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@cartoonnetwork Huzzah for last minute entries! This is my entry to Cartoon Network’s fun little Adventure Time×Lego Batman Movie contest!( Lego Batman was amazing btw, please go see it!) Had alot of fun drawing in the styles of these two! Hope you like it!


Toothless the kitten

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E10, D10, or B6 (you chooose, if you're still doing these O.o)

“mmm…m-mitsuki…y-you stop that crying right now. you’re being ludicrous, it’s th…three in the morning and i have experiments to check in two hours. don’t you wail in that tone with me. i don’t care if your 6 months old”

(I decided to make a pixel of Yaiba. I don’t know why I felt masochistic enough to try animating it though… Inconsistencies ahoy!)

(And yes, this is a repost because I forgot that photo posts would stretch the gif and make it blurry… OTL;;)

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When did you start reading Homestuck, and what was your experience with it?

iii started reading homestuck back in 2011 and i think the first big event i was in the fandom for was cascade? like i caught up during the lull before cascade dropped, i guess a little hiatus? so really ive had. a lot of experience with it over the years. 

i guess the main thing looking back at early homestuck life were how NASTY shippers would be abt “canon” ships like johnkat and davejohn and karezi and gamtav??? ppl who shipped those would get so nasty to anyone who shipped anything else (back when davekat was a crackship, i got so much shit from people who shipped karezi ?? and i got a lot of shit from gamtav shippers for enjoying flushed gamkar back then too). 

but then theres shit yknow the kids miss out on like emi hu??? ? emi was my IDOL (IS my idol) artistically speaking. she used to be so popular in the fandom that she was what sunny is now; hussies go to, various prints for sale on whatpumpkin, back when they sold their own merch all the time yknow, and she had. fucking. 4chords. which was like the first big humanstuck au to memory and is still to this day my hc for human karkat and gamzee. my shitkat?? basically 4chords karkat. it was supposed to wrap around to being gamkar in the end but she got so much shit for it and got so bored of it that it ended on a gamtav note and i to this very day am </3 abt it. i wish emi would come back to the fandom if only for one last huzzah,,,,, :(((

but then its like yknow obviously as time goes on people started shipping more and more out of the box shit and we had memes like pantskat wash thru the fandom and fucking broadway karkat who i still lowkey listen to a lot,, stuff like that i feel like someone who reads homestuck now would just ?? yknow ??? theyd just never come across shit like the magic cupcakes???? kk 2teal2 hand2??? or the fkn like

upd8 culture is a huge thing

people who read homestuck post-content (which we still,,, arent) are never going to get to see upd8 culture. and that bums me out. i miss upd8 culture when it was something that happened u know continually, now its just here and there whenever hussie throws us a bone. but the cosplays?? that would crop up within the hour?? the art?? the conversations and discourse and shit??? it was all so amazing, seeing the same frame 200 times in a row, seeing people react real time, seein gsomething specific and knowing exactly who on your dash is going to lose their shit and camping their blog. thats something im definitely going to miss big time.

hiatus culture was obviously really fucking fun too. gigapause and omegapause memes were fucking hilarious. and the counter blogs that just got more and more incoherent as time went on??? no ones ever going to look back on those once its over yknow. new kids wont see stuff like that. im kinda sad abt it. theyll never see the reemergence of so many homestucks after a year long hiatus, appearing at the ring of a fuckin bell yknow. 

idk,,, ofc u have the convention shenanigans but as someone whos never bene to a convention that was never really relevant to me tbqh. but you can for sure see the impacth omestuck has had on cons no doubt lmao

mmm,,,, idk !!! idk. im just kinda. i feel kinda lowkey sad that theres just so much thats in the past now that people who read homestuck these days wont have. there wont be the same sense of community as someones reading as there was when the updates were coming out. there wont be the same baited breath when you can literally just hit next between two pages that were literally over a year apart. theres none of the build up and mystery when you can just cohesively read it. none of the wild fan theories and discourse that cropped up that was later proved true (success!) or entirely debunked (au’d). its,, just,,, kinda sad i guess. i wish more people could have been here for the long haul bc theyre going to miss out on what i consider a huge part of being a homestuck.

Because Irene Adler is so dang bamf I find the idea that Irene and Sherlock did anything other than maybe kiss in Karachi a lil icky.. BUT HEAR ME OUT PALS:

just put yourself in Irene Adler’s shoes for a second dude, she was captured by a terrorist cell who wanted revenge for the information she stole, because she humiliated terrible powerful ruthless people

do u really think they just ran into her in the shop and were like “do u mind if we chop ur head off for inconveniencing us?” no way man irene adler was fkn HUNTED for months and she was probably caught because she was so god damn exhausted and hungry and alone and heartbroken because in six weeks her world crumbled beneath her and now there’s no ground left because all her power lay in the information she lost

they probably tortured her to get her back for all that humiliation she caused and she’s so fkn ready for death man  she’s so tired that she just gives in and texts the dude that put her there goodbye with zero expectation or hope there are any minutes left beyond that

and then we all know what happens next, but the thing is when i imagine that night in Karachi i don’t imagine fkn snuggles and thank u sexy times because can u imagine how god damn angry you would be?

you’ve been worn down to the point where u didn’t care u were gonna die and the dude that let that happen out of spite steps in at the last minute to save you???

like yeah okay you’re relieved you ain’t dead but you’ve spent months being hunted and tortured like a fkn dog but oh yeah glad he changed his mind at the last minute huzzah only needed that 5 weeks ago 

sherlock destroyed irene adler in the sense that he dismantled all her power and connections and everything that made her her and yeah the argument could be made it was also her fault cos she made her choices and that he freed her from being caught in the webs of men like moriarty by faking her death but …HE literally had to break her to do it…HE allowed her mind, body and soul to get to the point where she was ready to die before he saved her like bruh that’s  messed up af i need therapy just thinkin about it

call me crey crey, pals, but i can’t really be comfy with the idea that after that kind of emotional, physical and psychological trauma you’d want to have sex with the person who did all that to you, you know? espesh if ur mostly into girls idk maybe after a long chat, good r and r and some food and a well earned nap a little “okay maybe I forgive you” kiss action but the idea that irene “i was ready to let my head be chopped off by a cutlass” adler would melt into the arms of sherlock “if you’re feeling kind lock her up, but i doubt she’ll last long” holmes and make giving him a good night a priority after she’s been traumatized…yikes! like there’s angry sex i guess sure but i don’t think sherlock would risk being murdered?? plus he’s on a time limit and he’d probs be like “nah gurl u need a nap” if she wasn’t already havin one and he’d probs just join her

(ps totally not dissin on sexy karachi fics lke i really just wanted to point out why Irene is a fkn bamf tbh) 


Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, Das Racist, El-P, Danny Brown “Last Huzzah” I don’t know that I’m a huge fan of any of these guys besides Danny Brown, but this is some “bring NYC back shit.” Dark and lovely.

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Fitzsimmons 9

2 characters + number: You know, it’s okay to cry.
Future AU. T.

For the first time in weeks, the whole team was hanging out at the Playground without a big mission or problem hanging over their heads. Skye was happily learning to use her gauntlets, Trip was getting the hang of being visible most of the time (and usually he only “forgot” when it could result in scaring the shit out of someone), and Hydra was - for the moment - dormant. Without much else going on, Bobbi and Skye had teamed up to organize a game night, even though both of them were currently kicking Hunter’s ass at round after round on the base’s Playstation. 

Jemma turned from watching Hunter give Skye a playful noogie back to the poker game she was playing with Fitz, May, Mack, and Trip, where she had just raised them an obscene amount of money. Technically, the current round was left between her, Fitz, and Trip, as both May and Mack had folded early and were chatting quietly while they watched the game proceed. 

After a few moments, Trip let out a heavy sigh and tossed his cards onto the table, flickering out of view for a moment in his annoyance. “Man, remind me to team up with you next time, Simmons. Four games and none of us have even gotten close.”

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Arrested Development Season 5 Might Make One Crucial Change
Tony Hale addresses the rumored new season and that Bluth family movie.

I know for a fact that everyone wants to do it,” Hale told The Huffington Post’s Lauren Moraski during a Facebook Live segment. When we later pressed him on details, he revealed that producers are aiming to tweak the new season in one important way. The goal, Hale said, is for everyone to shoot the series together, unlike last season. Huzzah!

My 2 cents on TVD without Elena

Don’t get me wrong It shocked the hell out of me because the show started and revolved around her. But if 6 seasons has shown anything it is that its grown into a story about more than just her. Its become a story about the Salvatore brothers, a story about bubbly Caroline, the ever giving Bonnie, lovable Matt, and the hot-blooded Tyler.

Lets not forget Nina leaving the show is HER CHOICE, she wants to “ Move on to the next chapter in her life” and you have to respect that.

I will say I applaud the writers and EP’s for attempting to continue the show without her and have one last huzzah next season. You have to give them credit for their tenacity to tell a story.

I personally am interested specifically on how they plan to handle her exit and how it will effect Damon and what kind of hell will ensue next season because of it.

Ultimately when you kill of the main character of a show its no longer the same show. Im actually quite excited for next season. This might be the first show I’ve seen where they get rid of the main character (permanently?) and try to continue withouth them. What kind of stories can be told without Elena Gilbert?




** THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST. Im not putting it under a “read more”, because i dont want my theme to distract from the points im making. Also i want people to read this. I put this in the “long post” tag for courtesy.**

This has literally been bothering me ever since i found out they outright cursed out my friend and fellow artist. I attempted to play devil’s advocate in some parts, but i just couldn’t justify these actions but through suggestions. Keep an open mind, and please try and report this user. Since instagram’s report system is confusing, i’ve made a somewhat step-by-step process through here [X].

Now with that out of the way; let’s get this fucking party started, shall we?

Let’s first go through the situation at hand first:

This user on instagram that goes by the name “america.england” has been posting “screenshots” and unsourced art of USUK art from their computer/mobile device. They claim to have downloaded all of their photo’s via Google and screenshots from other instagram users. Thus, according to their logic, means that they “don’t have to” source who created the art they enjoy in the first place. When artists first found out about this user, they first simply asked to take down their art, because that was the original artist’s wishes. This is a normal ritual that goes down when someone’s art is reposted; they ask for it to be taken down, and the user complies. But, this user then curses out the artists, threatens to block them, shows their unbreakable pride further than they should, and tries to justify their actions with poor excuses and foul attitude. This user still has a bunch of followers for no other reason then that they are basically a instagram-tumblr blog who posts their saved pictures onto a social media site w/o sourcing, and gets into a hissy fit whenever they are proven wrong. Then they desperately try and justify themselves, hiding their flaws through lies* and self-victimising, and in the end, dont learn their lesson.

Multiple people and artists have tried to take down their account, or at least try and tell them what they are doing is wrong. But, pride in strong in this one, kids. (And i’m going to mention pride often in this, so beware.)

Even though we succeeded in getting some art taken down, their account is still up. They used to put millions of tags on their reposts, even though they claimed to have “no time to find the original artists”. So, after a bunch of the art got deleted, they started tagging just one tag. “#usuk”.

As you can tell from the screenshots above, they tried to once again justify their actions, for what seems to be their last huzzah, or so we hope. But there are still millions of flaws in their argument, and since i am a USUK artist who got their old-ass art reposted on their account, and i have a lot of things to say, i will try and let everyone know why what they are saying is still extremely horrifying.

Let’s go through this once sentence at a time, shall we?

“This account isn’t for your enjoyment. This account was made because I saved 1000+ photos and wanted to save space by posting them.” 

Why not just use Photobucket, find another online picture saver, or at least a place where IT’S NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE MADE TO SHARE TO A LARGE CROWD? (This is also a main point to this argument, im going to bring this up often.) If you wanted to “save space”, and didnt want to spend money, go to a site that allows you to do that and don’t try and gain followers for your “storage”.

“I have respect for the artists that make these drawings. Fuck, I’m even an artist myself and attend a school for animation.”

As an artist who attended/will eventually continue to attend school for animation/arts in High School AND College, and have PROOF that i am of age and actually studied in that field, this is kind of offensive to people like me. Sure, this is somewhat valid if what they are claiming is true, but unless i am proven otherwise (and im open to being proven wrong unlike this bloke), let’s just assume they’re just playing the victim card. This statement is like saying a racist joke but then claiming “but my friend is a POC, i can say that, we’re best friends”. I know, i’ve done that before. It’s still wrong. If you are an artist, and you say you have respect for other artists, don’t shit on artists. Even if you dont consider yourself an artist, it doesnt change either way. You’re either a hypocrite, or an asshole. You pick.

“But you people are asking for a source that I don’t have and I realize you’re asking me to go the extra mile to find the artist but I.DONT.WANT.TO. I made this account for ME. This is basically a photo album for me.”

I can tell you from the top of my head some wonderful people who GO that extra mile to MAKE SURE they 1) have permission from the original artist and 2) source them correctly. There are literally dozens of lovelies that i follow that give me the source, the permission link, and the beautiful art that comes with the package. These tumblr blogs are solely dedicated to making sure the artist is happy with their actions, and there are tumblr blogs solely dedicated to making sure assholes like you source your shit. Hell, ive even seen some of your fellow USUK instagram blogs who source to SOURCE YOUR SHIT if you’re going to post other’s art on another SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. If you dont want to be that person, fine, you dont have to. Just PLEASE dont share it to a large audience if it’s meant to be a PHOTO ALBUM for YOU. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile to be respectful, stay 5 miles back, you dingus.

“This account could have had 0 followers and been private but I decided to make it open to public viewers.”

WHY? WHY THOUGH? That’s literally the opposite of a personal storage. Again, this is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, meant to be used as a place where artists, bloggers, shops, etc get their stuff out to a large audience. If you wanted to share your “photo album” to your friends, that’s what Skype is for, that’s what Snapchat is for, that’s what a private Facebook is for, NOT a public instagram account. Literally anything private for you and your friends. Not a “following”. If your account “could have been private and have 0 followers”, and you seem to be fine with that, then FUCKING DO THAT??? All of these problems could be solved if you just make the account private and not have the intention of gaining young USUK lovers for your sick ego.

“You people who are dm-ing me and telling me to kill myself are not helping. I will post the content I want.”

This is probably one of the few things i agree with. People should NOT be telling anyone to kill themselves. But, you are making people angry for your terrible actions and reactions. Though, that does not justify these people’s actions. That stuff is terrible, no one deserves that. Its true, that’s not helping, but maybe it will open your eyes a little bit if you decide to be open minded. Instead of these people trying to shove you down, try and use that motivation to not get angry, but to look at it in their perspective. Again, this does NOT justify this user getting these type of DM’s, but take a look again on why they are acting this way. You have the right to post the content you want, but it HAS to follow the guidelines of the person who owns the art, and the guidelines of instagram. You, my friend, violated both of those.

“If you want the source and I so happen to have it, I will give it to you. When I mean “source” I mean name of a doujinshi. I don’t have the artists names because half of my photos are screenshots from other accounts. The other half are photos I save from google and even those don’t have their name.”

THIS is the gold here, friends. THIS is their prime argument. There are SO many things wrong with this, and here’s why: Why would you dare go as low as screenshoting from other’s accounts, or just randomly save from fucking Google images. Do you need me to tell you how Google fucking works? It’s a search engine that allows you to find the images and sources you want. GOOGLE IS NOT A WEBSITE THAT IN ITSELF HAS ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED. You HAVE to go INTO the links and sites that it suggests to you, and not just save from the fucking search engine itself. Maybe if you actually took 3 seconds to click the goddamn link, it could have taken you to someone’s deviantart or tumblr. I can’t even fucking believe this idiotic logic you have. It’s just so baffling. It’s like walking down a street, taking pictures of some cool landmarks, but not telling people where to go visit them itself. You’re just showing them pictures. If someone wanted to go there themselves, they cant, because you’re a selfish prick who didnt bother to look up at the signs. If someone wanted to leave a donation to said landmark to support it, they can’t, because they’d have to wander the streets looking for it instead of you giving them the map that you recklessly tossed away. It’s unnecessary work. The reason why so many people don’t include links and sources nowadays, is because of assholes like you who have this stupid logic. “Well, i didn’t write down the directions, because this person didnt do it either.” It’s a vicious cycle, and it needs to stop. Don’t continue it. Just because your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

“I also enjoy the fact that people are targeting me because I do happen to post on a regular basis and have 1k+.”

????? THIS IS PURE NARCISSISM AND PRIDE, FOLKS. NO ONE cares how many followers you have. NO ONE cares if you “post on a regular basis”. It’s just easier to find you, that’s why you’re being “targeted”. (Also your tags are pretty long, friend. It’s not hard.) If other accounts did the same things you were doing, they would get the same treatment. You’re not special, just because you flip-off artist’s hard work. You’re just another asshole who can’t keep their ego in their pants for 0.3 seconds. “LOL fuck the ‘haters’, i dont care, fuck the man LOLOL”. Keep it behind closed doors, dude. Don’t wave your dick in people’s faces. Sorry, im just so sick of this at this point. Just, don’t be a prick about how your actions are “justified”, honestly.

“If you really expect me to post the source now, you are gladly mistaken.”

I think you spelled “my ego and pride is too big for me to carry, so i’m going to pretend i did nothing wrong and not look at my mistakes” wrong.

“I mean, would you rather me end my life or not post the source?”

How about you just listen to the artists of the art (that you so happen to say you “respect”) that you are reposting? Are you so stuck on either listening to death treats, or not listening to reason? The answer is literally right in front of you. Just say you’re sorry, and move on. Are you really so intent on literally not stopping what you’re doing, that you’re willing to end your own life? Why.

“If you want to bitch about me and my decision, unfollow?? Like I don’t want you on my account if you’re going to be bitching and complaining about my personal choice. Everyone who decides to comment negatively about this will be blocked. I don’t have time for your shit. I don’t care who you are, how many followers you have & even if I am following you. this account was made for ME. follow if you want, I could care less.”

Translation: “If you don’t want to see me shit in public, then don’t look lol”. Yo, you’re using a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM that is designed to be SHARED WITH STRANGERS. If you want to shit with your friends while holding hands, or shit privately, then DO IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Make your account private or use a different platform that isn’t social. Just because I and many others don’t like what you are doing, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to spread your indecency to other unknowingly innocent people who dont know any better. Again, this is just encouraging the vicious cycle. Let me say it again just in case it wasn’t clear:


Literally look at the comments left on this post. People are supporting this because “well, other people do it and they say its okay, so i’ll just listen to this person instead of the artist that im taking the art from.” Sure, your intentions are not meant to be harmful, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you are harming people still. Just because you acknowledge your actions, doesnt mean its solved.

The reason it takes “hours” to find a proper source, is because assholes like this keep on growing the gap between the artist and their art. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS INSTEAD.

It’s okay to admit that you’re wrong. It’s okay to learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to be human.




BUT, if you try and rebuttal against my arguments, just be aware that i am open to potentially being wrong, and i am open minded to other sides of the story. Like a decent human being.

//drops mic//

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“There’s a storm rolling in. You scared?” Rucas

After much convincing their senior year, Cory and Topanga Matthews finally allowed their daughter and her friends to spend the weekend up at their Lake House. Alone. They went in pairs - Riley and Lucas, Maya and Farkle, who, while they weren’t labeled, they still weren’t seeing anyone else, and Zay and Vanessa. Vanessa had moved to the city her senior year, partially to be closer to Zay, but also because New York had Julliard, and that’s where she wanted to study. They figured it would be a great last huzzah before they all part ways to go to college.

Lucas pulls up to the house in his Jeep and everyone empties out. It’s been a long drive, almost two hours. They all grab their respective bags and Lucas glances up at the sky, then back at everyone walking into the house. His eyes meet doe brown and he smiles warmly.

“There’s a storm coming you know,” she smirks, lacing her fingers with his. “You scared?”

“What? Riley, I’m not afraid of anything,” he says, rolling his eyes and locking the jeep, following her inside. “Movie to start off the night?” he asks everyone, looking at the analog clock that reads 7:45 pm. “I don’t think with this storm rolling in we’ll be able to do much.”

“Who says rolling in?” Maya laughs. Lucas ignores the comment.

“Yeah,” Zay agrees, taking a seat on the L shaped couch in the middle of the room. He drapes an arm around her shoulders as she nuzzles against his neck.

“Oh! We’ll make popcorn!” Maya exclaims, grabbing Farkle’s hand and running into the kitchen. “Any request for seasonings?” she asks.

“We all know how you are with spices, Peaches,” Riley laughs, briefly reminiscing on their seventh grade adventure in the cafeteria. “Nothing in particular?” she looks around and no one responds. “Just don’t burn it!”

“I would never!” Maya says, throwing a hand over her heart in mock pain. Riley giggles at her best friend before bring her bags into the master bedroom. It’s spacious and the bed is big, equipped with a walk in closet and view of the lake, Riley always loved coming up here.

Lucas sets their bags down and smiles. “I can take the couch tonight,” he says and she rolls her eyes. “Your dad wouldn’t be happy knowing I spent the night in your bed.”

“My dad also wouldn’t be happy knowing what we did last weekend,” she whispers, leaning on her toes and giving him a kiss. “But there are some things he doesn’t have to know. Plus, our friends are here. Nothing like that will happen, Lucas. It’s just sleeping.”

Lucas chuckles and kisses her. “It was a really good weekend.”

“Mhm,” she hums, lacing their fingers again. They walk back out into the living room and Riley smiles at the respective couples chatting away with each other, Farkle and Maya throwing popcorn salt at each other. “Don’t make a mess!”

“No promises Riley!” Farkle exclaims as he wraps his arms around Maya’s waist and twirls her around.

“So comedy or horror?”

“I don’t know, Luke,” Zay chuckles. “If we watch a horror movie are you gonna piss yourself like last time?”

“No,” Lucas scoffs, hoping over the back of the couch and plopping down. “And I didn’t piss myself, Zay. I just got scared…. it was a suspenseful movie!”

“I thought big bad Ranger Rick said he wasn’t afraid of anything!” Maya calls from the kitchen as Riley sits in a chair adjacent from the couch.

“I might be a little scared of things,” he mutters, crossing his arms.

“Okay so comedy it is,” Riley giggles, going to their movie cabinet. “Do you guys want to watch Daddy’s Home?”

“Yes!” Vanessa exclaims. “Someone wouldn’t take me to see it!” she says pointedly at Zay.

“Excuse me,” he says, raising his hands. “For not wanting to watch you drool over Whalberg.”

“Have you seen his abs?” Riley asks and he shook her a look, as well as Lucas. She laughs and moves to sit next to Lucas, Maya and Farkle coming back in with the popcorn. They sit together in the chair that Riley had just been in and Riley gets up to put the movie in.

Afterwards, Lucas opens his arms for her and smiles. She giggles and climbs on the couch, cuddling into his side and resting her head on is shoulder as it begins to rain. Riley glances outside for a moment before turning on the movie.

There’s a lot of laughter and thrown popcorn throughout the movie and as the night has passed, the storm has only intensified. The rain is pouring loudly on the rooftop, but thankfully there hasn’t been any lightning or thunder yet.

“Look at his abs!” Vanessa shouts and they all look at her and laugh. Zay stares at her for a moment before throwing a handful of popcorn in her face. She gasps and picks up scattered pieces of popcorn playfully shoving them in his face.

“Okay I give!” he exclaims as she sits up and smirks triumphantly.

“Guys,” Lucas whispers. They all look to them and he presses a finger to his lips. “She’s really tired.”

“Got it,” Farkle whispers, holding Maya closer. She kisses his cheek. “Aw, lil’ Maya Hart.”

“Watch it, Minkus.”

Time passes and they’re toward the end of the movie when a loud crash of thunder is heard throughout the house. Lucas jerks his shoulder, clobbering Riley in the nose and waking her up.

“Oh my god! Riley I’m so sorry,” he says, as she’s coming to and holding her nose. It’s already bleeding as she tilts her head back and laughs. “Are you okay?” he asks, standing up and running to grab tissue. She pinches her nose.

“Well, I was happily asleep when some goober hit me in the face and made me bleed,” she laughs sarcastically. “I could be better,” she finishes, with a nasal voice.

“I’m so sorry.”

“You basically just punched your girlfriend because you were scared,” Zay coos and Lucas shoots him a look.

“It’s fine,” she laughs. “Let’s not forget how easily I get nose bleeds. I mean last month when Zay hit me in the face with a ball,” she says, raising an eyebrow at the other brunette. He hangs his head.

“I said I was sorry!”

“And I’m sorry too!”

“It’s fine,” she says, leaning forward and blotting at the blood. “I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl.”

“Do you need ice?”

“Calm down, Lucas,” she giggles. “I’m fine. But next time? Just tell me you’re scared of storms…”

“Haha, will do.”