last kiss pearl jam

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1. Yellow - Coldplay

2. Perhaps vampires is a bit strong but - Arctic Monkeys

3. Que me quedes tu - Shakira

4. Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison

5. Last Kiss - Pearl Jam

6. Man Down - Rihanna

7. Arabella - Arctic Monkeys

8. Walk idiot walk - The hives

9. Cannabis - Ska-p

10. Kiss me - Sixpence None the Richer

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“Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam

Lost Dogs (1999)

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your playlist on shuffle and list 10 first songs that come up, then tag 4 people! I was tagged by @rolandorbital Sorry it took so long. Thanks:)

1) Last Kiss- Pearl Jam

2) Luka- Suzanne Vega

3) Dissident- Pearl Jam

4) All Along the Watchtower- Jimi Hendrix

5) Ophelia- The Lumineers

6) Orange Crush- R.E.M.

7) Stay- The Blue Nile

8) Out of Control- Tears For Fears

9) Last Days on Earth- Tears For Fears

10) Over Now- Alice in Chains

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Relationship Status: In a long term relationship

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick more than lipstick

Song I last listened to: Last kiss by Pearl Jam

Last film I watched: Suicide Squad!

Top 3 favorite shows: Of All time!? Damn. I have so many…
TWD, Hannibal, Breaking Bad…

Top 5 favorite characters: Negan (The Walking Dead), Hannibal (Hannibal) Castiel (Supernatural), Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars) And Hermione (Harry Potter)

Top 5 favorite ships: Right now, my strongest ship is Desus (Daryl and Jesus in The Walking Dead) , Hannigram (Hannibal and Will Graham from Hannibal), Richonne (Rick and Michonne In TWD) and LOVE (Logan and Veronica in Veronica Mars)
I’m a shipper at heart. I ship everyone together 😂😂a top 5 is hard for me.

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Last Kiss cover by Pearl Jam.