much.”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure. Just not the asshole tendencies, the awkwardness, and the sarcasm, right?”

Hale shook his head, then fixed Stiles with a look that had his heart thundering for reasons he was unwilling to examine.

“No, Stiles. I like you very much. Just the way you are.”

“Sapient pearwood is meta-magical and will track its owner absolutely anywhere in time and space,” said Ponder.
“Yes, but not this bit!” said Ridcully.
“I don’t recall ‘not this bit’ ever being recorded as a valid subset of ‘time and space’, sir,” said Ponder. “In fact, ‘not this bit’ has never even been accepted as a valid part of any magical invocation, ever since the late Funnit the Foregetful tried to use it as a last-minute addition to his famously successful spell to destroy the entire tree he was sitting in.”

– not this bit | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld

anonymous asked:

Your thoughts about Cait's reaction at the EW red carpet, pretty please! I'm dying a little thinking Cait it's mad at Sam and things are fuckup between them, oh gosh! Maybe she was pissed at the situation but not at Sam, give me some hope, I hate to think they are on the outs with one another.

Not mad the way I see it. Just a group of people who were trying to navigate on the fly an all round very awkward situation. Sam is always Cait’s escort and that is what comes naturally to both of them, he does it effortlessly and with the ease of long practice. A late, last minute addition to the guest list of the outlander contingent meant that their usual routine couldn’t happen and cait must go in alone, or cause even more questions about who this girl was who seemed to be there for sam but whom he wasn’t escorting either. The fact that obviously no one knew where to go, or with whom, says that this situation was likely a very last minute affair and no one had had time to work out the details about who would go where , when, and with whom, much less to work out a plan to get everyone where they needed to be smoothly. That’s what a publicist should be doing after all but it does take a little thought -and that takes time. That so much awkwardness resulted tells me that this situation is not a common one to this group- who would no doubt have it all worked out long before now if this girl really was someone who was in a long term relationship with one of the group members and as a result had gone about with them often. But obviously she has not. And even if they hadn’t as a group had much experience of her at least sam should not have had any conflict about his role towards her. But he was the one in the most conflict as to what he should be doing as the group were to enter the venue. That is telling.
The awkwardness tells all here, truly.