last legacy
Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas
Kushner to helm White House Office of American Innovation, an ideas factory and clearinghouse for business executives.

Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker at WaPo:

President Trump plans to unveil a new White House office on Monday with sweeping authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and fulfill key campaign promises — such as reforming care for veterans and fighting opioid addiction — by harvesting ideas from the business world and, potentially, privatizing some government functions.

The White House Office of American Innovation, to be led by Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, will operate as its own nimble power center within the West Wing and will report directly to Trump. Viewed internally as a SWAT team of strategic consultants, the office will be staffed by former business executives and is designed to infuse fresh thinking into Washington, float above the daily political grind and create a lasting legacy for a president still searching for signature achievements.

“All Americans, regardless of their political views, can recognize that government stagnation has hindered our ability to properly function, often creating widespread congestion and leading to cost overruns and delays,” Trump said in a statement to The Washington Post. “I promised the American people I would produce results, and apply my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ mentality to the government.”

In a White House riven at times by disorder and competing factions, the innovation office represents an expansion of Kushner’s already far-reaching influence. The 36-year-old former real estate and media executive will continue to wear many hats, driving foreign and domestic policy as well as decisions on presidential personnel. He also is a shadow diplomat, serving as Trump’s lead adviser on relations with China, Mexico, Canada and the Middle East.

The work of White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon has drawn considerable attention, especially after his call for the “deconstruction of the administrative state.” But Bannon will have no formal role in the innovation office, which Trump advisers described as an incubator of sleek transformation as opposed to deconstruction.

The announcement of the new office comes at a humbling moment for the president, following Friday’s collapse of his first major legislative push — an overhaul of the health-care system, which Trump had championed as a candidate.

Kushner is positioning the new office as “an offensive team” — an aggressive, nonideological ideas factory capable of attracting top talent from both inside and outside of government, and serving as a conduit with the business, philanthropic and academic communities.

Genyatta Week Day 1: Firsts

Me: what should i draw i can’t do sappy or serious stuff

@cactusluv: first time catching a shiny pokemon

Me: ok cool this is literally genji then


… lasted for 18 Years.

It started with this little fellow, unloved and detested.

It ends with  a man, beloved and cherished.

Next week will be the last episode of Naruto Shippuden.

It feels surreal to finally bid farewell after 700 chapters and 720 episodes.

It’s something I keep forgetting because I haven’t read the comics in a while, but every now and then I remember how all the Luthors’ names start with an L because the “S” of the Supers really stands for the house of “El”. That is to say, the Luthors were from the start intended to be the foils of the Supers, in every way right down to the name. The Supers represent the last legacy of Krypton, and the Luthors represent the greatest that humanity has to offer, be it on the side of good or evil.

So when Lena wants to get away from Lex’s legacy, she creates “L” Corp, because she might be running away from Lex, but she’s still a Luthor, and that “L” means something.

And when Winn calls the symbol of Kara’s chest an “S”, she corrects him and names it for what it is, an “El”, the crest of the House of El, her house, the name of her family, and that means something, it means they are stronger together.

Supers and Luthors have been enemies, and foils, and mirrors, for a long part of comic history, and there is a weight to that dynamic, that is far more poignant than “The girl from Krypton and the boy from Daxam.”


OLIVIA: have you really not seen anyone for an entire year…?

PICKLE: um, no? is that weird??? i feel like i’m judged here…

OLIVIA: can’t we just set your dorky brother up with someone up, Pan!?

PANCAKE: seriously, don’t bother. he’s completely set on his gross ‘one true love’ fantasies! besides, he has his pet rat for company.

PICKLE: that may be true, but my love for you, viewers, is endless 💕

OLIVIA: ew, who are you talking to?!


we are living proof of a world gone mad
but this is all we have, we spin in cycles
we drift in the dark, our world falling apart
chance made us brothers, loyal to the last breath i take
our legacy won’t be wasted on me

our legacy, while she sleeps