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So.  I made a thing.  Long before I had any asks about what happened when Alex was born, I had this little scenario in my head.  After I got the initial ask, I thought I might as well turn the scene in my head into a little comic.  “Little” turned into this monster that took about 2 weeks to finish in between working on my webcomic, Maelstrom, and other art.  This isn’t the finale of Alex’s birth–right after this scene, Diana’s godly side of the family literally pop in to meet the new relative.  But that’s another story… ;P

Haunted House- A BATIM Fic

I saw a post about this on @doodledrawsthings feed and I couldn’t help myself. My favorite ink demon and my favorite holiday? Together? It was too good to pass up! That being said apologies in advance to all the lovely people named Mick out there, it just sounded like the douchiest name I could think of while I was writing, but it is not a reflection on you. Once again this takes place in Doodles’ Hell’s Studio AU. Some mild swearing, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

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@cartoonnetwork Huzzah for last minute entries! This is my entry to Cartoon Network’s fun little Adventure Time×Lego Batman Movie contest!( Lego Batman was amazing btw, please go see it!) Had alot of fun drawing in the styles of these two! Hope you like it!

What went down in Antibug
  • Chloé: ok so imma be the most bourgeois person ever
  • Chloé: hey, maybe that's why that's my last name!
  • Chloé: huzzah for subtle social commentary
  • Vanisher: hey so you know those shoes you hate?
  • Chloé: yeah?
  • Vanisher: bye bye shoes
  • Chloé: NOOOOOOOO
  • Vanisher: and you know that photo of yourself that you kiss every night before going to bed?
  • Chloé: if you so much as breathe on that I will end you
  • Vanisher: ok maybe I shouldn't have gone there
  • Chloé: yeah stick to stealing shoes
  • Vanisher: ok can do
  • Vanisher: bye bye other shoes
  • Chloé: NOOOOOOOO
  • Ms. Bustier: hey so if Chloé's being haunted by some kind of magical ghost or unicorn or something, does that mean she won't be in class
  • Chloé: nice try, you can't get rid of me that easily
  • Ms. Bustier: dangit
  • Ms. Bustier: did your ghost/unicorn thing at least not follow you to class
  • Chloé: no she defs did
  • Vanisher: *does nothing whatsoever*
  • Chloé: um Vanisher can you do something?
  • Chloé: they're not gonna believe me otherwise
  • Vanisher: *suddenly does nothing at all*
  • Chloé: dangit you're cleverer than I thought
  • Vanisher: *punches Chloé in the face*
  • Chloé: AAAAAAAA
  • Vanisher: haha gotcha sucker
  • Tikki: um Marinette, should we do something?
  • Marinette: nah, she's just bothering Chloé so no biggie
  • Marinette: it's not like she's planning to use her invisibility to overthrow the mayor and take over Paris and eventually become ruler of the entire world
  • Vanisher: ooh good idea!
  • Marinette: dangit I thought I was gonna have a day off
  • Ladybug: so Chloé, pls explain in a few simple words what's going on
  • Ladybug: so Butler Guy, pls explain in a few simple words what's going on
  • Butler Guy: Chloé impersonated you in an interview and Sabrina botched it and got akumatized and I was Big Mustachio
  • Chat Noir: what was that last part?
  • Butler Guy: Sabrina botched it and got akumatized
  • Chat Noir: no, the part about Big Mustachio
  • Ladybug: wait, Chloé impersonated me?
  • Butler Guy: it's simple, me + beaglepuss = Big Mustachio
  • Chat Noir: do people actually say that name out loud or
  • Ladybug: this really isn't relevant
  • Chat Noir: no but it's hilarious
  • Ladybug: so anyway let's go find Vanisher
  • Vanisher: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: or maybe she can find us
  • Vanisher: that's the more likely possibility
  • Ladybug: so if you're the main villain then why was this episode called Antibug
  • Vanisher: I thought it was called Vanisher
  • Ladybug: nope sorry
  • Vanisher: wow, Hawkmoth is such a double-crossing jerk!
  • Vanisher: so I don't even get my own episode?
  • Vanisher: I have to play second fiddle to somebody?
  • Ladybug: yeah, to Chloé probably
  • Vanisher: excuse me while I go end Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: and, deakumatized!
  • Sabrina: dangit
  • Ladybug: now I'd better go antagonize Chloé
  • Ladybug: *antagonizes Chloé*
  • Chloé: wait so I get to be a villain AND overshadow Sabrina's only akumatization?
  • Chloé: *transforms*
  • Chat Noir: oh noes
  • Ladybug: oh yesses
  • Ladybug: I have been waiting to wreck akuma Chloé for so long now
  • Chat Noir: but you're about to detransform
  • Ladybug: welp have fun fighting her
  • Antibug: bring it cat boy
  • Chat Noir: I didn't ask for this
  • Antibug: *wrecks him*
  • Marinette: wow I expected him to last a little longer than that
  • Marinette: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: so what do I do now
  • Marinette: is that a threat?!
  • Tikki: no, I was just describing Chat Noir's predicament
  • Marinette: right
  • Marinette: here have some cookies
  • Tikki: coolio
  • Antibug: so anyway Chat Noir, why shouldn't I kill you?
  • Chat Noir: bc you need to get my Miraculous?
  • Antibug: oh right thanks, imma get that first
  • Chat Noir: why do I open my mouth
  • Ladybug: I am here at a convenient time!
  • Antibug: no way is this plot that convenient for you, lemme check
  • Ladybug: psych, I'm not here at all!
  • Antibug: dammit
  • Chat Noir: and I got away
  • Ladybug: and now I'm actually here
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Antibug: anti charm!
  • *marbles happen*
  • *giant freaking anime sword happens*
  • Ladybug: why are you laughing?
  • Chat Noir: bc it's hilarious
  • Chat Noir: do you see that giant freaking sword
  • Chat Noir: and then you're supposed to beat that with marbles or something
  • Chat Noir: you have the suckiest superpower imaginable
  • Ladybug: this isn't good for my morale, you know
  • Chat Noir: sorry
  • Ladybug: *beats the giant freaking anime sword using marbles*
  • Chat Noir: WHAT
  • Jacques the Pigeon: did you just throw a sword at me
  • Ladybug: sorry
  • Antibug: anyway now imma defeat you guys
  • Antibug: *is defeated*
  • Antibug: oops
  • Antibug: bye guys
  • Chat Noir: we're a team, right?
  • Ladybug: *walks by Chat Noir in slow motion to dramatic music*
  • Chat Noir: how are you doing that
  • Extreme Close-Up shots: *happen*
  • Chat Noir: what is this even
  • Ladybug: I don't know, it's hella awkward
Repair Job-Closed RP with brentwingard

“O-oww!” Ian cringed a little as the other person did some work on his animatronic body. He’d gotten into a little…trouble, with the others again while trying to protect Error. It wasn’t too bad this time though–his arm was almost torn off, but that was the worst of it. 

Nowhere NEAR as bad as he’d had in the past.


foureyedshinobi-deactivated2017  asked:

E10, D10, or B6 (you chooose, if you're still doing these O.o)

“mmm…m-mitsuki…y-you stop that crying right now. you’re being ludicrous, it’s th…three in the morning and i have experiments to check in two hours. don’t you wail in that tone with me. i don’t care if your 6 months old”

Down 2.5 lbs

I weighed myself this morning and am down 2.5 lbs since last Thursday. Huzzah! My trend of eating (mostly) healthy and exercising 5-6 days a week is paying off. I even had another friend join in on my #hbbmbswbdiet Working out has been immensely fun now that we incorporate that silly “diet” I’m going to take a break from running again until I lose a little more weight. It has been taking quite the toll on my legs. Other than that I’m feeling positive and everything else seems to be going a-okay!

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twitchytyrant  asked:

When did you start reading Homestuck, and what was your experience with it?

iii started reading homestuck back in 2011 and i think the first big event i was in the fandom for was cascade? like i caught up during the lull before cascade dropped, i guess a little hiatus? so really ive had. a lot of experience with it over the years. 

i guess the main thing looking back at early homestuck life were how NASTY shippers would be abt “canon” ships like johnkat and davejohn and karezi and gamtav??? ppl who shipped those would get so nasty to anyone who shipped anything else (back when davekat was a crackship, i got so much shit from people who shipped karezi ?? and i got a lot of shit from gamtav shippers for enjoying flushed gamkar back then too). 

but then theres shit yknow the kids miss out on like emi hu??? ? emi was my IDOL (IS my idol) artistically speaking. she used to be so popular in the fandom that she was what sunny is now; hussies go to, various prints for sale on whatpumpkin, back when they sold their own merch all the time yknow, and she had. fucking. 4chords. which was like the first big humanstuck au to memory and is still to this day my hc for human karkat and gamzee. my shitkat?? basically 4chords karkat. it was supposed to wrap around to being gamkar in the end but she got so much shit for it and got so bored of it that it ended on a gamtav note and i to this very day am </3 abt it. i wish emi would come back to the fandom if only for one last huzzah,,,,, :(((

but then its like yknow obviously as time goes on people started shipping more and more out of the box shit and we had memes like pantskat wash thru the fandom and fucking broadway karkat who i still lowkey listen to a lot,, stuff like that i feel like someone who reads homestuck now would just ?? yknow ??? theyd just never come across shit like the magic cupcakes???? kk 2teal2 hand2??? or the fkn like

upd8 culture is a huge thing

people who read homestuck post-content (which we still,,, arent) are never going to get to see upd8 culture. and that bums me out. i miss upd8 culture when it was something that happened u know continually, now its just here and there whenever hussie throws us a bone. but the cosplays?? that would crop up within the hour?? the art?? the conversations and discourse and shit??? it was all so amazing, seeing the same frame 200 times in a row, seeing people react real time, seein gsomething specific and knowing exactly who on your dash is going to lose their shit and camping their blog. thats something im definitely going to miss big time.

hiatus culture was obviously really fucking fun too. gigapause and omegapause memes were fucking hilarious. and the counter blogs that just got more and more incoherent as time went on??? no ones ever going to look back on those once its over yknow. new kids wont see stuff like that. im kinda sad abt it. theyll never see the reemergence of so many homestucks after a year long hiatus, appearing at the ring of a fuckin bell yknow. 

idk,,, ofc u have the convention shenanigans but as someone whos never bene to a convention that was never really relevant to me tbqh. but you can for sure see the impacth omestuck has had on cons no doubt lmao

mmm,,,, idk !!! idk. im just kinda. i feel kinda lowkey sad that theres just so much thats in the past now that people who read homestuck these days wont have. there wont be the same sense of community as someones reading as there was when the updates were coming out. there wont be the same baited breath when you can literally just hit next between two pages that were literally over a year apart. theres none of the build up and mystery when you can just cohesively read it. none of the wild fan theories and discourse that cropped up that was later proved true (success!) or entirely debunked (au’d). its,, just,,, kinda sad i guess. i wish more people could have been here for the long haul bc theyre going to miss out on what i consider a huge part of being a homestuck.

Because Irene Adler is so dang bamf I find the idea that Irene and Sherlock did anything other than maybe kiss in Karachi a lil icky.. BUT HEAR ME OUT PALS:

just put yourself in Irene Adler’s shoes for a second dude, she was captured by a terrorist cell who wanted revenge for the information she stole, because she humiliated terrible powerful ruthless people

do u really think they just ran into her in the shop and were like “do u mind if we chop ur head off for inconveniencing us?” no way man irene adler was fkn HUNTED for months and she was probably caught because she was so god damn exhausted and hungry and alone and heartbroken because in six weeks her world crumbled beneath her and now there’s no ground left because all her power lay in the information she lost

they probably tortured her to get her back for all that humiliation she caused and she’s so fkn ready for death man  she’s so tired that she just gives in and texts the dude that put her there goodbye with zero expectation or hope there are any minutes left beyond that

and then we all know what happens next, but the thing is when i imagine that night in Karachi i don’t imagine fkn snuggles and thank u sexy times because can u imagine how god damn angry you would be?

you’ve been worn down to the point where u didn’t care u were gonna die and the dude that let that happen out of spite steps in at the last minute to save you???

like yeah okay you’re relieved you ain’t dead but you’ve spent months being hunted and tortured like a fkn dog but oh yeah glad he changed his mind at the last minute huzzah only needed that 5 weeks ago 

sherlock destroyed irene adler in the sense that he dismantled all her power and connections and everything that made her her and yeah the argument could be made it was also her fault cos she made her choices and that he freed her from being caught in the webs of men like moriarty by faking her death but …HE literally had to break her to do it…HE allowed her mind, body and soul to get to the point where she was ready to die before he saved her like bruh that’s  messed up af i need therapy just thinkin about it

call me crey crey, pals, but i can’t really be comfy with the idea that after that kind of emotional, physical and psychological trauma you’d want to have sex with the person who did all that to you, you know? espesh if ur mostly into girls idk maybe after a long chat, good r and r and some food and a well earned nap a little “okay maybe I forgive you” kiss action but the idea that irene “i was ready to let my head be chopped off by a cutlass” adler would melt into the arms of sherlock “if you’re feeling kind lock her up, but i doubt she’ll last long” holmes and make giving him a good night a priority after she’s been traumatized…yikes! like there’s angry sex i guess sure but i don’t think sherlock would risk being murdered?? plus he’s on a time limit and he’d probs be like “nah gurl u need a nap” if she wasn’t already havin one and he’d probs just join her

(ps totally not dissin on sexy karachi fics lke i really just wanted to point out why Irene is a fkn bamf tbh)