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Not to worry. The Ray Wars happened because Ray Vecchio is mostly ignored on Tumblr, and everywhere else, because F/K is so popular. But this is the first season trailer, and the first season is the only one available so far, which gives RayV some needed attention. Can't believe some haven't seen this trailer, but they probably didn't watch the series in order, as I did. If they started with Kowalski, they still shouldn't skip Vecchio. You learn a lot about Fraser in the RayV seasons.

Friend, the Ray Wars happened twenty goddamn years ago. Let it go.

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Taako, I’m assuming based off Justin’s age, is maybe around 133 (233 if we count the stolen century) so Taako’s still relatively young. Kravitz, I’m assuming, has been around far longer than Taako’s been alive (this is very open to interpretation of course). So like imagine Kravitz just getting that realization one day (because I assume he’s had past lovers who weren’t like Taako — i.e. alive) and Taako’s like “babe, chill out, Lulu is like 4 times older than Barold and they make it work”

i like this bc taako and kravitz both have something like #wild to give each other like ‘wow people say what these days?’ ‘you knew which historical figure?’ ‘people don’t do this anymore?’ ‘you fuckin ate what when you were a kid?’

Penguin kids playing

I was looking my last year drawings and wanted to share this to you! It still funny as last year When Teikoku people get together, they play instead of doing something any better (? //laugh

last night i saw my brother my brother and me live, almost exactly a year after i started listening for the first time! i even dragged one of my best friends halfway across the USA with me to go to the show

this morning i met clint and justin mcelroy in the milwaukee airport, and i almost cried my eyes out at my gate (i’d post the pic but i look horrendous because i was so nervous/tired/unwashed).

it was one of the best moments of my life, and they were hands down some of the most genuinely, absolutely nicest human beings i’ve ever met

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BB, after reading your tags, I feel compelled to ask you about your kinky Twilight ships

Okay, so, serious talk: I never shipped Bella/Edward. Not even in the height of my Twilight phase (which lasted roughly a year and a half). Pairings I did ship (in vague descending order):

  • Bella/Jacob
  • Bella/Alice
  • Bella/Jasper
  • Bella/Rosalie
  • Bella/literally anyone other than Edward, please God
  • (you’ll notice there’s no poly pairings here like the incredibly obvious Bella/Alice/Jasper. But it was like 2008 and the concept of polyamory had not yet been introduced to me or the majority of the Twilight fandom’s audience)

Bella/Edward was something I only read if I was truly scraping the bottom of the barrel. However, as all my favorite pairings were kind of niche, I ended up reading Bella/Edward a lot more than I liked.

Twilight fandom, honest to God, is what introduced me to kink, at least in a way where I was like, “Oh, okay, that’s actually hot and not weird and creepy.” This is because Twilight fandom, like Harry Potter or Glee, is one of those fandoms where all the fic is either excellent and written by literary geniuses or shit and written by people who know shit, there is no in-between.

Because of this, I read The Submissive and its sequels The Dominant and The Training when they were still fics and not books. I remember reading Fifty Shades and wondering where the fuck I had read this before, before realizing that, oh, E.L. James stole a lot of the tropes from The Submissive but didn’t understand the context or reasoning, which is one of the reasons Fifty Shades is so shitty.

(I could go into a whole long rant about it, but I will stop there before I start comparing everything, especially THE FUCKING MEALPLANS)

However, the one fic I kept going back to was one I remember fairly clearly. Bella is engaged to human!Edward, who is a medical resident. Edward is saving himself for marriage (because that’s canon), so Alice convinces boyfriend Jasper to have sex with Bella because she’s gone so long without a man (I swear to God, that’s the actual justification). I remember that there’s a scene where she has to buy the morning after pill and he stays with her to help her take it, and they slowly fall in love because he’s just more emotionally (and sexually) there for her than Edward is.

Anyway, Alice ends up cheating on Jasper (which is sad because 1) fave character and 2) they were portrayed as basically having a healthy open relationship in the beginning, it’s clear that the author had Alice cheat because she couldn’t think of a way for Bella to get with Jasper otherwise). So now Jasper’s free but Bella isn’t. Bella gets an IUD which implants wrong and has to be removed before it gets infected (there’s a lot of loving descriptions of different birth control methods, it’s fantastic), and while they’re at the hospital, Edward falls in love with Bella’s attractive male gynecologist (I KNOW). So Bella and Jasper live happily ever after.

Also there’s a scene where Jasper gets Bella a dildo he made of his own dick using a mold and typing that sentence it seems absurd but I swear in context it seemed really cute.

Anyway I haven’t been able to find it again but that was my one particularly favorite kinky Twilight ship.

hello there i am here it was a strange day off & now i’m down to talk about kylo ren bc i have some emotions ? i need to get out ?

ik i havent been on here in a while but i just wanna tell everyone to just please be fucking safe and even if we dont talk or anything just know that i care about you