last iftar

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fandom: skam
pairing: yousef x sana
part: i , ii , iii , iv , v

last chapter before the end! thank you so much for all the sweet comments. i read all of them (including tags in reblogs) and they really and truly make my day. the final part is ready to post so i’ll finish revising it and have it up later today. comments, advice and criticism (please don’t be afraid to be harsh, i’m trying really hard to improve) are very much appreciated. 

p.s. did anyone else catch tarjei’s interview on nrk p3 radio literally the best thing i’ve seen/heard ever (because week/month/year does not truly reflect my feelings)

iv. (2018-07-02 21:57)

“…to us, and to our futures, wherever the hell we end up!” Eva cheered.

“Skål!” chorused the crowd of teenagers, toasting their glasses with one another. Sana raised her can of Fanta, clinking it with Even’s, who was probably the only other sober person at the event, and Chris’s beer bottle that was on the verge of slipping from her fingers. Sana pried it gently out of her hands, setting it down on the table in front of them. Leaving her friend and drink under Even’s supervision, she went to use the bathroom, kicking out the boys smoking weed in the bathtub and locking the door behind her.

Eva’s parties were known to get wild. With her mother barely being around for the majority of the year, hers was the default house for whatever bash the girls planned on throwing throughout their time at Nissen. Their graduation party was no exception. The ceremony belonged to the parents, but this was for them. Three years of what seemed like endless projects, assignments and exams came to an abrupt close all too soon, their respective complaints reduced to nostalgic feelings of a time where the worries associated with them now seemed so much less important than what they had. On the precipice of adulthood, it was fitting that they transitioned with one final extravagant bash, trumping every single one they had attended before it. Sana, despite not getting as shitfaced as the rest of the partygoers for obvious reasons, savoured these moments. She knew that within the following months, save for Isak and Noora who would be attending the same university as her, these were faces she’d probably never see again, at the very least not as often as she did now.

Adjusting her scarf, shoving the wisps of hair that had fallen out around the sides, she returned to her spot by the couch where she left her drink and friends, now replaced by a snapback clad figure she knew all too well.

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you know what, I really don't care about all the upcoming drama as long as the last clip of the last episode is an iftar clip with the balloon squad, the girl squad and the Bakkoush family all being happy


Tips for being healthy this Ramadan:

1) Don’t skip Suhoor!
2) Don’t overeat during Iftar. That last samosa will be just fine without you.
3) Drink plenty of water, especially throughout the evening and night until you go to sleep.
4) Fasting doesn’t mean you can’t exercise- but don’t overexert yourself.
5) Eat fiber rich foods (vegetables, whole grains etc.) as much as possible.
6) Skip dessert and have some dates instead- you won’t regret it.
7) Take naps! This way, you can make it to taraweeh and try to make the night prayer.
8) Help your mom as much as possible. This is always good for you. Always.

—  AbdelRahman Murphy

Ramadan is my favourite time of year because all the staff chip in, we take turns to bring food from home for Iftar, and then on the last Iftar I close the restaurant in the evening and everyone comes by with their family and we join all the tables and have one big ass feast to raise money for charity. We’re all one big family, there’s no employer; employee relationship. It’s straight family. Even our non Muslim staff fast with us.

Biggest Iftar in the World

Masjid al-Haram in Madinah witnesses the biggest Iftar in the world.

More than 12,000 meters of table cloth are stretched daily for Iftar in the mosque

Serving approximately 300 000 Muslims a day, the daily cost is approximately 1 million Saudi riyals (around $290,000).

Consumption includes 130 000 litres of Zamzam, 50 000 litres of arabic coffee, 300 000 bread rolls, 50 000 litres of yoghurt & milk and 50 000 litres of fruit juices, 40 tonnes of dates DAILY.

The iftars don’t last more than 15 minutes. The meal is sponsored by various benefactors.

The number of dates consumed daily by worshippers in the Masjid al-Haram is estimated to be more than 5 million pieces.

15 minutes after the fast ends, the entire Masjid is spotless without signs of any food or drink.


Saudi Arabia has announced that Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated tomorrow Monday 28th July 2014. We too in the UK shall be celebrating Eid tomorrow In Shaa Allah.

Tonight will be the last iftar of 2014 and it’s kind of emotional considering you don’t know whether you will be here next year to see Ramadan. It’s also emotional when you feel that you haven’t taken advantage of Ramadan to the best of your abilities #RamadanRegrets. Subhan'Allah May Allah have mercy on us all.

Let’s also not forget about the destitute, the sick, the ones facing hardship throughout the world. From China to Burma, to Palestine to Syria, to Somalia to the Central African Republic. All across the world. Please keep them in your du'a.

May we get to meet again next Ramadan In Shaa Allah.