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PJO video game au (game mockups 1/?)

A story based rpg in which you are a half-blood completing quests. Your actions throughout the game effect your esteem with different gods, which can change the outcome of the story

Games used: God of War, Firewatch, Metro: last night, The Unspoken

(edit: added request from @gwenkota for a dialogue wheel!)

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Smut Masterpost

Our Two Bedroom Story

Bad Master - Minato x Mika

Blind Date - Akiyoshi x MC

Sharing is Caring - Minato x Shusei x MC 

Operation: Stress Relief - Akiyoshi x MC

Heaven is Nice We Should Go There Again - Akiyoshi x MC

Mine - Minato x MC

Pull Over - Minato x MC

My Dirty Girl - Chiaki x MC

Surprise - Kaoru x MC

Loose Lips - Minato x MC

My Lips Are Sealed. - Akiyoshi x MC

Welcome Home. - Kaoru x MC

Ten Things I Love About You. - Minato x MC

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

Daddy & Peaches - Soryu x MC

How Do You Plead, Mr Detective? Part 2. Part 3. Mamoru x MC.

King Asshole - Eisuke x MC

Don’t Wake The Sloth - Eisuke x MC

What Do You Need From Me? - Eisuke x MC

Get On Your Knees - Shuichi x Soryu x MC 

Let Them Know I Belong To You - Soryu x MC

Baba - Eisuke x MC

I Need A Cigarette - Mamoru x MC

Koro or Pommy? - Ota x MC

Coffee - Black, No Sugar. - Shuichi x MC

Idiot. - Hikaru x MC

Boss - Soryu x MC

How Do Threesomes Work? - Mamoru x Baba x MC

Some Kind Of Drug. - Eisuke x MC

Happy Birthday, Baby. - Mamoru x MC

An Idiot In Love. - Hikaru x MC

Discipline & Punishment. - Hikaru x MC

Cum With Me. - Eisuke x MC

Fairy Tale. - Ota x MC

Front Row Seats. - Ota x MC

Bloody Hell. - Luke x MC

Special Performance. - Ota x MC

Drunken Stupor. Part 2 - Erika x MC.

There’s No Such Thing As Heartache, You Idiot. - Eisuke x MC

Metro PD: Close to You

Side by Side - Eiki x MC

Cat & Mouse - Eiki x MC

Yes, Sir. - Kirisawa x MC

Actions Have Consequences. Kirisawa x MC

My Last First Kiss

Thank You, Tequila - Ayato x MC

Time of Death 3:43pm - Ayato x Taka x MC

I will Always Choose You - Riku x MC 

2:47am - Taka x MC

Heavenly Bodies - Ayato x Riku x MC

Take A Break - Ayato x MC

Minx. - Riku x MC

My Baby. - Taka x MC

After School Affairs

Babe - Rikiya x MC 

Enchanted In The Moonlight

Disgusting Table Manners - Shinra x MC

Show Off. - Kyoga x MC

300 followers smut series; OTBS - The Bet.


Chapter 1; Akiyoshi Zaizen

Chapter 2; Chiaki Yuasa

Chapter 3; Minato Okouchi

Chapter 4; Shusei Hayakawa

Chapter 5; Tsumugu Kido

Chapter 6; Kaoru Kirishima


300 followers smut continuation; KBTBB - Revenge.


Revenge - 1. Shuichi

Revenge - 2. Luke

Revenge - 3. Baba

Revenge - 4. Ota

Revenge - 5&6. Soryu & Mamoru

Revenge - 7. Eisuke


300 followers smut continuation; OTBS X KBTBB - Pushiment.