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"Mine"- chapter 17

Chapter 17

Anne’s POV- March 18th

 “Do you remember we were sitting there by the water?”

The sudden song alarmed me.  I knew this wasn’t my ringtone and I didn’t have the TV on so where was it coming from?

“You put your arm around me for the first time.”

It continued to play so I got up from the couch and went toward the sound in the kitchen.  I reached my phone and realized it was indeed my phone ringing with an adorable picture of Josh lighting up my screen.

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Mine-Chapter 15 Preview

I adjusted my ponytail and grabbed my jacket and my keys as I headed out the door.  Today I would officially be rid of Landon forever.  Our court date had arrived and I was ready to put that chapter of my life behind me.  Tina had to work so I was in this alone.  She had given me a pep talk last night but I’m not sure how much it was going to help me today.

Look for chapter 15 on Friday the 22nd at 12pm pst.

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"Mine"- Chapter 14

Recommended Chapter Song: “If Only” by Dave Matthews Band

Chapter 14

February 15th- Josh’s POV

I don’t know how I made it home. It was one of those drives where you make it from point A to point B but have no idea what happened along the way. I was in shock. What had just happened? The last 24 had been extremely draining; from us fighting to a night of passionate sex and then waking up to things finally being back to normal. Now everything was broken again. Anne had deceived me and I had no idea what to do next.

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I'm teaching my 5th graders how to write a story with a moral, so I made up one myself.

Not sure how it is, so I wanted some opinions.

Sarah was new to this school, and everyone she met was always so cruel.

“That girl is so strange,” her classmates would say, as she walked through the halls, staying out of their way.

She couldn’t help that she was different, had been this way from the start.  But the words they all said, hurt her straight to her heart.

Everyone has feelings, that is definitely true, but hers were all shown through a very different view.

Her own special weather cloud would follow her overhead, and give away all her feelings that were left completely unsaid.

It rained when she was sad, was cloudy when she was down.

And when she was happy, the sun shone brightly all around.

No one ever asked why she was stuck with an overcast sky, just going through her life day by day trying to act like a tough guy.

She kept her thoughts up on a shelf and always thought it was better if she just kept to herself.

Until one so special day, a classmate reached out her hand, and asked Sarah about her cloud firsthand.

Sarah was caught unaware, not knowing if this was something she should share.

She decided to take a chance, and prepared for her cloud to do its rain dance.

But as Sarah began to talk, she looked upon her new friends face in shock.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked, still feeling like an outcast.

“Your cloud is disappearing!” she heard her new friend shout, while Sarah just stood there full of doubt.

Sarah ran to a mirror and found that her disappearing cloud was not a lie, and she was so happy she began to cry.

Tears fell from her eyes for the very first time, instead of from the cloud that served as a mime.

She and her new friend learned something of note, that all Sarah needed was a friend to keep her afloat.

They stuck with each other through thick and through thin, and from that day on Sarah always felt her feelings from within.

And never again did that cloud come back, all because someone decided to take a crack,

at the emotions Sarah was feeling, and wanted to help her through the healing.

Never forget a book should never be judged by it’s cover, and there are always new friends to discover.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am the best big sister ever! Todays my sisters 21st so I am making a big box of clues for the trip we’re taking on the 17th. She has to open each one up and at the end are 2 huge playing cards that say LAS VEGAS!

I will post pictures after shes opened it all :)